Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 70

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 70

Inside the Tiandu Mountain Forbidden Land.

The Heavenly Emperor chariot crushed all the way, and the power of various runes on the surface flickered, forming a divine array, causing those fierce beasts to avoid and dare not approach.

The interior of the chariot is luxurious like a palace, with everything you need.

Shi Chen sat in the main seat, picked up the teacup next to him and took a sip, looking at the goddess of war below, "You are from Chaolu Mountain, you should know more about the forbidden land of Tiandu Mountain, right?" "

Mu Jiuhuang served next to Shi Chen, holding a teapot in his hand, and when Shi Chen put down the teacup, he immediately filled it, and his eyes looked curiously towards the goddess of war.

She was from the Xuan Domain, and although she had heard of the name of the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, she did not know the details.

The goddess of war did not hide her selfishness, and said respectfully: "There are indeed many records about the forbidden land of Tiandushan in the secret code of Chaolu Mountain, and it is said that this Tiandushan forbidden land is very ancient, and it can be traced back to the primeval era, and it is said that it is a small world created by the primeval gods. "

As soon as these words came out, everyone couldn't help but show shock.

Lin Ruyin subconsciously said: "The small world created by the primeval gods, isn't it the same as the Void Heaven Realm, how is it possible?" "

The goddess of war said: "The forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain is indeed far inferior to the Void Heaven Realm, but according to some of these ruins, there are indeed traces of immortals and gods here, and there are many sites left by immortal gods, which are still forbidden areas to this day, and no one dares to trespass, such as immortal caves, burial god ridges, holy bone forbidden areas, and so on." "

Everyone looked at each other when they heard it, originally thinking that this day the Forbidden Mountain could only accommodate cultivators below the Transformation Spirit Realm, and it was definitely not a big deal, but now it is definitely not simple to look at here.

Immortals are too ethereal to be credible, but even the ruins left by the ancient gods are definitely extraordinary, and they are definitely not something that the cultivators of the Cave Heaven Realm can pry.

Shi Chen on the main throne, however, had a flat face, as if he had expected it, and said calmly: "Fang Cai, those forbidden areas you mentioned, do you know the specific location?" "

The goddess of war nodded and said: "The Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land is opened every three years, and the younger generation of the major forces in the Desolate Domain have experienced here, and after so many years, the map of the Tianduan Mountain has been drawn almost the same, and several of the Immortal God Forbidden Areas have been highlighted. "

After saying that, she suddenly realized something, and exclaimed: "Could it be that the master intends to make a move against the Immortal God Forbidden Area?" "

"Why else I'm going to come in here?" Shi Chen said reasonably.

Xiang Feng, Lin Ruyin, Nangong Xue and others have become accustomed to Shi Chen's lawlessness, there is not much surprise about this, but it is full of tension, that is the immortal god forbidden area, destined to be extraordinary, a careless even the human emperor may be buried inside.

The goddess of war thought of Shi Chen's terrifying strength, even the demon emperor could easily kill, so she no longer persuaded, and directly presented the map inside the Heavenly Broken Mountain, "According to the map, the closest to us is the Funeral God Ridge." "

She also had some faint expectations in her heart, the legendary Immortal God Forbidden Zone, the major forces in the Nether Realm all wanted to conquer, but even if a large number of sealers were dispatched and filled with human lives, they could only reach the outer area, and could not go half a step deeper, I don't know if the Heavenly Emperor had the strength to complete this feat.

"Then let's go to the Funeral God Ridge first."

Shi Chen looked at the map in his hand, and immediately adjusted the direction of the Heavenly Emperor chariot, turning into a golden rainbow and breaking through the sky.

I don't know how long it took, the Heavenly Emperor chariot suddenly trembled and stopped.

Shi Chen's eyes opened, and he said softly: "The Immortal God Forbidden Area is really lively." "

After that, he got up and walked out of the chariot, and Mu Jiuhuang, the goddess of war, Xiangfeng and others followed behind, and soon understood the meaning of Shi Chen's words.

I saw that a large number of young generations gathered outside the Funeral God Ridge, each of them was full of qi and blood, and at least seven caves had been opened, and they were all the top Tianjiao of all races.

There were also a large number of black-robed followers around them, and the aura fluctuations on their bodies were very faint, sometimes powerful, sometimes weak, which was the obvious characteristics of the sealer.

"The Silver-Blooded Giant Ape Clan, the Divine Feather Clan, and the Great Chu Dynasty, I can't imagine that these big forces want to enter the Burial God Ridge."

The gaze of the goddess of war swept over the major forces one by one, and soon called out several of the most powerful.

"That silver-blooded giant ape is very strong, three points stronger than the nine lions."

Xiang Feng said with some surprise.

The ancestor of the nine lions is the mount of the primeval gods, the bloodline is noble, and there are absolutely few contemporaries who can be stronger than him in the Nether.

"That Yu Clan's Tianjiao is also very powerful, and there seems to be some treasure hidden in his body, and his power is extraordinary."

Lin Ruyin was reminded by the Qingxuan Sword Spirit and saw the extraordinary nature of the girl of the Yu Clan.

