Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 76

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 76


This is not a simple word, but this monk carved with his own blood, condensed his thoughts, and had an atmosphere that soared into the sky, like Hong Zhong Da Lu ringing in everyone's ears.

Everyone couldn't help but change color when they heard it, how much anger and unwillingness it was to condense such a pure resentment, which would not be extinguished through endless years.

Ji Rufeng carefully examined it again, stood up and said, "This person is wearing the clothes of the ancient era, and his cultivation has at least reached the Void Dao Realm during his lifetime. "

Void Realm?

Everyone couldn't help but feel numb when they heard this, it was one order higher than the Dao God King, and he could be called a saint, and under the suppression of the stronger and stronger Dao, there were not many such figures in the entire Upper Realm.

And such a Saint Realm powerhouse died here in obscurity, leaving no shocking holy tomb, nor any big vision, that is, it was peaceful and quiet, which also showed the treachery and horror of this place.

What made everyone feel the chill in their hearts the most was that there were hundreds of corpses here, could they all be saints of the Void Dao Realm? Even if the Ancient Era is more brilliant, it is difficult to put together so many saints, right?

Shi Chen seemed to understand what everyone was thinking, the purple pupils in his eyes flowed, and he swept all the hot bodies, and said flatly: "There are still a few strong people in the Void Dao Realm, plus there are only six of them. "

After that, he went straight forward and walked in front of a female corpse, who was one of the six Void Dao Realm powerhouses.

But seeing that this woman was lying on her back half-back, still maintaining her appearance before her death, she was a beautiful Taoist aunt, ice muscles and jade bones, like a snow lotus standing proudly on an iceberg.

She is undoubtedly a very terrifying existence, a saint of the Void Dao Realm, even in the years where she is, she must be a big person, but she died here desolately, and the death was extremely miserable, the whole heart was dug a big hole, and the whole heart disappeared.

When everyone heard Shi Chen say that there were only six Void Dao Realm powerhouses here, they were slightly relieved, and involuntarily followed him to the Peerless Daogu.

This aunt's palm was half-hidden, and it seemed that it had also left a genuine mark.

Mu Jiuhuang gritted his teeth, stepped forward to remove the palm of the beautiful Daogu, and there was indeed a line of blood words below, the holy blood was cast, and the words contained a magnificent charm, and at the moment when the palm was removed, the 313th moment bloomed with brilliant brilliance.

Then an incomparably cool and unwilling female voice resounded throughout the void:

"Dare to ask if there are immortals in the heavens?"

This is the beauty of the beautiful Daogu, not only written in her own holy blood, but also containing her strongest thoughts when her life is dying.

Although the momentum of this sentence is much worse than that of the previous person who has a fairy heart and shines through mountains and rivers, it makes me feel even more desolate.

Such a magnificent beauty, before she died, lost her heart and questioned the path she had been pursuing, which was undoubtedly a great tragedy for a cultivator.

Everyone showed a sad look, this is indeed a great sadness, the heavens and the earth have changed greatly, there is no fairy wizard in the world, no one can get immortality, the long years have undoubtedly made many people doubt the immortal road, suspecting that the history of the primeval era is false, and there are no immortals in this world at all.

It can be said that this sentence of the beautiful Taoist aunt expresses the thoughts of many people in the world.

Shi Chen didn't say much, and came to the third Void Dao Realm Saint, but he didn't leave a blood word, and his eyes were wide before he died, and he seemed to see an extremely incredible scene.

Immediately followed by the fourth Void Dao Realm Saint, who also did not leave a blood word, obviously not every saint wanted to show his dying will before he died.

Until the fifth Void Dao Realm Saint finally discovered the blood word again.

"Becoming an immortal, difficult! Difficult! Difficult! "

This person only left five words, but it was like five heavenly divine guns, piercing the sky, cutting through the void, and cutting off the heavens and the earth!

This is another state of mind, full of despair and sadness.

But Shi Chen's expression moved, and the Hell Oven behind him manifested, and a large stream of essence energy tumbled out, wrapping and refining all the Heavenly Divine Xia, and soon obtained a light golden talisman.

This saint is obviously a strong man who cultivates gun Dao, and before he dies, he fused his life's gun path perception into the five blood words left behind, and the value is even higher than the God King bone.

After all, the Divine King Bone only contains the inheritance of the Divine King Treasure Art and the Horned Dragon Clan, and this golden talisman is the inheritance of a saint, especially in this era of the last law that is rare for saints, it is even more precious.

When Ji Rufeng saw this scene, a hot color flashed in his eyes, even for the immortal family, the inheritance of a saint is not small, enough to start a big war.

