Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 73

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 73


Looking at the huge black coffin, everyone felt a tingling sensation in their scalps.

There is no doubt that this is the coffin of a god, and it is by no means an ordinary god, and the mysterious divine pattern on the surface of the black coffin is enough to prove all this.

This burial god ridge turned out to be really a burial place for gods.

What frightened everyone the most was what the sealer said just now, this was originally a small world of Meru, where the coffin of the gods was placed, but now the small world of Meru was shattered, and even the coffins of the gods fell to the ground.

Could it be that all this was done by the Chaos Body?

Thinking of this, everyone couldn't help but shiver, and their awe of Shi Chen reached the extreme.

And at this moment, the huge black coffin like an endless mountain range weathered in front of everyone's eyes, turning into countless black gravel, dissipating with the wind.

This scene shocked everyone again.

The girl of the Yu tribe stepped forward and said, "Divine Messenger, why did this black coffin disappear?" Is it just an illusion? "

"Illusions? The god king buried here has been confirmed several times by my clan, and there will never be a fake. The sealer said with great certainty, and then muttered, "But both the God King and her coffin are from the last era, but being in the small world of Meru has isolated the power of time and has not been damaged." At this time, exposed to the outside world, the power of time is added, and naturally it cannot last forever. "

Everyone then understood that after all, it was the power of the entire era of "207", even if the divine gold was about to wear out.

But the girl of the Yu Clan caught something and said in shock: "God King? Fang Cai's divine envoy said that this black coffin was buried with a god king? "

"That's right! According to the records of our clan, a slashing god king who reached the realm of heavenly gods and passed the holy sacrifice is buried here. If it were just an ordinary god, my clan would not take it seriously. "

The divine envoy said proudly, and there was no need to hide the matter at this point.

"God King, this, this is also too terrible."

The sealers who followed the girl of the Feather Clan couldn't help but show shock, a god was enough to sweep the Nether Invincible, they couldn't imagine how powerful the God King who had passed the Holy Sacrifice should be.

The Silver-Blooded Giant Ape and other Tianjiao of all races were also dumbfounded, and the great fame of the Burial God Ridge has been passed down for countless years, but who would have thought that the burial here was not an ordinary god at all, but a god king!

At this time, if it spreads, the entire wasteland will be shaken.

The girl of the Yu clan frowned: "The god king is dead, her bones and coffin also have the power of time, as long as she leaves the small world of Meru, it will be wiped out, so what is the purpose of the nobles to come here at great cost?" "

She knew that behind this divine envoy was the Upper Realm Great Clan Fire Crystal Clan, even in the Taikoo Royal Clan, it was quite strong, and the masters in the clan were like clouds, and there were not a few gods.

The Funeral God Ridge that can make the hearts of such a big force think, she doesn't believe that it will be without any intentions.

The divine envoy sneered and said gloomily, "This is the end of the matter, so it doesn't hurt to tell you." The God King bone and the God King coffin are indeed useless things, but her rune bone was accidentally preserved, that is the God King Origin Bone, you should know what value it is. "

"The rune bone of the God King has been preserved?"

The Feather Clan girl's eyes widened, and she finally understood why the Upper Realm Great Clan Fire Crystal Clan valued this matter so much.

That is the biggest creation of a god king, not only the inheritance of the god king family, but also the god king treasure art that the god king has worked hard to understand all his life, which is absolutely extraordinary, enough to make the immortal family moved.

"So, that God King Rune Bone was taken away by the Chaos Body?"

A sealer said with great excitement.

The rest of the people also frowned, the chaotic body is boundless, even the demon emperor can openly kill, the god king rune bone fell into his hands, who can take it?

The girl of the Feather Clan said, "Since the nobles already know that the God King Rune Bone is still there, indicating that they have entered the small world of Meru before, why not take it away directly?" "

"Take away? Is it so easy for you to break into the burial place of the god king? "

"My clan has investigated several times before, although it is known that the God King Rune Bone is still there, but due to the overflow of God King killing thought, many beasts have been formed, and the strongest has reached the Demon Emperor Realm, and the strong people of my clan cannot approach at all."

"It wasn't until last year that my clan finally cultivated a supreme treasure that could receive the divine power of the upper realm and briefly make the gods of my clan manifest their will in the lower realm."

"But I didn't expect that a demon like the Chaos Body was born in the Nether, and it was able to kill the Demon Emperor with the body of the Cave Heaven Realm, and we took the God King Rune Bone in advance."

The divine messenger explained all the reasons, and his face showed a depressed look.

All this is indeed too unexpected, let alone him, the entire Upper Realm Fire Crystal Clan could not have imagined that a Nether Cave Heaven Realm Tianjiao could deal with a demon emperor-level beast.

But he didn't know that the extremely terrifying demon emperor-level beast in his eyes was not worth mentioning to Shi Chen at all, and the real big terror in that small world of Meru was the spirit corpse born from the corpse of the god king.

If he was allowed to enter first, not only would everyone die at the hands of the god king's spirit corpse, but even the will of the gods who were summoned to the nether realm would be eroded, and their vitality would be greatly damaged.

"So how is it now?"

The girl of the Yu Clan stomped her foot, quite distressed, if this matter could not be done, their Yu Clan's plan to climb the Fire Crystal Clan would be ruined.

The god envoy pondered for a moment, flipped his hand and took out a jade talisman, and sneered: "It's okay! That Divine King bone will be kept there for a while, and when it comes out of the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, I will let him spit it out. "

The girl of the feather tribe looked at the mysterious jade talisman and immediately understood that this thing was the most precious treasure that the divine envoy said could receive the divine power of the upper realm.

