Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 78

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 78

[This world is composed of five major fusion worlds of "Mulan", "Trolls", "Snow White", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Dragon Valley". 】

[You will randomly choose a plot realm to descend, please explore the world changes by yourself.] 】

[In the fusion world, you will gain a special ability or physique. 】


[The place of origin has been selected, your identity - the Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty! ] 】

【Identity information is implanted in your memory,】

[Go and experience your new life, Xia Wen! ] 】


After the sound of the system ends,

In the endless darkness,

Xia Wen seemed to hear a familiar poem in his ears:

"Haw haw back chirp, Mulan Danghuwei,"

"Don't hear the sound of the machine, only hear: The woman sighed..."


"Thousands of miles to Rong Jiao, Guan Shan Du is like flying."


"The general died in a hundred battles, and the strong man returned in ten years!"


"Twelve years together, I don't know if Mulan is a girl..."


"Double rabbit walking, An can tell if I am male and female!"

These poems,

Muttering the beginning with a little sadness,

But in the middle, it brought a bloody killing qi!

The flow went to the end,

It brings a touch of self-deprecation and boldness.

And when the poem is finished,

Xia Wen's consciousness also began to return,

But in the process of gradually waking up,

But there was an endless sound of killing in my ears:

"Kill !!!"

"Kill the Huns, protect our land!!"

"Thief dog, give death !!!"

"Prince, Prince!! Wake up!! "

"It's not good, the prince is in a coma, and he is practicing medicine with the army!! Imperial Doctor!! "

"It's messed up, it's all messed up..."

"This battle is going to be lost!!"


Xia Wen frowned, these voices in his ears made him uncomfortable.

An indescribable pain and discomfort in my heart,

It's like going back to the time of the Hegren War, and many people who cared about died in the war.

Xia Wen tried to sober himself up.

In his brain,

The basic information of this identity is being accepted, and it takes a short time to burn.

A minute later,

When he was fully conscious and his body and limbs could move.

Xia Wen opened his eyes abruptly!

The gaze was like electricity, straight to the sky!

"Oops!! Great, the prince is awake!! Our family is so happy! "

"Hurry up, escort the prince back to the city, this battle must be lost, and the prince cannot be harmed!!"

"But... As soon as the prince leaves, his morale will be greatly reduced, and that is the real defeat! ! ! "

"General Lee! This is the Prince!! We, the Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, if something happens to him, the country will be in chaos!" "

"Alas.... Obey, I stay, you send the prince away..."

740 listened to the conversation of several people in his ears,

Xia Wen transitioned his identity memory and finally got a general understanding of the current situation.

A few people who spoke,

One is Yan Han, the prime minister of the Great Xia Dynasty, and the other is the great general Li He,

There was another person, Tian Gonggong, the great eunuch of the Overseer.

Between words,

Several people had already stepped forward and wanted to pick him up,

Xia Wen waved his hand to stop it and slowly stood up from the ground.

He glanced at his current attire,

Wearing nephrite armor and embroidered sword at the waist,

Under the long sword, there is also a green jade jade pendant, hanging together with a purple sachet.

And on the ground, there is a half-open beauty folding fan,

Xia Wen's eyelids jumped, thinking that this place seemed to be coming to the battlefield!

Live the image of a wandering boy!

He covered his head, feeling speechless for a while about the princely setting of the system.

"Prince, do you have a headache? Let's go! If you don't leave, the Huns will be killed! "

"Yes, let's go prepare the horses!"

The prime minister on the side said that the old face of Han was anxious,

Looking at Xia Wen's appearance,

I can't wait to quickly resist him and slip away!

The great eunuch next to him was already ready to leave.

Xia Wen glanced at the two people with a frown,

Immediately, he pulled out the embroidered long sword at his waist and swung it forward!


As the long sword sways like a willow branch in the wind, as if it would break at any moment,

The corner of Xia Wen's mouth couldn't help but twitch a few times, and he almost didn't scold his mother!

He forcibly resisted the desire to complain, looked mighty and serious, and roared fiercely:

"Run?! Where to run?! "

"There are Xiongnu wars in the south, foreign knights in the north, fierce beasts in the Western Warcraft Forest, and the Southern Ancestral Dragon Heavenly Barrier is gradually cracking,"

"Why are you telling me, where to escape?!"

"My Great Xia, the turmoil of the country, only by fighting to the death, can there be a glimmer of life!"

Xia Wen said, and in the shocked eyes of everyone, he stomped off the embroidered soft sword in his hand in disgust.

Immediately stepped forward two steps, and pulled out the black iron long sword on the waist of the great general Li He!

In the cold light, the tip of Xia Wen's sword pointed directly at the two behind him, and said coldly:

"Whoever dares to be a deserter will be killed!"

"Li He, kill the enemy with me!"

Xia Wen's momentum at this time has completely changed in the eyes of everyone.

