Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 83

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 83

After a blaze of incense,

Xia Wen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, a bright smile hung on the corner of his mouth, and looked at the twisted and pinched Mulan in front of him.

"When the time comes, I am willing to gamble and lose~"

"Your Highness~~ or let's try again, just now my state is not good..."

Looking at Mulan's rare expression of this twist,

Xia Wen shook his head slightly, and said with great righteousness:

"A gentleman's words, the horse is difficult to chase, go quickly, put on a big red dress, let me take a good look."

But I'm not a man.

Muttering in her heart, Mulan could only grind and step forward,

Came to the hanger, with a hint of strangeness and nostalgia in his eyes, he took off the big red dress.

She is strange because His Highness has always said that he does not like men,

But every time, Mulan could feel that His Highness always smeared her oil from time to time.

And this time it became a big red dress, which obviously treated her as that.....

But strangely, after this period of contact,

Mulan did not resist this mode of getting along much in her heart, but enjoyed it a little.

Getting along with Xia Wen, who does not have any shelves, will always be very pleasant.

She felt that it had only been two weeks, and she seemed to be familiar with each other.

Every word he said seemed to speak to his heart.

And when His Highness chatted with her, his attitude towards women in his words was different from everyone's.

Respect, equality, and even admiration.

From Nengxiawen's eyes, Mulan could see that every word he said came from the heart.

And the dialogue between two men who are both on the bright side, there is nothing worth pretending.

It is precisely because of this that Mulan gets along with Xia Wen so well,

This time the competition, she could actually see that this was intentional by His Highness, but Mulan still accepted it.

Anyway, these days, she also figured it out,

No matter whether His Highness likes men or women, there is definitely something special about his attitude towards her.

And this special meaning is obvious, almost everyone can see it.

This special treatment also made Mulan present Xia Wen's love in her heart,

For some of Xia Wen's special proclivities, she no longer thinks much.

Anyway, even if she will be caught in the future to fencing, it is also a matter of the future, and she doesn't want to care so much.

Moreover, her real identity is a woman,

Maybe the moment her gender was discovered in fencing in the evening, His Highness would lose that interest?

It's like today's gambling contract, it seems very humiliating,

But the so-called 553 women's clothing is actually just the most ordinary dress she has ever worn,

It's just that disguised as a man has to show some shame.

Thoughts turned in her heart, Mulan looked at the big red dress in her hand,

The nostalgia in his eyes gradually turned into a faint expectation.

She hasn't seen herself in women's clothes for a long time,

After more than a year, what kind of scenery will it look like when you put it on again?

In Mulan's heart, she was actually looking forward to it.

She hugged her skirt and was about to go back to her tent to change clothes,

Xia Wen's voice suddenly sounded: "Alas, Mu Li, what are you going?" "

"You and I are both men, is it not good to change here? Anyway, there is no one else in this newly built yard. "

Mulan held the big red long dress, and her steps paused,

After she was silent for a moment, she then turned around, the corners of her mouth hung a curve, and a hint of cunning flashed in her beautiful and handsome big eyes, and she smiled smartly:

"My Highness~ Do you want to see me wearing it here?"

"Bang Tong ~ Bang Tong ~"

Xia Wen stopped silently, reached out and covered his violently beating heart, feeling that he had just been hit by Mulan.

He looked at Mulan's suddenly revealed little woman's posture, stunned for a moment, and then blinked hard to erase this strange painting style,

Immediately coughed twice, forced himself to calm down:

"Ahem, how so? Mu Limo has to think more, Lonely just feels that it is very troublesome to go back, it is better to change it here. "

"Then if His Highness doesn't want to, Mu Li will go back and change~"

"Alas! Don't!! I'd love to see it! "

Seeing that Xia Wen finally exposed her nature, the smile on her face instantly converged, and she snorted softly:

"Hmph! Stinky Highness, say yes don't like men? "

"What man would want to see another man change his clothes!" You pervert highness, goodbye!! "

Mulan said, turned her head, flicked her short pigtail, and quickly left here without looking back.

Xia Wen looked at Mulan's departing back, rolled his eyes, and muttered in his mouth:

"Really, don't you have points in your heart? I really thought I liked watching men change their clothes. "

"Cut ~ if you don't show it, don't show it, catch your girl early and go to fencing!"


Xia Wen was also thinking about Mulan's affairs in his heart,

After this time of getting along, he has roughly figured out the other party's personality.

Mulan's character is not a simple female man,

He has the boldness and passion of a man, has a great curiosity about everything, and is extremely hard at his own growth.

In addition, he has the delicate mind of women,

Although on the surface (BGBI) it looks like this girl is very grinning,

But as long as she looks closely, she will find that she can always find some phenomena that ordinary people can't observe.

