Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 71

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 71


The entire Heaven Broken Mountain Forbidden Land was shaking, and the brilliance emitted by the Chaos God Seal and the will of the ancient gods collided in the void, as if this heaven and earth were about to collapse for it.

The goddess of war, Mu Jiuhuang and the others retreated one after another, their faces were full of horror, this level of duel has surpassed the ancient emperor war, and should not exist in the world.

"It's terrifying, a dead god still has such a powerful power, then how terrifying should he be when he is alive?"

The goddess of war was shocked in her heart, as a high-level of Chaolu Mountain, she still knew a little about the things of the gods.

The so-called gods worshiped by many great forces in the Nether Realm are actually only the power of the Divine Fire Realm and the True One Realm in the Upper Realm, but they are one or two realms higher than the Venerable Realm, and they are far from powerful in the Upper Realm.

But this ancient god in front of him is obviously not among them, and the breath of the two demon emperors is simply a sea compared to him.

Lin Ruyin connected her mind with the Qingxuan Ancient Sword and said, "Sister Sword Spirit, is it really a god in this coffin?" It turned out to be so powerful. "

Soon, the voice of the sword spirit sounded in her mind: "Very strong! The strength of the existence in this coffin is definitely beyond the True One Realm, at least the Heavenly God Realm, and it is even likely that it has passed the Holy Sacrifice to slash the Dao God King for a generation! "

God King?

Lin Ruyin gasped, she didn't expect that the origin of this ancient god was so terrifying, and this kind of existence was definitely a hegemonic level even in the upper realm.


Between the confrontations, the thin and huge divine spirit palm had completely poked out of the coffin, and even the head was half protruded, a swarthy skull, collapsed in half, but those two eyes were still there, there was black divine fire burning, and even the surrounding void was distorted.

"Offend the majesty of the God King, die! ——"

The black skull completely poked out, and its shriveled mouth closed one by one, emitting an ancient divine sound, causing the entire space to shake again.

But Shi Chen was not afraid, his eyes were shining, and a pair of purple pupils faintly appeared, and he said flatly: "The God King is dead, you are just the spiritual wisdom born in the body of the God King, and you dare to pretend to be the name of the God King, and you are not silent!" "

The moment the words fell, the Thunder Emperor Dongtian behind Shi Chen suddenly expanded by more than ten times, the violent thunder law frantically converged, and the silver thunder filled the entire space of 680, smashing into the coffin of the God King.


The Divine King's spirit corpse roared up to the sky, and a black pillar of divine fire erupted from its mouth, heading towards the thunder in the sky.


A huge explosion sounded throughout the space, and in the face of such a terrifying law of thunder, the black divine fire did not weaken at all, but became stronger and stronger, devouring the law of thunder.

Countless black divine fires spread out, directly burning the void, as if a flash flood and tsunami erupted, surging in all directions with a thunderous momentum.

"Not good, retreat!"

The goddess of war was the first to react, and immediately flew back.

Xiangfeng, Long Yuanjiang, Nangong Xue and the others also showed a desolate look, and one by one they used their strongest means to gallop towards the rear.

This is the corpse fire released by the spirit corpse of the God King, even if it is only a little escaping from the aftermath, it is not something they can resist.

Although their speed was fast, the speed of the black corpse fire was even faster, and even the void along the way was burned into a black hole, as if black monsters wanted to devour Xiangfeng and the others.

At the critical moment, the Qingxuan Ancient Sword in Lin Ruyin's hand suddenly burst out with brilliant red light, turning into a peerless palace beauty, raising her hand, and the Qingxuan Ancient Sword fell directly into her hand.

At the moment when the ancient sword started, an extremely strong sword intent burst out from her, like a vermilion bird, like a divine phoenix that rushed into the sky, and endless sword qi rolled out.

"Ultimate Sword Domain!"

As the palace beauty groaned softly, the Qingxuan Ancient Sword in her hand instantly divided into ten handles, each scattered to one side, and with the heavenly sword qi, a huge sword domain was formed, shrouding everyone.

After those black corpse fires entered the sword domain, they were immediately assimilated by the ubiquitous sword qi and disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and they all showed an extremely surprised look at the palace beauty.

Obviously, this palace beauty is not an entity, but just a spiritual body, but the breath is powerful and terrifying, and it seems to contain some strange power, and in this Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, she can also exert a cultivation that transcends the Cave Heaven Realm.

Mu Jiuhuang was shocked by the appearance of the palace beauty, the city was gorgeous, not under her at all, and she had the noble temperament of the flower of the high ridge, far from being comparable to her. (bidj)

"This is..."

