National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 4

All chapter are in National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 4
Gu Haoxuan didn't read any further, as his attention was attracted by the column of learning requirements on the scroll. What does wealth value mean?

Gu Haoxuan glanced at the wealth value he had, and thought for a moment.

Does this correspond to the money he has?

More than 20,000... just the money he can control now.

In other words, learning eye techniques requires not only mental power but also money in reality?

This was a bit beyond Gu Haoxuan's expectations, but he could accept it.

Gu Haoxuan thought about it and exchanged the [Jiahang Jutsu].

It's not that he didn't want to exchange for something else, but the surplus food in his hand was really not enough.

After the exchange, everything about the [Jiahang Jutsu] appeared in his mind, and Gu Haoxuan understood it thoroughly.

However, due to the fact that there is no one to use it on now, Gu Haoxuan could not estimate the power of the [Jiahang Jutsu].

Opening the Sharingan, Gu Haoxuan looked out the window.

In the dark night, Gu Haoxuan's attention was particularly clear.

Not only can he see the figures lurking in the darkness, but he can also sense the next movement trajectory of these figures.

This feeling is very similar to today's transformation.���The feeling of a magatama is completely different.

It's like the definition has changed from 360P to 2K ultra-clear.

After exploring the extent of the Sharingan's enhancement for a while, Gu Haoxuan's mouth slowly rose.

Spiritual pupil master is weak? Then he must change this inherent idea.......

The next day, a bus was parked at the entrance of Mocheng No. 3 Middle School.

After all the senior high school students arrived, they drove to today's destination - the rookie copy [Jiaoshan].

When they came over, the entrance of [Jiaoshan] was already crowded with people.

Today, not only Mocheng No. 3 Middle School, but also several other high schools in Mocheng came.

There are 5 middle schools in Mocheng, with a total of more than 900 senior high school students.

But only more than 600 people came here.

Because the upgrade path of life professions is different from other professions, they improve their levels through learning and the tempering of skill stones.

At the scheduled time, students began to enter the copy one after another.

First came the students of Mocheng No. 1 Middle School. Mocheng No. 1 Middle School has the highest admission rate among key universities.

So not only do they have more students, but they also have relatively more good professions after changing jobs.

Originally, Gu Haoxuan was also admitted to No. 1 Middle School, but Gu Haoxuan did not think too much and chose No. 3 Middle School, which was close to home and also gave subsidies.

""Haoxuan, come here, I'll take you to form a team."

Luo Ming stood in the team at the entrance of the alien world and called out to Gu Haoxuan loudly.

Gu Haoxuan turned around and saw Luo Ming surrounded by people.

Luo Ming's awakened Berserker profession is the best combat profession in the class, so it is very popular.

Gu Haoxuan shook his head:"I will go to the dungeon by myself."

After these words came out, not only Luo Ming was stunned, but also the other students from the third middle school nearby.

Solo dungeon with the main body ability? Are they hallucinating? Or is Gu Haoxuan crazy?

The life-threatening situation in the novice dungeon is low, but it does not mean that there is no risk.

If a person with the main body ability goes in alone and encounters a monster, wouldn't it be delivered to its mouth?

"Gu Haoxuan must be crazy, going to a dungeon alone, does he want to listen to what he is saying?"

"Who cares? It has nothing to do with us."

"Hahahahahahaha, is he still asleep?"

Luo Ming pushed away the classmate next to him and moved towards Gu Haoxuan.

"Haoxuan, this is not the time for you to show off. There are level seven or eight monsters in there. What if something happens if you go in alone?"

"I'm sure."Gu Haoxuan said calmly

"What are you sure about? You know more about the main profession than I do.……"

Before Luo Ming finished speaking, he suddenly saw Gu Haoxuan's eyes change color.

He suddenly became dazed, and when he recovered, Gu Haoxuan had disappeared.

"Where is Haoxuan?"

"He has already gone in with Class 1. Luo Ming, what happened to you just now? Aren’t you going to team up with Gu Haoxuan?"

""In?" Luo Ming pressed his temples and recalled the scene just now.

What happened to Haoxuan's eyes just now? He was restrained after only looking at each other for less than a second?

Is this the ability of a spiritual pupil master?

Connecting yesterday's job transfer phenomenon with the present, Luo Ming suddenly felt that something was wrong with Gu Haoxuan's job transfer.

Haoxuan, a spiritual pupil master, seemed to be different from other spiritual pupil masters.

"It's okay, it's okay, let's go and continue to talk about team formation."

When the senior high school students of Mocheng entered in an orderly manner.

On the other side of the alien world console, the principals of various high schools were also talking.

"Lao Yang, I heard that your No. 3 Middle School is really amazing this year. You actually switched to an epic combat profession."

"Not only that, I heard that the red moon phenomenon yesterday was also caused by the job transfer of Lao Yang and his three friends."

"Hongyue too?! Then Old Yang has a lot of good seedlings this year."

"No, no,"

Yang Jun, the principal of No. 3 Middle School, waved his hand and said

"Why are you still being modest at this time?"

"There are epic combat professions, but the red moon phenomenon, alas....."

"Just a body class profession"

""Ontology-type occupations? How could it be?"

The other principals were stunned. The two words"Red Moon Phenomenon" and"Ontology-type occupations" that could never be connected in their minds actually appeared together at this time?

"I saw it with my own eyes, how could it be fake? What a pity, even if it is a supporting profession, it should be at least epic level."

Yang Jun shook his head, he felt sorry for Gu Haoxuan's situation.

If No. 3 Middle School can have two epics, the number of students in Mocheng next year will definitely be the first to bear the brunt of their No. 3 Middle School.

【Jiaoshan】In the novice dungeon.

Gu Haoxuan descended with a dagger in his hand.

【Ordinary dagger, strength +1]

The reason why Gu Haoxuan chose the dagger is very simple. It is flexible to use and has strong explosive power in close combat.

It is very suitable for Gu Haoxuan's current weak physical condition.

【Jiaoshan] has a very good internal environment with trees���The sky was full of green.

However, a good environment does not mean that the monsters here are friendly.

Most monsters are very aggressive to humans who enter their territory.

Gu Haoxuan opened his Sharingan to observe the surrounding environment.

All kinds of monsters hidden in the environment suddenly had nowhere to hide and all appeared.

Looking at the scene in front of him that seemed to be a transparent world,

Gu Haoxuan had a further understanding of the Sharingan strengthened by the origin.

Strong! Very strong! This insight is comparable to a 3D radar.

Gu Haoxuan locked onto a spotted hound less than ten meters away from him.

The spotted hound was crawling on the edge of the rock, revealing half of its head and observing Gu Haoxuan. Gu

Haoxuan pretended not to know and walked over. When he was only two meters away from the spotted hound.

The spotted hound suddenly jumped out from behind the rock, opening its big mouth with fangs.

It tried to bite Gu Haoxuan's neck.

The spotted hound was not big, about a little bigger than an adult sheep, but his spotted fur was extremely hidden in the rocks.

In Gu Haoxuan's eyes, the movements of the spotted hound seemed to be jumping frame by frame.

Gu Haoxuan subconsciously swung the dagger towards the neck of the spotted hound.

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 4

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