Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 81

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 81

Mulan thought about everything that happened today, and felt that her opinion of this prince changed really quickly.

First, the prince took the lead in entering the enemy camp to boost morale,

After she Mulan overcame her fear, she responded to the call,

Seven in and seven out of the enemy camp, killing the whole world.

Then she and the prince both rode by, and between the two briefly looking at each other, she felt that her heart was beating a little fast, and there was an inexplicable throbbing in her heart.

It's just that after hearing that the prince ordered the captives to surrender and not kill,

The throbbing in Mulan's heart dissipated,

I only felt that this prince was indecisive and could not see the situation clearly.

And then,

She was forced to give up the credit, and let her work in the stable in the future and become a miscellaneous soldier.

At that time, Mulan was indeed very aggrieved in her heart,

In my heart, I even felt sorry for the prince that there were these people under him.

She also felt a little despair about her own future.

But sometimes life is bright, peaks and turns,

When Mulan was still in the stable, struggling to do dirty chores,

The arrival of the great general Li Hyuk,

But it made her almost think that she was hallucinating.

Because the other party opened his mouth and said that the prince had beheaded the impostor and asked her to perform on the martial arts stage to be rewarded.

In a long dialogue and inquiry,

Mulan also knew that it turned out that the prince let those Xiongnu surrender was just an expedient measure, just to reduce the casualties in the army.

Early tomorrow morning, he will cut off the heads of these Xiongnu and build a Jingguan to shock all directions.

When all these things that Mulan looked forward to became a fact,

The prejudice against the prince in her heart gradually turned into a little worship.

Coupled with the words of the prince in Gao Taishan's ears,

It also refreshed her understanding of Xia Wen again.

Under the ups and downs of people's moods,

It is inevitable that there will be some false feelings.

But Mulan is not an amorous woman,

In this process of bathing,

She has adjusted her mentality,

The bright light in his eyes flickered again, turning into that heroic Mulan again.

She calculated the time, and felt that the prince should almost come in,

So he slowly got up at 15, picked up the golden silk on the side, and wiped off the moisture on his body.

Mulan looked at her beautiful body, but there was a little helplessness in her eyes.

Silently picked up the shroud on the side,

Hide your feminine characteristics.

But then, Mulan ripped it off again,

It's not that I'm afraid of pain, but it's simply dirty.

The smell on this shroud is really bad.

She finally became fragrant body,

I really don't want to touch this thing

Mulan put the shroud aside,

Turning his head to look at the prepared clothes, there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

She remembers: The prince seems to have said that the clothes will be very loose...

So Mulan reached out and took the clothes on the side,

Compare it with yourself,

Gently bowing his head, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

She guessed correctly, the dress was loose enough to hide her features.

After getting dressed, Mulan muttered in her mouth with a good mood:

"This prince, it feels really good, he will be in the future. It should be a good emperor. "

"If you can follow him to fight on the battlefield and make meritorious achievements, Guangzong... Belch... What is the origin of the Guangzong? "

"Forget it... It's not reading material, anyway, the old flower family will definitely be proud of me! "

Between self-talking,

Mulan Sutra cleaned up her dirty clothes,

He wrapped the shroud on one side and took it and placed it on top of his clothes.

After doing this, Mulan flicked the water stains on her hair,

Then he lifted up the cuffs and revealed Bai Zhe's slender arms,

Hold the sides of the bucket,

Squat slightly, sink the dantian!

Just listen to "Drink!" ",

She dragged a large bucket that weighed several times heavier than her, took the water in it, and walked out like that....


The sound of the tent being opened,

Xia Wen, who was already waiting outside the door, looked up,

And I saw a long leg step out,

And above the long legs is a huge bucket filled with water,

Steady, not a drop of water spilled,

Mulan just opened the tent, and before she went on both sides, Yu Guang saw the prince standing there,

is looking at her with an incomparably strange look,


Mulan couldn't help but have some doubts, and subconsciously asked:

"What's wrong, can't the barrel be moved out of the handsome tent?"

Xia Wen looked at this strange scene and said with two dry laughs:

"Ahaha, it's okay, go and pour the water first, I'll wait for you inside."

"Oh, Howler~"

Mulan answered, continued to carry the large bucket and walked out.

Xia Wen glanced at her back, shrugged, and walked into the tent.

