Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 36

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 36

Between the two of them,

Elsa also hurried out of the palace

She held a large box in her hand

With people around, Elsa didn't dare to use magic

I could only hold it with some difficulty, and quickly came to my father

Placing the box on the ground and opening it, he took out a bulging backpack bag and a small brown box.

Elsa let out a breath and calmed her heaving chest

With a faint smile on his face, he handed the backpack strap to his father

Then open the brown box, reveal the small black ball of the sea dandelion inside, and say:

"Mom and Dad, bring both of these things with you."

"Xia Wen said that the backpack bag is for marine emergency use, and it must always be kept by his side."

"It can be useful once something bad happens."

Saying that, Elsa pointed to the small ball in the brown box and reminded:

"This is a sea dandelion seed, bring it with you, Xia Wen said that this thing can protect people as long as it meets water, so it is best to bring it closely~"

"Xia Wen said..."

Aigner looked at his eldest daughter and told himself with a rare bits

and pieces

Although the mouth is full of Xia Wen Xia Wen's is very unpleasant

But in the end, he took the brown box with a smile.

Put the box in his pocket and say seriously

"Dad promised you, you will definitely carry it closely."


After a brief exchange between the two sides,

The Aigners said their final goodbye

After all, he was escorted by the guards and turned into the carriage with his wife

Disappeared in the direction of the castle.

Two little princesses stood at the entrance of the castle

Arm in arm, watch the convoy disappear.

This scene made them all feel a strong sense of immediacy

Because a week ago,

They also watched Xia Wen leave like this.

Only this time

Anna didn't cry

Just a little silently holding his sister

I don't want to say a word.

Elsa as a sister,

Although the sadness in the heart is not weaker than Anna,

But looking at my sister's appearance, my heart is also very uncomfortable....

In between thoughts,

Elsa seemed to have thought of something

Eyes lit up!

Bringing his little face to Anna's ear, he whispered

"Mom and Dad are gone, shall we quietly build a snowman in the castle tonight?"

"Is it really possible?!"

Anna looked at Elsa in surprise as if she had regained her vitality for a moment

The look of depression in his eyes was also hidden by surprise.

"Of course you can, but we have to be quiet, we have to close the door, so that others can't see it~"

Anna chick pecked at the rice and nodded

The youthful vitality in his eyes quietly radiated again

The attendants who were stranded around also smiled.

Seeing my sister Anna was in a better mood

Elsa felt that her mood was also much better

She looked up

Looking at the fat butler standing not far away, he said softly:

"Grand Butler Yide, please do the things in the castle next."

The fat butler named Yide bowed slightly and said respectfully

"Your Highness Elsa, please rest assured, I will help you take care of the castle."

"Any of your orders before the king's return....

"It will be the only truth in the entire kingdom of Arendelle..."


At night,

Inside the princess's boudoir.

Anna opened her eyes early and waited for it to get dark.

Until she saw that the moon was already hanging high

When the eyes around were silent

Only then did she have an excited expression on her face.

Anna turned around, and with one turn she fell on Elsa's body, pinched her face and whispered:

"Elsa~ Hurry up, let's go build snowmen and have snowball fights!"

"Elsa? Elsa, Elsa Elsa!! "

Anna saw a smile on the corner of Elsa's mouth, but she couldn't wake up

I couldn't help biting my lip and rolling my big eyes

Then the little hand was raised back

Just slapped Elsa's ass!

With the churning crisp sound came

Elsa shuddered

Opened my eyes incredulously....

She turned her head and squinted, looking at her sister's bold hand

A dangerous smile appeared at the corner of his mouth....

Anna on Elsa

The hand paused, and the eyes drifted

Slowly and hand back,

The mouth is still whispering:

"Uh.... Aisha... I've thought about it..."

"In a moment, we will build a snowman, and its name will be Xuebao..."

Elsa touched her somewhat numb buttocks

Looking at Anna, the corners of her eyes curved, and said with a smile

"Okay, it's called Xuebao, then you come over, I'll take you out~"

"Don't run~ let me pat you too~"


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Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 36

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