Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 144

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 144
After a while of spinning

, everyone appeared in an endless desert.

The desert was vast and boundless, with two suns hanging in the sky, the sand on the ground was scorching hot, and the air was distorted to a certain extent.

"So hot……"

Dezi couldn't help but complain.

At this time, everyone heard the familiar narration

【You have entered the Grand Master-level large-scale dungeon"Desolate Desert"!】

【Tip 1]: In the dungeon area, the player's trading account and friend list will be temporarily blocked, and no supplies can be purchased or contacted.

【Tip 2]: After clearing the dungeon, the cooldown period is 96 hours

【Background Introduction: This is a piece of land abandoned by the gods. It was once an oasis full of vitality, but due to a great change hundreds of years ago, it has become the desolate state it is today...

After listening to the narration, Ren You opened the map and took a look.

My goodness, this desert is really big!

The map shows that they are now on the edge of the desert. Not far ahead, there is a place marked as [Forgotten Oasis]

"Let's go to the Forgotten Oasis first."

Ren You pointed to the mark on the map, then turned and walked in that direction.

Seeing this, the others followed him.

After all, they were just there to make up the numbers, and they knew how much they were worth facing this grandmaster-level large-scale dungeon.

They were afraid that if they didn't follow Ren You closely, they would be killed by monsters in an instant...

The Forgotten Oasis was about 10 kilometers away from them, and everyone ran the whole way there without encountering any monsters on the way.

As for physical energy consumption, there is no need to worry. In the game world, physical energy is blessed by life points, not only is endurance high, but it also recovers very quickly.

When they arrived at the destination.

Everyone just breathed slightly.

As far as they could see, there was a dried-up well in the center of the oasis, surrounded by several withered trees with bent branches.

The whole area exuded a sense of desolation and death.

"There doesn't seem to be anything special here?"

Lan Yue looked around and asked in confusion.

Ren You looked at the dried-up well and said calmly:

"Prepare to fight, and protect yourself at the same time."

With this order, everyone's nerves were tense, and they entered a high state of combat readiness.

Lan Yue held an ice-blue staff and repeatedly cast spells. The light gathered at the tip of the staff kept flickering and extinguishing.

Be prepared to throw skills!

Dezi, who was standing aside, had sharp eyes like an eagle. He pulled the longbow to the full moon, and the bowstring was taut with five blood-red arrows surrounded by mysterious power.

Gan Bao stood at the forefront of the team like an indestructible fortress.

He was wearing heavy armor and holding a huge shield, ready to meet the upcoming impact.

And Zhao Yanming, under the protection of everyone, was concentrating on drawing complex patterns on the ground with his long staff. As the magic circle emitted a dazzling flash of light, twelve ferocious Flame Wolves roared and leaped out of the array. They were wrapped in flames and their eyes flashed with wildness.

Zhao Yanming's summoning ability should have been limited to six Flame Wolves.

But thanks to the king-level long staff dropped by the final BOSS of the"Floating Corridor" generously lent by Ren You, the number of his summons doubled, greatly enhancing the team's combat effectiveness.

However, this is not all of his strength.

As a summoner, Zhao Yanming, who possesses legendary talent, can not only summon creatures through skills, but also command powerful wild BOSS.

Zhao Yanming holds With the long staff, he slashed the air twice to the left and right.

The next second, a space crack appeared.

Then, a deep space crack appeared out of thin air, and two mighty silver-quality wild BOSSes stepped out of it - one was a tree monster with hard armor that looked like a tree man.

The other was a wolf king surrounded by dark blue flames. They each exuded a powerful aura and were obviously difficult characters to deal with.

In Zhao Yanming's beast-taming space, there is also a young"steel-armored bear".

This"little bear cub" was sold to him by Dezi not long ago.

However, because the pet system has not been open for a long time, this steel-armored bear is still in its infancy and its level is still low.

This crisis In a dungeon full of ambushes, summoning it now would be tantamount to committing suicide.

Naibao was also very nervous at this time.

He hid behind everyone and stuck his short staff into the sand under his feet. Then, a faint white light lingered on the six people.

This is a group healing BUFF, which can slowly restore the health of teammates in the next five minutes.

When the health of teammates is less than 30%, the damage received is also attenuated by 30%.

