Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 99

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 99
In the Master-level Bloodthirsty Abyss dungeon,

Ren You walked step by step on the wet sand.

There were dilapidated buildings all around, and water droplets occasionally dripped, making a ticking sound.

Soon, he came to a blood-red sand dune.

In the center of the dune, a vortex-shaped bulge was revealed.

This is where the first BOSS is.

He gripped his two swords tightly and stepped into the dune.

The moment he entered the dune, the entire dune suddenly shook, and then exploded, revealing a huge cave underneath.

In the cave, a huge monster slowly rose up. It was covered with blood-red scales, crawling on the ground with all fours, and its eyes flashed with ferocity. It was obviously the first BOSS of this dungeon.

The overall look of this BOSS is like a mutated pangolin.

【Gold Blood Scale Beast·BOSS】

【Level: 25

【HP: 500000/500000

【Physical Damage]: 940, [Attack Speed]: 3

【[Magic Damage]: 980, [Dual Resistance]: 310

【Skills: Blood Rage, Scale Shield, Blood Sand Storm……


"50 HP, doesn't seem like much!"

Ren You stared at the attribute panel, silently calculating the possible damage value in his mind.

He found that when the time stopped, the HP of this BOSS could not withstand the consumption of his mana in one round!

"Then... let's just fight it out quickly!"

Ren You whispered to himself, his pupils suddenly flashing with a brilliant silver light.

——Time and space stopped!

The blood-scaled beast was frozen in place!

Every flash of the knife meant that the blood-scaled beast's health was rapidly decreasing.

Not long after, Ren You stopped the long knife in his hand.

The time stop was lifted!

The power of the time stop receded like a tide.

The blood-scaled beast fell heavily like a felled tree, and its huge body was covered with dense knife marks.

【Kill the Golden Blood Scale Beast·BOSS!】

【Experience value +40000! 】 (The experience value of the main city BOSS is enhanced by the game system)

【You've been upgraded!】

【Level]: Level 22 (6290/80000)



Even Ren You was shocked by the rocket-like upgrade speed.

It was only forty minutes since he entered the master-level"Bloodthirsty Abyss" dungeon.

Most of the time was spent on traveling and gathering monsters. The real battles were almost all resolved in the instant when time stopped!

"If at this speed……"

Ren You took a deep breath, his eyes sparkling with excitement:

"Then, wouldn't it be possible for me to finish three level 20 dungeons in just over three hours?"

He raised his hand and rubbed his chin, and began to ponder this new upgrade strategy.

"If I only play dungeons in the game world and don't go out to level up, and I enter the game every two days, then I can save a lot of game time. In this way, I can do more things in the real world!"

After all, he enters the game world at a fixed time every day.

And the most important thing in the real world, all the things he did against the Protoss were delayed.……

"Let's try it first. I'll log off after I finish the three dungeons today!"

After making up his mind, Ren You turned his attention to the five light balls that appeared on the BOSS's body.

Three blue, two purple!

Three silver, and two gold!


"The level of the dropped equipment should also be level 25!"

Ren You took a step forward and picked up the five light balls.

The light dissipated, revealing the objects inside.

As expected.

Three level 25 silver equipment and two level 25 gold equipment.

At this point, Ren You naturally looked down on the silver equipment.

He put the three silver equipment into his backpack and looked at the last two gold equipment.

【[Golden Bloodthirsty Robe]

Part: Clothes

Requirements: Player level 25 or above.

Attributes: Extra HP +300, Physical Resistance +270, Physical Damage +287

Durability: 500/500

Effect: Spell Lifesteal (Use spell damage skills, each time you kill a unit, you will recover 4% of your own HP.)


The basic attribute bonus has an additional 500 health points. This alone makes this gold equipment very rare!

Coupled with the effect of spell lifesucking, it is simply the dream of burst-type mages or tanks!

However, this"spell lifesucking" effect has almost no effect on Ren You.

The reason is also very simple...

If you can beat the opponent, the opponent will be killed in seconds.

If you can't beat him, Ren You will run away.

There is no way...

In the game world, Ren You's own combat system is so extreme!

Either you die... or I run!

"If I still don’t have any better gold clothes after I reach level 25, I will just have to put on this."

As he said this, Ren You put the bloodthirsty robe into his backpack and looked at the other gold equipment.

【[Golden Blood Scale Armguard]

Part: Wristguard

Requirement: Player level 25 or above.

Attributes: Physical Damage +320, Physical Resistance +200

Durability: 500/500

Effect: Life-threatening Critical Hit (temporarily consumes 30% of the upper limit of health, and increases the next physical damage attack by 180%! Cooldown 10 minutes)


" This effect, well, is somewhat interesting, but that's all.……"

Ren You glanced at the effect of the gauntlet, and a trace of helplessness flashed across his face.

When he saw this effect.

He quickly outlined several possible application scenarios in his mind: the battle for the wild BOSS, or the fierce 1V1 duel between players.

However, for a player of Ren You's level, these scenarios seemed a bit childish.

Go to rob the BOSS?

He only needs to turn on the time stagnation, and everything will be under control.

1V1 duel between players?

Ren You sneered.

He has always fought hundreds or even thousands of enemies alone. That kind of single-player scene is just a small fight for him.

Once the time stop is turned on, everything is a wooden stake!

"Let's keep it for now."

Ren You thought to himself:

"If I can't find better equipment, I can only use this temporarily."

After all, when the game"God's Arrival" was first designed, it was probably not expected that there would be an outlier player like him.

Ren You put the blood scale arm guard into his backpack and turned to walk towards the hiding place of the final BOSS.

In the bloodthirsty abyss dungeon, there are only two major BOSSes.

Along the way.

Ren You controlled the battle situation as always.

He skillfully pulled and gathered monsters, and then turned on the time stagnation, and the Swallowing Blade in his hand shone with cold light.

In the frozen time, he defeated the enemies one by one, and then calmly selected the spoils.

When Ren You entered the lair of the final BOSS.

The experience value column was only a little short of level 23!

The lair of the final BOSS was in a dark cave, and the mixed smell of blood and stone walls was suffocating.

The huge cave entrance seemed to be torn apart, and the blue phosphorescent fire inside was flickering, gloomy and terrifying.

Ren You had just stepped into it.


The next second, a roar resounded in the cave.

Then, a huge creature rushed out from the depths of the cave.

It was a huge beast with a sturdy body and well-developed muscles.

It was covered with thick scales, with red eyes and exposed fangs, and looked extremely ferocious.

However, Ren You stood there, stroking his chin calmly, muttering to himself:

"Violent Giant Ape, dual resistance 370, 990,000 HP……"

"Yes, it can be seconds……"


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 99

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