It's just that my heart is still reminiscing, the tone of Mulan just spoke,

She is no longer the deliberately low, but has become somewhat neutral voice, making it impossible to distinguish between men and women.

"I don't know if this voice is another disguised voice of hers?"

Xia Wen echoed the picture of Mulan resisting the barrel in his mind, feeling that this painting style was very strange, but very real.

He went into the tent and sat down, and did not wait long,

Mulan "pedaled" and ran in carrying the barrel,

After she put the barrel back in its place,

Quickly picked up the clothes that had been neatly folded and held them in his arms,

Walking to Xia Wen's side, his voice became low again and said:

"Your Highness, these clothes smell too strong, subordinates take back the tent first and then come over."

"Go, the new tent has been set up, you can go straight to live."

Mulan nodded, and after respectfully saluting,

Just holding his clothes, he hurried out of the tent,

Until she came to her new tent,

I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart.

Above this stack of clothes, her chest wrap is clearly placed on it,

If the prince discovers his gender, it is a crime of cheating and killing the head!

Mulan carefully stuffed the shroud into the clothes,

And then stuffed it in a corner,

Only then can I have leisure to look at the environment of my new home.

The tent in front of me is not big, not even one-tenth of the handsome tent,

The furnishings inside are also very simple, but the things that should be there are not left behind.

Mulan glanced around with satisfaction,

Standing up, with a smile on his lips, he returned to Xia Wen's tent.

Inside the handsome tent,

Xia Wen watched Mulan walk in, pointed to the discussion beside him, and said with a smile:

"Come, come and sit."


Mulan looked at the position pointed by Xia Wen, and couldn't help but quickly shake her head, knelt down on one knee, and saluted:

"Your Highness lifts up your love, and your subordinates just stand and talk."

Xia Wen glanced at the empty seat next to his chair, thinking that it seemed really not suitable,

So he got up and stood up, pacing to Mulan's side,

Pulling up one knee and kneeling, she did not speak, but looked at the other party carefully.

I have to say that Mulan, who washes the whole body white, is indeed very beautiful,

But this kind of beauty has a bit of neutral beauty.

She is nearly one meter and seven or five meters tall, half a head taller than Elsa.

Those long legs, even if wrapped in pants,

It can also be seen from the curves on the outside that it is definitely a pair of beautiful legs full of strength and explosiveness.

Her face has the delicacy of women, and the clear lines of men,

Under the straight nose is a slightly thick lip, slightly tense eyes embedded with amber flexible pupils,

With the eyebrows that are richer than ordinary women, the whole person is more heroic and sassy.

Mulan saw the prince looking at herself so closely,

Nose sniffing the rich masculine breath on each other,

Can't help but pull your hand out of someone's palm, (read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Taking two steps back slightly, his fingers brushed the hair of his sideburns, and an embarrassed look appeared on his face.

Xia Wen also smiled and withdrew his gaze after seeing the other party's action of taking two steps back,

Looking at the heroic and sassy Mulan in front of you,

But in my heart, I was thinking about the fierce warrior who held a spear on the battlefield and entered and exited seven times,

It would actually be such a handsome little lady ....

That inexplicable sense of contrast made Xia Wen couldn't help but glance at the other party a few times.

This gaze made Mulan see it, and her heart was a little more nervous, for fear that she would be seen as a woman!

Fortunately, this gaze did not last long,

Soon, Mulan breathed a sigh of relief in her heart,

I saw Xia Wen sitting on the ground with his butt, and said without the slightest shelf:

"Don't be nervous, take out that heroic spirit you have on the battlefield,"

"How can I look like a little lady."

"Come~ Since you don't want to go up and sit, then accompany me to the floor."

Looking at this scene, Mulan couldn't help but be a little surprised in her heart:

"Your Royal Highness, is your nature so free?"

Although she was a little awkward and nervous just now,

But the prince's peaceful and cordial appearance,

It also made her heart gradually relax and was no longer so restrained.

Mulan was silent for a moment, and also followed her own nature, sitting cross-kneeled.

When Xia Wen saw that Mulan was also sitting on the ground,

There was suddenly a feeling in my heart that I wanted to tease the other party.

So Xia Wen put on a happy look and moved to her side "rubbing",

Reaching out and holding Mulan's hand again, he said kindly:

"Mu Li's heroic posture on the battlefield, Lonely witnessed it with his own eyes!"

