Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 116

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 116
This kind of scene is easy to achieve with Ren You's time and space stagnation.

When the long sword fell, time and space stagnation began.

Then, he killed a monster to charge the thunder slash effect.

Then, crazy thunder slashes began to mow the grass!

When Ren You put away the sword, the time stagnation was lifted...

However, this series of actions formed a shocking illusion in Zhao Yanming's vision: it was as if Ren You simply swung a sword, and instantly triggered a thunder sword domain, killing all the monsters in one fell swoop!

"Normal attack?"

Zhao Yanming looked at Ren You with disdain:

"You are quite good at pretending!"

This is definitely a big move!

"Believe it or not, go and attract the monsters……"

Ren You curled his lips and didn't explain to Zhao Yanming any more. Instead, he pointed forward and signaled him to continue to lure the monsters.

""Humph! Playing tricks!"

Zhao Yanming snorted coldly, summoned another batch of summoned beasts, and rushed forward.

Five minutes later, another batch of monsters were led by Zhao Yanming.

Ren You still stood there calmly, waiting for the monsters to approach, and threw out two daggers.

Blue light exploded!



This time, Zhao Yanming finally had the opportunity to turn his head and look.

I saw that there were two explosions in the monster group, and each explosion caused more than 5,000 points of damage to the monsters, a total of tens of thousands!

Then, Ren You drew his sword and stepped forward.

The next second, thunder raged again, and the monsters fell down again.

Zhao Yanming:"……"

Ren You shrugged:"It's just a normal attack."

Just as he continued to move forward, Zhao Yanming suddenly asked:

"Wait...explain to me what's going on with Zhou Yunqi?"

Ren You stopped and looked back at him:

"Oh? He called you?"

Zhao Yanming nodded and said:

"He called me yesterday and said you asked him to contact me, saying that the situation was urgent and he would come to Beijing later... What? Are you going to insert someone into our organization again?"

"Li De is your best friend. His information has been submitted for review. With my guarantee, it will be no problem for him to join our No. 2 organization.……"

"But...what is your relationship with Zhou Yunqi?"

Hearing Zhao Yanming's question, Ren You laughed softly, with a playful look in his eyes:

"I don't believe you haven't checked his information.……"

"I checked it."

Zhao Yanming raised his head and stared at Ren You with vigilant eyes:

"Two days before the Goose City bombing……"

"Zhou Yunqi's wife and her lover were brutally dismembered in a hotel. The police are investigating the case, but there are still no clues."

"Instead, Zhou Yunqi became a major suspect"

"And you, using his previous identity as a blaster in a mining area in Gancheng, got the time bomb in the Echeng explosion case, right?"


Ren You did not make any excuses, but nodded and said:


"However, he is just a poor middle-aged man. Before you showed up, I planned to slowly gain his trust and make him willing to make a time bomb for me.……"

"However, your presence has accelerated the changes in events.……"

"So, you took extreme measures?!"

Zhao Yanming interrupted him, with a strong condemnation in his tone:

"You killed Zhou Yunqi's wife and lover, didn't you?"

Ren You glanced at him calmly and nodded:

"it's me"

"Aren't these two people from the God Clan?!" Zhao Yanming asked.

Ren You said:"No"

"Then why did you kill them?!"

"Do you know that you are killing Chinese citizens?"

Ren You's tone was still calm:

"Alas, although this matter has something to do with me, I was also entrusted by someone else.……"

Zhao Yanming interrupted him angrily:

"Who ordered you to do this?!"

"Zhou Yunqi." Ren You spread his hands.

"Why is he……"

Before Zhao Yanming finished speaking, he suddenly fell into deep thought, as if he had caught some inspiration in his mind, but soon he firmly refuted:

"Wait, if I guess correctly, you deliberately leaked the secret of Zhou Yunqi's wife and then took advantage of his anger.……"

"You are confusing the public!"

"But the real culprit is you, Ren You!"

Zhao Yanming's tone was full of condemnation.

Hearing this, Ren You couldn't help but burst into laughter:

"Hahahaha… Zhao Yanming, are you a detective? Why are you interrogating me like a criminal?"

He took a step closer, looked directly into Zhao Yanming's eyes, and lowered his voice a few degrees:

"Let me ask you, do you think it is worth it to exchange the lives of a pair of adulterers for the lives of ten gods?"

He paused, and continued with a hint of joking:

"Oh, I almost forgot, you are still wondering how 'Green Eyes' developed the advanced virtual online game technology"God's Coming", and whether they have any plans, right?"

"Then I'll tell you……"

"The Protoss wants to use this"God's Coming" to reap all the human beings on Blue Planet!"

"Remember, what they harvest is not wealth, but life!"

"Harvesting lives?"Zhao Yanming was shocked.

Ren You sneered:

"《The virtual game"God's Coming" is a breeding farm specially made by the gods for the humans on Blue Star, but the gods cannot directly intervene here for some reasons.……"

"In the not too distant future, when gaming power can be extracted into reality……"

"You can think about how wonderful the world would be at that time.……"

"In the first stage, although the gods do not want to see the death of humans, they also believe in the governance ability of the human leaders.……"

"The real horror is the fifth stage, where players can extract 100% of their strength from the game world.……"

"When the fruit is ripe, the gods will no longer cover it up.……"

"Today, the gods lurking in the real world are just a drop in the ocean. When their tribe really arrives, it will be the moment of human extinction!"


Zhao Yanming's face suddenly became serious when he heard Ren You's words.

Although their organization had doubts about the virtual game"Shenlin", they did not expect that there was such a deep conspiracy behind it.

"You... are you telling the truth?"

Zhao Yanming asked in a trembling voice.

To be honest, he believed at least 80% of what Ren You said!

The reason was that the vague conversation he heard outside the door of Room 303 a few days ago was enough to prove that Ren You had a close relationship with the God Clan.

"This matter... is only known to you and me."

Ren You looked at him and continued:

"Remember, don't tell anyone, including your father and the top brass of Organization No. 2. There might be a Protoss inside among them.……"

"This shouldn't be possible.……"Zhao Yanming murmured.

Ren You mocked:

"Haha, impossible?"

"There is no shortage of Er Gouzi in all dynasties of our country……"

"Moreover, these idiots all come from the middle and high levels.……"


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 116

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