Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 84

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 84

Mulan sat on Xia Wen's back, her small fists clenched tightly, and she hit down fiercely!


"Yes, this hand is strong, and the Northeast Aunt has a fight!"

"Huh? What is Northeast Aunt? "

"It's the bathhouse... Belch... It's the kind of old lady who quarrels about buying vegetables on the street, and when she moves her hands, she can lift you up. "

"Hmph: It turned out to be so, it can only be compared with the woman, then it seems that Mu Li's strength is not strong enough. "

Mulan said coldly, then changed the pounding to pinching, grabbed the meat on Xia Wen's back, and pulled it up fiercely.

"Woohoohoo!! Hissing !!! "

"Yes, very good, five-star praise!"

Xia Wen enjoyed Mulan's big hand for a while, then opened his mouth to continue - starting the topic just now:

"Speaking of Mu Li, if your sister is sixteen this year, then if you don't marry again, she will be an old girl-."

"As a younger brother, aren't you anxious for her?"

Seeing Xia Wen talking about his affairs again, Mulan's hand couldn't help but pause, and the strength was slight.

She was silent for a moment, and a trace of gloom flashed in her eyes, but she said without care:

"My sister said that she would never bow down to any man or any man in her life, and if she couldn't find a husband who treated her equally, didn't let her remember those three virtues and four virtues, and didn't raise her at home as a canary, then she would rather not marry..."

Although Mulan said so, when she really said it, her heart couldn't help but feel a little sad,

Because there is no younger brother at home, only she is a single seedling,

If you can't find a man to inherit with her,

Then his flower family can be said to have broken the bloodline inheritance.

This incident made Mulan very uncomfortable in her heart,

Deep down, she really wants to find a man who treats her equally,

But looking at the entire Great Xia Dynasty, how many such people can be found?

That's why she made a bad reputation and made those men dare not marry her.

Although the bad reputation of Xia Wen said is a little exaggerated, it is indeed a blacklist in the matchmaker.

This kind of thing, Mulan thought that Xia Wen did not know, so every sentence was actually talking about herself.

It's a pity that she underestimated her own smelly highness,

After Xia Wen heard Mulan's words, he had already thought about the cause and consequence.

In the animation world, Mulan does not have a younger brother in her family,

Obviously, the little girl was actually talking about herself.

So Xia Wen was silent for a moment, and suddenly spoke up:

"Mu Li, what do you think of His Royal Highness?"

"Huh?" Mulan woke up from her distraction, she tilted her head and thought about it, and said seriously:

"Your Highness is very good, noble status, superb martial arts, not soft at all in the face of the enemy,"

"On the battlefield, we are also a qualified commander, and following you to the battlefield is the greatest luck in our lives~"

Apart from.. Have a perverted interest in liking men:

In the latter sentence, Mulan only dared to slander in her heart and did not dare to say it, she was afraid of being beaten.

Listening to Mulan's praise, a smile appeared on the corner of Xia Wen's mouth.

His back arched upwards, and after feeling the softness, he said comfortably:

"What do you think of me from a woman's point of view?"

The corner of Mulan's mouth twitched, and her face glanced at the back of Xia Wen's head with some blushing hatred,

Pressed his moving back hard, and then said angrily:

"His Highness said and laughed, Mu Li is a man, how can he understand a woman's mind?"

"No, His Highness said you understand, then you understand,"

"You don't have to think according to the thoughts of an ordinary woman, just use the perspective of your sister Mulan, see a person like me,"

"During the time I was in contact with me, replace you with your sister, what would she think of me?"

"You said..... Will she fall in love with me? "

Xia Wen's unreasonable words came from his ears,

Mulan reached out and brushed her long skirt that appeared in spring, sat on Xia Wen's back, and said faintly:

"Although Your Highness is very good, please don't think too highly of yourself,"

"Mulan, as Mu Li's sister, has been getting along for so many years, and I know very well that she will definitely not fall in love with Her Highness."

She felt in her heart that Xia Wen really looked down on herself too much, why could he fall in love with him?

It's only been more than a month since they got along, how can they fall in love with this stinky highness?

She is Mulan, of course, the right to speak belongs to her, she said that if she doesn't love, she doesn't love!

Whoever will refute it will be null and void!

"Oh ~ yes?"

"Really won't fall in love with me?"

"It won't!"

"Mu Li, are you sure?"

"I'm pretty sure!"

As soon as Mulan said these unquestionable words, when she was still angry in her heart, she suddenly felt that the place where she was sitting was fiercely arched!

In her terrified eyes, Xia Wen turned over sharply!

The black eyes suddenly flashed with madness, and he pressed her to the bed!

Mulan: "??? "


"The temple... Your Highness... You.. You.. Please be respectful!! "

Mulan looked at Xia Wen's eyes, trembling and majestic to pop out such a sentence.

