Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 118

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 118
Echeng Central Hospital.

Under the captain's gaze, Xia Qing narrated all her experiences in Echeng in detail.

From how she came to Echeng for a mission, Xia Chuan's death, how she was involved in the bombing, and how she was rescued in the end...

She did not miss any details.

The captain listened to Xia Qing's narration without any expression on his face.

But there was a strange light in his eyes.

When Xia Qing mentioned Ren You, he paid special attention and seemed to be quite sensitive to this name.

"When Xia Chuan died tragically, was Ren You upstairs in the gym?"

The captain pondered for a moment and suddenly asked.

Xia Qing nodded and said carefully:"Yes, and he was right under my nose. It is impossible that he did this.……"

"Are you sure he was in the parking lot during the explosion?" the captain continued to ask.

Xia Qing nodded:"I am sure, the police have investigated. There is a slip at the parking fee collection point to prove the time, and there are cameras nearby to record that Ren You was in the car when the explosion occurred in Qingyun Community.……"

"Moreover, I heard that the police have already identified the murderer, but due to his identity, the case was forcibly suppressed.……"


After hearing this, the captain nodded thoughtfully and murmured:

"Your mission in Goose City is to get close to Ren You.……"

"Every time something happens, there is more or less his image.……"

"Humph, in just less than a month, twelve of my companions who had been lurking and taking root in this city for years have died, and only you are left!"

"However, all the evidence proves that it has nothing to do with Renyou."

"How could the secret organization of the Chinese government notice this person?"

"Could it be that they already knew something?……"

Xia Qing was shocked when she heard the captain's mumbling.

Although she didn't have much access to the core information, from the captain's current reaction, she could feel that Ren You, this human, didn't seem to be as simple as she thought.

""Captain, what should I do next?"

Xia Qing asked tentatively.

The captain glanced at her, pondered for a moment, and said slowly:

"Your mission has been completed. Go abroad and rest for a while. You don't have to worry about the rest."

Xia Qing felt relieved after hearing this.


At the same time, in the Shenlin game world, Ren You and Zhao Yanming had already cleared all three level 20 master copies.

Zhao Yanming soared from level 23 to level 26.

And Ren You barely rose from level 26 to level 28...

Looking at the barely visible increase in the experience bar, Ren You couldn't help but sigh.

"It's getting harder to upgrade.……"

Zhao Yanming heard Ren You's complaint and said unhappily:

"Be content, it's fast enough!"

It took only three hours to clear the three master-level dungeons...

Hearing this, Ren You shook his head. His previous plan fell through...

He had thought that he would rely on clearing dungeons to level up in the future, but as his level increased, the experience gain from dungeon monsters became less and less.

This time, he only leveled up 2 levels from the three level 20 dungeons. Next time, he probably won't be able to level up even 1 level after clearing the three dungeons, and he will have to go out in the wild to find monsters to grind.……

"What are you going to do next?" Ren You asked.

Zhao Yanming said:"Go to the trading house to collect materials and hatch the golden pet egg.……"

Ren You nodded and said:

"All right, then you can leave the dungeon first. I think the time is almost up and the bounty hunters should be here."

Zhao Yanming glanced at him and said:

"Do you need help?"

"You haven't been in the game for a few days, so you may not know the progress of other players. Now on the level list of our Donghuang City, the highest level player has reached level 35.……"

"The top 100 are all within level 30. For people like you and me who need to be busy with reality, there is no need to even think about this level list.……"

Hearing this, Ren You thought about it and refused:

"No need, don't get involved with me in the game."

He paused and smiled:

"When the chives grow taller, it is time to harvest them.……"


Zhao Yanming gave him a strange look:

"It's up to you. I'll leave first."

After saying that, he left the [Tower of the Dead] instance.

The next second, Zhao Yanming appeared outside the instance square.

However, the scene in front of him scared him. There were huge crowds of people.

At a glance, there were at least tens of thousands of players in the instance square!

"Someone is coming out!"

The moment Zhao Yanming came out of the dungeon entrance, everyone looked at him, which made him swallow his saliva. Are they all bounty hunters who came to kill Ren You?

Zhao Yanming glanced at the players present, and secretly sweated for Ren You.

There are so many people... and there are many masters from the top guilds in the game. They are all the best in the game now.

""Brother, are you here to kill that tourist too?"

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Zhao Yanming's ears.

He turned around and saw a warrior player holding a long sword and wearing armor looking at him.

Zhao Yanming was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and said:

"No, I'm just here to play the dungeon."

After saying that, he quickly left this troubled place.

At the same time, in the Tower of the Dead dungeon,

Ren You opened the attribute panel.

[Level]: Level 28 (210/140000)

[Occupation]: Magic Blade (only)

[HP]: 3300/3300

[Mana]: 4920/4920

[Strength]: 46, [Agility]: 51

[[Constitution]: 10, [Spirit]: 212

Refinement Attributes↓

[Physical Damage]: 1213, [Magic Damage]: 1348

[True Damage]: 49

[Physical resistance]: 380, [Magical resistance]: 370

[Attack speed]: 3.57

[Kill value]: 9150


"In the wild monster spawn area, the monster still needs to find……"

"However, when the leeks grow taller, they will come to your door.……"

"I am in the Guixu camp, and I can get 100% of the experience points of monsters of the same level by killing players.……"

A sly look flashed in Ren You's eyes, and a playful arc appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Status adjustment completed!

Start killing!

Ren You drew out his long knife and disappeared into the dungeon. The moment he appeared in the outside world, he immediately turned on his shadow and hid in the shadows. His eyes were as sharp as a hawk, scanning the players in the square.

Those players, some holding long swords, some carrying bows and arrows, some wearing armor, and some holding magic wands, they were in groups of three or five, or alone.

But without exception.

Their eyes were all focused on the entrance of the dungeon, as if waiting for him.

Ren You sneered in his heart.

These players are probably all here for his bounty.

After he went online this time, the system raised his bounty reward:

1 gold coin, one gold equipment!

People die for money, birds die for food.

Since they came for the bounty, let them become nutrients on the road to upgrading!

Ren You made up his mind and threw two magic burst spikes directly into the crowd.

The tens of thousands of bounty hunters outside the dungeon square didn't notice Ren You's appearance at all.



Two deafening explosions suddenly sounded.

The magic blast exploded in the crowd, causing chaos in an instant.


"Who the hell attacked me?!"

"It's a tourist! A tourist has appeared!"

Screams and exclamations came one after another, and the players looked around, trying to find the attacker.

However���When Ren You launched an attack in Shadow State, he would naturally reveal his figure.

Then, he flashed and appeared behind a mage, swung the long sword in his hand, and killed the opponent instantly.


Most mage players are fragile, and this one is no exception!

He was taken away by a single blow...

Thunder Slash Charge!

The next second, a flash of lightning appeared on the blade in Ren You's hand.

He raised his hand and waved it!

A three-meter-long lightning flash swept towards the chaotic crowd!

【Kill the one who pulled the dog"!】

【Experience +50!】

【Kill value +1!】

【Kill"War God Fang Zhu""!】

【Experience points +60!】

【Kill value +1!】


Lei Zhan is recharging again and can't be stopped at all!

"It's the tourist! He's here!"

"Quick, kill him!"

The bounty hunters saw this and rushed towards Ren You.

"There will be no gap in mana this time, so use your lives to help me upgrade!"

As he spoke, Ren You slowly stroked the back of the knife.

——The Blade of Devouring Magic!

——Time and space stagnate!


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 118

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