Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 72

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 72

In mid-air, Shi Chen stood with his hands in his hands, silently feeling the changes in the dantian.

"Ten Thousand Dao Reincarnation Law" is worthy of being a more ultimate method that he deduced on top of "Six Dao Reincarnation Heavenly Gong", and its power has definitely reached the level of the Immortal Emperor Law.

Especially the killing technique formed by the fusion of the thirteen supreme treasure arts cast by Fang Cai Shichen, even with his current profound background, it is somewhat unsupportable, and the qi and blood in the thirteen cave heavens are almost bottomed out.

If this blow failed to completely kill the God King Spirit Corpse, then he could only use his final power.

Fortunately, the spirit corpse of the god king is not a god king, but the spiritual wisdom born from the only bit of divinity left after the death of the god king, and it is even more bound to this small world of Sumeru, constantly being worn out, and it is a world away from the real god king.

And the victory of this battle also made Shi Chen get a huge gain, the god king spirit corpse was transformed into a wisp of immortal divinity of the god king, and at the same time that he destroyed the god king spirit corpse, he also pocketed this wisp of pure god king origin.

This is a ray of divine brilliance of the peerless God King, which is nothing for the existence above the Heavenly God Realm, but it is a supreme treasure for Shi Chen now, enough for him to open up more than two cave heavens, which is not known how many times stronger than the rain god divinity he obtained from the Rain God Decree.

Compared with the divine brilliance, the divine bone he obtained was the supreme treasure, and it was the essence of this god king, containing the divine king's treasure art, inscribed the ultimate inheritance of his clan.

Normally, such talented race powerhouses will take the initiative to refine or destroy the Origin Talisman Bone before they die, so as to prevent outsiders from obtaining their ~ race's great art.

But I don't know why this god king didn't choose to do this, and in the end it was for nothing - cheap Shi Chen.

The power of this God King Treasure Art has only been personally experienced, it is absolutely terrifying, the God King Spirit Corpse has not refined it, but can burst out such divine power by relying on the urging of corpse fire.

If he used this divine bone to open up another cave for the true spirit, then he would perform the Divine King Treasure Technique, and his power would definitely be several times stronger.

"Congratulations to Gongzi Chen for obtaining the Divine Bone, this is the talisman bone of the peak horned clan of the Taikoo royal clan, and it is extremely rare even in the primeval era."

Just when Shi Chen was studying the divine bone, the palace beauty actually took the initiative to step forward and tell the origin of this talisman bone.

"Horned clan?"

Shi Chen muttered, there was no impression, there were countless powerful races in the upper realm, and the horned clan was just one of them, but this palace beauty made him more interested.

"You are the sword spirit in the Qingxuan Ancient Sword, right? The spirit body has been born with a spirit fetus, at least tens of thousands of years of creation, and it is rare among all the artifact spirits, but in comparison, I am more interested in your true origin. "

Shi Chen looked at the palace beauty with heavy pupils and said meaningfully.

When the palace beauty heard this, her heart suddenly burst out, and she subconsciously asked, "Could it be that Chengongzi discovered me when he was in the Void Heaven Realm?" So why didn't you explain it directly at the time? "

"Why do you need to do it? Whether you are an instrument spirit or something else, in my opinion, it is Lin Ruyin's heritage. Although I am the master, I have no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of my followers. "

"Of course, this is also my ability to see that you have no malice towards Lin Ruyin, otherwise I would have let you die out of your soul."

Shi Chen said lightly.

The palace beauty was even more frightened and incredible when she heard this, her existence was extremely extraordinary, this Shi Chen must be clear, if it was someone else, such as that heavy pupil, after knowing her existence, he would definitely try to get benefits from her.

As a result, when he arrived at Shi Chen, he didn't care at all, and he didn't even bother to debunk it, only treating her as Lin Ruyin's personal thing.

Especially the second sentence, it made the palace beauty feel cold all over, and I believed that Shi Chen really did what he said.

