Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 77

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 77

As the fog cleared more and more, the true appearance of the Bronze Immortal Temple also revealed.

To everyone's shock, the two bronze portals were not closed, but half open, forming a wonderful door, as deep as the universe, and nothing could be seen, but it gave people a very strong desire to find out.

But the people here are not fools, and they immediately urge their hearts and forcibly reverse their attention.

In such a place full of murderous opportunities, entering such a mysterious and unpredictable door, just thinking about it will know how dangerous it is, it is definitely ten deaths ~ lifeless.

"There's another passage here."

At this moment, the sharp-eyed Ji Ruxue saw that there was an opening not far from the gate of all wonders, as if it had been forcibly smashed open by someone, and the yin and yang qi inside were constantly churning, as if it was slowly healing.

Everyone immediately came to this opening, only to see that it was about one foot tall, allowing up to one person to pass, and there was a flow of rune power on the surface, faintly forming a formation.

It was this formation that prevented the healing of the yin and yang qi and maintained the existence of the channel.

Next to the passage, there is also a line of text, not a blood book, but condensed with Dao rhyme, itself is also a miniature formation, constantly absorbing the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual energy to maintain vitality, so it has been well preserved.

Shi Chen slightly moved his divine pupils, suddenly raised his palm, and turned into a spiritual light point towards the text, which suddenly made the surface of all the words ripple, bursting out of divine radiance, directly manifested in the void, accompanied by a calm voice:

"I am the Green Emperor, occasionally obtained the Bronze Immortal Temple, sought the way of the predecessors and entered the gate of all wonders, and I could not do it, and I returned with defeat, and left with another passage."

"This hall is unknown, or it is the most precious treasure of the immortal king, but there are many murderous opportunities, and the immortal fate is slim, if the people in the future life have the intention to retreat, they can leave along this passage."

These words resounded three times in the void before disappearing, and the divine radiance of those words also became dim, and they could only burst out by accumulating enough energy.

Everyone looked at each other and felt a great horror.

This passage turned out to be left by a great emperor.

And according to his message, he had entered the Bronze Immortal Temple, but he was seriously injured inside, and he did not get the Immortal Yuan, so he could only open another passage and leave.

These words made the last trace of luck in everyone's hearts disappear.

Even the Impeccable Great Emperor was so embarrassed in the Bronze Immortal Temple, let alone their realm.

"Green Emperor? Could it be the Great Emperor of the Post-Desolate Ancient Era? "

Ji Rufeng seemed to have thought of something and let out an exclamation.

Mu Jiuhuang was puzzled: "Post-Desolate Ancient Era? How did I not know that there was such an era. "

Ji Rufeng said with a solemn face: "This matter is originally confidential, even in the Upper Realm, only the major holy lands and immortal families know about it. There are indications that between the Middle Age and the Ancient Era, there are still two eras, the Desolate Age and the Post-Desolate Era. "

Everyone couldn't help but hold their breath when they heard this, and their eyes stared at Ji Rufeng without turning.

There were actually two eras between the Middle Age and the Ancient Era?

This is definitely a super terrifying secret, there is no circulation in the world, what kind of great power can hide both epochs and not let the world know?

Intuition tells them that these two hidden eras are definitely not trivial.

Having said all this, Ji Rufeng did not hide it, and said directly: "From some secret codes handed down from my Ji family, I know that the Desolate Ancient Era is very long and belongs to a normal era, but the Post-Desolate Ancient Era is very short, lasting only a million years at most, which is too short compared to the tens of millions of years of the normal era." "

"The post-Desolate era only existed for a million years? How so? "

Lin Ruyin asked subconsciously.

"This point is not accurately recorded in the Ji family's secrets, only speculation."

"According to the speculation of the ancestors of the Ji family, it is suspected that someone in the Later Desolate Ancient Era successfully proved the Immortal Dao and set off a big wave in those years."

"Because of this big wave, it led to turmoil in the river of time, and swallowed up the post-Desolate Ancient Era together with the Desolate Ancient Era before it."

"Therefore, in later generations, whether it is the ancient era or the current late law era, there are few relics of the ancient or post-desolate era preserved, especially the post-desolate era."

"Even if my Ji family searched for a long time, they only found a few secrets about the post-Desolate Ancient Era, and one of them was about the first Great Emperor of the Post-Desolate Ancient Era."

"The secret code records that at the end of the Desolate Ancient Era, there was the same situation as in the world, ten thousand ways oppressed, and preaching became more and more difficult, let alone the great emperor, even the saints were difficult to appear."