Seeing that everyone was ready, Ren You moved his mind, and the four short swords behind him flew into the dry well with a"whoosh"...

Then, everyone saw the wellhead, and the bursting blue light flashed continuously.

Boom boom boom!!

-9212! -9212! -9212!

The damage indicator appears

"Shit! More than 9,000 damage, and... three times in a row?"

Zhao Yanming was shocked when he saw this horrible damage number.

Two days ago, he and Ren You had played a dungeon, and he had seen similar explosions. He remembered that the damage of each explosion was only more than 5,000!

It was only two days...

How come the damage almost doubled?!

On the side, Lan Yue and the other two and Dezi saw this damage number, and their expressions were just a little surprised.

Then the four of them looked at each other and thought to themselves:

"Tsk, Brother You is still Brother You. One day without seeing him... It's like one day without seeing him. He is so awesome and stable!"

However, Ren You, the person involved, did not feel anything about Zhao Yanming's astonishment.

He glanced at the black sword on his waist.

【Special King: Black Sword]

Part: Weapon

Requirement: Level 30

Attributes: Physical Damage +1570, Spell Damage +1600

Effects: Armor Break 15%, Never Wear, Thunder Slash


Ren You had previously found a piece of"Ten Thousand Forged Iron" item in the treasure chest of the"Floating Corridor" dungeon, which could repair weapons up to the King level.

Therefore, on the way to the dungeon just now, he simply repaired the Black Sword.……

【Mana: 6040/6640

【Physical damage: 3144

【[Magic Damage]: 2237

��True Injury]: 66


With the repair of the main weapon Black Sword, his damage has surged again.……


At this time, a series of roars came from the dry well, and then five huge sandworms broke out of the ground!

The soil and sand flew...

These sandworms were covered with shells, and some highly corrosive acid flowed out of the cracks, with fangs and mouthparts!

【Gold Desert Worm Elite】

【Level: 40

【HP]: 140788/150000

【Physical Damage]: 1870, [Attack Speed]: 2

【[Magic Damage]: 2240, [Dual Resistance]: 879

【Skills: Acid Spray, Sand Assault, Shell Hardening



Zhao Yanming opened his mouth wide, and the national quintessence continued

"150,000 HP? Is this a monster or a boss?"

Dezi couldn't help but frown. Naibao couldn't help but curiously stepped forward to take a look. After seeing the monster's attributes clearly, he quickly shrank back to the back row:

"Hiss! These monsters have dual resistance... I can't even break their defenses.……"

However, facing the attack of these five monsters, Ren You looked towards the other side of the oasis, which was the direction they came from.

At this time, a sandstorm suddenly rolled up over there.

In the center of the sandstorm, a huge black shadow could be seen moving slowly. As the sandstorm approached, the black shadow gradually became clearer.

""Shit, there's another big guy behind us?"

Zhao Yanming said in astonishment

"I'll take care of the big ones, and you guys will take care of the small ones……"

Ren You drew his long sword from his waist and ran towards the sandstorm quickly, with the four short swords he commanded following closely behind him.

As soon as he left, the burden of command fell entirely on Lan Yue.

""Gan Bao, you are responsible for fighting the monsters head-on, Zhao Yanming, your summons will harass from the flanks."

Lan Yue commanded calmly.

Gan Bao nodded, holding the shield tightly with both hands, and walked forward with heavy steps.

His armor shone with a metallic luster under the sunlight. Although he was facing a level 40 elite monster, there was no sign of retreat in his eyes.

Zhao Yanming commanded his summons to attack from both sides. The Flame Wolves roared, and their sharp claws left traces on the sand.

They flexibly shuttled between the sandworms, biting and clawing from time to time, causing certain damage to the sandworms.

At the same time, Lan Yue and De Zi started to launch long-range attacks.

The ice-blue staff in Lan Yue's hand flashed with cold light, and ice cones shot out from the tip of the staff, accurately hitting the sandworms and freezing their movements. De

Zi shot arrows one after another, and the arrows made a sharp sound of breaking wind, penetrating the shells of the sandworms and causing considerable damage.

Nai Bao stood behind and continuously applied healing buffs to everyone to ensure that their health points could be maintained above the safety line.

And Ren You had already entered the center of the sandstorm.


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 144

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