In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 195

All chapter are in In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 195
President Xiao:"I invited you to join the Dimensional Union. You should have seen the union's announcement by now, right?"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"……"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"You told me that there is a being who can make me taste the taste of failure?! I am very curious and looking forward to other worlds... hehehe~~! I didn't expect that before I went to Earth, there would be beings from other worlds who took the initiative to find me?!"

President Xiao:"As the Overlord of the Universe, are you not surprised at the existence of other worlds?"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"The universe is so big that even I can't get a glimpse of the whole picture. Why would I be surprised at the existence of other worlds when I haven't even completely solved the mystery of the universe?!" President

Xiao:"The so-called world is so big that there is nothing strange? It seems that the boss I invited this time is even more amazing than I expected. @Strongest Saiyan, how about it? Are you satisfied with this opponent?" Lord Demon:"You are worthy of being the Overlord of the Universe! We are far inferior to him in this state of mind."

My Sons All Over the World:"Indeed, I am not as good as him. When I joined the union, although I tried my best to suppress the emotional fluctuations in my heart, I still couldn't imagine it was true."

The Strongest Man on Earth:"……"

There is only one truth:"@Cosmic Overlord Boros, Boss Boros, we are in the same world upstairs."

The strongest man on earth:"???(/Conan Qiang, you are harming me(/I want to cry but I have no tears)"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"Hum?! The strongest man on earth? ? ?! Could it be that you are the one on earth who can fight me as predicted by the prophet!!"

Peach Blossom Island Master:"You may be disappointed. My strongest on earth is not the strongest on earth as you understand it."

Please call me Dark Queen:"To be precise, it should be the strongest on earth in the game."

The Strongest Man on Earth:"……"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"?"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"Looking at your names, I think you are all powerful people from other worlds. Demon King... Dark Queen... Demons, and Gods!"

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"Let's get back to the point! Who can make me fight with all my strength??!"

Death:"……Uh~! I want to ask, am I the one being blamed again?……"

Zombie Taoist Priest:"At a time like this, I think you can keep silent, Lord Aizen."

The Third Ancestor:"Hahaha!! Congratulations on getting shot again."

The Lurker in the Dark:"Humph!!! Instead of saying useless words, why not look forward to what Lord Darius will do?! @The Strongest Saiyan." The

Chosen Child:"Same @The Strongest Saiyan."

The Trainer Who Aims to Become a Master:"@The Strongest Saiyan."

The Overlord of the Universe, Boros:"I see! Is this the strongest Saiyan that the President said can defeat me?!"


Dragon Ball World.

Dales watched the communication on the chat interface.

For a moment, he was a little surprised and didn't know what to say.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Ranran actually invited Boros from the One Punch Man world.

This existence is indeed not an ordinary existence. In the original work, he arrived on Earth with the strongest posture to fight against One Punch Man Saitama.

He is also the only one who can survive a wave of attacks from Saitama without dying.

Say he is weak? Later, he was killed by Saitama's serious punch.

But it must be said that an existence like Boros, no matter in which world, is a thorough super boss.

Even, it is not comparable to the cosmic emperor like Frieza.

After all, whether it is the combat power displayed by Boros or the setting of the original work, it is the strength of the super one full power realm.

At least, it is much stronger than Frieza in the initial final transformation.

Speaking of which, the setting of Boros in that world, the author still refers to the prototype of Saiyan.

The power suppression state is equivalent to the normal appearance.

The normal state of releasing the suppression is equivalent to the prototype of the first stage of Super Saiyan.

The energy release state is equivalent to the prototype of the second stage of Super Saiyan.

The meteor burst state is equivalent to the prototype of the third stage of Super Saiyan.

It is just the prototype, but the power is far inferior.

According to Darius's estimation, this guy's strength should be more than 1 billion, but not more than 5 billion!

This is already a high evaluation.

At least, it is certain that he will not be stronger than Lightning Cell.

"Where do you get your confidence from? Can this Boros be compared with my current strength? ? Is it just based on the realm? ?"Dales was speechless.

Maybe Xiao Ranran thought that he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, which was equivalent to Son Gohan and Lightning Cell in the original work.

And the online news in the previous life did say that One Punch Man Saitama's strength setting was only Super 2, and Boros could not break the limit no matter how strong he was.

Indeed, the setting is correct.

But the Saiyan's Super 1 and Super 2 transformations will soar with normal combat power.

Women are women.

Xiao Ranran looks a bit big-breasted and brainless

"Forget it. Since you are the one who chose it for me, I will take a good look at how strong this Boros is. After all, there are not many people in the Dragon Ball world who can reach the strength of Boros."Taking a deep breath, Darles sorted out his thoughts and typed a sentence in the chat interface.


Darles:"Boros from the One Punch World did surprise me. However, my expectations were too high. I thought it would be a being from a different world that could fight me... but it turned out to be a being from the known world."

President Xiao:"Then do you think it's enough?"

Darles:"It's not a question of whether it's enough or not. You've disappointed me a little."

President Xiao:"……Humph!! Don't let yourself get caught in a trap, I'm definitely not bad."

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"Can I think that you are challenging me?! The Strongest Saiyan!!"

Dales:"Of course you can think so. Although you are not my match, you are still a good opponent."

Cosmic Overlord Boros:"Humph!!! Arrogant!! Although I don't know what other worlds are like?! But you are too conceited! In my world, I have gone through a long time, and I have never met an opponent who can force me to use my full strength."

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 195

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