Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 157

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 157
In the past few days, Ren You had been immersed in the game world in order to master the characteristics of space jump.

In the real world, the Goose City Criminal Police Brigade.

Zhang Jun sat in his office with a gloomy face.

He didn't expect that... the upper level actually suppressed the Dongjiao Golf Arms Incident!

The test results of the scene that day came out.

500 Magnum bullets.

High-explosive grenade fragments in the body.

And the metal fragments extracted from the soil came from - RPG high-explosive bomb loading!


Such battlefield weapons actually appeared in the city of Huaxia. At that time, Zhang Jun and the staff of the laboratory were stunned!

But, what's the use of knowing...

The matter has been suppressed, the bodies have been sealed, and in a few days, even the evidence will probably be taken away!

In short.

Judging from the various events that happened in Goose City this month!

There are definitely terrorists in Goose City!

Zhang Jun raised his head, and his deep eyes were fixed on the blackboard not far away.

On the blackboard, dense pictures and red lines were intertwined into a complex information network.

The small pictures show various evidence and clues, the medium pictures reveal four major events, and the large pictures focus on three key figures.

There are four medium pictures in total.

The first one is the parking lot dismemberment incident.

The second one is the Qingyun community explosion incident.

The third one is the Dongjiao golf course arms incident.

The fourth one is the Gancheng dismemberment incident.

The four large pictures revolve around three names: Ren You, Xia Qing, Zhou Yunqi, and a mysterious person.

They were classified by importance by Zhang Jun and cleverly placed in the center of the blackboard in a triangular layout.

After an in-depth and meticulous investigation, Zhang Jun has mastered some information.

After reviewing the surveillance video of the traffic police department, he found that a week before the Qingyun explosion, Ren You left Echeng for Gancheng and had contact with Zhou Yunqi, a mine blaster.

What 's even more strange is that two days before the Qingyun explosion, Ren You went to Gancheng again.

And on that day, Zhou Yunqi's wife and her lover were brutally dismembered in the hotel!

Zhang Jun checked the relevant surveillance video.

The video footage shows that Zhou Yunqi was working in the mine at the time of the incident and he had indeed never left.

After a brief meeting with him, Ren You hurriedly took a car back to Echeng.

"Explosives... Qingyun Community Explosion"

"……Zhou Yunqi had left Gancheng a few days ago and went to Beijing. There is no news of him now."

"The day Xia Qing woke up in the hospital, she was sent abroad by the No. 17 organization.……"

"The mysterious man is from Beijing, his background is unknown, and he cannot be touched for the time being"

"Now, in Echeng, there is only one key figure, Ren You!"

Zhang Jun whispered to himself.

His eyes were fixed on the photo on the blackboard. It was a photo of Ren You in college. In the photo, he had a faint smile on his lips.

Ren You:"How could I, a three-good citizen, commit a crime?"

When Zhang Jun thought of this sentence he mentioned repeatedly.

The smile in this picture of Ren You seemed to be a silent provocation and ridicule to Zhang Jun.

All the information and clues pointed to Ren You!

But he didn't have any evidence...

Just when Zhang Jun was immersed in deep distress.


The door of his office was suddenly pushed open by a powerful force!

"Captain Zhang!"

Xiao Li rushed in, his face full of excitement, as if he had discovered some incredible treasure.

"Captain Zhang, regarding the Dongjiao Golf Arms Case, I have carefully reviewed the surrounding surveillance videos. In addition, we successfully repaired a mobile phone involved in the case and dug up some key clues from it!"

He paused, and the excitement on his face became even stronger:

"The Ren You you mentioned earlier... I strongly suspect that he has a major connection with this case!"

Zhang Zhangjun's tired eyes immediately flashed with a sharp light when he heard this.

He stood up from his chair and asked anxiously:

"What clues? Tell me quickly!"

Xiao Li walked up to him, handed him a document, and then explained quickly and in detail:

"Based on the information you provided earlier, I retrieved the surveillance video outside the Dongjiao Golf Course. On the night of the incident, although the surveillance inside the golf course was damaged, we still captured the figure of Ren You getting off the car."

He further analyzed:

"From the surveillance video, it can be seen that Ren You's posture when walking clearly showed that he was carrying something extremely heavy. This was completely inconsistent with the weight of the golf clubs he allegedly went to buy."

"I strongly suspect that what he was carrying at the time was most likely RPG and other weapons!"

"Moreover, it was more than an hour after the golf course explosion that we saw him get out of a taxi on the surveillance camera near his home."

"We have also found the taxi driver and confirmed the time when Ren You got on the taxi."

Xiao Li took a deep breath and continued:

"In addition, the phone we recovered contained chat records between the deceased and Ren You."

"They mentioned the Qingcheng bombing in the chat and discussed the real murderer."

"From the conversation, it can be inferred that Organization 17 knows the identity of the murderer very well, and Ren You seems to know it well too.……"

Zhang Jun held the documents tightly, his eyes were like torches, and an indescribable excitement surged in his heart.