The whole person lay stupidly on the bed, not daring to move.

But then she reacted violently, thinking how could she not move? Do you really want to be fenced?!

So he began to hammer his small fists, and the thin big red skirt trembled and rippled, and began to struggle violently!

She didn't understand why Xia Wen suddenly went crazy,

But obviously, Mulan has noticed that under Xia Wen's action and eyes,

What she herself will face next, may encounter the danger of fencing,

If you don't struggle and bleed, your identity will also be exposed!

When Mulan saw Xia Wen hugging her tightly, but that face slowly approached her cheek,

A group of really panicked in her heart, her struggle had no effect at all,

In addition to the release of the chest rippled a little, the whole person seemed to be pressed by a boulder, unable to move.

Looking at Xia Wen, whose head was getting closer and closer, she shouted without thinking about it:

"And slow!! Your Highness and slow!! Rong Muli's words!! "

As soon as he said this, Xia Wen's movements finally eased down, staring at her with the kind of "you say quickly, say play and do business" eyes.

Seeing that her words had an effect, Mulan racked her brains and blurted out:

"Your Highness, you and I are robes, if we kill the enemy on the battlefield, Mu Li can't ask for it, but don't kill each other!!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .... Your Highness, calm down!! You calm down!! Let me think!! "

Seeing that Xia Wen ignored what he just said, he slowly approached again,

Mulan immediately knew that the direction was wrong,

In my mind, I kept thinking about why this smelly highness went crazy,

Suddenly, she felt a shock in her heart, and when Xia Wen's face was about to touch her, the speed of speech turned on super doubled:

"Calm down Your Highness, you have to calm down!! I made up everything I just said!! "

"If my sister Mulan meets you, she will definitely fall in love with you without hesitation!!"

"You: You go to her, she is a woman, but fragrant, it must be fun to play. Don't stare at me, me... I can't be with you....."

In the end, the corners of Mulan's eyes even oozed some tears,

It looks pitiful, and it makes people feel pity.

At this time, Xia Wen's face was already pasted on Mulan's face.

But he didn't make a further move....

The crazy expression on his face slowly turned into a sadistic color,

He hugged Mulan tightly, through the thin red dress, feeling the temperature that all belonged to her,

At such a close distance, the tip of Xia Wen's nose also smelled the faint fragrance coming from Mulan's snow-white neck,

He reached forward and gently wiped away the tears that welled up from the corners of her eyes,

Then leaned into Mulan's ear and said word by word:

"When the Xiongnu are destroyed and returned in triumph, it will be the time for Mulan to become my Princess Xiawen."

"Mu Li, you.... Hear me clearly? "

Hear you big-headed!

No, you ask me what the hell is it to hear clearly?

Ye is now Hua Mu Li, it's a man, what are you doing?!

What is going on in your head about this perverted smelly highness!!

If you have a temper, you go to Mulan to say this commotion, you see her little fist hammer does not hammer you!

Mulan, who was pressed by Xia Wen, after hearing him say this,

Countless thoughts kept churning in my mind, wanting to open my mouth to complain, but I was afraid of being pinched by this guy.

Mulan simply wanted to cry without tears, and she was aggrieved to death.

When she just went to change into a red dress, she found that the skirt was very loose,

So the three times five divided by two, took off the naked, even the wrapped cloth was torn off, and the long skirt was directly put on.

I originally wanted to give Xia Wen a look, so I quickly sneaked back to change it back,

As a result, I don't know what this stinky prince went crazy about, pulled her into the house to beat her back, and made this file thing.

So she's really just wearing a loose red dress all over her body now...

If you say the wrong thing, you have to become a little white sheep...

So no matter how angry Mulan is in her heart, at least for now, she has to admit it.

Moreover, it is still completely prodded.

The corner of her mouth could only pull out a smile in the end, and said aggrievedly:

"Your Highness, I remember your words, I will definitely tell my sister about this when I have the opportunity, you let me go first, you have something to say~"

Xia Wen squinted and enjoyed the hug, and said lazily:

"No, what I want to hear is not this answer, I just want to hear you say, Mulan is willing to marry me~"

"Huh? But how do I know that my sister will definitely be willing to marry you, I just..." (Read violent novels, just go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

Mulan's words came to an abrupt end,

She looked at Xia Wen's suddenly opened eyes, showing a dangerous look, and immediately consciously shut up.

The expression on her face became even more aggrieved...

Although probably maybe maybe .... She really has a good impression of Xia Wen,

But it's too bullying to let her say such things, right?