And Mulan's three views are very positive, very positive.

She has achieved the ultimate in loyalty and filial piety,

And Mulan's understanding of war also made Xia Wen admire it very much.

To be able to say that the purpose of starting a war is to fight for the sake of fighting without fighting is already a profound understanding of war.

Brave and tenacious, heroic and straightforward, delicate mind, loyal and filial, strong martial arts, courageous and responsible....

These countless shining points of beautiful character, combined with her heroic and beautiful face, white skin and beautiful long legs,

Isn't the sum of the two perfect enough?

People who have these personalities and faces, whether placed on men or women,

can quietly attract the opposite sex around you, such as the scumbag Xia Wen.

The moment he just met Mulan on the battlefield, the moment he didn't recognize the identity of the other party, he moved a little carefully,

Not to mention that after getting along for so long now, he is hungry....

Xia Wen stretched out his hand, grabbed the Lanqingyou dragon spear in front of him, gestured a fist motion, and muttered in his mouth:

"I have a Five Finger Mountain, Mulan... Can you escape? "

"Today, I will let you remember me deeply in your heart, so that time will be indelible... Your memory of me..."

Ten minutes later,

Next to the barracks marshal's tent, Mulan quietly pulled a slit out of her tent, poked her head out and looked around,

When he noticed that someone was passing by, he hurriedly retracted his head.

Tens of seconds later, the curtain in her tent was opened again, and a sneaky head poked out again,

This time, there was no one around the tent,

Mulan took a deep breath and jerked open the curtain of the tent!

The hands wrapped the long skirt tightly, and with the strength of milking, the "pedaling" turned into a red light, and rushed to the place where Xia Wen was.

And this magical scene was not discovered by anyone.


Xia Wen outside the small courtyard covered his mouth and held back a smile as he looked at Mulan who was carrying her skirt from afar and striding over.

Until the other party came to him, Xia Wen couldn't help but say:

"Isn't it just a woman's suit? Are you so afraid? "

"As soon as others see your heroic running appearance, they know that you are more manly than men~"

Mulan gasped, put down the long skirt in her hand, and said angrily:

"My stinky highness, this is the barracks!"

"I, Hua Mu Li, was also canonized by you as a white-robed general, and I was also respected by everyone,"

"If someone sees me coming to you in a big red dress, not only will I be embarrassed, but you will not be much better!"

Saying that, Mulan turned her head, looked at the Lanqing spear on the side, and muttered a slightly narcissistic voice:

"Hmph~ My skin bag is born and good-looking, and this is wearing a skirt...." (Read violent novels, just go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

"In case some pervert who doesn't have long eyes sees me and sneaks into my tent at night, are you responsible?"

Xia Wen patted his chest and nodded as a matter of course:

"Okay, I'm responsible, I'll live in my handsome tent in the future, I want to see, who dares to sneak into His Highness's handsome tent!"

"Bah! That's you! Perverted Highness! "

In the heart of complaining, Mulan glanced at Xia Wen and ignored him,

Instead, he looked down at his long skirt, and the nostalgia in his eyes was a little deeper....

"Come, willing to gamble and lose, you have to listen to me today, give a circle to see~"

Xia Wen stood aside and began to use the fruits of victory without hesitation.

He is a big winner today, unless it is a particularly excessive thing, then basically let Mulan do it for him.

Mulan in front rolled her eyes, and said helplessly against her will:

"Your Highness, I'm a man, do you think going in circles like this... Is it really good? "

"Of course! With your face and figure, plus this pair of long legs, it's really a pity to be a man~"

"Hmph, Your Highness is a pervert!"

Mulan Xiaosheng muttered, but she was willing to lose the gamble, and she didn't twist again,

Lift the big red floral long dress, one foot, and naturally turn in a circle.

With the dancing of the breeze, the big red long dress slowly stretched out, forming a beautiful arc in the wind,

With Mulan's heroic and sassy beautiful face and long legs,

It is simply beautiful, unforgettable just by looking at it.

Xia Wen watched this scene, his eyes widened, and the tip of his nose was a little hot,

Normally, this is not the case with Xia Wen,

It's just that his Mulan, all over his body, seems to be wearing only this big red long dress,

The white brilliance that appeared between the rotations almost blinded Xia Wen's eyes.

He swallowed a mouthful of spit fiercely, and deeply remembered the brilliant scenery he had just seen.

Xia Wen's little heart beat for a long time,

He admitted that the most beautiful scenery is always in the half-cover, the woman in the big red dress, casually turning in a circle.

