Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 68

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 68


Sky City shook, and the powerful sound crushed the layers of void, exploding in everyone's ears.

Especially guessing the identity of the person who made this voice made all the forces present feel numb in their scalps, and they all looked up.

I saw a tremor in the void, and a golden chariot with thousands of zhang broke through the air, with a simple shape, as if it was made of phoenix blood and red gold, and its body was carved with dense Dao patterns, and countless puppets wearing golden armor stood on it, exuding an amazing killing ~ aura.

At the top of that chariot, a large black flag fluttered in the wind, writing the word Heavenly Emperor, divine wind hunting, emitting gusts of wind and thunder, crushing the sky, and a powerful battle intent surged like a tidal wave.

"This is the Heavenly Emperor Chariot! Chaotic Body Shichen obtained in the Void Heaven Realm-the Heavenly Emperor Chariot! "

Someone recognized the chariot and immediately exclaimed loudly, his eyes full of excitement.

Since Shi Chen displayed his divine power in the Void Heaven Realm nine years ago, the entire Nether Eight Domains had been singing his prestige, but few people had really witnessed it, and now he finally saw it.

"Chaos Body Shichen, he really came?"

Above the chariot, the golden lion's eyes erupted with brilliant divine light, and the battle intent was surging like never before, and he immediately strode out of the chariot and looked up towards the Heavenly Emperor chariot.

I saw that the emperor chariot rumbled and stopped in the void that day, and a figure like a sword fairy stepped out of the car, wearing a moon-white feather coat, his face was elegant and handsome, but he exuded a domineering aura that looked at the world, causing the surrounding void to shake, as if he could not bear his terrifying power.

Knock knock, knock knock!

The hearts of everyone in the audience couldn't help but beat nervously following Shi Chen's footsteps, full of suffocating oppression.

"You people, who is going to do something to my brother?"

Shi Chen stood in the void like this, his eyes exuding lilac brilliance swept over the major forces one by one, and everyone who looked at him involuntarily bowed their heads, their hearts beating wildly, as if they were facing a god, and it was an offense to look at more than half a point.

Those forces that wanted to find Shi Hao's trouble also secretly complained, and no one expected that Shi Chen, who had not appeared for nine years, would appear on this day.

Just by hearing this name and seeing Shi Chen's figure, everyone could feel the overwhelming suppressive force, and they couldn't have the heart to fight at all.

No way, Shi Chen's name is too loud.

Leaving aside the amazing records created by the Void Heaven Realm, his brilliant achievements in recent years were enough to make all forces fearful.

One punch to kill the pure-blood cunning and destroy the divine decree, these two achievements alone are enough to make him listed as an ancient emperor-level big man.

Although there are countless major forces gathering in Sky City, most of the leaders are at the elder level, and the powerhouses of the Venerable Realm are afraid that there is not one.

In this case, who dares to fight with Shi Chen?

"Hey, didn't you just say that I destroyed the treasure of your clan and wanted to seek revenge on me?"

Shi Hao swaggered to the old man who had spoken earlier.

The old man almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood, flicked his sleeves sharply, and twisted his head.

Xiao Budian jumped in front of the middle-aged man again, blinking his eyes and saying, "Uncle, I destroyed the young master of your family in the Void Heaven Realm, this is a great sin, and it can't be washed without my blood, right?" "

The middle-aged man's nose was crooked, his hands clenched into fists and clicked, but he did not dare to make a sound, and his face turned into black charcoal.

The onlookers shook their heads one after another, this bear kid really lived up to his name, it was so infuriating, they couldn't help but want to catch him and beat him.

The forces did not dare to make a second attempt, but the golden lion was a little unconvinced, and said loudly: "Chaos Body Shichen, I have heard of your great name for a long time, but I don't know if it is really so powerful, today I have nine lions, I am willing to fight with you!" "

As soon as these words came out, the audience was in an uproar.

