Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 92

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 92
In the pool, Elsa stroked her big belly, and held Anna in her hand.

Her eyes are calm, and the hollow ice blue dress exudes a faint blue light,

It is as if the arrival of the goddess of ice and snow is guarding the life born in the belly.

Anna was also holding her stomach, pouting, and looking at Xia Wen with an unhappy face.

The small fist also swung at him, but then frowned, and quickly covered his stomach, as if the amplitude of the movement just now was a little large, so that the life inside kicked her in dissatisfaction, resulting in pain.

Next to them, there is also a humanoid phantom light group, this light group has an outstanding figure, although it cannot see the face clearly, but it is obviously female.

It's just that the belly of this phantom is actually very large, making people have countless grooves in their hearts, but they don't know how to spit it out.

Not only that, next to the two of them in a light group,

There is also a handsome female soldier holding a silver-white spear, wearing thin armor with a three-point line, and a red belt on her head,

He was frowning, holding a gun in one hand and covering his stomach with the other, looking a little uncomfortable.

She was also looking up at Xia Wen, her handsome eyes full of anger,

As if he was very unhappy with the smelly highness who forced him to pout his fencing,

But the matter has come to this, I can only touch my big belly, and there are some helpless emotions in my beautiful big eyes.

Xia Wen was stunned in the air for a while,

Not a word can be spoken.

After a long time,

He swallowed a mouthful of spit, twitched his hot nose, and took a deep breath,

Eyes fixed on this picture of ghosts and beasts, and muttered:

"No, fly... Can I also be recruited? ...... What a move..."

"Isn't this benefit a little too good..."

"I don't even dream of thinking so, it's too ... Tai Temo can hold my mind..."

"Princess Anna, Princess Elsa, Princess Mulan, Spirit of Nature...."

Xia Wen smacked his lips and looked at the surrounding scenery,

Oh no, it should be looking at the four stunning women below, and the little heart is pounding.

Although he knew very well in his heart that this was fake,

It's just an enchanting environmental energy, covering this area, so that as soon as people walk in, they will be affected by the illusion.

But this kind of energy, for Xia Wen, is not a big problem, but it can arouse a certain thought in his heart.

Isn't this scene right now what he has always wanted to achieve in Xia Wen's heart?

In reality, the princesses have not yet had a big belly, but I didn't expect to see it first in this place....

What is the test? Or what about welfare....

Xia Wen spread his wings in the sky for a long time, but did not heed the call below and flew down.

It's not that he doesn't dare, but because he can feel that under this cold pool, there is a very cold energy.

If he goes down, although there is a high probability that nothing will happen,

However, the power of the fire element in his body may cause great damage to these ghost-like existences.

Maybe it's baked out?

This is what Xia Wen does not want to see.

If these ghosts are souls or something,

If he goes down, these poor female corpses are the real ashes, and they will never be able to live beyond life....

Xia Wen looked above for a long time, until he felt that the dragon roared and could not hold back, and then forced himself to turn his head, with a lot of nostalgia in his eyes, and left the princesses who hooked him up.

He originally wanted to leave after the white, but after thinking about it, it seemed that he could say something,

So Xia Wen turned his head and faced these little female ghosts with big bellies, and said seriously:

"I don't know why you are like this, but if you are still sane, you can listen to me."

"The first thing I want to do when I come to the Warcraft Forest this time is to behead Adam who hurt you,"

"So.... Should it be considered friendly? "

"Ahem... Forget it, so be it, this time I am satisfied, this action of covering the stomach is too promising, this is equivalent to not wearing, but more attractive clothes, and this look, hiss... What a hook....."

"It's this humanoid ball of light, although it's very comfortable to call the owner, it's a little strange, pay attention next time."

Saying that, Xia Wen flapped his wings, the ultimate flame flashed in his eyes, and the huge spiritual power suddenly exploded, shattering his spiritual illusion.

"Goodbye ~ I will take a step first, and there will be a period later.~"

Xia Wen didn't look back, flared his wings, and quickly walked away from here.

He didn't know if these little female ghosts had wisdom, after all, these hallucinations should only appear when he wanted to see them the most.

But the reason he told them to kill Adam,

The most important reason is that the benefits given are too large.

Coupled with the fact that they were also beautiful girls who were mutilated, it always made Xia Wen feel a trace of pity in his heart.

After all, they all died, not only did not go to reincarnation, but were trapped here, tortured day and night, which is really an extremely painful feeling.

