Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 96

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 96
At this time, the war has entered a white-hot state,

In the enemy camp in front, Mulan can enter and exit seven with only one shot and one horse, as if it is a no-man's land.

The great general Li He sat in the rear, coordinated the frontal battlefield, and focused on a stable word.

With the life-saving things sent by the prince, Xiao Mulan killed murderously today.

In the face of the joint encirclement and suppression of tens of thousands of Xiongnu, Mulan was not shocked and rejoiced, and stood on a white horse,

His eyes looked at the Huns who rushed over, and the battle where he shot arrows with a bow and fired ten thousand arrows in unison.

Her blood-stained jade hand touched her somewhat wet and blurry eyes, and then a warm touch of blood and sweat was thrown to the ground by her.

"Dah... Dada...."

Between the dripping blood from her fingertips, Mulan raised her breath and concentrated her whole body strength in her left hand holding the gun,

Her right hand has become weak and she can now only hold a gun with her left hand.

But this: It doesn't affect her to kill!

"Drive!! Driving !! "

At the moment when the chest is strained by the inner strain,

Without fear, Mulan rode into the enemy camp again!

Ten thousand arrows were fired in unison, and a man wearing blood-stained red armor, holding a blood-dripping silver spear, and a white horse on his crotch, like a god of war, rushed into the ten thousand arrows.

Although one person, but there are thousands of troops!

"Blood stained the robe through the armor red, who dares to fight with the Yang, Gu Lai rushed to help Daxia, only the white robe Hua Mu Li."

In the distance, Li He, the great general who followed His Highness's will, had been silently watching the movements of the white-robed general's side.

Although he sits in the Chinese army and has an overview of the overall situation, his heart is also boiling with the heroism of this tiger general Mulan.

I haven't seen such a brave soldier in many years.

Now that it has returned to its former glory, how can you not be happy!

The prosperity of the Great Summer is just around the corner!

"Your Highness, the battlefield is changing rapidly, and the minister cannot guarantee that Mu Li will be safe."

"Only after the killing of blood and fire can you refine into a true fierce general!"

"Mu Li's strategy and intelligence are all first-class, as long as he refines for a few more years, he can add another handsome general to my Daxia!"

"Life and death are fate, wealth is in heaven.. If.. Your Highness don't blame .."

Li He's muttering, Mulan did not hear.

At this moment, although she has killed many people,

But in those heroic eyes, there was still a twinkle of spirit, and it was not eroded by the killing.

Facing the obstruction of several Xiongnu leaders who suddenly appeared in front of 27, Mulan even burst into laughter.

As soon as the spear swung, there was a "buzzing" echo sound in the air, and a little blood on the tip of the gun also spilled down,


A hoarse and sharp voice came from Mulan's small mouth,

Murderously, she was already holding a spear and killing it all the time!

Kill the Huns, guard the gates, protect the land.

Swords and shadows, flesh and blood, corpses everywhere.

Yingjie in the female middle, Mulan should be one of them!

There are two sides to the story.

Xia Wen didn't know all this.

He is now lying flat and spends his days in idle-off moments.

Go to bed in the morning until you wake up naturally, and then start practicing guns,

When I have nothing to do, I go out to wander around, tease birds to play chess, hook the bar and listen to music, bully little girls, listen to some gossip news, etc.,

But I enjoyed it and lived like an ancient brother.

Anyway, Yuelai Inn, he will not go again.

There, Charven can no longer find happiness,

When I think of a good ethical drama,

Evolved into a one-person solo and enjoy the ending of three generations of happy male protagonists,

The feeling of eating melons but eating Xiang, it's not interesting!

But these days, without the tension of the sudden attack of the Warcraft Forest, Xia Wen has played a lot of fame.

The reason is that Xia Wen is really bored, and he wants to experience the favorite place for ancient men to go, what is it?

So with a critical look, he walked around the inner city and around, and finally stopped involuntarily in the two places of Goulan and the Sect Division.

In this kind of reasonable and legal place that can make men happy, Xia Wen really wants to go in and see.

After all, in the real world, Ah S has nothing to do all day, so he catches these places for assault,

I don't know how many young ladies have been cut leeks like this, and they have been sent to the news, making a huge mess, and everyone is at risk.

Xia Wen pondered for a long time, and finally chose the sect division to criticize,

In his opinion, although the hook and the priest are essentially the same,

But it is clear that the priest is a little higher.

Because the hook bar is a gathering place for ordinary dust women, it is more suitable for merchants and people to go in and consume happiness.

The sect division is different, and the women who have been exiled inside basically have some identity.

Maybe it's a young lady from a certain family, or a talented girl in an official's family,

Anyway, in Jiangning City, those women in the families of princes and nobles and courtiers who committed crimes were generally charged into the sect and became official prostitutes.

Specifically, the hook bar belongs to the private office, and the teaching department belongs to the public office.

In the public sect, ordinary people are not even qualified to come in.

