Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 98

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 98

As the noisy undulating sounds gradually disappeared, and finally only Zhang Haowen and his escort were left,

He shook his head with a wry smile and beckoned to the guards on the side:

"Commander Geng, lead the escort, follow Tan Hu King City, use my name to pacify the masses, gather the people into the city, I don't worry about them..."

"But in this case, City Lord, your safety..."

"Alas, stop." Zhang Haowen interrupted him with a wave of his hand:

"Extraordinary times, very treated, leaving three people to follow me, everyone else to go, follow orders!"

Geng Commander was silent for a moment, and finally did not say anything to refute it, and after saying obeying the order, he left three soldiers to guard the door to listen to the order, and he quickly left with hundreds of escort soldiers.

It wasn't until everyone left that Zhang Haowen returned to his room and opened the letter again, his expression was heavy, and his eyes were a little sad.

He believed most of the contents of the letter, but it would be unrealistic to say that the prince had already arrived with reinforcements.

Although Zhang Haowen did not know why the prince's seal appeared on this note.

But compared to the major news of the Warcraft Forest, it is already irrelevant.

The existence of the prince's seal has made the accuracy of this news more than eighty percent.

Of course, Zhang Haowen hopes that this is fake news, and if there is a twenty percent chance that he is wrong, then he will wake up laughing when he sleeps.

The huge Linjiang City seems to be indestructible, but compared to those exotic beasts in the Warcraft Forest, it is not difficult to break through.

As long as there are enough dead alien beasts and the offensive launched is fierce enough, then Linjiang City will definitely not be able to protect it,

Even if they have an army of hundreds of thousands and many generals with strong martial arts, they will never be the opponents of these exotic beasts united.

Most of the soldiers are just ordinary people, and to deal with a strange beast, it takes at least ten people to surround and suppress, and cooperate with a military general, it is possible to contain it.

And the main reason why Zhang Haowen is so sure that the prince's seal is real is that he can feel the breath of the 780 vein of the royal dragon that belongs to him in this mark.

This kind of Xuanzhi and Xuanzhi breath, in the Great Xia Dynasty, almost all ministers can feel it in the seals of the emperor and the prince.

Although this breath has no practical effect, it is more than enough to distinguish the authenticity.

Zhang Haowen paced back and forth in the room, with deep concern on his anxious face:

"No, although the prince said that there are reinforcements, but this so-called reinforcement, even if it comes, I am afraid it will not help..."

"I've got to think of a way, I've got to solve this problem... Way... What can be done? "

"Is it possible, can you only ask God to worship Buddha?"

"Wait! Pray to God to worship Buddha..." When the words were said here, Zhang Haowen was stunned, as if he had thought of something, and his eyes were slightly bright:

"I don't know if the legendary spirit of protecting the city can bring the last life to my Linjiang City."

Muttering, Zhang Haowen naturally got up, walked out the door, mounted his horse, and galloped towards the largest martyr's temple in Linjiang City.

This is not feudal superstition, it is said that hundreds of years ago, Daxia fought with the Western Knights with this group of wolf ambitions,

It was originally a close war, but it turned out to be a group of aliens in the West in some evil way, summoning demons to attack and slaughter the generals of Daxia.

It was also at this time that countless souls protecting the country in the Great Xia Dynasty suddenly appeared from the ground,

Tens of millions of mysterious existences suddenly appeared in front of people's eyes.

Huanghuang Tianwei poured down, and within a few minutes, these demons were slaughtered cleanly, without even a trace of breath being revealed.

And after destroying these demons, they also dissipated on their own in a very short time, as if they never appeared, just a dream.

However, it is said that on that day, the sky of the entire frontier was golden and like a fairyland.

Since then, this incident has been recorded in the history records and has been passed down to the present day.

In the historical records, these spirits of protecting the country and protecting the city were usually invisible to people.

They will not cause harm to anyone, and even if the enemy comes in, they are indifferent.

However, once something strange and mysterious existence that could not be understood by them appeared above the territory of the Xia Kingdom,

These spirits will appear naturally, tear them apart, and finally return to nothingness.

In Zhang Haowen's understanding, these exotic beasts are obviously also existences that he cannot understand,

Therefore, in times of crisis, pray to God and worship Buddha, maybe these spirits who are recorded in history books and history, and have supreme power, will help them tide over the difficulties.

Temple of the Martyrs.

Zhang Haowen bowed three times and bowed nine times, and knelt all the way in at the door.

After burning three incense sticks, he stood up, looked at the names on the martyr's monument, and said softly in his mouth:

"There is a disaster in Linjiang City, the Warcraft Forest and foreign beasts have invaded, I hope that all the heroic spirits and martyrs will know under the spring and protect the lives of millions of people in Linjiang City."

Zhang Haowen said this seriously three times, only then put on the three incense sticks again, turned around and strode out of this place, went to the city gate, and personally supervised this time the Linjiang City guard battle.

On the other side, Xia Wen has already rushed to the Warcraft Forest,

Instead of changing back into human form, he followed the little crow directly and flew to the bottom of the cliff to meet Yoff again.

"Mr. Long, you are here, come in with me."

At the mouth of the cave, when Joff saw Xia Wen, he didn't have any polite words, spread his wings and flew up, and directly led Xia Wen into the cave.

As the blue flame lit up, the two also returned to the depths of the cave and stopped in the stone chamber last time.