"Under this extreme oppression, all the races in the universe are desperate, thinking that the Great Emperor will no longer be seen in the world until the Green Emperor is born."

"No one knows where the Green Emperor came from, as if he was born radiant, and his talent shocked the entire ancient star."

"No one knows where this amazing man came from, but he strongly defeated all the Tianjiao of his generation and was far ahead."

"Many people saw hope in him, calling him the most promising candidate for the Great Emperor in the 600,000 years of the post-Desolate Ancient Era."

"And the Green Emperor also lived up to expectations, killed the Emperor Pass alone, and killed all the way to the final point of the Emperor Pass, rebelling against the creation of heaven and earth in the deepest part of the Emperor Pass, and achieving the Godless Position."

"It was the preaching of the Green Emperor that broke the curse of ten thousand ways of oppression, and the laws of heaven and earth were reintegrated, which opened those legends behind the post-desolate era."

Ji Rufeng intended to befriend Shi Chen, and did not hide anything at this time, telling all the secrets that the Ji family would never allow to leak.

After listening to it, everyone fell into a deep shock.

Because these secrets said by Ji Rufeng were too terrifying, completely shattering their world view.

According to the normal world view, after the primeval era, the immortal path disappeared, there was no fairy trace in the world, and after the medieval era, ten thousand ways were oppressed, and no one in the world became an emperor.

But if as Ji Rufeng said, there is a desolate era after the Middle Ages, which seems to be very brilliant, and there have been many great emperors, and it is not until the post-desolate era that there is a situation of ten thousand oppressions.

And in this case, there are still people who forcefully kill the deepest part of the imperial pass, seize the creation against the sky, preach the emperor, and open the world.

Obviously, although two epochs have disappeared, the real key is not the long Desolate Era, but the post-Desolate Era, which is only a short million-year history.

The Desolate Age was only implicated and disappeared because of the big waves of the post-Desolate Era.

And the abnormality of the post-Desolate Ancient Era obviously began with the Green Emperor!

Now everyone is living in the difficult years of ten thousand oppressions, and they know how desperate this era is.

The powerhouse of the Divine Fire Realm is called a god, and the God King of the Dao is almost invincible in the world, and the saint of the Void Dao Realm is a legendary-level existence.

Everyone could not imagine that in such a difficult environment, someone could go against the trend and preach the Emperor of the Perfection of the Dao.

Green Emperor!

At this moment, the name of the Green Emperor became extremely heavy in everyone's hearts.

"No wonder the Green Emperor was able to retreat with his whole body in the Bronze Immortal Hall that can kill true immortals, this person's strength is probably far beyond that of ordinary emperors."

Xiang Feng sighed, causing everyone to nod in agreement.

The Green Emperor is by no means an ordinary emperor, and being able to become an emperor in such a difficult time is enough to prove that his talent has reached a shocking level, and it is definitely far stronger than a normal emperor.

"Could it be that the white-clothed female emperor who carved immortal characters on the bronze immortal hall is also from these two disappearing eras?"

The goddess of war calmly analyzed, which made everyone feel suddenly enlightened.

Especially Ji Rufeng, nodded again and again: "The history of the Middle Age is relatively completely preserved, there is no such female emperor, presumably she is from the Desolate Ancient Era or the Post-Desolate Ancient Era." (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Lin Ruyin looked at Xia Qingxuan and said, "Sister Xia, do you know about the Desolate Ancient Era and the Post-Desolate Ancient Era?" "

Everyone then remembered that Xia Qingxuan was an old monster who had survived at least from the primeval era, and he should have experienced these two eras.

Xia Qingxuan's eyes were a little confused, and he groaned softly: "These two eras seem to really exist, but they are sealed by a layer of the power of time, and they can't see the content, maybe it's really as Ji Gongzi said, for some unknown reason, these two eras were swallowed by the river of time." "

These words made everyone even more frightened, and the long river of time swallowed the era, which was absolutely shocking and had never appeared in the eternity.

At first, everyone thought that Ji Rufeng's saying that someone in the primeval era had preached becoming an immortal was purely a rumor, but now they believed it a little, perhaps only the big wave of becoming an immortal against the trend could cause turmoil in the river of time.

After some discussion, everyone fell silent.

The Bronze Immortal Hall is extremely dangerous, even the saints died outside the hall, and the killing opportunity in the hall can kill the true immortals, causing the peerless Green Emperor to flee with serious injuries, which shows a huge risk.

Therefore, there are only two paths left for everyone, one is to return the same way, and the other is to leave through the passage opened by the Green Emperor.