Just like a horror TV series that Xia Wen watched in reality - the old corpse of the mountain village, it is also similar to this.

But more bloody, more terrifying and cruel!

After watching this movie when Xia Wen was a child, his mother was scared for three years!

Sleeping in the evening would rather hold back than dare to get out of bed to go to the toilet,

It's just that when I grew up,

In order to face the fear, Xia Wen went to see the old corpse of the mountain village again,

Although I really want to say that real men are not afraid at all, they are actually afraid...

It's just that after this, I also know the deeper meaning of the film.

If you want to be liberated, you must dissipate your previous resentments, so that you can turn into samsara and start a new life.

So whether he can do it or not, at least it gives the other party a hope, that's the hope of revenge, isn't it?

Shortly after Xia Wen flew away from this place,

The sky on the secluded pool became strange and gloomy again.

Under the shroud of night, countless transparent ghosts began to appear densely on the surface of the water.

The number of ghosts of these almost covers the entire deep pool.

As far as the eye can see, there are thousands of them!

Every ghost's face is filled with incomparable pain and resentment, and I don't know how much humiliation and pain he has suffered in front of him...

After a while, these ghosts slowly began to merge, and finally turned into a white ghost visible to the naked eye,

If you look closely, you will find that the white ghost figure staring at is actually densely overlapped with countless ghost shadows,

And in her body, countless voices with negative emotions also sounded,

If this voice is listened to by ordinary people for a second, they will be stimulated by this negative emotion and make the spirit crazy instantly.

After a long time, this noisy voice that condensed thousands of negative emotions,

Begin to slowly blend and become one.

It ended up being a weird sound opened by countless overlapping voices:

"Kill Adam... For us... Kill Adam.... Extrication. "


Xia Wen did not hear this voice, and he had already come to a cave on a cliff at this time.

At this time, Xia Wen did not turn back into a human, and after feeling the abnormal aura in the cave, he flew in.

Although there is no little bat to lead the way, his intuition tells him that the person who invited him is inside!



The wind at the mouth of the cave was very loud, and as soon as Xia Wen entered the cave, the coercion of the half-dragon bloodline on his body woke up the countless bats sleeping at the top, and began to flutter in the cave in panic, and a hoarse and ugly squeak occurred in his mouth.

These squeaks resounded together in tens of millions of steps, which added a touch of coldness and weirdness to this cave, and Xia Wen was also a little irritated to hear it.

He slowly moved towards the inside, with no intention of destroying these bats.

It makes no sense to enter people's territory, wake them up to sleep, and kill them all.

If these bats are pets that exist inside, wouldn't this killing be very embarrassing?

Anyway, not a bat dares to approach within five months of him, (read the violent novel, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The place where Xia Wen is located seems to be a vacuum area.

Except for the five-meter area here, all around is a place where bats are rampant,

And these bats, all galloping towards the outside of the cave at a very fast speed, all want to get away from the terrifying creature below as soon as possible,

It's just that there are too many bats in this cliff,

For a while, it couldn't stop.

And Xia Wenzhi did not lift the half-dragon form because of the very strange fluctuation in the deepest part of the cave, which made him feel a little strange, so he kept transforming, just in case.

Xia Wen's ears moved, and he carefully perceived,

The depth of this cave can be seen from the sound of the wind in your ears, and if you want to go to the end, you must be at least thousands of meters deep.

The dragon's keen perception allows him to receive many sounds that humans cannot hear, so as to make specific judgments.

"Hide so deeply.. Raise corpses in it.."

Just when Xia Wen was entangled, whether to directly put a flame into it and force the creatures there out.

A strange fluctuation suddenly sounded in the air!


All the bats froze!

The terrifying creak in the sky also stopped abruptly,

As if they were manipulated, they all hung neatly upside down again in the top darkness,

The entire cave, in a very short time, fell into silence.

"Guest, we have no malice, please come in and talk."

A faint voice suddenly came out of the cave, a little hoarse, as if he hadn't spoken for a long time,

But you can hear it, and it doesn't mean it.

"Boom, boom!"

As soon as this voice fell, the two sides of the pitch-black cave suddenly lit up one after another of the orchid flames, illuminating this thousand-meter-deep cave from the outside to the inside.

Xia Wen looked at the blue fireworks that lit up from the mouth of the cave to the depths of the cave, raised his eyebrows, and didn't say anything, and the huge black wings suddenly opened up, flying towards the cave at a speed equal to the flames.

