Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 72

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 72

This ice castle has three floors,

Elsa and Xia Wen were just in the window room on the third floor,

On the ice bed together, we talked freely about life and ideals.

When Xia Wen walked out of the door and down the stairs,

Anna had already searched the entire first floor of the castle.

She pouted, a little disappointed and stepped up the stairs,

When you are ready to continue exploring towards the second floor,

But suddenly I felt that the line of sight in front of me was blocked,

With doubt, Anna raised her head slightly,

Just with the man who came down upstairs,

Quietly looked at each other.

In a flash

The air began to solidify.

Looking at each other, Xia Wen and Anna were equally stunned in place,

Looking at the person in front of him stunnedly

Anna looked at the black-haired black eyes in front of her, with a bright smile on her face,

A man with red and swollen corners of his mouth and crimson marks on his neck.

Her first reaction,

Just tell yourself strongly in front of your heart,

The man in front of her who was extremely familiar and strange,

It's the boy who has his heart in mind!

Xia Wen's appearance is just the first glance,

Just like the Prince Charming that Anna had in mind,

In this instant, the perfect coincidence came together.

Anna's little heart thumped,

She felt that even if she didn't know Xia Wen at all,

will also be at the moment of seeing each other,

Love at first sight, deeply in love with each other....

And Charven, who looked at Anna,

In my heart, I was thinking,

The little princess who seemed to have come out of a fairy tale and was cute and not like words,

Now she is the beautiful appearance of a young girl....

Anna's eyes still carry the innocence of many years ago,

And the lively and flexible temperament that comes with the body still has no change,

On the contrary, as you get older, it becomes more memorable.

Although she is now wrapped like a ball,

But a ball with a beautiful face is also very cute, okay!

At this moment,

A teenager with red and swollen lips and red marks on his neck,

With a girl who wears countless clothes and will be wrapped in a fat ball,

Now, five years later,

On a somewhat awkward occasion, they officially met.

The two looked at each other, I don't know how long it took,

Even Elsa, who was on the third floor, had already walked out of the room,

Leaning against the railing on the roof, with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, silently watching the two,

In the silent ice castle,

In the end, the silence was broken.

Anna with a shiver of trembling,

Desperate to know the answer,

She covered the pendant on her chest and muttered:

"Are you.... My Charvin~? "

The moment Anna spoke,

There seemed to be a "click" sound in the air,

Quietly break this silent atmosphere.

Xia Wen's soft and sticky voice came from Anna's ears,

The smile at the corner of his mouth couldn't help but become a little brighter,

He whispered in his heart, "Yes... I am your Charvin. "

He strolled down the steps, with a smile on his lips,

The way that the somewhat red and swollen mouth laughed actually looked a little silly.

It's just that in Anna's own filtered eyes,

That was the prince who belonged to her, smiling lovingly at her.

Xia Wen came to the front of the girl and carefully looked at the other party's current appearance,

I couldn't help but reach out and touch Anna, her silky chestnut long hair.

A decision was quietly made in my heart.

I saw him kneeling on one knee in front of his own princess,

Gently grab her hand and kiss it.

Then, Xia Wen took Anna's hand in his own hand and said gently:

"Hello, my amnesia princess, officially introduced, my name is Xia Wen, from a border town in the Kingdom of Arendel, but the future should be the founding prince of the Highglon Kingdom."

"In this world, I have two favorite people, one named Anna, who is the only princess of Arendel now, and one named Elsa, who is Her Majesty the Queen of Arendel."

"Five years later, today... You are still the same as before, there is no change, and I still love my princess deeply..."

"So... As the future prince of the Kingdom of Highglen, I would like to formally propose to you. "

"My Princess Anna, will you marry me?"

Will you marry me...

Will you marry me...

Would you like to....

In Anna's mind,

Constantly echoing Xia Wen's last sentence,

The smile at the corner of his mouth looks like he is almost stupid...

But when Anna thought about it, her big blue eyes were gradually filled with crystal tears, which blurred her vision.

This tear, not a tear of pain, is a blessing...

From the tall building, Elsa leaned back on the escalator, biting her lip, and looked down with some complexity in her heart. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

This scene, Elsa herself, will also fantasize about it countless times in the dead of night when people comfort herself.

I just didn't expect that such a scene would first appear on his sister Anna.

Elsa felt a little sour in her heart:

Although for this scene, she sincerely blessed and happy for Anna,

It's just that human nature always feels a little lonely because they are not the first.

When Elsa's mind is complicated,

Anna in the hall was already crying with happiness,

Sobbling, he said intermittently:

"Then you: You're going to kiss me..."

"If I could: Remember about your... All memories..."

"That proves... You are true love to me. Willing to marry you... Do your... Wife. "

Hearing this, Xia Wen stood up,

His mouth was very dry, and the few moistures he had just sucked away by Elsa.

So Charven decided to come back at Anna.

He leaned forward gently and hugged Anna,

Without any hesitation,

Just gentlely to the girl's soft lips,

Imprinted on....

After a long time,

When the rainbow principle resurfaced, separated by the mouths of the two people,

Time began to flow again.

Xia Wen smashed his mouth, savoring Anna's taste in his heart.

What is very peculiar is that the feelings that these two sisters give Xia Wen are completely different.

Whether it is the action or the taste, there is a world of difference.

Although it is not possible to compare who is better,

Just like sweet and sour strawberries and iced watermelon, Xia Wen likes them all, there is no difference between good and bad.

And Xia Wen is no longer dry mouthed now.

Of course, a person drinks all the water,

Then the other person will inevitably have no water to drink.

When Anna closed her eyes dryly,

Countless fragments of memory kept clear in her mind.

All the memories about Xia Wen were completely opened after the end of this true love kiss, filling her entire memory!

Anna remembered her first meeting with Charvin,

It was a sunny afternoon.

The first time she saw the boy, she ran to sleep under the covers of the house.

Finally, when the two woke up, the boy had a bright smile on his face,

He tells Anna that his name is Xia Wen and hopes that the two will become friends.

When little Anna said it as a matter of course,

Having a friend of his sister is enough, after this sentence.

The indissoluble bond between the two began.

All the memory pictures in the future clearly appeared in her memory.

From first acquaintance to becoming friends,

And then it turned into liking and dependence.

Those pictures that appear in dreams from time to time,

It is no longer illusory, but has always been imprinted in the memories of the past, but it is covered in hazy dust. (Li Li Hao)

As the memory was restored, when Anna opened her eyes again,

Deep down, the confusion and strangeness of the person in front of me,

It finally quietly dispersed, and the affectionate eyes were more moist.

Blinking again at the boy in front of him,

Years of bitterness and pain could not help but turn into silent tears at this happy moment.

However, this scene did not last long,

When Anna regains her memory,

The aura of Prince Xiawen disappeared and brought real,

When the heart slowly calms down.

Her eyes, involuntarily, looked at Xia Wen's red and swollen mouth and the red marks on the side of her neck,

Thinking about the dryness in Xia Wen's mouth just now,

A scene where she is also needed to replenish water...

In Anna's mind,

As if something came to mind... Attack.

Her eyes began to widen, a look of disbelief.

But then, Anna opened her blood-red lips,

The evil dragon roared and threw itself into Xia Wen's arms,

Pull the clothes off his shoulders,

“.. Whoosh.." A sound,

Bites down viciously!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 72

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