The cold and tyrannical eyes, the rich killing intent around the body,

And that word, the unquestionable word,

It seems that the moment he woke up,

It became like a killing god who has experienced thousands of wars!

After Xia Wen said this, he glanced at Li He,

And then without hesitation, he stepped on the side of the war horse,

In the sound of killing in the sky, one person and one sword, straight in!

The great general Li He did not see Xia Wen riding away,

Only then did I react in shock.

Although I doubt the change of the prince in my heart, in the face of this bloody scene,

As a general with the top combat power in a country, where can he lag behind!

Li He touched his beloved sword that had been drawn, and his favorite war horse.

Not only was there no anger, but the joy in his eyes was also overflowing,

He saw that Xia Wen had almost entered the battle circle,

Lang laughed loudly:

"Obey! I, Li He, have the life of one person, and I will protect the prince! "

He didn't hesitate anymore, learned Xia Wen's movements, and pulled out the sword of the guards beside him,

Then he stepped on another war horse and rushed straight towards Xia Wen's position!

On this huge battlefield, his voice as a top martial artist was still flying:

"The prince personally kills the enemy, princes, charge with me!"

"The prince personally kills the enemy, princes, charge with me!"


This resounding word,

Echoing in the ears of every soldier on the battlefield,

It's like hot charcoal in icy weather,

Let the decayed morale in their hearts be regained in an instant!

And among these soldiers,

One though a little gray-headed,

But still can't hide her handsome appearance of the recruit,

With big bright and shining eyes, looking at the dashing figure in front of him,

She took a deep breath and swept away the depression in her heart,

This is her first time on the battlefield.

But the six gods were frightened by this killing battle.

The family martial arts learned by one body cannot even be brought into play by one or two of the scholars.

But now that even the crown prince of a country is charging into battle, what is she afraid of?!

Went out for my father, marched thousands of miles to the battlefield,

Isn't it just to fight for a future for the family?!

"Although I am a woman, but I kill the enemy on the battlefield, who can be like me!"


As she spoke, Mulan felt infinite blood courage in her heart,

She lifted her spear with one hand, stepped onto her war horse, and rushed into the battlefield ahead!

A martial art at this moment, unabashedly used out,

Like a fierce tiger, killing seven in and seven out, showing the true colors of heroes!

On Xia Wen's side, he rolled his eyes, wanting to complain about something, but in the end it turned into a bitter laugh.

Originally, he wanted to come up and kill a group of people to boost morale,

But with Li Hyuk's outrageously loud voice,

This morale was directly filled and a new round of counterattacks against the Huns began.

This unexpected voice made Xia Wen quite satisfied.

And the combat power of this world, (read violent novels, on the Feilu novel network!) )

It is even stronger than the world of Frozen where Xia Wen is.

In the memories he acquired,

Xia Wen knew the fusion world he came to this time,

It's also with some magical abilities.

In the Great Xia Dynasty where he is now,

There is no magic with bells and whistles,

But there are some spirits of faith that seem to be harmless.

In addition, Daxia also has an extremely strong force value, which is commonly known as martial cultivation and martial general.

There is no specific cultivation level,

He only knew that if it was divided into the seven-star level of martial generals.

That Li He's existence is tantamount to a seven-star general!

The kind that can break a small mountain bag with one blow with all your strength.

Only.... Pretty outrageous.

But think about it,

Xia Wen also decided that without revealing his magical ability for the time being,

Go up and kill the enemy as the soldiers charge, and you are bound to win this war!

As the leader of the Dawn Army in Frozen,

This kind of small scene, he thinks he can still roar.

However... What made Xia Wen roll his eyes was that

I just met my first enemy (BDED),

Before he could hack people to death, there was a loud shout with an end note behind him!!

"Hugh has to hurt my highness, give me death ~ death ~ death ~ death ~ death ~!"

And after that

It's gone.

Xia Wen held a long sword in his hand,

Looking at the front like a fierce tiger into the flock, slashing a large piece of Li He.

Look around you.

It has become a vacuum full of human heads and corpses.

He silently withdrew his long sword and quietly watched Li He pretend hard.

Although Xia Wen's heart is complaining,

But he was happy to be able to do it without doing it.

After watching for a while, the general worked hard to cut people,

Xia Wen looked away and no longer focused on him, but looked at the battlefield around him.

After glancing around, Xia Wen pondered in his heart,

In terms of numbers, his Daxia army is nearly three times larger than the Xiongnu,

But from the comparison of fighting and bravery, it is far inferior.

From the memories he acquired, it seems that

Of their 100,000 troops, nearly 50,000 were recruits.

It's just that in these recruits,

There is also a small half, which are veterans who have returned home from the army.

This war has been going on for three days, and it is already very good that they have been able to hold out until now before they have low morale.

And most importantly,

This alliance of Xiongnu tribes is not the main force at all.

In terms of its top combat power, all of them were tribal leaders who were weaker than Li He.

