Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 150

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 150
The appearance of these three pieces of equipment is black and gold, with complex patterns carved on them, which makes them look mysterious and powerful.

It must be said... the basic attribute bonus of the king-quality equipment is very strong!

But the additional effects on it are still a little lacking for Ren You... especially the anti-injury item.

He can't use it himself, and it's annoying to see others use it!

Among the three pieces of equipment, only the effect of the shoes is barely okay, passively increasing the movement speed by 50%, and it can also walk in water like flat ground!

After level 40, a large number of water dungeons will appear. After looking at the three pieces of equipment, Ren You threw them into his backpack.

【[Level]: Level 34 (267000/400000)

Now he is not far from level 35.

With the size of this large dungeon, it is not difficult for him to reach level 37...

Of course, the premise is to eliminate all monsters in 36 strongholds and kill 7 bosses!

Once activated in advance and 7 bosses are killed, it is considered that the player has conquered the entire dungeon, and the subsequent stronghold monsters will disappear.

As long as he can reach level 35 in the dungeon, replace the 25-level gold equipment on his body, and then wear the 35-level equipment mixed with king and gold...

Then, the dungeon will return to the previous raiding rhythm of Renyou - killing monsters in seconds throughout the whole process!


Everyone continued to move forward.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the third stronghold in the dungeon.

The battle distribution remained the same.

Lan Yue, De Zi, Zhao Yanming, Gan Bao, and Nai Bao were responsible for the gold elite, and Ren You was responsible for the king elite. After nearly an hour, the battle was over.

Experience value: about 30,000 to 40,000.

Drops: a level 40 gold weapon.

Time spent: half an hour on the road and one hour in battle.

The BOSS was not triggered this time, and they still have 33 chances!

On average, it takes them one and a half hours to destroy each stronghold.

"We should speed up!"

Ren You reminded everyone:

"This dungeon takes too much time. Maybe because of the dungeon mechanism, it will take more than 20 hours to clear it!"

Hearing this, the three of them didn't say much, but just nodded.

They also knew that if they wanted to conquer this large dungeon, they could only let the game go.


The speed of the group was obviously much faster.

Especially Naibao, Ganbao and Lanyue, they have gradually adapted to this high-intensity battle rhythm.

After destroying two stronghold monsters in a row, the BOSS was still not triggered!

Ren You finally put his heart at ease.

As long as he destroys the monsters of at most two strongholds, he can reach level 35.……


【Captain"You Ren" killed the King·Sand Wind King Snake·Elite】

【Experience points +19800!】

【You've been upgraded!】

【Level]: Level 35 (1800/450000)

【Free Attributes: +5】

【Occupational fixed attributes: Strength +2, Agility +2, Mana +2】

"Finally reached level 35!"

Ren You smiled.

Then, without any hesitation, he took out a piece of Thousand Forged Cold Iron from his backpack and used the forging skill to upgrade the Black Sword to level 35!

At the same time, he took out a level 35 equipment from his backpack and replaced the level 25 gold suit on his body. Suddenly, a burst of power swept through his body!

Ren You opened the attribute panel

[Name]: Visitors

[Level]: Level 35 (1800/450000)

[Occupation]: Magic Blade (only)

[HP]: 5200/5200

[Mana]: 7370/7370

[Strength]: 60, [Agility]: 65+35

[[Constitution]: 10, [Spirit]: 257

Refinement Attributes↓

[Physical damage]: 4804

[Spell Damage]: 5357

[True Damage]: 73

[Physical resistance]: 2190

[French resistance]: 2520

[Attack speed]: 7

[Kill value]: 48010



【Level 35 Special King Black Sword: Physical Damage +1770, Spell Damage +1870

【Level 30 King Abyssal Blade]: Extra mana +1200, physical damage +1044, (81%) 846

【Level 35 King Sandstorm Boots]: Magic resistance +1320, magic damage +1240, extra health +2100

【Level 35 King Sandstorm Armor (lower set)]: Magic resistance +1200, magic damage +1350

【Level 35 King Sandstorm Armor (Upper)]: Physical resistance +1320, physical damage +1150, additional agility +35

【Level 35 Gold Armguards: Physical resistance +480, spell damage +640, extra mana +800

【Level 35 Gold Sand Mask: Physical resistance +390, physical damage +780, additional health +900

【Level 25 Gold Soul Curse Heart: Mana +1800, HP +1000

【Level 15 Gold Phoenix Ring: Mana +1000, HP +600

【[Total Equipment Bonus]: Physical Damage +4744, Spells +5100, Magic Resistance +2520, Physical Resistance +2190, Mana +4800, Health +4600, Agility +35!


All-round property improvement!

At the same time, Ren You put on a brand new level 35 king equipment, and his appearance was also completely new.

He was wearing a black and gold sandstorm armor, the top shone with a mysterious light in the sun, and there were wind and sand patterns engraved on both sides of his pants. Combined with the hollow black and gold sand face on his face, it added a sense of mystery and majesty.

On his waist hung the newly upgraded to level 35 black sword, which formed a sharp contrast with the abyss broken blade.

One long and one short, both offensive and defensive!

At this time, Lan Yue and others looked at Ren You's new look after changing clothes, and their eyes showed envy and admiration.

""Hiss, Brother You, this new outfit is so handsome!"

Dezi exclaimed sincerely. Lanyue also nodded and agreed:"Yes, it looks more handsome than the previous black and red combination!"


Ren You smiled and said nothing more.

Appearance is secondary, the main thing is the huge improvement of attributes!

Especially the extra agility +35 on the sandstorm armor, the direct improvement is the attack speed and movement speed!

The previous four hits per second are a thing of the past!

Now it is...

7 hits per second!

Magic damage and physical damage doubled!

The mana value is as high as 7370, and the time stop ability can last for 3687 seconds. If you face a BOSS with 2700 dual resistance and 10 million health... No, even if there are seven such BOSSes at once.

Clear the mana value, and then rely on the recovery effect of Huanchun, Ren You is confident that they will be wiped out!

"All right, let's move on."

Ren You waved his arm gently, signaling the team to continue moving forward.

He has completed the replacement of new equipment.

In the next battle, he will pass through in seconds without the intervention of others!

What matters is efficiency!

In addition, it should be said that each time you set foot in the dungeon, you need a long cooldown.

In order to accumulate as much experience as possible, Ren You's strategy is not to go straight to the BOSS in the central area, but to plan to eliminate the monsters along the way one by one.

Considering the mechanism of this dungeon, you can only kill as many as you can!


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 150

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