However, compared to their surprise, the mood of the silver-blooded giant ape, the feather girl and others changed even more.

"The Heavenly Emperor is actually here!"

"Could it be that the Heavenly Emperor also wants to break into the Divine Ridge?"

"Sure enough, as I expected, the Heavenly Emperor came to the Immortal God Forbidden Area within the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land."

Many people talked about it and showed concern.

Originally, it was extremely dangerous to break into the Burial God Ridge, and now that the Heavenly Emperor stepped in, they lost their confidence.

But there were also well-prepared ones, not afraid of Shi Chen, but sneered: "The Immortal God Forbidden Area is extraordinary, even if the Heavenly Emperor has the power to suppress the Demon Emperor, one may die here if he is not careful." "

"Our clan dares to enter the Funeral God Ridge because it has mastered some of the prohibition laws and can avoid many dangers, and the Heavenly Emperor must suffer a big loss if he thinks that he can trespass with brute force."

The sealer next to the girl of the Yu Clan whispered, a mocking look flashed under his eyes, waiting to see Shi Chen's joke.

The girl of the Yu clan was not so optimistic, a pair of golden eyes stared at Shi Chen, and suddenly said: "Heavenly Emperor, there are many crises in the Burial God Ridge, if you don't know the prohibition law in it, there will be a big disaster." Our tribe has been carefully planning for this for three hundred years, and has broken most of the outer prohibitions, and can pass all the way. I wonder if the Heavenly Emperor is willing to join hands with my clan to explore this Burial God Ridge together? The treasures obtained will be divided equally between the two of us. "

Shi Chen couldn't help but be stunned when he received the transmission, and then the corners of his mouth hooked a curve, and he didn't make any response, and directly rushed into the Funeral God Ridge with all his followers.


Seeing Shi Chen's reaction, the girl of the Yu Clan immediately became annoyed, the small mountain was slightly undulating, and when she wanted to say something, Shi Chen had disappeared.

But after all, she is not an ordinary person, she quickly stabilized her mind, her beautiful eyes looked around, and said coldly: "There is a Heavenly Emperor to open the way, the outer area must be a smooth road, are you willing to join hands to explore the Funeral God Ridge?" "

Although she said to everyone, the focus of her attention was on the incomparably strange silver-blooded giant ape, and only this silver-blooded giant ape could pose a threat to her.

The Tianjiao of the forces looked at each other, but they did not make a sound, which was regarded as acquiescence.

First, there are many crises in the Funeral God Ridge, and they cannot be allowed to start civil strife again; Second, because of Shi Chen's presence, the remaining owners can barely have a trace of self-preservation when they unite.

The girl of the feather tribe was acquiesced by everyone, only then did she show a smile, wave her jade hand, and raise her voice: "Go!" "



Shi Chen had already led all his followers into the Funeral God Ridge.

This area is worthy of being one of the forbidden areas of the immortal gods, extremely dangerous, densely packed with various secret killing formations, hidden in the grass, trees, mountains and rocks, if you are unguarded in advance, even if the spiritual sense is keen, it cannot be detected.

But under Shi Chen's divine light heavy pupils, there was nothing to hide, the pupil technique was launched, and the power of the rules surged like a tidal wave, destroying all the killing formations along the way, like walking on the ground.

"Roar! Roar! Roar! "

After entering dozens of miles, it was not surprising that a large number of ferocious beasts were alarmed, roaring and killing towards Shi Chen and the others.

"This breath..." Shi Chen frowned slightly, "This is really a burial place for gods, and its strength is even higher than that ancient demon god in the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss." "

He felt a divine breath from the bodies of these ferocious beasts, although it was a divine aura, it was full of tyranny and killing intent, very similar to the deepest blood abyss space of the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss.

Obviously, these ferocious beasts have been eroded by the aura of the gods buried in the Burial God Ridge, and they have become the guardians of this burial place of the gods, and they can no longer be regarded as simple fierce beasts, but alien beasts, far stronger than ordinary fierce beasts.

But only to this extent, Shi Chen was not needed to make a move.

I saw Xiangfeng, Lin Ruyin, Long Yuanjiang and others come out one after another, perform powerful treasures, and soon kill hundreds of fierce beasts that came from the siege.

Although the process was simple, there was no relaxed expression on everyone's faces.

Because the ferocious beasts here have clearly reached the level of the Spirit Realm, the danger level is no less than the core area of the ferocious beast area of the Void Heaven Realm, and this is only the periphery of the Burial God Ridge.


A sword light swept by, and the emerald green sword was extremely sharp, instantly killing a fierce beast that rushed over.

But Lin Ruyin's face was a little solemn, and she turned around and said, "The strength of this ferocious beast has reached the Inscription Realm. "

The endless gray mist ahead was shrouded, and they couldn't see the direction clearly, and they could only faintly hear the roar of the beast, which seemed to remind them that there was great terror in the depths.

Shi Chen's face was calm, and he stepped directly into the gray mist, and everyone could only follow closely.

