Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 74

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 74

Outside the Immortal Cave.

There are also many forces gathering here, each with a large number of followers.

Even some of them have already entered the Immortal Cave.

"The Heavenly Emperor is here!"

"Is it that chaotic body, does he also want to enter the immortal cave?"

Seeing the Heavenly Emperor chariot roaring, all the young Tianjiao exclaimed one after another, with awe in their eyes.

Although not many people witnessed Shi Chen's battle to kill the Jin Peng Emperor in Sky City, under the spread of those who witnessed it, it had long spread throughout the entire Tiandu Mountain Forbidden Land, and everyone knew about it.

This is the forbidden land of Heaven Broken Mountain, those who can enter here are Tianjiao below the Spirit Realm, even if they are amazing, they will fight at the first order at most, compared to Shichen Town's record of killing the Venerable Realm Demon Emperor is simply a monster, who can not be afraid?

However, Shi Chen ignored these people and directly rushed into the immortal cave.

Mu Jiuhuang looked around and said curiously, "Isn't this immortal cave known as a more dangerous place than the Burial God Ridge?" How do you feel that more people come to explore here. "

The goddess of war explained: "The Immortal Grotto and the Funeral God Ridge are both great terrifying places, but compared to the mysterious and unpredictable killing formations that are full of Funeral God Ridge, the periphery of the Immortal Grotto is not dangerous, you only need to deal with the living dead. "

Everyone nodded in understanding, the unknown is the most terrifying, just in terms of the periphery, the Burial God Ridge is indeed more terrifying.

After all, not everyone has such a terrifying means as Shi Chen, not only can they see through the forbidden killing formation, but they can also push it at will.

The goddess of war continued: "Not only that, because the aura in the immortal cave is extremely rich, even in the outer areas, there are a large number of treasure medicines, and the harvest that can be obtained here is far beyond the Burial God Ridge. Of course, the aura in the inner area is more concentrated, and there are more treasure medicines, but it is too dangerous, and almost no one dares to set foot on it. "

As she spoke, the Heavenly Emperor chariot had already roared to the outer area, and at a glance there were a large number of palaces, each of which was incomparably magnificent, as if it was a supreme holy place.

But most of these palaces have collapsed, leaving only the remnants of broken walls, and a gray fog hangs over them, giving people a sense of desolation over endless years.

Xiang Feng, Lin Ruyin and others couldn't help but tighten their hearts when they saw this scene, this thick and slaughtering feeling was indeed far beyond the Burial God Ridge, which made their speculation about the real immortal miracle here more certain.

"Roar, roar, roar..."

At the moment when everyone had just landed, there was a low roar from all directions, accompanied by a strong and extreme resentment, as if a ghost crawling out of the Netherworld Hell.

Everyone subconsciously hugged together, and soon saw the living dead in various clothes rushing from all directions.

The eyes of these living dead are empty, their clothes are shattered, and the exposed skin is blue-gray, and the surface is faintly covered with a layer of esoteric lines, shining from time to time, full of evil feelings.

They have long lost their human intelligence, and only resentment and killing thoughts remain in their minds, and the voice they make is also an unconscious low roar.

Xiangfeng was the most daring, and was the first to rush out, and the phantom shadow of the Hell God Elephant Lord behind him emerged, and he blasted out with a punch.

The power of this punch was terrifying, and it instantly killed all the dozens of oncoming living dead into slag.

"Haha, how evil I am when these living dead are, but it is still the strength of the Cave Heaven Realm, and it is not worth mentioning!"

Xiang Feng said arrogantly, his figure flashed, and he killed another army of the living dead in public.

Seeing this, the rest of the followers also forged ahead, and soon killed the army of thousands of living dead.

The goddess of war sighed with emotion: "Although this place is the outermost layer, so many living dead rush together, anyone will run away, I am afraid that only we can wipe them all out." "

There are many records of the Immortal Cave in Zhulu Mountain, and most of the chapters emphasize one thing, that is, when encountering an army of the living dead, they immediately avoid, and must not fall into a heavy siege.

Although there is an army of the living dead, there must be many treasures, but there must also be a life to get it.

It's just that these ancestors couldn't have imagined that a figure like Shi Chen would appear in the future life, and a large number of demon geniuses were gathered around them, and an army of the living dead would be destroyed casually.


The hell oven behind Shi Chen manifested, and one after another the essence qi scattered like a horse, rolling up those colorful treasure medicines on the ground, refining them in a few strokes, turning them into the power of billowing qi and blood.

"Yes, the aura here is indeed extremely rich, the treasure medicine qi and blood that grows are full, and there is a trace of mysterious power."

Shi Chen felt the qi and blood transmitted from the Hell Oven, and suddenly turned his palm, and a wisp of undetectable white silk appeared in his palm.