As long as they stabilize their morale and let them have hope to desperately kill the enemy,

Then this war will not be lost!

After analyzing the situation on the battlefield, Xia Wen,

Suddenly looking into the distance, his eyes lit up, and he was surprised in his mouth:

"What a martial art!"

"Spears fly, divine dragons die, like meteors rushing to the moon."

"Who is this? Is the Daxia version of Changshan Zhao Zilong? "

As he spoke, Xia Wen's gaze had already fallen in the distance,

There, a Daxia soldier dressed in armor, holding a fine iron spear and riding a white horse was constantly harvesting human heads.

That superb martial art is light and agile, and the changes in moves are even more exquisite.

The spear in that hand is just the simplest basic actions such as tripping, chopping, entanglement, poke, picking, and so on.

You can use your ingenuity to kill your enemies with one hit!

She was in the place where the Huns gathered the most, and the blood of the killing flowed like a river,

Riding a white horse and armed with a spear, she moved in and out of the enemy camp seven times as if no one was coming and going freely, and no one could stop her.

Xia Wen looked at the other party's dress,

It was quickly determined that this was a recruit,

And from a distance, it seems .... It's pretty handsome...

Xia Wen was admiring the dashing posture of the recruit when he killed the enemy,

The heart suddenly alerted, the ears moved slightly, and he didn't even turn his head,

Reach out and pinch straight back!

Just listen to the "poof",

A silver-white long arrow was firmly pinched between his two fingers.

"Shhh The dog Huns do not talk about martial virtue, and also engage in sneak attacks .."

Xia Wen sighed,

When I turned around, I saw that not far away,

A Xiongnu tribal leader, holding a bow and arrow, frowned at this scene.

Xia Wen grinned at him,

Shaking his head, he made a crackling bone crisp sound.

After loosening the muscles and bones,

He immediately turned around and lifted the black iron long sword in his hand,

Rushed to the position of the tribal leader first,

Li He, who was still facing ahead, shouted loudly:

"Great general, don't be distracted, be careful that the Xiongnu dogs don't talk about martial virtue and secretly attack!"

"You are so angry to deal with it, don't worry about me, this is an order!!"

Li He in front was shocked in his heart when he heard Xia Wen's words!

He was angry and dantian, his wrist exerted force, and a sword split the surging Xiongnu like a soldier,

Yu Guang looked at Xia Wen who was far away, and said anxiously in his mouth:

"Prince, don't be stubborn, this...."

Before Li He finished saying the word "this", the words stopped abruptly.

He widened his eyes and looked at Xia Wen who was galloping on his horse, holding a long sword,

Just a wave of understatement,

Just three or four Hun soldiers who surrounded them,

Cut it in half.

As soon as the sword returned, he immediately exchanged hands with a Xiongnu leader who came up.

In the ultimate collision and confrontation,

It's not been three seconds.

The two have already fought against each other for more than a dozen moves,

But three seconds later,

The heart of the Xiongnu leader was pierced by Xia Wen's sword, sprayed with blood, and weakly fell off his horse and fell to the ground.

"This... Is this a dream? "

After Li He muttered the following words, a slight pain suddenly came from his back,

He reached out and grabbed the scimitar that stabbed behind him,

With a backhand wave of the weapon, he slashed out the people who attacked him.

But it was also this pain that made Li He wake up.

He swallowed a mouthful of spit, turned around and continued to kill the enemy, but secretly said in his heart:

"The prince is right, the Xiongnu dogs do not talk about martial virtue, they will only sneak attack."

"But... A leader of the Xiongnu tribe, even if I fight with him with all my strength, I can only kill him after thirty moves,"

"But the time consumed, it is absolutely impossible to be in three seconds,"

"The prince turned out... It's really my luck to hide it so deeply..."

This time led troops to attack their Hun troops,

It was brought together by fourteen medium-sized tribal leaders,

He Li He has already killed a tribal leader,

Xia Wen had just dropped one in an instant.

This also means that with two fewer Xiongnu tribal leaders,

They had an extra top martial artist in Daxia!

The odds are even greater!

After Xia Wen and Li He both recognized each other's strength,

began to stop clinging to it, only killing these Hun soldiers in place.

but in the killing, looking for the leaders of the Hun tribes all the way,

Seeing one cut one by one, do not put these soldiers who block them at all.

Li He is so cool in his heart!

The morale of the first two days was weakened, and the leaders of the Xiongnu tribes united to block him, and they could not find a chance to kill the enemy at all.

Now that the chaotic battle has begun, while they have not reacted, they can kill one by one!

And on the other side,

Xia Wen was killing on the battlefield,


Just ran into the handsome recruit who was seven in and seven out.

On the opposing horse, there was a head of a tribal leader, which looked quite fresh.

The moment the two rode by,

They all saw each other's blood-stained faces, and they all involuntarily exclaimed in their hearts:

"This recruit, what a handsome face!"

"His Royal Highness, is it so heroic and handsome..."

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 78

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