In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 197

All chapter are in In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 197
The combat power is at least not less than 10 million!

This is just the normal state of Boros being restrained.

It seems that he is indeed the same as in the original book. Because his own power is too great, he cannot completely restrain his own power. If he is not restrained, he will cause harm to the people and things around him from time to time.

"huh huh huh huh~~~"You brought your two men with you to test my strength with them? Or did you never take me seriously?" Darles sneered with a teasing look in his eyes.

These words made Meluzagarudo and Gloribas beside Boros show even more bloodthirsty aura.

"A mere human creature dares to disrespect King Boros!! I, Melzagarudo, would like to see what kind of abilities this so-called existence from another world has! ?"The five-headed Melzagarudo said, each head showing contempt.

It was really unpleasant.

"Let me do it. This human dared to come to this planet alone, he must have his strengths! If you are killed, it will be more trouble than gain."Gloribas spoke up.

This sentence not only mocked Darles, but also confronted his companions, and told Boros that he was his strongest subordinate. He should be the one to fight!!

Indeed, it increased his prestige, but it also destroyed the arrogance of his companions, which made Meruzagarudo very angry. The scene of five heads speaking and refuting at the same time was exaggerated.

Both of them were full of fighting spirit! No, it should be said that they were full of teasing and playful mentality, believing that Darles was just a stronger lower human creature.

In this situation, if it were the previous Darles, he would kill them directly without mercy.

But now, Darles will not be interested in such a small person.

His target is only Boros, and Boros will choose this He probably did this just to see if he was strong enough.

After all, no matter what, he was the cosmic overlord of this world. Even the existence of other worlds could not challenge him easily.

Otherwise, where would his face be? ? ?

If it was Darles, he would actually do the same.

Of course, this was just Boros's initial idea.

Now, he has changed his mind about Darles.

There is no doubt that this planet is the special battlefield he chose.

The gravity is much greater than that of ordinary planets, and the harsh environment is simply not something that ordinary beings can bear.

Even his men can bear it, but!! Since Darles can be ignored, it means that Darles' basic strength is definitely beyond his expectations.

""Back off! This is my opponent!! I asked you to come here just to accompany me." Boros walked forward with excitement on his face. It had been a long time since he had met an opponent that he could fight seriously against.

Even with the power in this sealed state, even the three strong men under his command could not shake it in the slightest.

"It seems that you are not stupid!"Dales said without being disturbed by other things.

What a arrogant statement.

Boros was stunned, and Meluzagarudo and Gloribas were furious.

However, they could not act on their own with Boros' order.

"huh huh huh huh~~~!!"Boros reacted and sneered:"This is the first time I have been evaluated like this by others!!"

"Really?! Then you should be honored, because in my eyes, most people are fools." Looking at Boros, Dales said another sentence.

The conversation was full of gunpowder.

Boros became serious, while Dales kept a cold smile.

It was the same at the beginning, and it is still the same now.

This kind of face aroused Boros' inner imbalance, and his face condensed:"Pretending! Let me meet you!!!"

In an instant, Boros attacked

‘Boom!!!!!! With a loud explosion, the ground beneath his feet shattered, prompting him to burst out at an extremely astonishing speed in the shortest possible time.

He threw a punch fiercely, leading to an unparalleled offensive.

If it were on an ordinary planet, this kind of punch would not be worth mentioning.

But under the gravity that is a hundred times that of the earth in the Dragon Ball world, it is really not easy for Boros to exert his combat power to this extent.

""It's just a trick." Dales easily took the punch.

It seemed like a breeze, and all the power was removed by Dales, turning into nothingness.

This also made Boros's view of Dales more cautious and serious.

【Sure enough!! He is not an ordinary existence!! He is a strong man who can force me to show my true strength!!】The blood in Boros' body boiled with his thoughts.

For a moment, a thunderous attack like a storm broke out.

The terrible force, coupled with the terrifying speed, made Darles' eyes light up.

This guy's fighting style is somewhat similar to Vegeta's prince tactics!

Only attack, not defend!

He wants to use the strongest force and the fastest speed to launch a full-strength attack to end the battle!

Although Darles is also such a person, he does not follow the tactics of only attacking and not defending.

Some people always believe that the strongest means is to kill the opponent in one breath and make the enemy lose without any counterattack.

But in the eyes of some people, fighting is not just like this. If fighting is only for this, it would be too boring.

"Humph!!!! Boros, is this the strength you are so proud of?!! It is too ridiculous!!!"Dales commented with ease while accepting Boros's ruthless attack.

In an instant, he caught a flaw and punched out.


In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 197

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