However, he was not the kind of person who was addicted to lust, and he knew that he was definitely not Shi Chen's opponent, so he didn't say much, just didn't see it.

During this time, Xiangfeng, Long Yuanjiang and others had searched all the corpses, but they found nothing.

All the treasures on these people have been worn out by the years, and no one has left blood words.

"Maybe these people also left their last words, but they have disappeared under the washing of time, only the power of the holy blood is amazing, and it has not been extinguished through the changes of the brokerage yuan, and it has been passed down to the current world, so that I and other descendants have the opportunity to see it."

The goddess of war said quietly, which added three points of sadness to everyone's hearts.

The years are like swords and slashing the sky, without the cultivation of the Saint Realm, even after death, you can't even leave something behind, and the way of cultivation is so cruel.

"It is clear that this secret realm was born in the ancient era and set off a big wave, and countless strong people risked death to sneak in in order to become immortals, and they were eventually left here."

Shi Chen made a deference, which was also part of the scene he saw through the chaotic time and space of Shenxiao's heavy pupils.

It's just that even if he goes back to the past years, he still hasn't been able to find out how these people died, and the power to kill them is very mysterious, and he can avoid the prying eyes of Shenxiao's heavy pupils.

This was also the reason why his cultivation was too low, which greatly reduced the power of Shenxiao's heavy pupil.

Everyone passed over the bones and continued to move forward, and their mood became more and more nervous, and what they saw and heard along the way made them full of curiosity and fear about the ultimate of this road.

Except for the bones of those strong people in the ancient era, nothing was found on this road.

That is to say, this is a road that no one has traveled for hundreds of years, or even tens of millions of years, and it is terrifying.

Shi Chen only felt that he was in a desert, with no sun and moon, no life, and even no time flow, only a dead silence.

Fortunately, he had Shenxiao Heavy Pupil, and through the pupil technique, he directly locked a very powerful qi in front of him, so he would not be lost in this space.

I don't know how long I walked, Shi Chen finally came to the target he locked.

Everyone only felt that the scene in front of them was suddenly enlightened, but they couldn't help but be taken aback when they looked at it again.

I saw that in the endless fog ahead, a huge bronze portal stood suddenly, exuding extremely terrifying fluctuations, as if a flood beast was crawling on the ground, strong and soul-shaking.

"Bronze Immortal Temple? Could this be the legendary Bronze Immortal Temple? "

Ji Rufeng made a rare gaffe and exclaimed loudly.

Ji Ruxue also changed color slightly, obviously having heard the name of the Bronze Immortal Temple, and explained to everyone:

"Although there is no longer a fairy trail in the world after the primeval era, there is an endless stream of immortal seekers, and countless years have also spread various immortal road secrets, one of which is the bronze immortal temple."

"Legend has it that this bronze immortal hall is a supreme immortal treasure, containing the secret of becoming an immortal, and entering it has caused quite a stir."

"I always thought that this rumor was false, but I didn't expect that there really was a bronze immortal temple, and it was as mysterious as the legend (ccba)."

Xiangfeng, Mu Jiuhuang and the others heard about it for the first time, and they couldn't help but get more and more excited, but they didn't expect that the final pole of the immortal cave was the legendary bronze immortal hall containing the opportunity to become an immortal, which was enough for the saints to die for it.

Lin Ruyin thought of something, turned her head to look at Xia Qingxuan, and sure enough, saw Xia Qingxuan's eyes were dull, staring at the Bronze Immortal Hall tightly.

"What did Sister Mo Feixia think of?" Lin Ruyin asked curiously.

Xia Qingxuan took a deep breath, his eyes returned to clarity, and murmured, "I do have some memories that have been revived." This bronze immortal temple, I have seen it in the Chaotic Ancient Era, I have personally seen it kill many true immortals, and there are rumors that it is the dojo of the peerless immortal king of the Immortal Ancient Era, but it has not been confirmed. "

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Hearing this, everyone couldn't help but be surprised.

They originally thought that this bronze immortal hall was an immortal thing, but they did not expect that it could suppress true immortals, and it might even be the dojo of the peerless immortal king, which undoubtedly made the image of the bronze immortal hall in the hearts of everyone more mysterious and terrifying.

And the most shocking of these is the Ji family brothers and sisters, but they heard that Xia Qingxuan said that she had seen the Bronze Immortal Hall in the Chaotic Ancient Era, doesn't this mean that this woman is at least a figure of the Chaotic Ancient Era?

