Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 89

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 89

"That is, a long time ago, someone had communicated with this lion's men. It is said that this lion was cursed. "

"He was once a prince of a country, and because he was fierce and inhumane by nature, he brutally murdered all his parents, kings and queens, and arrested all the beautiful women in the kingdom and imprisoned them in castles to satisfy his personal desires."

"In this castle, every day there will be a broken female corpse, thrown out of the inside, and landed under the endless cliffs behind the castle."

"And under that cliff, because there are more and more female corpses with extremely yin qi, they accumulate over time and gradually become a gloomy ghost domain, so that everyone who approaches here will lose their minds, and eventually sleep in the ghost domain and become a dry bone"

"Later, one day, this cruel prince saw a witch from outside the Warcraft Forest, and when he saw this witch's natural appearance, he wanted to seize her castle and imprison her for - all day fun."

Saying that, the middle-aged fat man's eyes showed a touch of mystery, and his voice became long:

"You guess what.... Afterward... What's wrong? "

"Give Lao Tzu a dumb puzzle again, quickly say, what happened next?!"

"The witch wasn't pulled in, hey, hey?"

"Was it poked with countless skeletons and thrown off the cliff?"

"Such a beautiful person, such a way of dying feels strange."

"I always feel like there's a shocking reversal in the back."

"Hey? That's not right! Everyone is old, why are the topics you pay attention to different from mine? "

"Fatty, I just want to know, what are you doing in the bed of someone's daughter-in-law?"

Xia Wen chewed the fragrant meat in his mouth, and his curiosity couldn't help but rise.

This kind of interesting story always makes people listen to it with relish.

He pricked up his ears and listened quietly, not wanting to miss a single sentence, including... What the hell did this fat man do in someone's bed?

I saw that the fat man drank a sip of wine, picked up another piece of meat, and ate it leisurely.

Until the wine and flesh entered the throat, and after seeing everyone's eyes, they all had the intention of beating him fat,

Only then did he no longer hang his appetite, and continued with a smile:

"Hehe, the little lady's bed, it must be doing something serious,"

"If I hadn't been bold that day, while the little lady's husband was drunk and asleep, and sneaked in to do business, you wouldn't have heard such confidential news."

Saying that, the fat man raised his head triumphantly, and an aftertaste flashed in his eyes, as if he was very excited and proud of the fishy journey of that day.

"Come and come, grandpa is in a good mood, all seated!" I tell you the end of the witch. "

"According to what the brother's daughter-in-law told me in bed, this confidential news was passed down from the country behind the Warcraft Forest, and only a very few people know the beginning."

Xia Wen by the window didn't even drink wine, pricked up his ears, and began to listen carefully to the end of this story.

"The prince in the Warcraft Forest, I don't know what method was used, and shared the power of the entire Warcraft Forest on his own body."

"It can be said that he is an invincible existence in the Warcraft Forest."

"The witch, an outsider, has just arrived, does not understand anything, of course he can't beat it!"

"It's just that this witch is very strong, knowing that she will be ruined and killed, she used her life to release a taboo spell."

"And the witch herself, who also died after this technique, her soul does not know where to float, but it must have been reincarnated."

"But the prince who doesn't force his face is miserable, under the magic released by the witch with her life, all the humans in this castle have turned into all kinds of monsters."

"That prince has also become a brutal lion, and over time, it will become more and more like a beast, until he completely loses his mind!"

"And just after all the humans in the castle turned into monsters, the civilians of this country also ran and fled. In the end, it became the Warcraft Forest full of exotic beasts that we are familiar with now..."

"So now you understand, this lion, this is what I told you, the mastermind behind the clothes and spit out words, leading the beast to slaughter us."

The words of the middle-aged fat man fell faintly,

After a short silence,

An even more intense discussion suddenly came!

"Then why did this lion come to attack our Daxia?"

"How do I know? I'm not a fairy, and I can tell at a glance what kind of madness it has. "

"So where did this beautiful witch end up being reincarnated? Could it be in our city? "

"you, people are foreign beauty, where can reincarnation come to our Daxia?"

"Yan Wang Ye is not interested in entertaining foreign beauties....."

"That is, the people have that Jesus, the pig (Zhu) scattered the egg (Dan)..."

After a long time,

Their voices began to fade.

This story and discussion are almost over.

Xia Wen, who was leaning against the window, silently gave a thumbs up to this fat man in his heart.

"Big brother, Niu Bu!"

The logical loop of this story is completely reasonable and sounds like it is true.

If he hadn't seen this guy, he heard it in the bed of someone's daughter-in-law, maybe he would really take this as a fact.