Mulan felt her tight body being held,

Look at Xia Wen's movements and his dangerous eyes,

Finally, he still recognized the reality, succumbed to his lewd power, cleared his lips and teeth, and said super reluctantly:

"Mulan... Willing... Marry.. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. "

"Bang Tong~"

As soon as the voice fell, Mulan felt that her whole body was light, the skirt became breezy and cool again, and the whole person could breathe again.

She left the light behind, but saw that after hearing a satisfactory answer, Xia Wen let go and rolled over to the side and lay down, and did not continue the next action.


Mulan, who was out of the sea of suffering, collapsed on the bed and exhaled deeply,

I feel that all kinds of emotions and pressures in my heart and body are like inside the skirt, empty.

And Xia Wen on the side no longer played with fire, and said refreshedly:

"I remember this, when the time comes, I will marry your sister Mulan, if she doesn't agree, I will find you to settle the account!"

"By what?! Mulan doesn't agree, what does it matter to me Hua Muli? "

Mulan angrily stood up, "rubbed" barefoot and took several steps back,

His eyes looked at Xia Wen with embarrassment, and his face was full of disbelief.

If she hadn't been careless today, she would have only worn this thin skirt for convenience.

Although the outside of the skirt looks serious, like everyone's show, but the scenery inside, it is a unique and cool heart...

When she changes back into her clothes and clothes, she will inevitably fight with this smelly highness for three hundred rounds, and she will not surrender!

Xia Wen lay on the side, his eyes looked at the sky with satisfaction, and naturally gave orders:

"Little lady Mulan, pour a glass of water for the grandpa~"

Ten seconds later,

Xia Wen saw that Mulan didn't pay attention to herself at all, and couldn't help but start to take the golden oil and said:

"Mu Li, you have to know, the so-called gentleman's words, the horse .."


Before Xia Wen's words were finished, a pillow smashed into his face,

Immediately a voice of shame and indignation came from his ears:

"Horse, you big-headed ghost!! Dream it! "

"Find your little lady Mulan, grandfather's name is Hua Muli, it's pure master!!"

"Lean! If I bet with you again in the future, I will be a dog!" "

Mulan said this angrily,

Wrapped the long skirt tightly, barefoot forward to hook the embroidered shoes and put on, turned around and "clicked" and ran out of the house,

Directly ignored Xia Wen who called her inside.

Soon, when Mulan's footsteps disappeared,

Xia Wen's shouting in the house also stopped,

There was no spring color in the room just now, but a faint tranquility.

Xia Wen wrenched the pillow on his face away, sighed softly, and the expression on his face returned to calm.

It was as if the scene that had just happened was deliberately made by him...

No, actually, it was Xia Wen deliberately.

Just a week ago, on the evening, Wang Dunei sent an urgent report to know Xia Wen,

There was a riot in the Western Warcraft Forest, and those Warcraft began to attack towns and armies with a purpose, as if they were controlled by humans.

Thirty-two cities have suffered huge losses, and the number of dead has exceeded 100,000.

The appearance of this news made Xia Wen have some dilemma,

Because it was a little too early, he expected to leave in three months, but now it was only a month and a half.

This matter, Xia Wen considered for a long time, and finally decided to advance his plan,

Taking advantage of this time, he had every reason to enter the Warcraft Forest,

With his combat effectiveness, not many people will worry.

Although the time in the barracks is a bit short,

But his teaching of Mulan is basically complete,

Next, you can actually let go, temporarily leave for a while, and let Mulan grow on her own.

Although for a cyclical love,

A month and a half is really not a long time.

Love at first sight, there is. But in the end, it is a minority, and most of them start with appearance, small careful movement, nothing more.

The reason why Xia Wen did this today can be regarded as a little selfishness that has to be forced.

He just wants to make himself, in Mulan's heart, more impressive and special status,

It is best to engrave his Xiawen's name in her heart,

He also wants Mulan to say in person that she will marry herself in the future,

Only in this way did Xia Wen dare to leave with confidence.

During this time of getting along, Mulan has been recognized by Xia Wen that she will become her partner in this world.

So what he was most afraid of at the beginning was after he left this time,

Mulan will meet the male protagonist in the original play, and then produce a spark of love and give him green.

If this kind of thing really happened, Xia Wen would not be able to resist destroying the world!

But, at least for now,

Xia Wen did not find the existence of the male protagonist in the animation in this barracks,

And Xia Wen suddenly found in the later thinking,

The father of the male protagonist seems to be the great general Li He.

And when Xia Wen asked where the male protagonist Li He was,

Li He replied in surprise, saying that he did have a son named Li Xiang,

It's just that within three days of birth, he died...

Of all his current sons, none of them are named Li Xiang, and all of them have already married and had children.

After this question,

Immediately made Xia Wen's heart settle,

The bloody plot of the male protagonist who may fall from the sky may appear in the world, and it is also temporarily hit with a fork and fork.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 84

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