Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 87

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 87

And on the other side,

Xia Wen also really left the general's tent as Mulan thought,

On the way to the Xiongnu base camp,

He looked for the great general Li He, and also mainly talked about Mulan's affairs,

No matter how brave the little girl is, there may still be accidents on the battlefield where the sword has no eyes.

It is still necessary for Tolih to take care of one or two.

Mulan's growth route, he has given the greatest support,

Next, it's up to herself.

Whether it was a female general on fencing, or a daughter-in-law pouting obediently, someone expressed great anticipation.

Xia Wen came to the area a kilometer away in the camp, and only then transformed himself into the form of a half-dragon.

The black hideous wings suddenly opened, and the dragon feathers instigated, with a fierce wind, straight into the sky!

The form of the half-dragon man can clearly make Xia Wen feel a powerful feeling.

It seems that every part of the body can become a killing weapon! The kind that can see blood hard!

In the sky. Xia Wen's speed is getting faster and faster, and in the night, it is like a dark streamer, and it is speeding towards the front.

Xia Wen carefully felt the speed of his flight,

He felt that in his current state of half-dragon spreading his wings,

Its speed is already faster than the speed of the water elves in the Frozen world.

After all, it is a small dragon man with wings, after all, it is faster than the little water horse without wings, which is very reasonable.

From the garrison of the Great Xia Dynasty to the base camp of the Xiongnu in the southern steppe, if it is eight hundred li plus a quick horse whip,

It takes about three full days of running.

And with Xia Wen's current flight speed, it is probably a matter of a few hours.

This cargo did not dare to play with his body in the barracks, for fear of being treated as a monster.

As soon as it comes out this time, I can't make a wave.

Fly horizontally, vertically, swoop, fly in circles, how to stimulate how to play.

But freshness is always a cooling-off period.

It may suddenly come to you today, make you want to be happy, and then, after a short period of happiness, enter the saint mode.

Just like Xia Wen at this time.

This guy flew so loudly, making his head a little dizzy, like drunk, and began to hurry up slowly.

In the slow passage of time, the moonlight gradually dispersed, and the sky was still hazy and dark,

Xia Wen fluttered his new toy wings and flew directly above the sky of the Xiongnu base camp.

The wind in the air was a little cold, and the sound that passed by also made Xia Wen begin to wake up and gradually enter a state of war.

He lowered his head and looked at the savannah at the end of his vision, where stood an incomparably large domed tent.

And around this tent, there are countless densely packed small tents, like stars arching the moon surrounding it.

Just like under the blazing sun, there are always countless stars around it autobiography.

Xia Wen's pupils shrank slightly, and he carefully looked at the other camps around him,

He found that the tents around him were also divided into circles, large and small, but clearly distinguished.

And in each circle, there is also a larger tent surrounded in the very center.


Standing in the center of the steppe Xiongnu tribe,

The giant dome tent like the sun is where the Xiongnu leader Shan Yu lived.

And the big tents surrounded by circles should be the places where the leaders of each tribe live.

Xia Wen carefully looked at the number of these tents,

After a general glance, I felt that the number of people could not be calculated.

But what can be confirmed is that the population of the Xiongnu may have exceeded one million!

Minus women, children, the elderly, children, and slaves, there are at least more than 200,000 Xiongnu soldiers who can go to war.

Da Xia is now worried about internal and external troubles and crises on all sides.

In the army that went south to resist the Xiongnu, in addition to the one led by him Xiawen, there was also an army of 100,000 people with even more crotch-pulling strength.

It's just that this army is a garrison stationed in Ayutthaya and cannot be moved.

That is, if the entire Huns send troops,

Then what they will face is the 200,000 Great Xia Army, which is already pulling their crotches, to collide with nearly 300,000 Xiongnu soldiers who are strong and strong.

If it is a frontal battle, Xia Wen believes that there is basically no chance of victory.

The army he and Mulan were in was the first line of defense.

The second line of defense behind is the defenders of Tianhe Dacheng stationed on the southern border.

There is no third line of defense!

Although it seems that with the protection of the city, it should be much easier to defend.

But don't forget, the force value of this world is outrageous!

If the city wall is not thick enough, then the top warriors among the Xiongnu only need to hit the city wall with all their strength,

There is a probability of breaking through the wall on the spot, and it won't take long to carry it!

Without the protection of the walls,

Basically, the entire Tianhe City with a population of more than half a million,

The fall can be officially declared, and there will be no chance of counter-victory.

At that time, whether they were enslaved and played like dogs or directly slaughtered were left to their own hands.

"What a terrible scene.'~."