Although Xia Wen himself did not believe it, the story is very interesting.

A cruel prince, inhumane, "righteous and exterminated", completely immersed in his own desires.

It is also because of this desire that the passing witch cursed with her life and finally turned into an inhuman beast.

After listening to this story,

The first impression in my mind came to mind of the topic of "beauty and the beast".

The prince turns into a beast, and the witch is a stunning beauty.

It sounds like a dark version of beauty and beasts, lacking the beauty of fairy tales and increasing the cruelty of reality.

More like an adult fairy tale.

After listening to this story, Xia Wen did it in the middle of the night in the inn.

Until everyone has almost left, when the treasurer is ready to close,

Only then did he touch his round belly, stood up contentedly, and walked out of the inn.

Except for the amazing story of the middle-aged fat man just now, Xia Wen did not hear any other new news.

These drinkers talked about the same thing, where they were attacked by alien beasts, how many people survived, and where they saw the lion.

Or there is speculation about where the next target of the alien beast will be, what to do if it is Linjiang City, this kind of news in peacetime.

It doesn't make much sense.

Xia Wen walked outside,

Somehow, I kept recalling the story that the fat man said.

Thinking about it, a fork in the road turned in my mind, and I began to involuntarily think of this fat man, how did he pry this story out of the little lady in front of people's husbands?

I don't want to be okay, and when I think about it, I suddenly feel really exciting.

Xia Wen walked, and before he knew it, his footsteps stopped in place.

He suddenly wondered again, where are he going?

Do you just go directly to the Warcraft Forest?

If it is really like the fat man said, the Lion King can use the magic of the entire forest, then he may not be able to defeat it.

And even if he wants to go, he can't stay in the Warcraft Forest all the time

You have to find a place to live before you have time to think about what's next.

Thinking of this, Xia Wen knocked on his cranky head,

Silently turned around, and returned to the Yuelai Inn.

In the treasurer's look of "I knew you would come back", he happily paid the money and rented a small yard.

Xia Wen followed the enthusiastic little two to this courtyard and moved in.

I have to say that the benefits of having money are indeed good,

The environment of this Tianzi No. 1 small courtyard made Xia Wen very satisfied.

Pavilions and flowing water, rockery fish, bamboo forests, flowers and plants are pleasant. Staying down gave Xia Wen a feeling of dreaming back to ancient times.

When he fell asleep in the evening, Xia Wen couldn't help but think of Mulan in his mind,

She should have already received the news of the Hun chaos, right?

I don't know how it's been lately.... Did you miss me?

There should be no such thoughts, killing enemies on the battlefield, where is there time to think about these sons and daughters...

The battlefield is the most abrasive, what kind of scenery will it be the next time I meet her....

In the cranky,

Xia Wen couldn't help but think of Elsa and Anna,

Thinking of the madness of the last month with them, my heart is very longing.

When the thoughts gradually disperse,

Drowsiness also swept over,

With the thought of a beautiful person, he fell into a beautiful dream.

That's it

Xia Wen temporarily decided to settle in this place,

Over the next few days,

He started to look around all the time.

He will also turn into a small dragon in the middle of the night, fly out of Linjiang City, and go to the area around the Warcraft Forest to investigate and investigate.

It's just that the effect doesn't seem to be great, the wind and waves have been calm these days, and there has been no alien beast slaughtering the city,

He went to the surroundings of the Warcraft Forest and did not find anything particularly noteworthy.

And the news that Xia Wen inquired about was similar to what he heard that night,

It's just funny about the fat man going in the middle of the night to "his good friend .... The Brother's Daughter-in-Law's Bed" tells this story,

Silently, I don't know which big mouth leaked out.

Major tea house inns, whether it is Mr. Storyteller or High Roller,

Almost everyone talks about this topic as a hot topic.

Not talking about the bravery of this brother, the steppe above the head of the daughter-in-law husband,

It is to analyze whether this "beauty and the beast" story is true or false.

After everyone analyzed, Xia Wen also carried some strange emotions, and inexplicably recognized the credibility of this story.

This seems like a boring day,

In fact, for Xia Wen, I feel quite enjoyable.

He also ate melons from time to time and inquired which person was this brother with the Hulunbuir steppe on his head.

It's just a pity ....

This kind of leisure,

Seven days after he came to Linjiang City,

It ended quietly.

On this day, Xia Wen just got up, washed up and walked out of the hospital,

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Then I saw a messenger soldier riding a horse, holding a hundred thousand fiery flags, quickly rushing towards the city lord's mansion.

