Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 135

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 135
After dealing with the trivial matters in reality, Ren You carefully ordered three high-definition pinhole cameras online.

He decided to install these"little eyes" in every corner of his home."……

After his house was invaded several times yesterday, he realized that he had to resort to some proper means.

People can come... but Ren You must be informed of who has been here!

"Zhao Yanming has been asked to handle the follow-up matters of the golf course.……"


"It's game time!"

Just as Ren You was about to lie down on the bed and start playing the game, he suddenly realized something.

"If someone breaks into the room when I enter the game world, wouldn't I be a piece of meat on the chopping board?"

Thinking of this, he stopped and looked at the silver game cabin in the corner of the living room.

The cabin of the game cabin is made of alloy and has a certain degree of protection.

Of course, the key point is that it also has a 5-meter warning function.

In other words, as long as someone enters the 5-meter range of the game cabin, the players in the game will be warned in time.

"I'd better log in in the game cabin. I remember the portable login device can be connected to the warning function of the game cabin.……"

Ren You walked to the game cabin, opened the door, and sat in.

After the login device was connected to the game cabin's warning function, a slight buzzing sound came from the door.

Ren You's consciousness gradually blurred.


When Ren You opened his eyes again, he was already in the game world.

This was the wilderness of the Ducheng area.

It was less than a kilometer away from the level 30 dungeon [Floating Altar].

Last time, after he slaughtered a lot in the Zhuancheng area, he was chased by the guards and chose to log off here.

【[Prompt]: You have been squeezed out of the top 100 of the"Eastern Emperor City Level List" by the player"Invincible Tyrannosaurus"!

At this time, a prompt box popped up from the field of vision.

Ren You glanced at the prompt box, and there was not much fluctuation in his heart.

He has never cared about the ranking of the level list.

Even if he is ranked first in the level list, the reward he gets is not attribute points, but... the reputation of Eastern Emperor City.

So why does he, a player of the Guixu camp, need so much reputation from the main city camp?

It's useless!

But, then again.

Although Ren You doesn't care, there is no harm in paying attention.

After all, they are all his own leeks...

The taller they grow, the more he likes them!

So, Ren You opened the level list.

On the level list, the top 100 players are generally above level 35, and the first place is actually already level 37!

"This upgrade speed... is a bit fast."

Ren You couldn't help but be amazed.

He remembered that the top ten players were killed by him once the day before yesterday, and each of them lost 50% of their experience...

Unexpectedly, only one day later, their levels were raised again.

But think about it.

Those who can make the list are all elite players in the game, either with great talents or rich people.

Whether it is the financial resources, equipment, or resources behind these players, they are not comparable to ordinary players.

Ren You glanced at his level again.

Level 33!

"Let's raise the level first.……"

Ren You thought to himself.

He remembered that after reaching level 35, the Eye of Time and Space could unlock the second feature!

The first feature was the BUG-level ability of"Time and Space Stasis"!

So, what would the second feature be?

Ren You was full of expectations.

However, he also knew that an ability like"Time and Space Stasis" that ignored boundaries and had extremely low consumption was already as strong as it could be!

And the subsequent features that were unlocked were probably just a supplement to the first feature...

The goal was determined.

Ren You took a deep breath and hurriedly headed towards the copy square.

Not long after, he arrived outside the 30-level copy square of the [Floating Altar].

The square was empty and no one was there.

Only the wind was blowing gently, bringing up a lonely dust.

Although the player base in Donghuang City is large, the level of most players has not yet reached the threshold of level 30.

And the number of players who can reach level 30 is at most a few thousand, and then they have to be divided into 34 areas.

Therefore, in this huge square, almost no one can be seen.

But it doesn't matter.

Wherever Ren You is, there will always be bounty hunters coming to join in the fun!

【Killing value]: 47952

【[Bounty Order]: 1.12 million players have received your bounty mission.

1.12 million bounty hunters.

This number seems a lot, but there are only tens of thousands of people each time...

First of all, there is the venue issue.

Before the flying skill is opened, the surface area is not enough!


If a million bounty hunters were to encircle Ren You at the same time, without any dispatchers, the more people there are, the more chaotic the whole situation will be!

If things go wrong, they might even use their skills on their teammates!

Secondly, it is estimated that there is a certain upper limit on the number of people in each area, just like the server.

Ren You shook his head and smiled, self-deprecatingly saying:

"Tsk, the people who want to kill me can line up from China to the United States hand in hand……"

But at this moment, his eyes were shining with anticipation.

"Come on, I'll do a dungeon first and wait for you guys!"

Ren You took a deep breath and stepped into the dungeon entrance of [Floating Altar].

The dungeon entrance was a light gate that emitted a lavender light.

Ren You passed through the light gate and many options appeared in front of him.

【Instance: Floating Altar】

【Solo crusade/Team crusade? 】

Ren You:"Solo!"

【Please select the difficulty of the crusade】



Every 30 levels, the dungeon will reduce a low-level difficulty option and add a higher-level difficulty option.

The difficulty of the dungeon, of course, needs no further explanation...

Ren You only chooses the strongest one!

After level 30, each level requires 50,000 experience points, and it will never be as easy to upgrade as before.

And the difficult dungeon gives the most experience!

Ren You:"Grandmaster!"

【[Tip]: Although Grandmaster-level copies can provide high experience rewards, the monsters inside are 3 times stronger than those at the Master-level!

【Yes/No, choose"Grandmaster" difficulty? 】

Ren You:"OK!"

【Generating a copy……】

As the prompt sounded, the light gate in front of Ren You gradually expanded, leading to an unknown area.

He stepped in without hesitation, and the scene in front of him changed, and he came to a piece of rubble suspended in the air.

The rubble under Ren You's feet was only three meters in diameter, and there were some broken small stones from buildings scattered around.

It seemed chaotic, but if you look closely, you can find that there seems to be a subtle balance between them.

At this time, a prompt sounded in Ren You's ears:

【You have entered the Grandmaster Level"Suspended Altar"!】

【[Suspended Altar]: The Suspended Altar was once a secret sacrificial site for the dark forces, and was shrouded in evil.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the gods came and destroyed the dark forces here, but there are still sporadic dark creatures left.……


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 135

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