These evidences, although not enough to convict Ren You, were enough to constitute reasonable suspicion against him.

The police could use the clues of the Dongjiao arms case as a starting point and regard Ren You as an important suspect in the arms case!

""Ren You... you finally revealed your flaws!"

Zhang Jun whispered to himself, with a flash of determination in his eyes.

With the evidence in hand, we can arrest him!

As long as there is a reason to bring him back, it is better than no reason!

Zhang Jun looked at Xiao Li seriously and ordered:

"Lead the team and arrest people!"


On the other hand, Jane���Community.

Ren You's eyes were fixed on the surveillance footage on the screen of his mobile phone, and the shock on his face was difficult to conceal.

The pinhole cameras he bought online were delivered yesterday, and he carefully arranged several of them in the room.

He deliberately installed one of the cameras right above the game cabin, and every time he entered the game, this camera could accurately capture his state changes.

On the cover of the game cabin, there is an area of explosion-proof glass, and other people can clearly see his face outside.

However... when Ren You just checked the picture of this camera.

He found that the moment he entered the game... his real body strangely disappeared!

He didn't give up, and tried to log in to the game several times...

But these times, he didn't enter the game cabin. Instead, he entered the game in the room using a portable login device.

In this way, the camera will see more accurately!

As a result, every time he entered the game, his real body would turn into a white light... and disappear!

"Hiss! What's going on?"

"My real body disappeared the moment I entered the game?"

"No one has ever raised this issue in this life or in the past.……"

Ren You frowned and quickly cleared all the contents in the camera.

If these videos were seen by others, it would definitely cause a social sensation given the popularity of"The Coming of Gods".

And he definitely didn't want to be in the spotlight!

——Knock knock!

Just as Ren You was thinking, there was a knock on the door.

""Who is it?"

Ren You frowned and asked.

He remembered that he had not ordered any takeout and had picked up all the express deliveries.

Soon, a voice came from outside the door:

"Hello, check the water meter."

Check the water meter?"

Ren You was slightly stunned, and an inexplicable sense of vigilance surged in his heart.

No... Can you change the word?

Moreover, Ren You vaguely heard the rustling footsteps and whispers coming from outside the door, obviously more than one person.

He instantly understood something, and his expression was somewhat helpless.

"Wait, let me put on some clothes.……"

Ren You responded and quickly walked to a locked bedroom.

After entering the room, he did not put on his clothes, but dragged out a black golf bag from under the bed.

In this bag, there was an RPG rocket launcher that had been used up last time, as well as an M500 revolver, some bullets and two high-explosive grenades.

Ren You quickly checked it. He took out all the weapons and then put the golf clubs on the bed in.

Then, he picked up this batch of weapons, and his pupils glowed with a silvery-white light.

——Time and space stagnate!

——Space jump!

Yesterday, Ren You really mastered space jump.

Afterwards, he asked Uncle Yun to send someone to the munitions warehouse he rented in Echeng to shoot a video of the surrounding environment.

Unexpectedly, it was used today!

Space jump, back and forth, Ren You easily transferred all the munitions in the house to the warehouse in the suburbs.

Then, he took a deep breath, adjusted his mentality, and walked towards the door.���

After opening the door...

As expected, several people at the door threw him down without saying a word.

"Don't move! Police!"

"Be quiet!"

Ren You was pressed to the ground, his hands cuffed with metal handcuffs.

But his face was unusually calm, and he said helplessly:

"I am very honest, I didn't move, I don't drink, smoke or masturbate, I am a good citizen of Goose City, I am just a geek who stays at home playing games all day, what on earth are you guys doing?"

Listening to Ren You's complaints, the police who were holding him down did not relax at all, one of them said seriously:、

"Ren You, we suspect that you are related to a series of cases that have occurred recently. Now please cooperate with us and return to the police station for investigation."

After that, two policemen pulled Ren You up from the ground and prepared to take him away.

At this time, one of the policemen noticed the golf bag in the room. He walked over and opened it. There were several golf clubs neatly placed inside.

He looked at Ren You in confusion, then took out his mobile phone to take a few photos. He was taken to the police car with Ren You and was taken all the way to the Echeng Criminal Police Brigade.

He was taken into an interrogation room, his handcuffs were removed, and he was asked to sit on a chair.

The door of the interrogation room was closed.

After a while, Zhang Jun walked in.

He looked at Ren You coldly, then threw a document on the table and said:

"Ren You, we have all the evidence of your crime!"

"This is just part of it! You can explain the rest yourself!"

Hearing this, Ren You glanced at Zhang Jun calmly and took a look at the document.

It showed several images captured by the surveillance camera.

One was when he got off the car at the East Suburb Golf Course in the early morning, and the other was when he got off the car at the entrance of the Pearl Community in the early morning.

He glanced at them, then put down the document and sneered:

"Captain Zhang, what do you mean by this... I don't understand"


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 157

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