Xiang Feng asked with wide eyes.

Lin Ruyin said, "She is the sword spirit in the Qingxuan Ancient Sword, and she has existed for endless years. "

Hearing this, everyone nodded their heads one after another.

The Qingxuan Sword Sect is a large sect with a long history, and when it was at its strongest, it ruled a domain, and it was extremely brilliant, and it was normal for the Qingxuan Ancient Sword to be the most treasure of the town faction.

"No wonder even the master looked up to this Qingxuan Ancient Sword for three points, if it weren't for the help of the Sword Spirit seniors today, I'm afraid I would have been doomed."

Nangong Xue spat out her fragrant tongue, revealing a scared expression.

Everyone reacted at this time, and looked towards the field in unison, revealing an extremely shocked look at just one glance.

I saw that the great battle between Shi Chen and the spirit corpse of the God King was still continuing, and in the void behind him, three holes in the sky were fully manifested.

It was the first Cave Heavenly Demon God Cave Heaven that he cultivated, the second Cave Heaven Thunder Emperor Cave Heaven, and the third Cave Heavenly God Elephant that dominated Dong Tian, which was also the third of his four most powerful Cave Heavens.

Combined with the power of the three caves, Shi Chen's breath was terrifying to the extreme, and the emperor phantom that turned into was incomprehensible, and the arm battle with the god king spirit corpse was incomprehensible.


Seeing that the God King Spirit Corpse could not take Shi Chen for a long time, it roared angrily, and more bodies popped out from the God King's coffin, and a more powerful corpse fire gushed out.

Seeing this scene, Qingxuan Sword Spirit couldn't help but secretly breathe a sigh of relief, and said in a low voice: "Fortunately, this is just a spirit corpse produced in the corpse of the God King, it will only be a simple corpse fire attack, if you use the God King Treasure Art, it will be terrible, and it is completely incomparable." "

Everyone couldn't help but tighten their hearts when they heard this.

Mu Jiuhuang hurriedly asked, "Then the master will be fine, right?" "

Qingxuan Sword Spirit looked at Shi Chen, his eyes even brighter, "The God King Spirit Corpse is only rare in this Nether, it is not a big terror, your master is the real demon." "

"Ancient and Taiko, even in the Immortal Ancient Era, there has never been such a Tianjiao, and it is unheard of that the cultivation of the Cave Heaven Realm alone can fight with the spirit corpse of the God King."

"But after all, he has not really grown up, and his accumulation is too small, I am afraid he will not be the opponent of the God King's spirit corpse."

"The current God King Spirit Corpse has not used all its strength."

Everyone was a little happy when they heard the first half of the sentence, but when they heard the second half, they couldn't help but feel cold in their hearts.

This God King Spirit Corpse has been realized so powerful, it has not even exerted its full strength, so how terrifying should his full power be?

Although they were all full of confidence in Shi Chen, just like the sword spirit said, Shi Chen was only nine years old this year after all, and he had not grown up at all.

At the same time, they were also secretly shocked by the insight of the palace pretending beauty, this is the corpse of a god king, but she was extremely calm, and even faintly disagreed, such an attitude is by no means what a nether creature can have, could it be that this sword spirit still has a great origin?

But now that the field is in full swing, they don't have time to think about it.

"Boom!" (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Just as everyone was worried in their hearts, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from Shi Chen's body.

Following the demon god Dongtian, Thunder Emperor Dongtian, and the god elephant dominating Dongtian, four more cave heavens manifested behind Shi Chen, respectively turning into the phantoms of the green dragon, vermilion, white tiger, and Xuanwu, which were the four divine beasts Dongtian.

The seven powerful treasure arts, pulled by a strange power, fused together, and fiercely pressed down from the sky.


Another huge explosion sounded, and the whole body of the God King Spirit Corpse that had leaned out half of its body trembled violently, and the huge skeleton made a clicking sound, as if it was about to fall apart.

But soon, a layer of black light emerged, making his figure stable again, completely standing, tens of thousands of zhang body, full of terrifying oppression.

"This breath is the Taikoo Royal Clan's horned clan, the peak race in the Taigu royal clan, no wonder it can have such strong strength."

The palace beauty had a flash of light in her eyes, and instantly saw the race of this god king's spirit corpse, even in the primeval era, the horned clan also had a great name.

And what frightened her the most was that on the other palm of the god king's spirit corpse, there was a treasure bone, and the power of layers of runes was surging, exuding an invincible aura that suppressed the heavens and realms.

"The master is not good, this god king still has a divine bone preserved, be careful of the god king treasure art!"

The goddess of war reacted the fastest and immediately reminded Shi Chen.