"It's just that I didn't expect that such a heroic general would actually be born so handsome~"

"Oh~ Look at your hands, just as slender and slender as a woman, there is no roughness of a man at all, and I don't know how many little ladies will be charmed in the future."

Xia Wen naturally touched Mulan's hand,

Then put an affectionate arm around her shoulders,

Leaning into her ear, he asked in a low voice:

"Gu has read your file, you are the second son of the Yucheng Hua family, you just turned fifteen this year, and you haven't married a wife yet, right?"

Mulan's body was tense, and her shoulders that were hugged trembled a little,

Her throat moved, and her voice trembled slightly:

"Nothing. No wife. "

"Oh~ then you shouldn't... Still a boy brother, right? "

Mulan took a deep breath and replied seriously:

"Mu Li served the country in this life, not seeking long-term love for his children, only for the peace of his family and country, Guangzong... Mitsumune... Guangzong Yaozu! "

Mulan's little heart thumped, and the secret passage almost exposed her lack of culture.

And Xia Wen's eyes flashed a hint of cunning,

Mulan's shoulders became tighter and tighter, and she retorted:

"Although it is indeed difficult to have both serving the country and the love of children, at your age, it is time to taste the taste."

"I'll send a few beauties to your bed later, just as a post-war relaxation, rest assured, you only need to walk the kidney, no need..."

Before Xia Wen finished speaking, Mulan in her arms reacted in surprise:

"Ahhh Yes? Yes?!! "

"Your Highness, no, no!!!, no, Subordinates don't need this kind of relaxation! "

Mulan said four times in a row, no need,

The horror on his face was already overflowing.

Xia Wen's eyes flashed with evil taste,

He coughed twice, pretending to be a little suspicious, and looked at Mulan's expression:

"When you heard a few women call over, you were so scared and nervous,"

"Hua Mu Li: Wouldn't you like men? "

Mulan, who was tightly hugged by Xia Wen,

Biting his lip, his face was red and white and silent for a long 257 moment,

A far-fetched smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth,

I also forced myself to hook a touch of charm in my eyes,

Stroking his wet hair, he looked sideways at Xia Wen's eyes and said softly:

"Don't hide from Your Highness, Mu Li really has no feelings for women, but he will always be attracted to some men~"

"For example.... A man as good as you~"

After Mulan said this disgusting word, she forcibly endured the desire to vomit,

She really couldn't stand such an intimate act of Her Royal Highness,

And she can already feel that the roots of her ears are absolutely red,

I felt that such a man was holding him, and his whole body could not lift his strength.

This prince hooked up with one of her women, not to mention,

Also said to send a woman to her bed?

How can this be?!

She doesn't have that thing, so she can't expose it on the spot!

When Mulan was thinking hard about countermeasures,

Xia Wen's words that you like men,

It immediately became a lifesaver.

So after thinking about the consequences for a moment, Mulan found that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages,

So he decisively admitted it,

It directly confirms the answer of liking men.

For Mulan,

This is also true anyway.

It's just a matter of one sentence,

It can make the prince less intimate with himself,

How nice it is to keep women from entering their rooms and keep their distance from others!

But just when Mulan's wishful thinking is ringing,

But I saw a meaningful smile at the corner of Xia Wen's mouth,

He stretched out his hand to caress Mulan's long hair, and said faintly in his mouth:

"Oh~ Does Mu Li like men?"

Saying that, he looked at the puzzled Mulan for a moment,

Then Xia Wen raised his hand, lifted her head, brought it close to her ear, sighed, and said softly:

"What a coincidence~ Prince Ben also likes people like you~"

"Seeing you look so heroic and sassy, I am very relieved,"

"Since you also have feelings for me, it's better to be on the night. You and I stayed all night..."



"Bang bang!!"

As the sound of boxing came, so did the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground.

Before Xia Wen's voice was finished, it stopped abruptly!

As for the reason....

Of course, Mulan heard this tiger and wolf words,

While widening his eyes in horror, his small fists clenched,

Before Xia Wen finished speaking, the power of the flood in Mulan's body suddenly exploded,

The small fist followed the instinct and swung back, and the perverted guy flew out!

Xia Wen covered his face and got up from behind, looking awkwardly ahead, staring at his Mulan in annoyance.


"I said Fang Cai just teasing you, is Mulan credible?"

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 81

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