Looking at the pavilion standing on the side, with helpless Mulan on her face,

Xia Wen stepped forward, pinched her face full of royal sister flavor, and then leaned into her ear and said softly:

"What to do? Lonely feeling yourself... Maybe you really like a man~"

"Mu Li, what can you say two men can do in the evening?"


"Here it is again, this smelly highness is here again! Is it interesting to say these nonsense words to a man all day?! "

Mulan, who was extremely slanderous in her heart, was not completely immune to Xia Wen's commotion at this time,

There were a thousand words in her heart that she wanted to complain, but a blush could not help but appear on her cheeks.

Mulan is a woman after all, no matter how much she pretends to look like a man, and no matter how fierce her face is,

In the proximity of a really big man,

That rich masculine smell will always make her heart involuntarily mess up.

Mulan stretched out her hand, weakly pushed Xia Wen away, glanced to the side, and said softly:

"Your Highness, you are the prince of a country, and it is better not to say some words, so as not to fall into the tongue."

And also.. Your perverted hobbies: I really need to change it, otherwise if there is no successor in my Daxia Dynasty in the future, it will be a big trouble..."

Xia Wen raised his eyebrows, did not answer the topic, but stepped forward and took Mulan's hand,

In the other party's weak struggle, he pulled her into the newly built house on the side, and said casually:

"By the way, Mu Li, I remember that your file shows that you are the first son of the Hua family."

"But above you, there is also a sister named Mulan, who is sixteen this year, in other words, is she married?"

Mulan, who was held by a pair of big hands, suddenly paused in her steps, and a different color flashed on her face,

But soon, she took a step back on her feet, and the different colors on her face were forcibly endured.

"Your Highness, there is indeed a sister in Mu Li's family, who looks a little like me,"

"It's just that she is stubborn by nature, does not obey the etiquette law, and never recites memories from three to four virtues, and does not have the appearance of a woman, just like a bastard."

"Almost everyone in our family has heard of her name, and no one dares to ask for a relative, let alone marry."

Xia Wen pulled Mulan into the room and sat down, and asked with some curiosity:

Since your sister is so much like a bastard, then how does His Highness think that you are like a woman? "

"Ahhh Yes?! Your Highness don't joke, how can I be like a woman! "

"On the day the Xiongnu came to invade, His Highness also saw me killing on the battlefield, how could I be involved with a woman when I was so fierce?"

"I... It's just that the skin bag is a little better, and occasionally it will be misrecognized. "

"Oh ~ yes... So it is..."

Xia Wen and Mulan chatted about the sky, but the person was lying on the bed, pointing to his back, and said with a smile:

"Come, willing to gamble and lose Hua Muli, sit up and press His Highness's back."

Mulan gritted her silver teeth, reluctantly sat on the side, stretched out her small fist, and hammered heavily on Xia Wen's back.

She didn't plan to come in, she wanted to give Xia Wen a look in a red dress, so she quickly went back to change her clothes back.

But now she was forcibly pulled in by Her Stinky Highness, and her strong (weak) struggle was useless!

"Gotta find a reason to go back first..."

Mulan's mind flew around, feeling that the inside of her skirt was cold and squish, and the longer she felt that she wore this dress, the more panicked her heart became.

Just as she was still racking her brains to find a way, His Stinky Highness's voice came again:

"Hey, don't pound like that, I don't feel it... Sit up, sit on my back and pound. "


"Your Highness, don't go too far!"

Xia Wen's ears heard Mulan's words of gritting her teeth, not caring at all, turning his mouth to take out his golden oil, and said seriously:

"Ahem, Mu Li, men must keep their promises, willing to gamble and lose, I wait for a gentleman's words, it is difficult to chase the horse."

"Besides, isn't it just for you to sit up and knock on your back?"

"What a simple request, how did I do something excessive?"

"Come on, don't grind, come up quickly, I just have some back pain recently~"

Mulan wanted to cry tearlessly covered her forehead and looked down, looking at her cool red dress,

I really don't know how to explain, this is really a very excessive thing!

At Xia Wen's urging, she took a deep breath, bit her red lips, lifted her long skirt, and stood up very reluctantly,

took off two moire embroidered shoes, revealing two white and delicate little feet, and slowly climbed onto the bed.

She looked at Xia Wen's lazy look, and she didn't fight in anger,

Just have a heart!

Su Hand flipped the hem of the skirt down, forked both feet, and "plopped",

It was pressed Xia Wen's back!

"Yo yo yo... Yo Xi, it's so comfortable...."

"I said Mu Li, your body and bones really don't look like a man at all, soft and sticky, and I feel like there are no bones at all."

"Your Highness, please shut up..."

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 83

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