And in his mouth, he is also shouting:

"Warcraft Forest Ferocious Beast Riot!! Attack Yanshui City and quickly send troops to support!! Quickly send troops to support!! "

"Warcraft Forest Ferocious Beast Riot!! Attack Yanshui City and quickly send troops to support!! Quickly send troops to support!! "

After hearing this voice, Xia Wen still had some urge to sleep back to sleep, and suddenly woke up!

He quickly ran to the stable of the Yuelai Inn, took the horse abducted from the bandits, and without saying a word, he rode his horse and rushed out of the city!

Ten minutes later,

When I came to a deserted field outside the city,

Chavin mounted and dismounted and tied it under a tree.

Then he glanced around, and after finding that there was no one, he immediately transformed into a half-dragon form!

In the long roar of this horse's frightened soul, the wings on its back suddenly flew into the sky!

It turned into a stream of light and galloped away in the direction of Northwest Yanshui City!

Xia Wen is now a little vaguely regretful,

As soon as I knew it, I should have gone to the outskirts of the Warcraft Forest a few days in advance and stayed on the necessary road to the land of Daxia.

In this way, he did not enter the realm of the Warcraft Forest, but also could observe the movements of the alien beasts in real time, and he would not be in such a hurry as he is now.

To put it bluntly, I still nostalgic for a comfortable life, and I don't want to leave the crowd in my heart, and I always feel that this matter is not in a hurry.

So far, something went wrong.

I am obviously capable, and I came specifically for this matter,

If you don't get to the rescue in time,

The result is to leave a pimple in my heart, I don't know how long it will be uncomfortable.

Xia Wen used the fastest flight speed to hurry,

It doesn't matter if someone will see the monster flying in the sky, causing panic.

Now, he only feels that his speed is too slow, if only he could be faster.

With anxiety,

After about 10 minutes,

Xia Wen's eyes suddenly saw the ground far ahead,

Tens of thousands of ferocious beasts had already gathered, and they had already begun to attack the city wall.

Obviously, this small city simply can't withstand the attack of so many crazy beasts.

The tremor of the ground and the city walls seemed to collapse and shatter at any moment.

It seems that it may not even last five minutes, and the city will be completely breached!

However, when Xia Wen saw this scene, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

It's good if it's still fighting, I'm afraid it's already gone, come for nothing.

With the incitement of black wings,

Xia Wen stood in midair.

After taking a look at his current half-dragon appearance and confirming that he would not be recognized as his appearance,

He took a deep breath,

Mobilize the power of fire element magic in the body and gather it overhead,

A huge sphere formed that materialized into a flowing magma-like sphere.

When the sphere was fully formed, Xia Wen's dragon claws aimed at the beasts below and pressed fiercely!

"Boom, boom, boom, !!!"

Under the manipulation of Xia Wen, the ultimate monstrous flame was like carrying an exploding nuclear bomb, carrying the breath of death, and quickly fell down!

In the process between landing, this huge fireball began to decompose into countless small fireballs on its own.

Just like facing the Huns that day, one after another scarlet flames shot straight towards these crazy beasts!

City walls.

The city lord of Yanshui City stood on it, raising his eyes to look at the figure flying high in the sky, shaped like a terrifying monster.

His expression flickered, and his eyes were filled with deep doubts.

He was already desperate,

The alien beasts under their feet are about to break through the city walls, and the only chance of life is in these last minutes, hoping for the arrival of reinforcements.

But.... Not only did reinforcements not come,

Above his head, there was an extra humanoid strange bird that he had never seen before, quietly watching them like a demon coming out of hell.

The city lord of Yanshui City has already thought about it,

In this last time, write a letter to inform the city lord of Linjiang Great City of the appearance of this monster overhead, so that they must be careful.

He thought that although he would die, he finally exerted the last bit of residual heat.

But what made him extremely frightened was that this monster above his head actually had great power.

After he condensed an incomparably huge fireball.

Without saying a word, the city lord of Linjiang immediately recorded the news, put it on the ankle of the carrier pigeon, and prepared to let it fly away.

But at this time, the fireball had fallen, making him dare not release the carrier pigeon, for fear that it would be turned into a roasted pigeon by these fireballs.

It was this hesitation that made me see an incredible thing.

These brilliant fireworks like meteors, the place where they fell down, was actually not towards them, but these strange beasts under their feet?!

One, two, three, is just that, this Nima has no spark coming towards them at all.

The fall of countless scarlet fireballs, as if there were brains, beat the beast fiercely, but did not hit people,

The beast below jumped, and the crowd above was stunned.

The painting style is novel and rare to see.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 89

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