Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 104

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 104
Game world.

Ren You's eyes flickered, his body leaned back, and with his left hand, he threw out a short knife and stabbed the BOSS.


A flash of blue light, followed by the roar of an explosion.……


The damage indicator is floating

【Kill the Golden Soul Curse Corpse King·BOSS!】

【Experience reward +34000!】

【You've been upgraded!】

【Level: Level 26 (5600/120000)

As the BOSS fell with a wail, equipment and materials were scattered all over the ground.

In the five hours since entering the game, Ren You finally finished all three master-level dungeons... and reached level 26!

As the level increases, the experience given by the dungeons of the same level will also decrease.

However, reaching level 6 in five hours...

This upgrade speed is beyond the reach of other players!


Ren Youzhang exhaled and murmured:

"After five hours, it should be almost dawn in the real world, right?"

"Xia Qing's message said that she will arrive in Echeng this afternoon. I can take this opportunity to consult Zhou Yunqi.……"

Then, he walked forward and picked up the items dropped by the boss.

Three blue and two purple. He checked the properties of the two gold equipment.

He found that they were not as good as what he was wearing, so he stuffed them into his backpack and walked towards the boss's lair.

The countdown ended and he opened the dungeon treasure chest.

There were only two items.

【Intermediate Skill Stone]*35

【Gold Soul Curse Heart] *1

"I can finally replace the silver necklace I wore before!"

Ren You was delighted when he saw the items in the treasure chest.

【Gold Soul Curse Heart]

Part: Necklace

Equipment Requirements: Level 25

Attributes: Mana +1800, HP +1000!

Durability: 500/500

Effect: Soul Devouring Curse (Consume 500 mana points to activate, and for every unit that dies within 20 meters, the player will recover 3 mana points, lasts for 15 minutes, cools down for 2 hours)


The effect of this necklace is just garbage for ordinary players.

"Not bad, very suitable for me to use for mowing the grass!"

Ren You nodded with satisfaction.

The Soul Devouring Spell is equivalent to an ultimate weakened version of the Devouring Blade.

However, the Devouring Blade is the main weapon + percentage, while the Soul Devouring Spell is range + fixed.

Ren You put it on directly.

Then, open the attribute panel

[Name]: Visitors

[Level]: 26

[Occupation]: Magic Blade (only)

[HP]: 3300/3300

[Mana]: 1253/4730

[Strength]: 42, [Agility]: 47

[[Constitution]: 10, [Spirit]: 193

Refinement Attributes↓

[Physical Damage]: 1209, [Magic Damage]: 1329

[True Damage]: 47

[Physical resistance]: 380, [Magical resistance]: 370

[Attack speed]: 3.29

[Kill value]: 5501


(After finishing the second instance, Dezi came again to help repair the weapons.)

【Level 25 Special Gold Black Sword: Physical Damage +497, Spell Damage +527

【Level 25 Gold Spell Dagger]: Spell Damage +370 (60%) 222

【Level 25 Gold Revenant Boots: Physical Damage +210, Physical Resistance +178

【Level 25 Gold Leggings of the Dead]: Spell Damage +200, Spell Resistance +170

【Level 25 Gold Rage Armguards: Physical Damage +270, Extra HP +500

【Level 25 Gold Bloodthirsty Robe]: Extra HP +300, Physical Resistance +210, Spell Damage +187

【Level 25 Gold Soul Curse Heart: Mana +1800, HP +1000

【Level 25 Gold Shadow of Fear: Physical Damage +190, Magic Resistance +200

【Level 15 Gold Phoenix Ring: Mana +1000, HP +600

Total equipment bonus: Physical damage +1167, Spells +1136, Magic resistance +370, Physical resistance +380, Mana +2800, HP +3200


A set of gold equipment!

Looking at this luxurious panel, Ren You was very satisfied.

Both physical and magic broke through 1,000!

The health, which was not a shortcoming, was barely made up!

Although the effects of some of the equipment on him were not suitable for him, the basic attribute bonus was good.

Without other equipment replacements, madly stacking basic attributes was the best solution...

In fact, this has always been what Ren You has been doing. After all, his core is not the equipment effect, but the talent.

Once the time stop is turned on.

Except for the equipment effect that restores mana, nothing else is important!

"If we could now extract gaming power into the real world……"

A hint of coldness flashed across Ren You's eyes

"Then I... am a walking tactical nuclear bomb!"

When the game strength can be extracted to the real world, it is not just the attribute points in the player's panel that are extracted, but the overall status of the current player in the game world.

This includes equipment and pets!

However, there are certain restrictions on bringing equipment to reality...

Let's not talk about this for now.


He prepared to leave the dungeon and go to Youcheng to find a safe place to log off.


【[Regional Announcement]: Congratulations to the player"You Ren" for successfully completing the master-level dungeon"Tower of the Dead""

【Reward 1]: 5 free attributes!

【Reward 2]: Increase the reputation of the Youcheng area by 500 points

【Mana: 4730 → 4780

【[Magic Damage]: 1329 → 1334


Just as Ren You walked out of the dungeon, he suddenly received a message from Dezi.

【Dezi】:"Brother You, I have contacted Zhao Yanming and agreed to meet in Beijing this afternoon. I have already bought the plane ticket for noon."

After seeing this message, Ren You pondered for a moment and replied:

【Visitors】:"Be careful. I'll send you a new phone number later. Call me if you have any questions."

【Dezi】:"Huh? Brother You, didn't you tell me not to call you in real life?"

【Visitors】:"A disposable mobile phone number that will be discarded after one call"

【Dezi】:"No...Brother You, have you committed a crime? Why are you acting like a spy?"

【Visitors】:"Don't ask more. If you see Zhao Yanming today, please tell him something: There are people watching your organization, think carefully."

【Dezi】:"Huh? This is the first time we meet, saying this... How presumptuous is that?"

【Dezi】:"No...Brother You, you really look like a spy!"

【Visitors】:"Shut up!"

Close the chat box.

Ren You looked around and found no one, so he chose to log off.


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 104

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