Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 154

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 154
After distributing the three forbidden scrolls, Ren You led everyone to continue moving forward in the [Desolate Desert] dungeon. After clearing out two more strongholds, he activated another BOSS.

【Kill the King: Desolate Explosive Lizard·BOSS!】

【Experience points +40,000!】

【King's Sandstorm Suit +1!】

【Ice Forbidden Spell +1! 】

As his level increased, the experience gained in the dungeon also decreased greatly, but 40,000 experience points was still a lot.

Ice Forbidden Spell, bought by Lan Yue at a friendly price of 800,000!

King Sandstorm Suit... was bought by Zhao Yanming with an anti-material weapon!

Ren You looked at Zhao Yanming and asked seriously:

"Is the 2030 close-in defense gun really not good enough?"

Zhao Yanming:"……"

Ren You asked:"Then...are there any retired 1130s?"

Zhao Yanming:"……"


Once Ren You's attack can penetrate the double defense of the BOSS, then the fate of this copy is doomed, and it will eventually become his spoils of war.

Next, the team rushed all the way, no need to say more.

Ren You put his hands in his pockets, not knowing what an opponent was.

Four daggers hovered quietly behind him. Once a monster stepped into their 70-meter warning range, these daggers would automatically attack like thunder, and without any consumption!

After five hours of journey.

They have cleared the monsters in all 36 strongholds one by one, and then, everyone spent another hour to step into the core area of the copy, the Temple of the Seven Killing Kings.

There, they awakened the last two sleeping BOSSes!

The moment the BOSS was activated... a glimmer of silver light flashed in Ren You's eyes.

As soon as he thought about it, the four daggers attacked swiftly like sharks that smelled blood.……

【Kill the King: Desert Ostrich·BOSS!】

【Kill the King: Desert Bloodthirsty Wolf·BOSS!】

Except for some twists and turns at the beginning, the subsequent journey of this dungeon trip was calm and smooth.

Lan Yue and others even had an illusion that they were not here to challenge the dungeon, but to take a pleasant sightseeing trip in the desert!

Before entering the dungeon, the levels of the five of them were hovering between level 30 and 31. However, after the dungeon was cleared... they suddenly found that their levels had soared to level 35!

It is foreseeable that when they step out of this dungeon, their names will be in the top 20 of the registration list!

Finally, each of them opened the dungeon treasure chest.

Ren You got 3 Wanduan Baotie at one time.

【[Ten Thousand Forged Treasure Iron] can repair weapons of level 0-70.

It can be embedded in weapons, and each piece can gain 80 points of physical damage, with a maximum of 800!

It can improve the quality of weapons.

Ordinary weapons King → Epic, 50 pieces are required!

Black Wu Changdao, 50 pieces of Ten Thousand Forged Treasure Iron and 50 pieces of Jufa Stone are required to improve the quality of weapons



Ren You curled his lips.

Materials like Wanduan Baotie require a level 30 dungeon to produce, while Jufa Stone requires a level 40 dungeon to produce.

Don't even think about buying it from others in the market recently.

Not to mention that it's rare, if you have it, you keep it for yourself...

Just as Ren You was thinking about how to quickly collect these materials, a dazzling light suddenly flashed in front of him.

This is the dungeon exit.

"Remember to hide your name and come back after 1 minute.……"

Ren You reminded him and walked into the dungeon exit first.


【Regional Announcement]: Congratulations to player"Youren"***、***、***……Successfully cleared the large-scale Grandmaster-level dungeon [Desolate Desert】!

【Reward 1]: 20 points of free attributes!

【[Reward 2]: Ducheng area reputation +1000!


【[Tip]: Congratulations to the player for being ranked 2nd on the"Donghuang City Level List", and the overall reputation of Donghuang City has increased by +50,000!


The entrance to the dungeon.

A flash of light passed by.

Ren You appeared in a golden desert.

The moment he came out, he quickly scanned the square.

However, there was no one...

Ren You's eyes flashed with surprise, he took a breath, and murmured:

"Hiss! This is weird!"

"What happened?……"

"There were only dozens of people at the end of the first copy. However, this is the second copy. More than ten hours have passed, why hasn’t anyone come yet?"

"If I continue like this, where will I get the kill points from?"

As he said this, Ren You opened the bounty column for himself.

【Number of people who received the reward: 0

【Killing value]: 48010

【Tip: Your bounty task has been cleared



Seeing this, Ren You's eyes widened.

No... How could it be cleared?

Could it be that the gods intervened?

At this moment, Ren You suddenly remembered the last time he saw Xia Qing.

"I guess... it’s because I killed the tallest leek in Donghuang City!"

"Top ten in the level rankings!"

"The Protoss probably sensed that I accidentally cut their leeks……"

"I also realized that if other players continue to chase me like this, the other leeks will not be able to rise much!"

"So, they changed their strategy?"

Ren You thought to himself.

He frowned, feeling somewhat dissatisfied.

But fortunately,

Ren You also found out some of the things that the Protoss could interfere with in the game.

For example: trading houses, regional channels, various tasks, restricted languages outside dungeons...

Ren You couldn't use them.

That was the point where the Protoss could interfere.……

"Humph! If you don’t let the leeks come to my door, I will take the initiative to harvest them later!"

"It's nothing but a waste of time!"

Ren You snorted in his heart.

Since the gods want to intervene, he must also adjust his strategy accordingly.

"Let's put the killing value aside for now. What we need to do now is to go to the old site of Guixu first!"

Ren You made a decision.

He hurried to Ducheng, used the teleportation array to get to Echeng, and then rushed all the way to the Giant Beast Mountain Range.


Giant Beast Mountain Range.

Old man Fang Cheng was still standing on the platform outside the mysterious cave.

However, when he saw Ren You coming this time, a hint of surprise appeared on his face.

"Level 37……"

Obviously, he could see through Ren You's level.

According to the 10-level professional skill, Ren You had already taken the 30-level professional skill last time.

"Mr. Fang, I am here again.

Ren You nodded at him and continued:

"I have something else to do this time, so I will go to the old site of Guixu."

Hearing this, Mr. Fang looked at him in confusion and said with a smile:

"Go ahead, don't bother with an old man like me.……"

The two talked as usual, with gestures and guesses.

Ren You nodded and walked straight into the cave.

He was familiar with this place.

After entering the old site, he went straight to the central hall.

He came to the stone platform of the Eternal Sundial.

Ren You glanced at the characteristic 2 under the talent column, and his eyes immediately flashed with silver light. The next second, the shadow of the Eternal Sundial appeared quietly on the stone platform as if summoned, exuding a mysterious and ancient atmosphere.

"Let me see why the characteristics of space jump are incomplete.……"

Ren You took a deep breath, took a step forward, raised his hand and touched the shadow of the sundial.


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 154

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