This wisp of white silk is the mysterious substance that Shi Chen said, and there is a little bit on each treasure medicine, and Shi Chen fuses them together to have this little, less than one ten-thousandth of a hair.

The goddess of war looked over and said in a deep voice: "The secret code of Chaolu Mountain records that many ancient forces obtained the corpses of the living dead in the immortal cave, and after research, they found that they contained immortal Dao substances, could it be that this is what they mean?" "

Shi Chen's heart moved when he heard this, and the hell oven behind him erupted again, turning into countless essence qi and curling towards the corpses of those living dead.

Soon, these corpses were completely refined by the Hell Oven, and a strand of white silk comparable to hair appeared in Shi Chen's palm.

"It seems that this is the Immortal Dao substance."

The purple pupils in Shi Chen's eyes flowed, and he tried to analyze the composition of the white silk in front of him, but he was hindered by many obstacles, and he was even more sure that this was the legendary immortal qi.

If the structure of this immortal Dao substance is completely analyzed with the anti-heavenly understanding, can it directly transform the spiritual power in the body into a more powerful immortal qi?

That's no small feat.

The primeval era is broken, there is no longer a fairy wizard between heaven and earth, and no one can become an immortal, in addition to the change in the rules of heaven and earth, the biggest reason is that there is no immortal energy available in the world.

Without immortal qi, even if you are the Great Emperor Nine Heavens, you will not be able to transform the immortal body and prove the immortal path.

And if he could transform spiritual power into immortal power in advance, and then nourish his body and turn into an immortal body, wouldn't he directly cross the most difficult step of not being able to become an immortal after the primeval era?

This is an extremely bold idea, and even if others think of it, they only think it is a fantasy.

After all, immortal qi is a real origin substance, conceived for heaven and earth, and cannot be acquired, even if the true immortals and immortal kings filled with immortal qi in the body only incorporate the immortal qi from the outside world into the body, they can call immortal qi, but they don't know the structure of immortal qi at all, let alone conjure immortal qi out of thin air.

Under the whole world, only Shi Chen, who has the ability to defy the heavens, has the possibility of achieving this feat.

Thinking like this, Shi Chen couldn't help but be interested in this immortal cave, and waved his big hand, "Keep going!" "

He wants to get more Immortal Dao substances to help him quickly crack the structure of Immortal Qi.




The scene that happened in the Funeral God Ridge reappeared here, Xiangfeng and Lin Ruyin took the lead in opening the way, invincible all the way, and destroyed several armies of the living dead in a row.

As they went deeper and deeper, everyone's expressions became nervous, they had not encountered the Tianjiao of other forces for a long time.

Obviously, although they arrived later, they had already rushed to the front.

"This is the costume of the Great Spirit Sect, this Great Sect was destroyed three thousand years ago, and this place is already close to the deepest part of the outer region."

The goddess of war checked the clothes of a living dead man and reported to everyone with a solemn face.

Long Yuanjiang, Nangong Xue and the others all showed a trace of horror when they heard this, they actually fought with the ancients three thousand years ago!

Even Xiang Feng and Lin Ruyin felt a trace of pressure when they heard this. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

This immortal cave has a rich spiritual energy and contains immortal Dao substances, the more ancient the living dead, the more nourished by Spiritual Qi, the more Immortal Dao substances in the body, and the stronger the strength.

If you continue to move forward, even with their strength, you will not be able to eat it.

Only Shi Chen still looked indifferent, and said flatly: "Continue to move forward." "

The white silk with the thickness of the hair in his palm had accumulated more than a dozen, wrapped into a white ball, suspended in the void, exuding a strange aura.

Shi Chen could clearly feel that this strange aura had a huge attraction to the living dead in the immortal cave, which was why they constantly encountered the army of the living dead.

"Boom boom..."

As it deepened, everyone finally entered the inner area, and Shi Chen also made a move for the first time, sacrificing the four divine beasts to the heavens, forming the Four Spirits Killing Array, strangling an army of the living dead.

And the living dead here are already ancients tens of thousands of years ago.

"Oh my God, how do I feel that this immortal cave is far from the end?"

Mu Jiuhuang muttered softly, her mentality was about to explode, she never expected that there would be such a terrifying forbidden area in a secret realm that would limit cultivation to the Cave Heaven Realm,

The army of the living dead that Fang Cai Shichen casually strangled was all existence at the level of the demon king of the array realm, and even if an ancient country or great sect could not have so many strong people in the array realm.

Thunder come!

Shi Chen led everyone all the way flat, and the Thunder Emperor Cave appeared behind him, and the atmospheric blood array continuously provided thunder power, and the terrifying Thunder Emperor Treasure Art was released at will.