Xia Wen muttered in the sky, but his eyes became more and more indifferent.

He looked at the brightly lit Xiongnu tribe below, and a blazing flame began to gradually burn in his eyes.

Although he knew that in the tent below the sky, there may be countless women, children, old and young,

But obviously,

The other side has already gathered like this,

It was already signaling that this was the final preparations made by the Xiongnu for a general attack.

Xia Wen will never show mercy to his subordinates in this situation!

He began to cast his fire magic, and flames began to burn around him, and a fiery aura suddenly swept from him!

In the sky where Xia Wen is, there is also a quietly condensed picture:

Huge flame net!

Actually, it stands to reason. Below the huge area of the Huns,

Xia Wen's fire net could only cover less than one-tenth of the area.

This is already the limit of Xia Wen.

But this was enough, he did not want to kill the entire Xiongnu family.

It is only necessary to kill some of those Hun elites and those in power who are in the most central position,

That's about it, let the Huns themselves mess up.

Of course, Xia Wen's main purpose was to kill the leader of the Xiongnu tribe.

According to the information he received,

This man named Shan Yu has two Chinese New Year's Eve today,

is the only undisputed strongest god of war in the entire history of the Xiongnu,

It was also he who gathered all the Xiongnu tribes in the entire steppe together to form the steppe Xiongnu Empire.

The motive for gathering all the tribes now is to prepare for the opportunity to eat the Great Xia Dynasty.

Obliterating Shan Yu is Xia Wen's first purpose.

In this heavily fused animation world, many plot lines have changed.

Just like the Xiongnu now, if the Great Xia Dynasty does not suppress them with the power of the whole country, it will not be able to repel them at all.

But the problem is that the enemies of Daxia are not just the southern Xiongnu!

There are alien knights in the west, fierce beasts in the eastern Warcraft Forest, and forbidden troops in the northern ancestral dragon Heavenly Barrier.

To be able to free up 200,000 troops to fight against the Xiongnu is already a bloody cost!

After accepting the memory of this identity, Xia Wen knew,

If the Xiongnu were allowed to go on like this, the army they were in would be defeated.

If you don't escape, there will only be ten deaths and no life.

And even if there is Mulan, they will desperately block it, the actual combat effectiveness of the entire Xiongnu will not weaken, but will become stronger and stronger.

Because the reason is simple, traitors are everywhere,

As long as they caught the slaves, or tamed some dignitaries,

The first people to be pulled into battle at war will never be their own.

Like a snowball, it rolled bigger and bigger, until the entire Xia Dynasty was destroyed and it became a new Xiongnu Empire.

Without the arrival of odd numbers, Daxia would surely fall apart, turning into ashes with the rolling red dust of history. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

But fortunately, the anomaly came through time and space, and his name was Xia Wen.

Xia Wen, who turned into a half-dragon, provoked wings, and stood in the sky.

The incomparably hot blazing net of flames had become more and more dazzling above his head.

And this dazzling degree has made many people on the grassland below look up at the sky.

When the sky gradually brightens and the vision gradually clears,

Everyone saw a monster burning all over, controlling the boundless red flame, and seemed to be ready to do something:

Until the blazing flame solidified and turned into a hideous net of fire,

There was horror in their eyes.

And after doing all this, Xia Wen raised his hand and snapped his fingers:



Under the snapping of fingers, the huge net of flames in the sky seems to be free from the shackles of God,

It turned into a series of meteor-like fireballs and suddenly smashed downwards!

When the sea of fire fell, shrouding the core area of the Xiongnu tribe,

Endless wails and screams also came unexpectedly, spreading throughout the core area below!

Right now! A deafening roar suddenly sounded from the roaring camp tent:

"Demon!! You devil!! Dare to roll down and fight with me alone!! I will you: Tear to shreds! "

The voice of this sentence echoing between heaven and earth is really too big, and his words are also directed at Xia Wen!

The strength of that roaring voice was even higher than that of General Li He.

Even Xia Wen, who was outside the clouds, could clearly hear the roar below.

Based on the guess of the strength of this voice alone, Xia Wen felt that this guy's combat power alone was definitely much higher than Li He!

Li He's voice is already a pervert, but this alone is out of the scope that the human voice can achieve.

Judging how strong a martial general is, it is a big voice roared out by the unity of spirit and spirit, which can definitely be regarded as an important factor in the evaluation!

Then since the existence is higher than Li He, with Xia Wen's unilateral rating of the star rating of the martial general,

The Xiongnu God of War alone should not be the legendary seven-star fierce general level, right?

What is this concept, the six-star fierce general will be able to smash a small mountain bag with one blow.