According to the understanding of the Yu Clan, the Upper Realm Fire Crystal Clan is extremely powerful, not only many gods of the Divine Fire Realm, but even the true gods of the True One Realm.

If the will of the true god can be manifested in the Nether, it should not be a problem to kill the chaotic body.

After all, in her opinion, even if Shi Chen was a demon, killing the demon emperor would be the end, and he would never have the strength to confront the will of the true god.

Thinking like this, the eyes of the girl of the Yu clan couldn't help but show a little expectation.

This is definitely Shi Chen's big crisis, and one carelessness will destroy his body and soul.

She still remembered the coldness when Shi Chen refused her invitation before, and then she wanted to see if Shi Chen could still maintain that arrogance.



Shi Chen and the others had already left the Burial God Ridge thousands of miles in the Heavenly Emperor chariot.

The goddess of war looked at the Funeral God Ridge, which was half shrouded in hazy mist, and sighed lightly: "From now on, the forbidden area of the Immortal God Ridge will no longer exist. "

When everyone heard this, they also sighed in their hearts, and a forbidden area of immortals and gods was destroyed under their own eyes, and it was inevitable that they could not feel a lot of emotion.

In particular, this Immortal God Forbidden Area was even more terrifying than they imagined, and in retrospect, there was a sense of suffocation on the verge of death.

"Master, are we really going to go to the Immortal Cave at our next stop?"

Mu Jiuhuang served beside Shi Chen, and whispered a question while pouring tea.

Although Lin Ruyin, Xiang Feng and the others were calm on the surface, they all pricked up their ears, and their hearts were extremely nervous.

After experiencing the Funeral God Ridge, they had already deeply realized the horror of the forbidden land of the Heavenly Broken Mountain, although their cultivation was limited to the Cave Heaven Realm, it was definitely ten thousand times more dangerous than the Cave Heaven area of the Void Heaven Realm.

Xia Qingxuan looked into the distance, his eyes were cloudy, and without waiting for Shi Chen to speak, he said first: "I have some memories revived, the formation of this Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land is related to a big war in the primeval era, I seem to have participated in that big war, and personally killed the true immortals.......... Immortal caves, maybe there really are immortals. "

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent for a moment.

Mu Jiuhuang's wrist holding the teacup shook, and he almost spilled all the tea. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )


This is already an almost legendary term.

Since the primeval era, there has been no fairy wizard in heaven and earth, and there have been rumors about the red dust fairy, but they have been proved to be false.

Everyone agreed that the final battle of destruction in the primeval era shattered the Immortal Domain, and there was no longer any possibility of becoming an immortal in the world.

For thousands of years, I don't know how many amazing talents and powers, in the end, they could not enter the gate of the immortal path, and they died of hatred all their lives.

Now Xia Qingxuan actually said that there may really be immortals in the immortal cave, how can this not make their scalps numb.

If you come to a funeral god ridge again and again, there are really immortals buried in the immortal cave, and give birth to a spirit corpse, then the fun can be great, I am afraid that even those powers in the upper realm will all drink hatred in the lower realm.

The goddess of war also echoed: "The Immortal Grotto is indeed more dangerous and terrifying than the Burial God Ridge, there are endless years in the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain, and there have been many forces trying to spy on the truth in the Immortal Grotto, but without exception, they have suffered heavy losses. "

"So what did they find?"

Long Yuanjiang asked nervously.

The goddess of war raised her eyes to look at everyone and said meaningfully: "So far, the most terrifying danger shown in the immortal cave is the living dead. "

"The living dead?" Everyone was surprised what this meant.

"As I said earlier, in the endless years of existence of the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, many forces have sent teams to try to investigate the mysteries in the Immortal Cave, and almost none of them can retreat from the whole body, at least most of them will die."

"But hundreds of thousands of years later, those who had died came to life and became part of the army of the living dead in the immortal cave."

"The strength of these living dead is more than ten times stronger than before they were alive, and they have no spiritual intelligence, do not know pain, and will only blindly attack those who enter the immortal cave."

"And such a living dead is almost all over the entire immortal cave, the deeper you go, the older the age of the living dead, the more terrifying the strength, and even the strong people who cultivated for the Venerable Realm before their deaths, the strength of the living dead who became infinitely close to the Divine Fire Realm."

"There was a big force Tianjiao who risked death to carry a living dead man inside 0.7 out of the forbidden land, but the living dead exploded into countless pieces of meat the moment he came out."

"These pieces of meat were divided equally by many ancient forces, secretly studied, and it is said that someone discovered the substance of the Immortal Dao from them."

"So maybe it's really as Senior Xia said, there are really immortals in the immortal cave."

The goddess of war slowly told this secret.

Everyone was directly stupid after listening to it.

Especially Lin Ruyin, Mu Jiuhuang, and other people from other domains, who had no understanding of the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, covered their mouths directly at this time, for fear of shouting.

Xia Qingxuan revived his memory and bluntly said that the formation of the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain was related to the Great War of the Archean Era, in which Xia Qingxuan killed a true immortal in that battle, which is enough to prove that there are definitely immortal signs in the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain.

The goddess of war based on the records of the major forces exploring the immortal cave, told the strangeness in the immortal cave, and the substances detected in the immortal path in the flesh of the living dead.

Based on the statements of these two people, everyone is almost certain that there are definitely immortal signs in the immortal cave.

Although I don't know if this immortal sign is an immortal corpse or an immortal path supreme treasure, no matter what kind of it is, it is absolutely terrifying, and it cannot be touched by their realm.

But Shi Chen was not afraid, and only said flatly: "In this way, it makes me more interested in this immortal cave, so let me see if there are really immortals in this immortal cave." "。

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 73

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