He found that thunder has a special restraining effect on evil things, whether it is the beasts in the Burial God Ridge or the living dead here, they are very afraid of the Thunder Emperor Treasure Art.

This undoubtedly accelerated the speed of Shi Chen and the others' flat push.

I don't know how long I walked, the scene in front of me suddenly changed, and a huge cold pool appeared, and wisps of cold air emerged from the surface of the pool, making people's sweat all over the body stand upside down.

"There is no road ahead, is this the end of the Immortal Cave?"

Lin Ruyin blinked and asked, unconsciously relieved in her heart.

Xia Qingxuan looked around, suddenly stared at the cold air wafting out of the cold pool, and said in shock: "Immortal Dao substance!" What came out of this cold pool was the immortal Dao substance, could it be that the bottom of the pool was the real immortal cave? "

This shocked everyone?

This immortal Dao substance that filled the entire palace complex actually came out of the cold pool?

The purple light in Shi Chen's eyes was prosperous, and at this moment, he urged Shenxiao's heavy pupils to the extreme, and performed one of the taboo pupil techniques: breaking the ancient and modern years, rebelling against the river of time!

At the moment when Shi Chen activated the pupil technique, the whole person seemed to be dragged into the river of time, all the way upstream, surpassing the ancient era and coming to the mysterious medieval era.

A godless dynasty stands on the earth, with countless vast and magnificent palaces, there are extreme emperor soldiers to suppress luck, and many saints support the national road, which is extremely brilliant.

But suddenly, countless angers rose up into the sky.

As if there was a prohibition broken, the underground cold pool manifested, and endless cold aura enveloped the entire imperial dynasty.

The emperor dynasty was extremely brilliant, and after noticing this abnormality, he immediately rose up to resist, and many saints gathered, jointly performing 947 holy arts, and the emperor of the emperor controlled the extreme road imperial soldiers, wanting to suppress Hantan.

But everything they did was in vain, and under the spread of the terrifying cold, the entire imperial dynasty was submerged, the sages decayed, the imperial soldiers were dusted, and the huge palace complex was reduced to ruins.


The heavy pupil light dimmed, Shi Chen returned to reality, and Rao couldn't help but gasp with his determination.

This palace complex turned out to be an imperial dynasty belonging to the Middle Ages.

That's an amazing thing.

After the destruction of the primeval era, although there is no longer a fairy trace in heaven and earth, the suppression of the Dao is not terrifying, and there are often strong people in heaven and earth who preach the supreme, seize the mark of the heart of the heavens, transform the emperor, and control the destiny of heaven.

After the death of these brilliant emperors, the bloodline is still there, and with the suppression of the Extreme Dao Emperor soldiers, often the Dao system can still be brilliant for a long time.

For example, the emperor dynasty in the picture he saw, not only the extreme emperor soldiers are still there, but there are also a large number of saints in the dynasty, except for the truly brilliant emperor, no force can challenge such an imperial dynasty.

And it was such a powerful imperial dynasty that was directly erased because of the cold pool that emerged from the ground, and even those saints could not escape.


At this moment, Shi Chen has completely determined that the immortal cave is indeed an immortal ruin, and this cold pool is the real immortal cave, and only the legendary existence of the immortal can overthrow an imperial dynasty so easily.

"Get in!"

Shi Chen took the lead, his whole body was boiling, and one cave after another manifested behind him, wrapping everyone in the ground.


At the moment when Shi Chen and the others entered the cold pool, two terrifying monsters suddenly emerged from the depths of the cold pool and rushed straight towards Shi Chen.

"Divine Fire Realm!"

Xia Qingxuan exclaimed, these two monsters who could not distinguish their race clearly exuded the aura of the Divine Fire Realm.

Everyone was completely shocked and speechless.

There are still gods of the Divine Fire Realm in this immortal cave, which is the realm suppressed by the Nether Avenue, and it takes tens of thousands of years to produce one.

Although Shi Chen was shocked in his heart, his hand movements were not slow, and he casually turned into six divine swords with flickering cold light, and rushed straight towards the two Divine Fire Realm monsters.

This was exactly the primordial treasure art he obtained after entering the Cave Heaven Realm—the Chaos Quenching Sword Technique.

It is also his biggest hole card killing move so far.

"Boom! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! ......"

A series of explosions sounded, and the two Divine Fire Realm monsters directly turned into flying ash under the bombardment of the six Chaos Divine Swords.

At this moment, Xia Qingxuan, the goddess of war, Xiangfeng and the others were all dumbfounded.

What they saw, Shi Chen actually casually destroyed two powerhouses of the Divine Fire Realm.

That's the Divine Fire Realm!.

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 74

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