National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 2

All chapter are in National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 2
[Combat Class: Spear Master (Epic)】

"A combat profession! Xi Nianyu is a combat profession, and it is an epic one!"

"Spear Master, a natural born warrior"

"I remember there was a general on the border who was a level 80 spear master. I heard he was very powerful."

"I heard that Xi Nianyu's father was a combat-type profession. Could this be inherited?"

Xi Nianyu looked at his job after his job change and his chest was slightly raised.

""You have great potential. I am optimistic about you." Han Li said to Xi Nianyu with a smile.

This was the first time Han Li smiled. Xi Nianyu quickly responded:"Thank you for your compliment, senior."

Han Li shook his head and signaled Xi Nianyu to leave.

When Xi Nianyu returned to the team of Class 1, he passed by Gu Haoxuan.

"You will no longer be the number one in No. 3 Middle School."

Xi Nianyu whispered disdainfully. Gu Haoxuan glanced at his back and said nothing.

Since Xi Nianyu transferred to No. 3 Middle School in his second year of high school, Gu Haoxuan has ignored him.

This made Xi Nianyu, who loves to show off, very angry.���, but in terms of learning, Xi Nianyu is no match for Gu Haoxuan.

So Xi Nianyu was holding his breath and waiting for the day of job transfer.

When Xi Nianyu returned to the first class, the first class surrounded him.

【[Lance Master] is an epic combat profession, and there may not be many of them in the whole of Mo City.

After the job change, the profession will not only be divided into types but also levels.

The levels of the profession can be divided into five levels: ordinary, rare, epic, legendary, and sacred.

Among them, the sacred cannot actually be counted as a level, because the people who possess it are too rare, and it has not appeared in the entire Daxia Empire for more than ten years.

Legendary professions are also rare, and generally a province may only have one in one or two years.

So from this point of view, Xi Nianyu's epic-level spear master is already a very powerful and rare profession.

At least from the moment he changed his job to [Lance Master], the door to the key school has been opened for him.

After the test of Class 1, Class 2 will be next.

""Gu Haoxuan!"

Han Li read it while looking at Gu Haoxuan. The principal of the third middle school once told him that this was the first in the cultural courses of the third grade of the third middle school.

Even so, he did not think that Gu Haoxuan would definitely be able to change his job to a powerful profession. If the job change was related to grades, Daxia would have flattened other empires long ago.

However, Gu Haoxuan's calm aura made him look sideways a little. It was not common for a third- year high school student to see such an aura. The principal of the third middle school stared at Gu Haoxuan's job change, and he had some expectations in his heart.

Who knows if Gu Haoxuan's career will be as good as his studies?

Gu Haoxuan walked forward and touched the crystal lightly. The formation under the crystal began to operate rapidly. A light far brighter than the previous one burst out from the crystal, and then the surrounding environment suddenly darkened, as if this world had lost the care of the sun.

A blood moon shadow slowly rose in the thick clouds. Its color was like a ruby soaked in blood, mysterious and weird.

The appearance of the blood moon made the atmosphere of the entire playground weird.

"The moon?! And it's red? What is this?"

"Wow, this vision is much more magnificent than Xi Nianyu's just now. It should be no worse than Xi Nianyu's, right?"

"I remember that the visions related to the sun and the moon are at least epic in level, right?"

"Don’t you think this red moon is a little creepy? It makes me a little nervous."

""Comparing yourself to others is really frustrating."

Han Li, who was standing by, stared at the strange phenomenon in the sky, and his eyes were as shocked as the students below.

He had a lot of experience in job transfers, but it was the first time he had seen such a grand scene as Gu Haoxuan's.

Gu Haoxuan on the stage felt his eyes itchy, but this feeling disappeared as the light of the job transfer crystal disappeared.

The blood moon faded, and the sky returned to its original appearance, but everyone was still in shock.

【[Physical Occupation: Spiritual Pupil Master]

Han Li recovered from the vision and was stunned again when he saw the job transfer crystal. Physical Occupation? How could it be a physical occupation? Or a Spiritual Pupil Master?

Physical occupations are very special among the occupations. There is no level division for this type of occupation. After the job transfer, the ability of a certain part of the body will be strengthened.

Compared with other occupations, this bonus is better than nothing. It can be said to be a relatively useless type of occupation.

But what about the strange phenomenon in the sky just now? When did the job transfer of physical occupations have such a big strange phenomenon?

"Puff!"Spiritual pupil master" Hahahaha, you scared me. I thought it was some powerful profession."

Xi Nianyu looked at the situation on the stage and couldn't help laughing.

He was so scared when he saw the strange phenomenon just now, but it turned out to be a useless profession after all this time?

The original amazement of the crowd turned into gloating when they saw Gu Haoxuan's job after the job change. The main body profession is not as useful as the previous cook or something...

Gu Haoxuan on the stage stood there motionless. When he saw the strange phenomenon just now, his heart was inevitably a little fluctuating, but when he received the job change prompt.

The whole person was like being poured with a basin of ice water, but during this sluggish time, he saw his eyes from the job change crystal.

In the blood-red eyeball, a black dot in the shape of a magatama was slowly rotating.

Gu Haoxuan was stunned. This... is a Sharingan?! That's right, it's a Sharingan!!

Gu Haoxuan stared and carefully confirmed the reflection on the crystal. Gu Haoxuan, who opened the single magatama Sharingan, would definitely not be wrong!

He said why the job change with the blood moon phenomenon was just a spiritual pupil master. That's it.

""Go down." Han Li's eyes were somewhat regretful. Although he didn't know why it happened, it should be a big blow to the young man in front of him.

Gu Haoxuan turned his head and looked at Han Li and nodded. A blow? If the Sharingan hadn't appeared, it would have been a blow.

But now? He was very restrained not to grin.

Han Li looked at the faintly excited Gu Haoxuan and felt a little confused? This? It was a little different from the depressed look he imagined.……

"Next one, Luo Ming!"

When Luo Ming stepped onto the job transfer platform, he patted Gu Haoxuan who was about to return to the team.

"The main body is the main body profession, it’s okay, don’t be too sad."

Gu Haoxuan blinked and didn’t respond. No wonder? Maybe

""If necessary, I can take you to form a team."

Xi Nianyu waved to Gu Haoxuan, with the sarcasm on his face not concealed at all.

Gu Haoxuan glanced at Xi Nianyu and snorted and turned his head away.

The meaning of the expression was very clear:"Take him? Are you qualified?"

Seeing this, Xi Nianyu narrowed his eyes and tightened his hands slightly. You can still be so arrogant after changing to a useless profession?

Just wait and see, there will be plenty of opportunities to deal with you in the future!

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 2

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