Ji Rufeng is already completely numb, doesn't it mean that the eight domains of the Nether Realm are just the medicinal fields of some big forces in the Upper Realm? How did he see a completely different style of painting.

Just these few people in front of them, almost all of them are strange, and they can also be called Tianjiao in the Upper Realm.

There is no need to say more about Shi Chen, who is the leader, he killed dozens of Dragon Bird Clan elders with the Cave Heaven Realm cultivation, which is unheard of at all, and even ancient history is not recorded, he went back to tell the clan, and the clan could not believe it.

Now another Xia Qingxuan has appeared, suspected to be an old monster who has survived since the primeval era.

If anyone told him what kind of medicine field the Nether was, he would directly slap it over.

However, Xia Qingxuan's words also made him feel a state in his heart, and subconsciously asked: "In this way, this bronze immortal hall is really a treasure of the immortal path, containing the opportunity to become an immortal?" "

Xia Qingxuan said, "There is no doubt that the Bronze Immortal Hall was something from before the primeval era, and there are indeed treasures in it that are enough to make true immortals move, but whether it can make people become immortals is unknown." "

Ji Rufeng excitedly said, "A treasure that even a true immortal is excited about? That must be the existence of immortal qi, which is the most difficult step to become an immortal in future generations. "

Everyone is also bright, the biggest trouble in becoming an immortal in the future is that there is no immortal qi, there is no environment to become an immortal, if the bronze immortal hall is rich in immortal qi, it is just like the environment of the primeval era, naturally there is more hope of becoming an immortal.

Xia Qingxuan sneered: "That's right, but even the entry of true immortals is life-threatening, how much life do you think people below the true immortal realm can have when they enter?" "

Everyone nodded when they heard this, they actually forgot about this stubble.

This bronze immortal hall is an extremely dangerous place, the ruins of the ancient emperor dynasty on the periphery, and the hundreds of corpses of strong people in front of the immortal hall all prove that it is very dangerous, and just approaching it will cost you your life.

And if it is really as Xia Qingxuan said, then the inside of this bronze immortal hall is more terrifying than the periphery, and even the legendary existence of true immortals is risky.

In other words, even if they have already preached the Great Emperor, they must weigh whether they can avoid the killing in the Immortal Temple.

"Look, there are words above the Immortal Temple!"

At this moment, Xiangfeng suddenly let out an exclamation.

However, the position that originally shrouded the top of the Bronze Immortal Hall had been shrouded in a layer of fog, and at this time, the fog dispersed, revealing the scene inside.

I saw that above the huge bronze portal, there was a word engraved, a word that was completely written in blood - immortal!

What kind of word is this, exuding an incomparably terrifying imperial throne, as if suppressing the heavens and universes, the handwriting carved by the holy blood outside in front of this word, like a mayfly compared to the sea, the gap is unimaginable.

Even after the change of era, this word still exudes a strong breath of life, as if it has just been written.

Especially when everyone tried to sweep away with their thoughts, a terrifying illusion appeared in front of them instantly, a white-clothed female emperor stood proudly on the top of the firmament, with a broken bronze mask on her face, unable to see her true face, but with a peerless figure.

This illusion is fleeting, but it is like a brand, deeply imprinted in everyone's memory and can never be erased.

"Horror! Could it be that the figure just now wrote the existence of this immortal character? What is her origin? "

Mu Jiuhuang said speechlessly.

As proud as her, she couldn't help but feel a sense of humility when she saw the white-clothed female emperor in the illusion, as if she was just a weed on the side of the road, not worth mentioning.

This feeling did not even appear when facing Xia Qingxuan, after all, although Xia Qingxuan came from an amazing background, the Buddha-figure was also a powerful spirit body of the Divine Fire Realm in the end.

The rest of the crowd felt the same as Mu Jiuhuang, the entire sea of knowledge was occupied by that white-clothed emperor shadow, and their hearts were shocked beyond belief.

"The Great! That figure is definitely an existence above the Great Emperor, even..."

Ji Rufeng muttered, recalling that he had had the privilege of seeing the true works of the ancestor of the Ji family emperor once, and felt the strong will of this ancestor of the great emperor.

It seems that it is far inferior to this white-clothed female emperor.

But this remark was too offensive to his ancestor, and Ji Rufeng still didn't say it after all, only sighed lightly: "I don't know if this person is an emperor or an immortal." "

Deep down, he still didn't want to admit that there were ruthless people among the emperors who far surpassed his ancestors.

Even Shi Chen showed a meaningful look, secretly guessing the identity of this white-clothed emperor shadow in his heart, I don't know if it is the one he imagined, if so, then this upper realm is interesting.

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 76

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