Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 109

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 109

This method of battle is extremely efficient, and under the tacit guidance of the city wall guards, the cost of long-range attacks is also controlled within an acceptable range.??

The most gratifying thing for everyone is that there are patches of bats in the sky,

As long as they smell the blood on the alien beast, they will pounce on them like crazy!

Hundreds of bats, enveloping a whole beast into a black ball,

In less than a few seconds, it will quickly disperse from the body of the alien beast and turn to attack the other alien-beast.

There are so many of these bats, in pieces, there is no end in sight,

It can be said that it was their city defenders who were too crotch-pulling and could not quickly make all the alien beasts suffer skin trauma, which made the alien beasts die so slowly.

If they can make these more than 100,000 alien beasts suffer bleeding skin injuries in an hour,

That group of bats can wrap them all in a very short time, and finally quickly inject toxins, causing them to die.

This wave, it was human beings that dragged down the coalition forces, so that the speed of war had to slow down,

At the rate of killing thousands of alien beasts every hour, the life of the alien beast is reaped "slowly".

Zhang Haowen thought to himself, this is really feng shui rotation, ah,

A few days ago, these alien beasts invaded and slaughtered the people,

Now it was replaced by an arrow from the defenders of Linjiang City, cooperating with the army of the bird tribe to slaughter these exotic beasts.

Under this reversal, where will the soldiers have any fear,

They hate to fire a few more arrows and shoot all the alien beasts into skeletons to relieve the hatred in their hearts!

This war lasted for a long time, whether it was the battlefield of Linjiang City or the battle between Xiawen and Adam ten kilometers away, they were constantly developing towards the good side and expanding their advantages.

When the moonlight rises high in the sky, and the faint light is covered by dark clouds,

In the dark night, the war in Linjiang City also came to an end.

At the same time,

On the wilderness ten kilometers outside Linjiang City,

The collision between Xia Wen and Adam also reached the final step.

In this area, countless deep pits have appeared in the earth,

The remains of those dead alien beasts no longer had flames burning on their bodies, and their flesh and bone marrow, one was extracted by Adam for his own use, and the other was covered by Xiawen's fire elemental magic and burned to ashes.

And the battle between Xia Wen and Adam is no longer as rapid and fierce as it was at the beginning,

A dragon and a lion are exhausted.

Xia Wen's injuries are recovering more and more slowly,

If he was hit hard again, he might be completely destroyed and would not be able to fight again.

But this situation is no longer realistic.

Because the blood qi of more than 100,000 alien beasts in Adam's body in front of Xia Wen had been consumed.

At this time, Xia Wen, who had already trembled with his hands and took out the black and gold spear from the storage space, held it on the barrel.

At the same time that Adam's life breath was rapidly dissipating, he was vomiting blood and cursing in an incompetent rage:

"Ahem, do you think killing me is useful?"

"As long as the witch's curse does not dissipate for a day, the Warcraft Forest will not return to calm for a day!"

"And once you kill me, the curse of the rose will be attached to you, and when the rose withers, you will also become a monster like me, who will never have reason!"

Adam laughed strangely and roared maniacally:

"Come on! Come on!! Come and kill me!! "

"You scumbag, take advantage of my departure from the Warcraft Forest to launch a surprise attack, and wait for me to return to the Warcraft Forest to fight again!!"

"This king will rip you off and cramp, so that you will live forever under the curse, and you will not be born beyond life!!"

"Hahahaha, come and kill me!! You will also turn into someone as evil as me, do you dare?! "

Xia Wen, who was already exhausted, took a deep breath,

I didn't care about Adam's at all,

He attached the last trace of fire elemental magic in his body to the barrel of the gun,

The pair of dragon claws that trembled slightly forcibly condensed the last trace of power.

With the magic of the fire element, the black gold spear fiercely picked upwards!

"Poof!" (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The sound of sharp spear tips cutting through flesh and blood,


Kiadam's maniacal smile froze, and the light of his eyes gradually faded,

His eyes flashed crimson, and finally glanced at Xia Wen viciously.

"I, Adam, will curse you with my life!"

"You will be controlled by desire, you will bear the curse I have received, and you will forever become a beast without any human form!!"

"You will... Inherit my will... Ha ha... Hahahaha!! "

The raging laughter became weaker and weaker, and Adam's breath, under the horizontal provocation of Xia Win's spear, finally dissipated without a trace.

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And at the moment when Adam's life breath disappeared, Xia Venton felt a light spear in his hand!

He raised his tired eyes and looked at the barrel of the gun,

But when he saw the dead Adam's body, he began to expand rapidly, and finally exploded violently!

"Bang bang!!"

Adam's exploded flesh and blood spilled on Xia Wen's face, and gradually and quickly dissipated into invisible, turning into a bright red light.

Before Xia Wen could react, it suddenly ingested into his body!

Xia Wen's heart tightened!

"This is....."

"Boom !!"

The words were interrupted, and an inexplicable thunder sound of explosion flashed in the sky!

A hideous lightning bolt made a deafening sound above Xia Wen's head.

The sky, which was originally slightly drunk, also suddenly lit up because of this sudden lightning!

In that moment, time seemed to stand still,

Xia Wen only felt that there was a strange energy in his body, which was mercilessly pouring into his limbs and bones, completely eroding his heart!

The impact of this moment made his already extremely tired spirit, and he almost collapsed in an instant!


Xia Wen squatted to the ground in pain, his half-dragon form could no longer hold steady, and his figure was about to turn into a human form in a flash,

And at this moment, an old voice, extremely fast, suddenly sounded in his heart:

"Calm down, don't change back, keep your half-dragon form!"

"The human body simply cannot withstand the power of this curse, once you change back, you will be completely eroded and will never be able to restore your humanity!!"

At the same time, an ethereal female voice also sounded in Xia Wen's mind:

"Xia Wen, do as he says, I'll help you....."

"There I am.... Don't be afraid. "

This sudden voice made Xia Wen, who should have been extremely painful, have a brief return to his senses in his heart.

He frowned, forcibly keeping himself above the half-dragon form,

The flickering and changing body was also deliberately suppressed by Xia Wen, and did not change back to a human, but forcibly remained on top of the half-dragon form.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 109

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