Xia Wen glanced at it, and the stone chair that was smashed by his tail that day had been neatly repaired and turned into a brand new... Steel round chairs?

"Mr. Long, please sit down."

Yof's wings pointed to the steel chair, and he sat down on the stone chair on the other side.

Xia Wen saw that his beak moved, and seemed to be about to say something.

After thinking about it, Xia Wen did not change back to human form, glanced at this steel round chair, and also sat down directly.

This time, his tail did not poke a hole in the iron chair, and the dragon's tail struck up, but only emitted a series of "nourishing" steel exchange sounds, which were somewhat harsh.

"Mr. Long, the situation happened too suddenly, it seems that this time, our plan needs to make some changes."

Joff looked sorry for not being able to use a witch and wearing a hat in front of Adam:

"My wife Xiaobaibai, should still be on the way to pick up the witch at this time, and it seems that it is too late to use the witch to stimulate Adam's plan, Mr. Long, what are your plans?" I will cooperate with you fully. "

Xia Wen knocked on the stone table, thought for a while, and then told the plan he had built in his heart along the way: (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

"Yof, you can control all the birds in the Cief forest, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Long. But the birds and birds I can control are almost all the original beasts in the Warcraft Forest. "

"Although they have also mutated, they basically have no chance of winning against the alien beasts controlled by Adam who are in a mad state."

Xia Wen nodded: "I know this, but the birds in the Warcraft Forest should be able to have a number of nearly a million, right?" "

Yoff thought for a while: "I don't know, but counting sparrows and the like, there should be some." "

Xia Wen bowed his head and continued: "I have observed these birds, they are more powerful than ordinary birds in the outside world, such as the bats in your cave. "

Xia Wen pointed to the top of the ghost light on both sides outside, those dense black shadows:

"If I'm not mistaken, their body surface should be covered with some kind of toxin, as long as it can pierce the body of the alien beast, this toxin can invade their flesh and blood and slowly destroy it, am I right?"

"It can be, but with their strength, I'm afraid it will be difficult to break the defenses of the alien beast's body surface."

Sure enough...

Hearing the affirmative answer, Xia Wen was also relieved in his heart.

When he first stepped into this cave, he could feel the strange aura of these bats.

At first, Xia Wen thought that it was from Yof's body, but it was not until he was close to the depths of the cave that he suddenly discovered that this breath was produced by all the bats condensing together.

The fluctuations emitted by a certain toxin in that body made Xia Wen feel a trace of danger.

"That's fine, Yof, just in case, you let all the birds help the soldiers defending Linjiang City, and don't let those alien beasts break through the city gate and enter and maim the people of my Daxia."

"Hmm... As for you... Two choices, one is to follow me to deal with Adam, the other is to directly lead these birds to help me guard Linjiang City, as for Adam's guy, leave it to me to deal with. "

Yoff listened to Xia Wen's arrogant words and frowned:

"Adam is really powerful, Mr. Long, if you face him alone, you will be putting yourself in complete danger!"

"You are strong, but Adam is never weak! Beside him, there are several guardian beasts with amazing combat power, which have never appeared in our field of vision, if they besiege you..."

Yoff didn't say any further, but his meaning was already clear.

He just wanted to tell Xia Wen not to be too arrogant.

To deal with Adam with the power of one person, if you want to win the battle, I am afraid that the price will be paid.... It will be life!

Xia Wen glanced at Yoff and suddenly felt that this guy was not bad.

He chuckled and shook his head, waving his paws.

In an instant, the entire stone chamber was densely covered with monstrous flames!

That fiery breath like hell is terrifying at just one glance!

"Forgot to tell you that my strongest form was not when I became a half-dragon."

Xia Wen played with the small fireball in his hand and said leisurely:

"This little fireball, I can make it a hundred times a thousand times bigger."

"You said... When I have the two strongest attacks in close combat, will Adam really be difficult to deal with? "

"Actually, as long as I am willing to take the time, I can even turn the entire Warcraft Forest into a sea of fire and burn it clean. Then the crisis will be lifted naturally, and you can feel that the ordinary water in this world cannot extinguish my fire at all. "

"Unless some mysterious power appears, it is possible to contain it, this power may be the magic of the red crystal you call it, but since Adam plans to leave the Warcraft Forest, then he should do a good job and be roasted by me into the consciousness of braised lion's head."

Yoff swallowed a mouthful of spit fiercely, feeling the hot and trembling monstrous demon flame in the sky,

He also finally understood why Xia Wen had such great confidence to dare to face Adam alone.

With the indestructible and terrifying physique of the half-dragon, and also possess this monstrous fire that can burn everything,

Even if you fight Adam in the Warcraft Forest, it is difficult and almost impossible to kill this existence!

"This Mr. Long, why is he so perverted? I still hide it all the time, with this ability, tell me directly, why do you have to take the witch over? "

"Tell Xiao Bai that this is a hundred thousand fire, and this back and forth has to rest for three days, it's really excessive..."

"Hey, yes! Why pick up witches? "

As if Yoff suddenly grasped something, the fear of the demon flame in his heart was unconsciously dissipated by half in this thought,

The eyes of those eagle eyes looking at Xia Wen became disdainful and strange.

"The reason why this guy doesn't explain the reason, is it just a witch's body, do you want her to hurry over so that she can arrange flowers and jade?"

"The truth..... My little white is not a witch, it is meat, it is a tool that is used as a toy by the dragon... What a crime..."


Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 98

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