Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 66

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Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 66
Chapter 66: Tsundere is a defensive attribute.

Looking at the dejected Shinomiya Kikoro,

Nishiki Chitsuka felt a little disappointed.

She was such a violent girl when fighting monsters.

Why was she so timid when it came to this matter?

Nishiki Chitsuka couldn't help but complain:"I don't know what you are afraid of."

"Are you worried that you will be rejected if you confess your love?"

"Come on, everyone knows what you are thinking, I have already seen it, okay?"

"If someone knows what you are thinking but still doesn't refuse your contact, that already says a lot."

"In this situation, how could you be rejected?"

Nishiki Chitsuku came in front of Shinomiya Chikoruo, bent down and looked at her.

The shadow cast by his body blocked Shinomiya Chikoruo.

Then, without giving Shinomiya Chikoruo a chance to refute, Nishiki

Chitsuku said again:"Let's take a step back and say that even if you are rejected, what will happen? Will you give up? Are you willing to give up?"

"If you can't give it up, then what's the point of being entangled? At most, you can come a few more times."It was only then that Shinomiya Chikolu found a chance to interrupt.

She said:"But, he has someone else."

"If I intervene at this time, what will happen?"

This is also the reason why Shinomiya Chikuru dared not confront Chen Mu and could only be arrogant.

Because Chen Mu already has a Hiratsuka Shizuka.

Now there is also a Yukinoshita Yukino.

In this case, Shinomiya Chikuru's morality restrained her, making it impossible for her to take the initiative to attack with peace of mind.

However, Nishiki Chitsuka has a completely different understanding of this issue.

"It's so funny. The combat power has been liberated to over 90%, and you still care about these?"

"Sister, you may have forgotten your identity."

"You are the ace of the expeditionary force, a brave warrior who fights monsters, and a person who may die at any time."

"You can't guarantee that you will come back alive every time, and you can't guarantee that you will see the sun tomorrow. In this case, what else do you need to worry about?"

"The shackles of morality can only bind those who hide in safe corners"

"Morality is of no use to people like us!"

"Can morality keep you alive when fighting monsters? Can morality allow you to see the rising sun every day?"

The more turbulent and dangerous it is, the less morality there is.

In the face of life and death, the so-called morality is only ridiculous.

This truth, Kinki Chitsuka understood very early.

That's why she can live freely.

She doesn't need to consider other people's eyes, and doesn't need to care about other people's opinions.

She just does what she likes and loves to do.

In this way, even if she dies tomorrow, she will not regret it.

And Shinomiya Kikaru lacks this kind of awareness.

But now, after listening to what Kinki Chitsuka said, Shinomiya Kikaru seemed to understand a little.

She thought about it herself.

If one day in the future, she comes to the end of her life.

Will she regret the past?

The answer is, of course.

Because she had countless opportunities, but she didn't seize them.

The things that I could have had but didn't have are the most unforgettable.

When Shinomiya Kikaru fell into enlightenment.

Kinki Chitsuka continued:"Although now, everyone is living a peaceful life"

"But one day, the world may end."

"By then, you can’t even guarantee your own survival, you can’t even guarantee the continuation of human civilization. What is the meaning of morality then?"

"Instead of restricting yourself for unimportant things, it is better to go all out and do what you really want to do."

"This way, no matter what the future holds, you won't regret it at least."

Jinmu Qianshu thought of the Star Guide civilization.

He thought of the human race that was constantly transforming into monsters.

Just as she said.

Now it seems that everything is peaceful.

But, the world will be turned upside down and the doomsday bell will ring.

Maybe one day soon, people will wake up and find that the world they are familiar with has completely changed.

At that time, all morals, norms, and order will become extremely ridiculous.

The end of everything is called nothingness.

The process of going to nothingness is called life.

Life is only once, but not everyone has the opportunity to start over again.


Under the guidance of her"life mentor" Chitose Nishiki

, Shinomiya Kikuru gradually strengthened her determination.

After a moment, she stood up from the ground and clenched her right fist to encourage herself.

"You're right, I shouldn't be so timid!"

"If you can't even grasp the present, then the so-called future has no meaning!"

After saying that, he left Jinmu Chitsuki behind and ran away.

Only Jinmu Chitsuki was left there, and heaved a sigh of relief.

Don't look at what she said before, so nicely, and she acted so understanding.

But in fact, she learned it from chicken soup literature.

She racked her brain cells to come up with the above words to fool Shinomiya Chikoru.

If this doesn't work, then she has no choice.

Fortunately, the effect is good.

Looking at Shinomiya Chikoru's back as she left quickly.

Jinmu Chitsuki laughed like a fox stealing a chicken.

Go ahead.

When this matter is resolved, Shinomiya Chikoru, this useful external pallu, will be back.

At that time, she can live a good life of slacking off again!


After leaving Nishiki Chitsuku,

Shinomiya Chikoru's goal was very clear. She went straight to Chen Mu.

After drinking the chicken soup from Nishiki Chitsuku, she felt that she was terribly brave.

But, soon.

But after Chen Mu appeared in her sight,

Shinomiya Chikoru's courage dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When Chen Mu came in front of her, Shinomiya Chikoru turned into that tsundere look again.

Tsundere is not an offensive attribute, but a defensive attribute!

The essence of tsundere is to use a strong posture to cover up one's inner weakness.

Being strong inside is not called tsundere at all, it's called pride!

Shinomiya Chikoru is a typical example of being tough on the outside but weak on the inside.

However, the chicken soup she drank before did work after all.

After trying for a while, Shinomiya Chikoru finally plucked up the courage.

She spoke to Chen Mu

"Captain Chen Mu, I want to challenge you, and challenge you with all my strength!"


Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 66

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