If nothing else, the Chaos God Seal that Shi Chen gave to Lin Ruyin alone had a powerful and unfathomable power, which made her feel palpitations.

After straightening out all this, she had no intention of disguising herself in front of Shi Chen, and when she revealed her origin and inventory, she said in a gentle tone:

"As Chengongzi can see, the concubine body does have an extremely extraordinary origin."

"But it seems that because I experienced some kind of catastrophe, my memory is incomplete, and the memories before the primeval years are all dusted."

"Even the memories of the ancient era are vague, and they can only be triggered when they encounter any opportunity, such as the corpse of the god king of the horned clan."

"I woke up from the confusion, I was already in the Nether, so I named myself Xia Qingxuan, single-handedly created the Qingxuan Sword Sect, and cultivated all the way to ignite the divine fire."

"But the Nether Realm has the rule of the Great Dao to suppress, the Venerable Realm is the end, and the Divine Fire Realm is the limit, no matter what, it is impossible to break it again."

"So with some broken memories, I transformed myself into a sacrificial spirit and continued to protect the Qingxuan Sword Sect."

"Later, the Qingxuan Sword Sect declined and suffered a great calamity, and I couldn't return to the sky until the last drop of blood, so I could only invest the Qingxuan Ancient Sword as a sword spirit, leave with a group of disciples, and continue the incense."

"The years have passed in a hurry, since I named myself Xia Qingxuan, ten thousand years have passed."

Hearing the palace beauty unhurriedly coming from the beginning, Xiang Feng, Mu Jiuhuang and the others all widened their eyes in shock.

Because the experience of palace beauty is too mysterious.

Just listening to her narration, you can see that she must have been a brilliant character, even in the terrifying heaven and earth catastrophe, survived a few eras, and was reborn in the nether realm, but the memory was sealed in dust.

Even without this great origin, just what she did in the Nether was shocking enough.

Self-named Xia Qingxuan, established the Qingxuan Sword Sect, carried the avenue to suppress and ignite the divine fire, and finally made the Qingxuan Sword Sect become a domain master, shocking the Nether, and then transformed into a sacrificial spirit and a sword spirit, which has continued for 10,000 years.

Even Shi Chen was quite impressed, this talent was even stronger than the ancient demon god of that ancient divine mountain, if it were not for the suppression of the Dao in the Nether, it would definitely be able to go further, and it was not impossible to achieve the Supreme.

"This time, you voluntarily took action to protect my followers, which can be regarded as meritorious service, and I should reward you." For example, divide you a trace of the divine brilliance of the God King, help you stabilize your soul body, and cultivate to a higher level, you see. "

Shi Chen thought for a moment and said slowly.

Although Xia Qingxuan's origin is indeed a big horror, it is necessary for others to interrogate well, but it doesn't matter to Shi Chen, he knows too much big terror, compared to Xia Qingxuan is nothing in it.

For example, no matter how amazing the origin of this Xia Qingxuan is, it cannot be greater than the origin of Liu Xian.

Even in the Forbidden Land of Broken Mountain on this day, there is a greater existence than Xia Qingxuan's origin, how strange?

Xia Qingxuan saw that he had all the roots of Daoming, but still failed to get Shi Chen's full attention, and he couldn't help but be more and more surprised, and he secretly sighed in his heart that he was an invincible chaotic body, and his eyes were empty, and no great terror could shake his mind.

Such an existence, even if it is placed in the Immortal Ancient Era, will definitely shine brightly, striking the nine heavens and ten lands, and it is invincible.

Thinking so, Xia Qingxuan finally made a decision in his heart, and saluted slightly: "I have established a bloodline contract with Lin Ruyin for the Qingxuan Sword Spirit, since Chen Gongzi is Lin Ruyin's master, he is naturally the master of my Xia Qingxuan, and it is natural to contribute to the master." "

Everyone showed shock, but they didn't expect Xia Qingxuan to say such a thing.

