Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 7

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 7


After a long journey, Shi Chen finally came to a world of light, and there was a golden passage in front of him.

Shi Chen stepped on it without hesitation, and then felt a powerful teleportation force envelop him.

[You felt the fluctuations of the teleportation rune, delved into the mystery of it, and you had an epiphany, creating the supreme rune 'Great Shifting Dao Pattern'. 】

Big Shift Pattern?

Shi Chen raised his eyebrows, he didn't expect that he could also have an epiphany like this, but he still realized such a powerful Dao pattern.

The so-called Dao pattern is a means that only cultivators above the inscription realm can use, and they can obtain various strange powers by inscribed powerful runes in their bodies.

It is precisely at this realm, with the power of runes, that the Terrans have the advantage of surpassing fierce beasts and birds of prey.

And only the top-level runes can be called Dao patterns, and each one has earth-shattering power.

The 'Great Shifting Dao Pattern' that Shi Chen had just comprehended was one of them, possessing the divine function of shattering the void and instantly reaching hundreds of millions of miles away, and could even ignore the shackles of the Void Forbidden Law.

Although the 'Great Shifting Dao Pattern' does not have any effect in terms of attack, it is definitely a top-level escape power.

Even a worldly figure like the Emperor of the Shi Kingdom could not do it in an instant.

Just after arriving in the Void Heaven Realm, he harvested such a precious Dao Pattern, which made Shi Chen very satisfied.

When he returned to his senses, Shi Chen had already entered the initial passage.

In front of him was a huge bluestone, several feet tall, with four treasure bones inlaid on the front, flowing with mysterious rune power.

"Huh? Whose child is this, I'm afraid it's only a few months old, right? "

"Death! Which ancient clan is so big-hearted that even such a young child was brought to the Void Heaven Realm. "

"Little brother, are you lost? I'll take you to your people." "


Shi Chen's appearance caused a turmoil in the initial passage.

Because he is too young, only four months, coupled with red lips and white teeth, and his appearance is handsome, anyone who looks at it can't help but feel close.

Several women even boldly stepped forward to take Shi Chen to his parents.

For these people, Shi Chen only glanced at them flatly, and then silenced them all, revealing an incredible look.

"What's the situation? This kid's eyes are so terrifying! "

"Oh my God! I thought I was looked at by a primeval ferocious beast, could it be that this child was the cub of some primeval ferocious beast? "

"I feel that he is even more terrifying than the cub of the primeval ferocious beast, and that look is like the primeval god, extremely majestic."

"What is the origin of this little brat, who has such a big aura at such a young age?"


At the beginning, everyone started talking about it one after another, talking about Shi Chen's life.

However, after Shi Chen's shock, these people did not dare to step forward easily.

"Look! This kid moved, what did he want to do? "

An old man exclaimed.

Everyone hurriedly looked at it, and saw Shi Chen walking in front of the huge bluestone, rubbing a treasure bone, and pointed again.

"What does this little guy want to do? It won't be a fancy to the treasure bone on the bluestone, right? "

"Haha, it's really still a little brat, this treasure bone is a fetish of the initial land, can't he still dig it up?"

"Want to dig up the bones of the original land? This brain hole is too big, didn't his family tell him what to do after entering the Void Realm? "

Shi Chen snorted coldly, and suddenly his whole body erupted with divine light, ten heavenly veins running at the same time, terrifying power poured into his right arm, and then... Smash hard at the bluestone.


A terrifying boom resounded through the initial passage, and the earthquake trembled, as if the entire passage was about to be overturned.

The entire passage erupted with strong rune power, building into one enchantment after another, which prevented the entire passage from being bombarded by a punch.

Those spectators who surrounded Shi Chen were all turned on their backs at this time, and their faces were frightened.

They never expected that this little baby, who seemed to have not yet been weaned, had such amazing divine power, and directly smashed out the rules protection of the initial place with one punch.

The bluestone that was directly hit by Shi Chen was directly torn apart, and the four talisman bones embedded in it all fell off, turning into streamers and scattering.

"Where to run?"

Shi Chen opened his mouth faintly, and a huge hell furnace suddenly appeared behind him, and a large stream of essence energy gushed out from the furnace, rolled towards the four rune bones, and forcibly dragged them into the furnace!

This hell furnace is a magical power in "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong", which uses itself as a furnace, turns qi and blood into fire, and nourishes veins in ten thousand furnaces, which can refine all gods and demons.

Soon, under the washing of the essence in the hell furnace, the four talisman bones became honest and were easily ingested by Shi Chen.

The surrounding people were even more dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

Each of the rune bones on the initial passage existed for more than a million years and was extremely precious, but no one ever wanted to fight them.

No one expected that this talisman bone could actually be taken down.

Seeing that Shi Chen had collected a full four talisman bones, everyone's envious back teeth were about to be crushed.

"Groove! How can it still be like this? Can the rune bone of the initial passage be removed? "

"Why didn't I expect this stubble, hateful, each of those rune bones is extremely strange, it is likely to be the treasure bone of the ancient relics."

"Don't dream, I really thought that the passage of the initial ground was so easy to break, and the blow just now had at least hundreds of thousands of catties of strength."

"Where did this baby come from? The limit of the Blood Realm is only 100,000 catties, could it be that he is even more heaven-defying than the cub of the primeval ferocious beast, and can he break the limit? "

"Speechless, this little baby is too domineering, I'm sure that the punch just now, the whole initial place no one can withstand it."

"Where is this little baby, it is clearly a young god."


Especially after seeing Shi Chen successfully subdue the four Initial Earth Rune Bones, everyone was even more shocked.

Is there any heavenly reason to get four precious rune bones so easily?

Some evil people looked at the rune bones in Shi Chen's hand and came up with one thought after another, wanting to snatch them down.

But before they could act, the initial passage bloomed with brilliant divine light again.

In the void, a chaotic stone tablet emerged, surrounded by mist, and a line of handwriting could be faintly seen, each word exuding divine light and rumbling:

"The initial new record was born, the ultimate strength, one million catties with one punch in one arm!"

"Please leave the name of the creator of the record-"

At the same time, layers of treasure light spread out from the Chaos Stone Stele, and the rumbling divine sound filled the entire initial place.

Everyone knew in an instant that a new record had been born.

This record is the ultimate power.

One punch with one arm for a million catties!

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 7

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