I saw that this gray mist shrouded in a canyon, as soon as I entered, a large number of fierce beasts surrounded it, each of them was comparable to a small mountain, and the eyes were red, like two rounds of blood moons, even if just walking, it caused the ground to shake.




Shi Chen's followers all burst out with true strength at this moment.

Especially Xiangfeng and Lin Ruyin, only those in the Cave Heaven Realm can cultivate here to be fully opened, and with their powerful martial arts to cross the steps and fight, they can easily kill one fierce beast after another.

This scene made the goddess of war frightened when she saw it, and killed the Ming Pattern Realm with the Cave Heaven Realm, this is fighting beyond two steps, it was so easy and free, what kind of exercises did they practice?


The heavens and the earth fall, and the earth shakes!

Under the full burst of Xiangfeng and Lin Ruyin, everyone finally crossed the gray mist area.

Without any reminder, everyone also knew that they had come to the inner area of the Funeral God Ridge. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

This is the real forbidden place, even if the major forces send sealers, they will not be able to kill here a few times at the risk of death.

What catches your eye is an incomparably tall black mountain, stretching for tens of thousands of miles, stretching endlessly, reaching up to the sky.

The goddess of war, Mu Jiuhuang and the others couldn't help but gasp.

Obviously, this is a small world of Meru, and the real Heaven Broken Mountain Forbidden Land cannot accommodate such a behemoth.

"Click, click, click..."

Just when everyone was shocked by this huge mountain, the mountain actually trembled violently, and one by one huge rocks rolled down, turning into huge mountain monsters, emitting a heaven-shaking roar.

Especially the two mountain monsters at the head.

A body resembling a reckless ox, with a lion's head, thousands of feet tall, covered with cyan scales.

The other is a centipede, I don't know how long it is, and the boulder on its body continues to shake down while advancing, revealing its golden body, as if cast by the black iron god gold, and the compound eyes are as terrifying as a torch, exuding a hideous and terrifying aura.

"Demon Emperor!!"

Xiang Feng and the others felt the breath of these two giant beasts, and they couldn't help but gasp.

This reckless ox and the black snake, I don't know what kind of alien species, have reached the Venerable Realm, true demon emperors.

The rest of the fierce beasts turned into mountains and stones were also amazing, and they all reached the Array Realm, and even had the existence of the peak of the Array Realm.

The most terrifying thing is their number, rolling down from those tens of thousands of miles of black mountains, there are tens of thousands, overwhelming, like a black torrent.

"Oh my God! The inner layer of the Immortal God Forbidden Zone turned out to be like this, who could survive? "

Mu Jiuhuang was so frightened that his jade face was pale, such a terrifying beast tide, if it appeared in the Eight Domains, it was enough to cause a catastrophe, and it was impossible for any ancient country great sect to stop it.

At this time, she finally believed that this Broken Mountain was the small world created by the ancient gods.

Because the horror here has far exceeded the limit that the Nether can bear.


Led by reckless oxen and black snakes. Tens of thousands of fierce beasts formed by mountain stones all came towards Shi Chen and the others, and the fierce qi (Nuo Li Hao) that exuded alone drowned them.

But at such a critical moment, Shi Chen did not move, Shenxiao's pupils were activated, and the scene in front of him was disillusioned layer by layer, and he saw the truth behind the endless illusion barrier.

There is no black mountain in front of you at all, but a giant coffin, tens of thousands of miles long for the coffin of the gods, in which real gods sleep.

As for the alien beasts that pounced on them, they were just the rotting flesh and stained blood after the body of the huge god decayed, and it was more appropriate to call them corpse beasts.

Thunder Emperor Treasure Art - Lei Lai!

Shi Chen finally made a move, sacrificed the second cave heaven, the thunder emperor cave sky, and millions of thunder fell from the sky.

"Boom !!!"

The entire Funeral God Ridge was shrouded in the Thunder God Kingdom, and bucket-thick silver thunder descended, sweeping away all the corpse beasts.

Including the two corpse beasts that had reached the Venerable Realm, they were also blasted out by the Thunder Emperor Treasure Art and turned into powder.

At this moment, the huge black mountain once again violently turbulent, the outer layer of black stone cracked countless cracks, layer by layer disintegrated, revealing the true appearance of the coffin of the gods, the whole body was made of divine gold.


The coffin of the god exploded, and a thin palm stepped out of the coffin.

Although the gods are dead, their will is not extinguished.

The will of the ancient gods erupted like a torrent and tsunami, instantly covering the audience, "The gods are above, but they are not yet worshiping!" "

This is the true divine sound, containing the will of the gods, which resounds directly in everyone's soul.

Everyone felt suffocated and couldn't help but want to kneel.

But soon their foreheads bloomed with divine light, and the Chaos God Seal came out, annihilating all divine coercion.

At the same time, Shi Chen's Chaos Lord God Seal in the sea of knowledge was generous, making his body infinitely high, looking down at the coffin of the gods, and the sound of chaos directly transmitted into the sea of knowledge of the ancient gods:

"I am the Heavenly Emperor, and the gods will worship me when they see me!"

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 70

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