Even if it is not counting her great terrifying background, she was once the overlord of the Divine Fire Realm who suppressed a domain, which can be called the existence of a god, and actually offered to be a follower of Shi Chen?

This is undoubtedly a huge impact on everyone, especially the goddess of war, and the last trace of hesitation in her heart has disappeared.

Even an invincible existence like Xia Qingxuan in the Nether Realm is willing to be a follower of Shi Chen, which shows how lucky this is, and it is really a great creation for her to become a follower.

Shi Chen also did not expect that Xia Qingxuan would be so decisive, but he would not refuse, and nodded slightly: "That being said, it is still necessary to reward." "

Xia Qingxuan's beautiful eyes flowed, revealing a playful color, "Although the divine brilliance of the God King is extremely useful to Qingxuan, it can also have the effect of supplementing a little of the origin, in contrast, Qingxuan wants the sword technique that the master taught to Ruyin." "

She had been hungry for Shi Chen to teach Lin Ruyin's "Secret to Ping Chaos" for a long time, let alone her, it was impossible for any sword cultivator to remain calm in the face of the "Secret of Calm Chaos", one of the three major sword techniques of the Taikoo Attack.

Shi Chen was not surprised by this, and said flatly: "In that case, I will teach you the complete "Secret of Calming Chaos", and I believe that you will soon be able to comprehend the foundation of the sword path." "

After speaking, he pointed a little and condensed the mental method of "Calming Chaos" into a little spiritual light and gave it to Xia Qingxuan.

For him, who now has all kinds of Xeon treasures, "Ping Chaos Technique" is nothing.

Although Xia Qingxuan is weakened now, after all, he was once a powerhouse in the Divine Fire Realm, and the strength of the divine soul far exceeded the Divine Fire Realm, and he quickly browsed it after getting the "Secret of Calm Chaos", and his heart was extremely happy.

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At this moment, a sound of void shattering came from all directions, and this small world of Meru had been overwhelmed in the battle between Shi Chen and the God King's spirit corpse, and now it had completely reached its limit.

Seeing this, Shi Chen put away the divine bone, released the Heavenly Emperor chariot, and said in a loud voice: "This small world is about to be shattered, you all get on the car." "

When Xiang Feng, Lin Ruyin and the others heard this, they immediately flew towards the Heavenly Emperor chariot.

Shi Chen was encountering the Great Shifting Dao Pattern inscribed on the Heavenly Emperor's chariot, and suddenly sensed something, and the chariot swooped forward sharply and rushed into the huge God King coffin.

I saw that the bones in the coffin were covered with anger, and there was a layer of corpse oil flowing at the bottom, which was the yin and evil thing under the world, and the soul was stained and died.

The purple pupils in Shi Chen's eyes flowed, and he casually took out the Heaven Refining Demon Jar and swept towards a corpse oil.

After collecting a large amount of corpse oil, a brilliant golden light suddenly appeared, faintly visible the circulation of countless runes, giving people a very strange and noble feeling.

Shi Chen showed a smile, this corpse oil and even the yin thing, the divine sense could not penetrate, if it were not for his heavy pupils to scan the coffin, I am afraid that he would not have found that there were other treasures here.

As Shi Chen collected more and more corpse oil, the golden light became more and more brilliant, and finally appeared in its original form, which was two eggs, golden eggs.

Although it is an egg, it is the size of a millstone, and the gold patterns on the surface are intertwined, condensing into a strange beast shape, exuding an ancient and barbaric atmosphere.

When Xia Qingxuan saw these two golden eggs, he immediately exclaimed, "Could it be that this is the egg of that Horned Race God King?" It's incredible, it's incredible. "

The rest of the people on the chariot were also taken aback when they heard this, the Horned Dragon Clan was the pinnacle of the Taikoo royal clan, and the value of its eggs could be imagined.

Not to mention, this is still an egg born of a god king of the horned clan, and the true descendants of the god king, as long as they are properly cultivated, they can at least reach the Heavenly God Realm in the future, and they are also at the overlord level in the upper realm.