And most of the women in it belong to the profession of geisha, which is relatively clean.

Although the name of this profession refers to listening to music and dancing without selling oneself.

But for a small number of people with strength and identity, in fact, there is no difference from the hook,

It's just cleaner, it's not black and autumn below, but white and tender, and it's comfortable to use, that's all.

Xia Wen just started, still with some small thoughts in his heart,

Take out the prepared identity plate and mix into the teaching division, want to go in and listen to a circle to drink tea, see the young lady singing and dancing or something.

If you can, it is not impossible to come from a merry story, let him abstain for so long brothers and brothers, only go to the kidney and not the heart, simply happy with each other.

But the result was unsatisfactory.

Xia Wen entered the teaching division, sipping melon seeds, listening to small songs, watching the young ladies dancing the stage, or playing elegant and cold music, or playing tea and playing some small games.

After turning around, he hardly saw anyone who could make his spirit chicken move, nor did he have any flower women who made him think, and he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed in his heart.

Although their physiques and bodies are very good, or slender and plump, or upturned in waves, their skin is also good, white, and can be regarded as beauty.

And Xia Wen doesn't know if they have practiced, in the Sect Division, these women who belong to the level of Huakui, everyone's temperament is different.

There are cold and beautiful, there are also poor Chu Chu, there are not a few gentle and elegant women, and there are quite a few enchanting and colorful flowers.

Anyway, the temperament is good.

Thinking of the noble status of these flower kui, but now they can only be carried under the body of some people,

This feeling of contrast makes people who come here brazenly want to be abrupt,

That old and astringent heart, everyone knows.

But it's a pity that in addition to feeling good-looking, Xia Wen has no fluctuations in his heart.

Because of the appearance and temperament of these women, it does not meet his appetite.

Or in other words, after the beauty of Anna and Elsa, Xia Wen's aesthetic threshold has been raised a notch,

Coupled with the wonderful experience with the spirit of nature later, and after meeting Mulan, I was attracted by her true heroic temperament,

Xia Wen's understanding and throbbing of beauty has also been raised a notch again.

Now look at these flower leaders of the sect, although they are indeed beautiful, they do not meet the appetite of the old Xia Wen.

So after listening to the music for a few days, Xia Wen was not interested.

It's just that Xia Wen holds the beautiful mentality of saving the wind and dust woman from the good spirit.

Among all the sect masters, a royal sister-type flower leader with the oldest, most familiar body and the most temperament was selected as the target.

This is one of the few things that makes him feel good.

Although the other party is the oldest, he is only four out of twenty.

It's just that at this age, in the sect division, it is no longer delicious.

In her kiosk, there are hardly many people lingering.

The place also belongs to the kind of remote place where no one cares.

Xia Wen watched so many Hua Kui's performances, only in her eyes, she saw the strong emotion of wanting to leave this place,

This kind of emotion may be difficult for others to detect.

But Xia Wen could completely read this emotion from her eyes.

It was based on this factor that Xia Wen decided to help the other party.

Although the other party's face is not so beautiful, it is not bad, and it is better than a reality.

It's not like the other flower kui deliberately showed.

In this day and age, women who can think this way, quesi is worth helping.

After all, sisters, aunts, beautiful young women or something, the mature charm and temperament on their bodies, there is a saying, Xia Wen actually likes it.

Those ancient natives who did not know how to appreciate beautiful young women were really cruel and did not understand the good of their sisters at all.

So Xia Wen sighed, using his identity as the son of a fake heavy minister in the capital, (read violent novels, just go on the Feilu Novel Network!) )

At a relatively cheap price, I bought this "old and weak" twenty-four royal sister Hua Kui,

Then let people remove her pariah status and fulfill the other party's wish.

And the most interesting thing is that this Hua Kui is actually a clean body.

It is said that there were nobles who helped her, which exempted her from the unspoken rules of serving people.

For many years, I just played piano music, sang songs, tasted poetry, and didn't even dance.

In addition to not being able to teach the teacher, I am quite comfortable.

After so many years, the nobleman is no longer here, but Yu Wei is still there, and no one dares to touch this money-losing goods.

Now Xia Wen's status is higher than that of nobles, and he can easily choose this money-losing goods from the priest of the teaching workshop, which makes the old bustard also propose to buy one get three free when he collects money.

That is, to buy this flower kui, the three little maids around her also gave it to Xia Wen.

Xia Wen felt that this was very good, a flower kui who could not do anything except Qinqi calligraphy and painting, but he needed someone to take care of him, so he nodded and agreed.

He knows that some good things that are done halfway away are likely to become a bad thing.

So Xia Wen bought a house in the safest place in the city,

With the identity of this noble son, he told the local government officials to take more care, and then dashed away in their "we understand" eyes.

In addition to listening to music at her at first,

For the rest of the time, Xia Wen never saw this flower leader,

I only know the other party's name, Xia Yuner.

