Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 127

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 127

Belle felt she had to go with the flow.

There is nothing pretentious about her, isn't it the same where to sleep?

Sleeping with a beast, and not the kind of stimulating "sleep", where does so much reservedness come from.

When I wake up, I act like nothing happened.

Belle breathed herself for a while, and then began to lean comfortably on Xia Wen's chest.

Close your eyes and don't resist anymore:

"It's so dirty.... I didn't wash it..."

"This good news.... Let's tell Mr. Jove tomorrow..."

"So tired.... His chest is so warm .... So be it... Tomorrow... Tomorrow..."

Belle's thoughts gradually dissipated,

But when she was about to fall into a deep sleep completely, a certain dragon's hand began to treat her....

A pair of dragon claws that hugged Xiao Man's waist gradually extended to it.

Belle snorted, and the sleepiness dissipated a little.

And while she was still afraid,

The dragon claw slowly moved to her mouth again, healing Belle's injured mouth,

At last... Those hands slowly touched her face again...

The pretty face that was a little bruised was brushed by the dragon's fingers, and the crispy and numb feeling had a stinging pain, which made Belle feel very strange.

Her somewhat dull mind began to think:

"Are you awake.... This is.. In what for: ~."

"Why... To touch... Wounds...

Xia Wen's actions, Bei was a little confused for a while.

I don't understand whether this person is awake or unconsciously moving.

It didn't take long,

Her doubts quietly disappeared.

Because Belle suddenly felt the pain of the broken skin of her mouth.

She reached out and touched her mouth, and found that there was no injury at all....

Jade stroked his hand up, skimming over the bruised cheek, and there was no wound either.

It was as if the collision just now was just a nightmare for her.

"Mouth: Is it that good? "

"He touched me: I want to heal my injuries..."

"But... How did he know I was injured? "

An affirmative answer surfaced in Belle's mind, that is, Mr. Long was actually awake?

And he closed his eyes, did he not want to embarrass himself, or did he not want to embarrass her Belle?

"Ahhh~" Belle yawned again.

"What a difficult question..."

After a brief thought, Belle did not find the answer.

Her misty eyes raised, rolled her cute white eyes again, and quietly glanced at Mr. Long, who had a fierce and sleeping face.

A moment later, an even more tired drowsiness swept in.

Belle didn't know what to mutter, and gradually lowered her head, just shrunk on Xia Wen's warm chest, listened to his calm and powerful mentality, and slowly closed her eyes.

A few seconds.

Belle's breathing gradually stabilized. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

At last....

fell into a deep sleep.

Today's night is beautiful, the full moon is in the sky, and the stars are gorgeous.

The room spent a long time in silent silence.

At a certain moment, when Xia Wen felt that Belle had completely fallen into a deep sleep, he slowly opened a pair of inky black eyes.

Under the moonlight, these eyes were shining brightly, strangely.

Xia Wen just didn't open it, really wanting to avoid the embarrassment of the two.

After all, something did happen today that made him too pleasant, but made Belle tired of labor.

If he opened his eyes in front of Belle, he really didn't know what to say.

And now that he opened his eyes, the main purpose was that Xia Wen was particularly curious about what Belle looked like.

After more than a month without opening his eyes, he felt like he was about to go crazy.

I didn't think about grabbing this girl to bed,

But she was really too careful, and in that case, she would actually come to cover him with a quilt.

This moved Xia Wen, and his thoughts changed.

When he put his arm around Belle, Xia Wen thought about opening his eyes.

But he didn't know what he should say to the girl in front of him after opening his eyes.

Embarrassment is secondary,

Xia Wen always felt that if he opened his eyes at that time, it would not be a good opening.

Fortunately, the spirit of nature gave her a small assist.

It covered Xia Wen's hand with some weak force, so that when he touched Belle's lips and face, this power healed Belle's wounds intact, leaving no scars.

It's just that Xia Wen feels a little weird.

The reason is that when he touched Belle's face, he always felt that her face was a little sticky, and the white and tender little face was supplemented,

There is a strand.... Strange and familiar taste...

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 127

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