This is countless times more precious than that divine bone, and when placed in the upper realm, it is enough to make the immortal family crazy and start a bloody battle.

Shi Chen had long known about the golden egg, and was not surprised, so he directly took it into his hand, and then moved the Dao Pattern with a great movement, and a powerful spatial law enveloped the entire Heavenly Emperor chariot.

In the next instant, the Heavenly Emperor chariot disappeared in place, leaving only a burst of void ripples.

And at the moment when the Heavenly Emperor chariot disappeared, this small world of Fang Meru also completely reached its limit, crashing down, and the god king coffin and black mountain stones and other substances in the small world poured madly into the outside world.

but said the other side.

The Feather Clan Maiden, the Silver-Blooded Giant Ape and other forces reached an alliance and immediately headed towards the Funeral God Ridge.

But the more they went on, the more frightened they became.

Especially the girl of the Yu Clan and the sealers around her were all dumbfounded.

"This, what is the situation? Where is the forbidden god in the Funeral God Ridge? "

A sealer muttered, full of incredulity.

He was here three years ago, and it's completely different from now.

"There are traces of the prohibition being broken, such a terrifying chaotic body, pushing all the way horizontally, directly using brute force to wear out all the prohibitions."

The other sealer spoke, his voice trembling, which showed how shocked this incident was to him.

The girl of the Yu clan gasped, remembering Shi Chen's expression before, and couldn't help but smile bitterly, it seemed that she was too underestimating the chaotic body.

Even if it is this Immortal God Forbidden Zone, their clan still has to be careful for hundreds of years of preparation, but it is like a flat ground for the chaotic body, and it is not worth mentioning at all.

"This is just the periphery of the Funeral God Ridge, and the real great terror lies in the inner area, which is a small world of Meru, inside..."

The third sealer stood up, wrapped in black, unable to see his face clearly, and halfway through his words, he seemed to have sensed something, and immediately stopped speaking.

He was very different from the other followers, and his status was extremely high, and even the girl of the Na Yu clan was a little in awe of it, and took the initiative to push it aside.

Hearing his words, the girl of the Yu Clan moved in her heart, and couldn't help but ask: "Divine Envoy, they have already arrived here, they should always tell us what treasures are hidden in this Burial God Ridge, right?" "

The sealer said coldly, "It's best not to inquire, it's not something you can covet." "

After that, he also ignored the girl of the Yu Clan and strode forward.

Faced with such contempt, the girl of the Yu Clan couldn't help but turn livid, but she could only endure it and whispered: "Keep up." "

She knew that this person's roots were amazingly large, and he was a person from the Upper Realm, not to mention her, even her father Yuhuang was respectful in front of this person.

At the moment when everyone walked into the misty area, a terrifying spiritual tide suddenly erupted from the depths, rushing straight towards everyone like a torrent and tsunami.

The mysterious sealer felt this breath, and his body suddenly shook, and he shouted in shock and anger: "What? How is this possible, the small world of Meru is actually shattered, what did the chaotic body do? "

When the words fell, he directly turned into a golden rainbow and rushed inside.

The silver-blooded giant ape and others all showed hesitation, the benefits here have obviously been taken away by the chaotic body, and they are afraid that they will not get anything if they go deeper, but they will worry about their lives.

The girl of the Yu tribe did not hesitate and shouted directly: "Go!" "

Seeing that the girl of the Yu Clan rushed out of the mist area, Tianjiao of the Silver-Blooded Giant Ape and other forces also gritted his teeth and rushed forward.

Then they saw a scene they will never forget.

A huge black coffin that was tens of thousands of miles long like an endless mountain range lay across the earth, overturned by some existence, and only a large number of bones and corpse oil continued to flow out inside.

Each bone of the skeleton is thousands of feet long, like a huge mountain, which is daunting.

Such a huge creature, what kind of strength should it have before death?

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 72

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