Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 134

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 134

"How you died... Maybe it's a physical penetration, until you can no longer speak..."

The lakeside is beautiful in the sun, and on the shore, there is a small rainbow that hangs over the beauty and the beast.

The light hit Belle's snow-white back, making her struggling and hanging low in mid-air cover up a haze.

That unobstructed mysterious curve, with the turmoil of the white rabbit, made her look particularly helpless, miserable and sad.

Of course, this is just the appearance.

Belle's expression is still bright and moving, and her faint hoarse voice also reveals the crazy excitement of dementia.

"To .... Die.. I.. Want... Here you go... I... Die. "

The voice of the beast was cold and desperate, and he put Belle in the pose of "one" like a chicken cub, and said lightly:

"You dare to sit up, then.... Just satisfy ~ you! "

Early morning, sun, white clouds.

The weather was just right.

In a certain courtyard in the Warcraft Forest.

Sunlight shines through the window and shines into a large bed inside.

At this moment, the time is already around nine o'clock in the morning.

If this time was normal, Belle would have already gotten up, finished eating Xia Wen, and then went to do her own business.

However, today, the girl who is tightly wrapped in the quilt, like a maggot,

It wasn't until the sun rose that under the sunlight, the eyelashes of the black brush trembled slightly.

A low groan, like a oriole bird, came out of her mouth.

But then, Belle turned inward to the sun's little face.

Avoiding the rays of the sun, I fell into a sweet sleep again.

After a long while, Belle's eyelashes trembled again, and then stood still.

After about five seconds, her beautiful blue eyes suddenly opened.

Her gaze moved forward, and she met a gentle gaze.

Belle's pupils were a little confused, and she hadn't fully woken up from her sleep.

Looking at the eyes of the half-dragon man in front of her, Belle, who had a dizzy head, suddenly said a strange word.

"Why am I not dead yet? You... Didn't it run me through? "

"Poked out of the mouth .... Will you survive? "

Belle's soft and sticky voice was still deeply confused, as if she had encountered something very strange.

Xia Wen: "......."

I am most afraid of sudden silence in the air.

As soon as Belle finished saying this, Willow's eyebrows jumped fiercely twice.

The beautiful big eyes widened and looked particularly funny.

She came to her senses, completely awake!

The scenes of yesterday's dream, after Belle said these words, began to dissipate in his mind at the speed of light, blurred, and finally forgotten.

Only a rough memory remained, and a few through-the-scenes that she would never forget.

Belle, who was confused on the bed, opened her mouth, and her teeth trembled up and down.

After finding that she could breathe normally, she pouted again and felt the presence of her cheeks.

After making sure that her mouth didn't hurt at all inside and out, she muttered in her heart:

"Still in... In a dream? "

Belle finished doing this on her own, her gaze moved down, staring at a certain place of this dragon man, her brows furrowed, and she fell into a long contemplation.

Xia Wen felt very strange when he saw this scene.

It had been silent just now, mainly because Belle's movements were too weird, so he didn't know what to say for a while.

What died?

What runs through? (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

What is she doing there?

Xia Wen, who was also confused, blinked his ink-black eyes.

With a hint of hoarse and low voice, he wondered:

"What's wrong, what happened?"

"I sat on it and was penetrated...."

Belle stared at Xia Wen's flagpole and answered this question casually.

Three seconds later,

Belle raised her head abruptly, stared at Xia Wen in disbelief, opened her mouth wide, and stammered:

"This, this, this... This is not in a dream? "

Xia Wen nodded, stretched out a finger, and put it on Belle's forehead.

"yes, how could it be in a dream?"

"I see that you seemed to be in pain yesterday, did you have some nightmare wrong?"

Xia Wen remembered that yesterday evening, he used the power of the spirit of nature to give Belle a power that could cure all diseases.

This power can dispel darkness and bring light, and there is no concept of what is called a nightmare.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 134

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