It's just that this legendary bronze immortal temple is right in front of you, but everyone wants to return in vain, which is too impressive

"This passage should lead to the Upper Realm, but I don't know which state of the Upper Realm?"

Ji Rufeng observed in front of the passage, his face full of hesitation.

As the Divine King Body of the Ji Family of the Upper Realm Immortal Family, he naturally did not want to stay in the Nether, but it was not his first choice to enter an unfamiliar teleportation array rashly.

Seeing this, Shi Chen smiled slightly: "This formation is indeed connected to the upper realm, I happen to have some research on the formation, if Ji Gongzi believes it, I can modify this formation slightly and transfer it to the approximate position you specified." "

"What? Unexpectedly, Brother Shi also had such a deep understanding of the formation. "

Ji Rufeng was taken aback, and he felt more and more that Shi Chen was unfathomable.

The way of this formation is extremely mysterious, and it is difficult to achieve anything without years of study, let alone this kind of cross-border teleportation array, I am afraid that only a few god-level formation masters in the clan dare to say that they can change it.

But remembering Shi Chen's previous powerful methods, Ji Rufeng still chose to believe and nodded, "In this case, I will ask Brother Shi to send our brother and sister away." I asked myself how much power I still have in the family, but I promise that Brother Shi will be my Ji family's eternal friends. "

That's a lot of weight.

Ji Rufeng, as the god king body of the Ji family, is the hope of the Ji family's generation, and the future must be the person in power of the Ji family, and his promise is to some extent the promise of the Ji family, which is equivalent to Shi Chen directly getting the backer of an immortal family.

Shi Chen shook his head and said, "Ji Gongzi didn't understand what I meant, although this formation can be changed, but because of the limited power of prohibition, only one person can be teleported, and after teleportation, this formation is basically scrapped." "


Ji Rufeng didn't expect this to be the case.

Ji Ruxue was simply, her big black eyes turned straight, and she said in a playful voice: "In that case, brother, you can go back by yourself, I will stay in the Nether." "

Ji Rufeng smiled bitterly and said, "I know that you have always loved to mess around and don't want to be bound by the family, but staying in the Nether is not a trivial matter, and I can't afford this responsibility." "

Don't look at him as the Ji family god king body, but Ji Ruxue is the little princess of the Ji family, the most loved by several elders, if you know that he left Ji Ruxue in the lower realm and returned to the upper realm by himself, you have to make a big fuss.

Ji Ruxue grimaced, jumped to Shi Chen's side, and said, "Then I'll follow Shi Gongzi, so you can always rest assured, right?" "

"With the strength of Brother Shi, there is indeed no one to rival in the Nether, but..." Ji Rufeng said halfway, suddenly thought of something, glanced at Ji Ruxue strangely, and coughed lightly: "Since you have decided, so be it, remember to be behaved around Brother Shi." "

After that, he turned to Shi Chen again and said, "Brother Shi, after you go down, my sister will ask you." "

Shi Chen thought for a moment and said meaningfully: "Don't worry, I will take care of Ling Mei." "

Ji Ruxue watched Ji Rufeng walk into the teleportation channel, and she was a little strange in her heart, she thought that Ji Rufeng would persuade her again, but she didn't expect to compromise so easily.

How did she know that Ji Rufeng had another idea so simply, that is, the strategy of selling sisters!

Ji Ruxue, as the little princess of the Ji family, normally she must marry with other holy places or immortal families.

But in Ji Rufeng's opinion, even the holy sons of those holy lands, the descendants of the immortal family, were completely unable to compare with Shi Chen's talent.

Instead of letting Ji Ruxue marry those guys he doesn't like, it is better to marry Shi Chen, so that the Immortal Ji family and Shi Chen are completely bound in the same boat.

It's just --

Ji Rufeng swept his eyes at Xia Qingxuan, the goddess of war, Mu Jiuhuang and other women beside Shi Chen, all their looks and temperaments were not under Ji Ruxue, and it was still a little difficult for her sister to win from it.

In this regard, he could only give Ji Ruxue an encouraging look.

Then the teleportation array was activated, and his figure disappeared directly without a trace.

At the same time, the teleportation formations left by the Green Emperor were also shattered one by one, and the yin and yang qi were fiercely squeezed from both sides, making the passage smaller and smaller until it was completely bridged.

Everyone was surprised when they saw this, and it was true that as Shi Chen said, this teleportation array could only be used once.

And Shi Chen had already arrived at the gate of all wonders at this time.

He didn't have the habit of entering the treasure mountain and returning empty, this time he saw the bronze immortal hall, even if it was the most precious treasure of the immortal king, he had to pluck a hair that could not be born.

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 77

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