Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 177

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 177

In the courtyard of Fang Mansion in Sucheng,

Fang Hao sat by the pond next to the martial arts training ground with a bandage on his right hand. The swelling on his face had subsided, but bruises were clearly visible.

He recalled the scene when Ren You raped him a few days ago, and then thought about the power displayed by"Team Chen" when he was inside the No. 20 organization...

Fang Hao's face showed a trace of bitterness, and he murmured:

"This kind of power... can only be possessed by the gods?"

"Humans are no match for the gods with bare hands. As the saying goes, one force can defeat a thousand tricks… Even after 20 years of martial arts training, I am no match for them!"

"You may be better, but not much better."


"Brother You said, tonight is my chance to make my surrender……"

"What can I do in the face of such an enemy?"

Thinking of this,

Fang Hao glanced at the bandage on his right hand...

Now, he couldn't move his body at all.

"Don't be so depressed……"

At this moment, a voice sounded in his ears, and then a hand patted his shoulder.


Fang Hao exclaimed.

He was so frightened that he almost fell into the pond.

The courtyard of Fang's house was very large.

But Fang Hao was the only one living there, and his parents lived in another city. Therefore, on weekdays, only some cleaning staff would come and leave at night.

But now it was midnight.……

"Don't be nervous, it's me."

Ren You, wearing a black suit, walked out of the darkness with a faint smile on his face.

Seeing the person coming, Fang Hao instantly breathed a sigh of relief and asked:

"Brother You, where did you come from?"

Ren You smiled and didn't say much. He just sat down next to him and asked:

"How many people will come to the party tonight? Have you asked the contact person clearly?"

"in particular……"

"How many"strong and healthy" people will be present?"

Fang Hao quickly replied:

"Brother You, I don't know about this... The personnel list is strictly confidential, but the contact person told me before he left that there is more than one Protoss coming this time.……"

"Moreover, there are many celebrities, businessmen, dignitaries, and martial artists.……"

Halfway through his speech,

Fang Hao seemed to have remembered something and hesitated:

"By the way, Brother You, you'd better not bring a gun into the venue. There will definitely be inspections at the door.……"

Ren You nodded, stood up, and said calmly:

"Don't worry, I didn't bring a gun this time.……"

"Well, it's almost time, let's go."


I didn't bring it this time.

I don't know if the Protoss can withstand the anti-material sniper rifle.


Half an hour later,

Ren You and Fang Hao had already arrived at the gathering place.

Lakeside Garden.

The name is the suffix of"garden". It is actually a large villa located in the suburbs with a huge lake.

At this time, the lights of the villa illuminated the area around the lake as bright as day.

At the door of the villa, a bodyguard in a suit was checking the invitations of the guests, and another bodyguard was scanning with a handheld metal detector.

Fang Hao handed over the invitation and cooperated with the inspection.

He did not carry any weapons or dangerous goods and passed the inspection smoothly.

After entering the villa, they found that many people had gathered inside, gathering in groups of three or five to talk.

Ren You took a glance and found that these people were all dressed formally, the men were all in suits and the women were in evening gowns...

There were also several domestic stars and celebrities from all walks of life.

It looked similar to what was shown on TV.

He couldn't help but feel a little emotional.

Has the infiltration of the gods into China reached this point?

If all these people die tonight...

Zhao Yanming... He might not be able to suppress it, right?

At this time, a waiter in cheongsam came over and asked with a smile:

"Gentlemen, would you like something to drink?

Fang Hao ordered a glass of champagne, while Ren You ordered a glass of juice.

Holding their glasses, they strolled around the villa.

Fang Hao seemed to be familiar with the place and introduced it to Ren You:

"Brother You, I met the contact here before. Don’t think this is an ordinary gathering on the surface, but in fact, this is a recruitment site for a non-governmental organization."

""Tell me more."

Ren You said calmly.

Fang Hao nodded and explained:

"This organization is called Lakeside Club. It is an organization that has only emerged in recent years. It specializes in recruiting elites from all walks of life. After Shenlin started to promote it a year and a half ago, this organization was disbanded. But recently, for some reason, they have returned again.……"

"It is said that their purpose is to deal with the coming doomsday."


Ren You raised his eyebrows. Did he pull the cover and blame Doomsday?

Fang Hao seemed to see his confusion and continued to explain:

"According to them, the game"God's Coming" was designed by various governments to deal with the end of the world. When humans reach a certain level of strength in the game and are devout enough to the gods, the gods will come to save the world.……"

"Of course, I don’t believe this.……"

"But, the first time I heard the name of the game"God's Coming" was 2 and a half years ago, here"


Ren You nodded and said nothing.

This"Lakeside Club" can almost be regarded as a cult organization...

Two years ago, they already knew about"The Coming of Gods", and then spread information to celebrities from all walks of life to deepen their trust in the"Lakeside Club"...

After slowly guiding them, most people's butts were crooked.

However, none of this is important.

What is important is to determine which ones are gods and which ones are second-rate dogs.……


The two of them strolled around for a while.

Fang Hao suddenly received a message. He glanced at his phone and said to Ren You:

"Brother You, the contact sent a message saying that their leader has arrived and asked us to come over to meet him."

"Oh? So fast?"

Ren You raised his eyebrows, feeling a little surprised.

He thought these gods would put on airs, but he didn't expect them to be so proactive?

Could it be... it was because of me, or did they fancy Fang Hao's god-level talent?

Fang Hao nodded and took Ren You to the second floor of the villa.

The second floor was an open-air garden.

At this time, the door opened and bursts of laughter came from inside.

Fang Hao took Ren You in and found that hundreds of people had gathered inside, both men and women.

The ages covered three stages: young, middle-aged, and old.

When they saw Fang Hao and Ren You coming in, they all greeted them enthusiastically.

"Mr. Fang, you are finally here!"

"Haha, Mr. Fang, the friend you brought this time looks unfamiliar to us, why don't you introduce him to us?"

Facing the enthusiasm of the crowd, Fang Hao just smiled slightly, then pointed at Ren You and said:

"My friend, named Ren……"

However, at this time, Ren You smiled and said:

"Let me kill"


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 177

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