There is a saying called,

It is to go to the clothes, empty to hide the merit and name.

That's what you said, right?

Men's hobbies, women of the Laliang family go into the water, and persuade women to follow the good spirit.

Xia Wen felt that the latter was indeed very cool!

It's just that before leaving, he still adhered to the spirit of copying the public and wrote a poem to the priest:

The hands are like soft thorns, the skin is like curd, the collar is like a grub, and the teeth are like a rhinoceros,

The head of the moth eyebrows, the clever smile, the beautiful eyes.

The inscription is "The young woman is good".

This poem tells everyone that the beauty of a mature woman is rare and beautiful in the world.

Afterwards, Xia Wen put down his pen and left dashingly, ending this journey of listening to music by the priest.

In the following days, Xia Wen returned to his daily life,

However, with the circulation of his nameless poem, in just a few days, a strange upsurge was set off in the entire Linjiang City.

Walk the streets, pubs and teahouses, and even the Goulan Theater.

Whether it is a literati or a small citizen in the city, they are all discussing how good mature women are, how good older women are at housekeeping, how flowery they play in bed, how strong their fighting power is, and so on.

Xia Wen always heard conversations like this in the teahouse:

"I tell you, I'm not afraid of how good-looking teenage girls are, I'm afraid of how sultry young women in their twenties and thirties are, you know all of them, let them be obsessed and intoxicated."

"Oops, yes, reasonable!"

"Since ancient times, affection can't be retained, only young women win people's hearts!"

"Gee, the widow is good, the widow is a treasure, Lao Tzu is the young who does not know that the widow is good, mistakenly took the girl for a treasure, and now regrets dying!"

"Hiss~ This young mature woman will only know the general understanding of progress and retreat after the age of thirty, the noble bed under the bed is sultry, the understanding of the style has a charm, it is indeed suitable ah~"

"Cut ~ you and I flat-headed ordinary people, know that young girls are precious, young women are more expensive, if there is a rich woman, both can be thrown away."



"Children up to the age of fifty can accept it."

"Shhhh Brother Zhang's taste is heavy, and the little student admires! "

"Hey~ that's poverty, which limits your imagination, Brother Li."


This listens and listens, and if you are not careful, the painting style will change 427.

And during this period, Xia Wen, the initiator, also had a resounding title - "Poetry Familiar Noble Son." "

As the name suggests, it is his poems that bloom only for mature women, and should also be passed down to the beauty of mature women.

For this name, Xia Wen neither likes nor dislikes.

He doesn't just like beautiful women, he also likes pure girls, cute loli, cold queens, enchanting witches, childlike giants and so on.

As long as his appearance and temperament can get his aesthetic threshold, Xia Wen likes it and will not treat it differently.

It's just that these days continue until the second week.

It was broken again by the arrival of a bird.

At dusk,

Xia Wen had just returned from the river.

In that place, there is a group of white-bearded elderly people who like to play chess.

So Xia Wen adhered to the beautiful character of respecting the old and loving the young, and unceremoniously went over and played happily with them.

With all kinds of modern tricks and ways that do not talk about martial virtue,

Xia Wenna was a big killer, and these old men were severely abused, refreshed!

Although when he returned, he was told not to go over in the future, saying that if he went to play chess again, he would make the old man lose his life.

But happy today, isn't it?

It's a big deal to change another river beach tomorrow, and continue to look for those unfathomable old men who are unfathomable, looking for chess friends.

So Xia Wen was satisfied, ate a meal, and returned to his small courtyard.

But as soon as he entered the door, he sensed that something was wrong!

Because on the branch in the courtyard, there is a small crow, quietly watching him.

And on the little crow's body, there is a small note, which seems to be used to convey information.

After seeing Xia Wen come in, it fluttered its wings, jumped down from the tree, stayed three feet away from Xia Wen, and stopped flying forward.

The fear and fear revealed in the small black button-like eyes can be clearly felt.

"Are you the little crow I almost stabbed in the right last time?"

Xia Wen is not blind to people, and for any other animals, he basically can't tell who is who.

His doubts, the little crow did not answer.

Just constantly scattering wings, small claws scratching around the chest,

Finally, the small note was successfully ripped off, floated into the air, and was caught by Xia Wen in his hand.

Xia Wen knew that most of this little note was brought by Jof,

And the reason for this must be that something big has happened.

So he didn't care about the little crow, directly spread out the note, and looked at it carefully.

[There is a change in the Warcraft Forest, the birds I sent secretly inquired to confirm that they will leave the Warcraft Forest tonight and attack a certain city in Daxia, you need to be prepared]

[This time, the number of them assembled is more than several times the usual, almost close to the number of ninety percent of exotic beasts in the entire Warcraft Forest, I feel that Adam has made a big move this time, he is very likely, it is to attack the Great Xia Linjiang City! ] 】

[You'd better come to the Warcraft Forest now, and we'll discuss countermeasures together.] 】

- Jofliu.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 96

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