Soon after, the place where the fireworks were lit reached the end.

Xia Wen fluttered his wings and fell from mid-air, curiously looking at the layout around him.

This place, which looks like a stone chamber that has been hewn open, is very simple, but it can be seen that it has human habits.

For example, this stone table in front of him, and several stone benches next to the stone table.

Xia Wen looked at the room, and the voice appeared again: "Guest, please sit." "

Only this time, the voice did not come from far away.

Xia Wen turned his head and saw a stone door open,

A uh: A half-human bird with an eagle's head?

His figure and wings are slightly similar to Xia Wen, and they are also semi-animalistic.

However, Xia Wen's appearance is much better than him, although his face is covered with black crystal scale armor, but he can see that it is Zhang Handsome's face, unlike him, it is a bird's head.

"Distinguished guest, I can feel that the bloodline in your body is an extremely noble creature, and I also feel a powerful threat in you, it seems... Let you pass the test of the heart pool, I am smiling generously..."

"Oh? Ben Xintan, this name is a little interesting. "

"Sure enough, is that scene my heart?"

Xia Wen muttered in his heart, but he was not polite, and sat on the stone bench with his butt.

"Poof: Click!! "

The moment the stone bench goes down on someone,

It was naturally pierced by the sharp tail, just like cutting tofu, and it shattered without feeling it at all.

This sudden sound couldn't help but make Xia Wen squat in place, and after being stunned for two seconds, he got up again with some embarrassment,

"Sorry for accidentally breaking your stool."

As Xia Wensheng spoke, he looked up at the eagle-headed guy,

After sensing that the other party did not seem to pose much danger to him, he was no longer vigilant to maintain the state of a half-dragon,

He turned into a human form, changed his clothes in front of the other party, and sat on the other side of the stone chair.

"What kind of existence is he, who can transform between dragons and humans, and his clothes.... How did it suddenly appear in the hand? Sorcery? Or magic? It's a very mysterious existence....."

The content of the eagle head's brain supplement now is exactly what Xia Wen hopes the other party to think.

Staying strong and mysterious is the beginning of winning good exchanges.

"Distinguished guest, my name is Yof, what shall I call you?"

Xia Wen rolled his eyes: "My surname is Long, you can call me Mr. Long." "

"Oh? This surname ... Are you from the Great Xia Dynasty? "

"You can also think so, okay, let me go this far, let's get down to business, what answer do you want to tell me?"

Yoff also sat on the stone chair on the side, looked at Xia Wen for a moment, and asked a question:

"Before answering your question, I want to know what kind of attitude you have towards the great lord of our Warcraft Forest, the Lion King Adam?"

"Attitude?" Xia Wen glanced at Yoff with a smile,

The other party's words are very interesting, seemingly praising Adam,

But between the words, there is a touch of not so respectful.

Xia Wen thought for a while, did not answer his question, but asked instead: "Recently, the Warcraft Forest rioted and attacked the frontiers of the Great Xia Dynasty, and I found a problem, that is, among these exotic beasts, each of the alien beasts (De Li Hao) has a red crystal on its body. "

"And the interesting thing is that after I came to the Warcraft Forest, the alien beast with this red crystal on his body would always lose his mind when he saw me and pounced on me to kill me."

"But creatures without this red crystal on their bodies may attack me, but that's just the instinct of creatures, can't beat it, he still knows to run."

Saying that, Xia Wen looked at Yof, who was smiling and was about to explain, suddenly changed his style and continued:

"Of course, this doubt, you don't need to answer me first, I don't want to ask this question."

He looked at the winged Yoff with a playful expression.

"The army of monsters in the Warcraft Forest attacked the city, and in all the number of riots, there was not a single bird beast flying in the sky."

"So: Thinking that these birds and birds listen to you so much, can I guess that in fact, these birds and beasts do not obey Adam's jurisdiction, they have another ruler, or rather... Is it the actual controller? "

And this existence does not coincide with Adam's opinion, well... I hope that there was a feud between the two sides, so that he did not cooperate with Adam's actions, but asked the other party what he thought of Adam after a powerful human who could turn into a dragon came in,"

"It's just that after telling the truth, I find out that the other party is a gang with Adam and expose his intentions, right?"

In Xia Wen's tirade, Jove's eyes gradually fell silent,

The respect on his face also dissipated.

"Alas... The words are all finished by you, and I still say a fart ah..."

Yoff complained in his heart, and for a while he didn't know how to speak.

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Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 92

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