And at the same time as her words fell, the God King Spirit Corpse had already raised the palm containing the Divine Bone and pressed towards Shi Chen fiercely.

I saw that under the urging of the black corpse fire, the divine bone bloomed with brilliant light, and the surface divine pattern flowed, turning into a huge boundless golden big hand and pressing towards Shi Chen, as if to directly smash Shi Chen.

Under this terrifying coercion, even the seven cave heavens behind Shi Chen emitted a roar, and it seemed that they could not withstand such a powerful oppression.

But Shi Chen was still calm, his Shenxiao's eyes were fully open, and he frantically analyzed the weakness of this type of God King Treasure Art.

At the same time, all the nineteen drops of essence blood in his body were also urged, and the terrifying power of qi and blood evaporated, and one cave after another manifested behind him.

Tianpeng Dongtian!

Poor Cave Heaven!

Zhu is tired of Dongtian!

Rain Cave Heaven!

Devouring the Sky Sparrow Cave Heaven!

Willow God Cave Heaven!

Coupled with the previous seven cave heavens, a full thirteen cave heavens, dancing wildly behind Shi Chen, the true spirit manifestation was faintly visible, and the breath of the ancient royal family such as Tianpeng, Qingqi, and Zhu Wei filled the audience.

"What? Thirteen holes? This, how is this possible? "

The palace beauty showed a shocked look for the first time, and her eyes were almost glaring, "Impossible!" Ten holes for the limit! The Taikoo royal family can't break this limit! Thirteen cave heavens, the Taikoo royal family can't do it! Is this a chaotic body? Sure enough, it is worthy of being an invincible physique that cannot be seen in eternity. "

Especially when the willow god cave came out, it made her soul origin tremble, as if it had touched some forbidden memory, and something was about to emerge.

This is something that has never happened to her since she woke up in the Nether, which makes her heart shake, could it be that this Cave Heavenly True Spirit has the same great origin as her?

On the contrary, Xiang Feng, Lin Ruyin, Mu Jiuhuang and others were a little calmer, in their hearts, Shi Chen could not be measured by common sense, and it was natural to surpass the limits of ordinary people.

The most important thing was that they had limited insight and were completely unable to understand what it meant to open up the thirteen cave heavens, which was a great creation that made the immortal kings envious.

"The power of the thirteen cave heavens can suppress you?"

Shi Chen harnessed the phantom of the Ten Thousand Emperor Emperor, like an ancient emperor, fusing the thirteen supreme treasure arts into a great seal, exuding the aura of the killing technique, and blatantly greeted the palm of the God King.

Bang! Bang! Thundered!

An unprecedented explosion resounded throughout the inner space, and even this small world of Sumeru produced layers of cracks, as if it could not withstand this terrifying force.

That God King's palm was directly shattered in front of Shi Chen's killing technique, turning into nothingness.

Seeing that this trick worked, Shi Chen was even more confident, and when he injected all the qi and blood of his whole body into this big seal, it instantly turned into thousands of zhang in size, and the whole body was like chaos, and the shape of a fierce beast manifested on it, each different but perfectly integrated, pressing towards the spirit corpse of the god king.


The spirit corpse of the god king seemed to feel the danger, let out a harsh scream, and wanted to escape back to the coffin, but it was too late.

I saw that under the collapse of the Ten Thousand Dao Reincarnation Seal, the bones of the God King exploded, and they were already unbearable to withstand the erosion of the years, and only a little divinity remained, and now they were directly turned into powder.

Only the divine bone in that palm was safe and sound, falling from the sky and being steadily caught by Shi Chen.

"This, this..."

The palace beauty saw this scene with her own eyes, and she was already shocked and completely speechless.

This is a god king, a god king who has passed the holy sacrifice and beheaded the Dao, even if he is dead, the divinity is still strong, and the spirit corpse born by this divinity is at least the power of the true realm, even if it is not comparable to the heavenly god.

Although she knew that Shi Chen's talent was so powerful that she could not imagine that Shi Chen was now comparable to a god!

What made her feel the chill in her heart the most was that even after such a bloody battle, Shi Chen still showed a light and cloudy performance.

It seems, still not doing their best!

This can't help but make the palace beauty tremble in her heart, what kind of means is hidden by this chaotic body?

Could it be even more terrifying than the killing technique that surpassed the Immortal King Law that he had just performed?

However, she soon forcibly calmed her mind, revealing her figure in this critical situation, and the most urgent problem she had to face was how to face this chaotic body.

Even if she carries a great origin and has the insight of ten thousand years, she does not dare to underestimate Shichen at this time.


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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 71

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