You can also enter and exit seven out of 100,000 enemy troops, which is unstoppable!

It's already a bug.

Although this bug is seen when there are no other fierce generals surrounded by the enemy, and the physical strength is not calculated, it is already very outrageous, okay!

Xia Wen once also guessed that there might be a seven-star fierce general,

There is also a rough guess about its combat power,

To sum it up in one sentence:

The so-called seven-star fierce general, one person, can defend a city.

On the other hand, can that person slaughter a city?

In this regard, Xia Wen is not sure,

He only knew that his little Mulan was now at most a five-star fierce general.

And an existence like her is already one out of ten thousand.

In their entire army, except for the great general Li He,

Only the combat power of three five-star fierce generals exists, including Mulan.


How difficult it should be to have the probability of a top warrior appearing.

In the entire army of the Great Xia Dynasty, not a single general who exceeded the six stars had appeared.

That's why Xia Wen will use six stars to represent the highest level.

But what he didn't expect was,

Among this Huns, there really will really be such an incredible existence.

When his mind flipped, Xia Wen had already begun to flap his wings,

With one hand, he held the black and gold spear in the storage space tightly in his hand.

But soon, he noticed that it didn't feel right.

Xia Wen tilted his head with a slight doubt, and saw his five claws that were sharper than a spear,

Silently, he withdrew the black gold spear into the storage space.

"It seems that it is really going to go a wave of reckless flow.."

Mumbling, he began to flap his wings and contract back, allowing his body to fall freely.

Then, like a shooting star, it suddenly rushed towards the place where the sound was!

Xia Wen doesn't care if the other party is six stars and seven stars, or even eight stars or something,

These, when he was in full state,

Nothing matters anymore.

In the face of absolute confidence, go straight up and be reckless!

Whether he can fight or not,

With a pair of dragon wings, as long as he wants to escape, who can stop him under the whole world?

Under the sky, in a large tent burning with flames.

Shan Yu looked at the top of the tent that had gradually cracked, and his eyes were angry and cold.

The raging flames burned around him, but they didn't hurt him in the slightest.

As if it were like taking a bath, these burning things on the body are just slightly scalding water.

He raised his head, and his eagle-like sharp eyes had begun to take on a touch of madness.

Looking at Xia Wen, who was rushing down, the corners of his mouth split sharply, and he hung a crazy smile:

"A monster is a monster, call you down, you actually came down, but all beasts with a little head know that I have never been defeated in this life alone!"

Although Shan Yu was laughing wildly in his mouth, he was a little wary in his heart.

The speed of this monster that swooped in was so fast that he was a little confused.

Moreover, the appearance of that monster looks a lot like those beasts with infinite strength in the Western Warcraft Forest of the Great Xia Dynasty.

If it really came from there, then the best way to deal with these beasts,

It was to provoke him first and completely dissipate their few senses, then it would be much simpler to deal with.

Xia Wen, who swooped down at great speed, listened to the mocking sound that kept coming from Shan Yu,

He didn't need to guess to know that this was 100% intentional by the other party.

The god of war, who rules the millions of people of the Xiongnu, if he is really so brainless and angry and only knows how to ridicule, I am afraid that he will be dug in the ravine.

But do these really matter? For Xia Wen, it doesn't really matter.

In less than ten seconds, he had already slammed into the battle where Shan Yu was with a monstrous anger!

"Boom... Boom!! "

The undulating sonic booms and waves of air swept in, and the entire tent was instantly smashed to smithereens.

Even the earth shook a little under Xia Wen's impact, like a sign before the earth dragon turned over.

In the rolling fog, Xia Wen didn't have any nonsense at all,

Blazing flames wrapped the dragon's body, and the sharp dragon's feet stepped abruptly towards the ground!

"Bang bang!!"

This huge force made the ground suddenly have a pit.

However, Xia Wen used this force to sprint into the smoke and dust, and quickly killed Shan Yu!

When his steely sharp dragon claws touched Xiang Shanyu's great knife,

The battle began without surprise!

In the crackling sound of fighting, the huge handsome tent collapsed and burned, producing a large amount of black fog,

And in this dense fog, there will always be blazing fireworks, as if bouncing, the lights flash, extremely strange.

With the short passage of time, the crackling sound in the black fog from time to time became more frequent, the sound of steel clashing became more crisp and dense, and even the sound of flesh colliding became more dull and powerful.

Suddenly! In the billowing fog, a broken blade suddenly flew out!

Where no one noticed, plunged straight into the deep pits of the steppe earth in the distance.

On this blade, there was still a trickle of blood, which was slowly dripping down the broken blade and submerged into the earth.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 87

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