There were people who wanted to challenge Shi Chen, known as the first proud Chaos Body Shi Chen of the Nether Eight Domains?

How much of a daunting thing it would be.

But soon someone showed the details of the nine lions, which immediately caused an exclamation.

"The Golden Lion Clan is the first clan of Beiling Beast Mountain, and these nine lions are the divine sons of the Golden Lion Clan's generation, and the bloodline is close to atavism."

"Legend has it that the purer the bloodline of the Golden Lion Clan, the more heads there are, and the nine heads are the ultimate, which has not appeared for tens of thousands of years."

"The Golden Lion Clan has a great name in the primeval era, and has served as a mount for the primeval gods, and these nine lions may really have the strength to challenge the chaotic body."

Everyone was talking about it, and many people knew the power of the nine lions, and they all showed shock.

The Golden Lion Clan is an extremely powerful demon race, and in the primeval era as the mount of the gods, the nine lions are the highest embodiment of the bloodline of this clan, which makes many people dare not underestimate him.

"Why, are you afraid?"

Seeing that Shi Chen did not reply, the nine lions were even more domineering and roared.

"Why do you need the master to make a move, I will fight you!"

At this moment, a long roar came from a distance, and the void trembled, but it was a huge white elephant.

"You're the pure-blooded primeval beast that followed the Chaotic Body, right? It's a shame on my pure-blooded being, today I will suppress you first!" "

The nine lions recognized Xiangfeng at a glance, and immediately turned into a huge golden lion body, roared, and rushed towards Xiangfeng.

Gods and Elephants Hell!

The white jade divine elephant formed by the elephant peak roared, and the whole body was full of qi and blood, and the huge elephant stepped on the nine lions fiercely.


A huge explosion sounded, and under this blow, the nine lions directly opened their skins and flesh, and the two heads exploded and smashed to the ground.

"This is precious blood that cannot be wasted."

Shi Hao's eyes were quick, and he picked up the iron pot behind him and stepped out, catching the golden lion blood spilled in the sky, including some pieces of meat, which were two lion heads shattered by nine lions.

"It's a pity that this lion head is incomplete, otherwise it would definitely be delicious to make a golden lion head."

Xiao Budian looked at a flesh and blood treasure medicine, and said very sophisticatedly.

Everyone was completely speechless, this bear child was really a foodie, this kind of peerless Tianjiao battle, he even wanted to eat.

And that is the essence of the qi and blood of the nine lions, many people's eyes are hot, aside from the nine lions, this pot of blood and flesh medicine is definitely a great supplement.

"Oh, how powerful I am to be the first godson of Beiling Beast Mountain, but that's all."

Xiangfeng turned into a small fat man and mockingly glanced at the nine lions on the ground.


Shame like never before!

The nine lions were lying on the ground, only to feel that the qi and blood in their bodies were boiling and burning.

He is the divine son of the generation of the Golden Lion Clan, his bloodline has returned to his ancestors, and he has given birth to nine lion heads, and if he can mount for the gods in the primeval era, even if he is in the Nether, he is invincible in the same generation who fought all over the Beiling Beast Mountain.

I thought that this trip to Heavenly Broken Mountain would be a good opportunity for him to make a name for himself, but he didn't expect to suffer such a fiasco just after he arrived.

What made him feel most humiliated was that he had not lost to the Chaos Body, but to the followers of the Chaos Body, and the white jade divine elephant that he regarded as the shame of pure-blood beings!

But at the same time, he also had a big fear in his heart, Xiangfeng's strength was too domineering, and he would directly explode his two lion heads with one blow, which was definitely not his enemy.

One of the followers of the Chaos Body is so strong, how strong should the Chaos Body Buddha-figure be?

"Xiangfeng has seen the master."

The little fat man Xiangfeng saw the nine lions lying on the ground and pretending to be dead, so he let him go, walked to Shi Chen's side and saluted respectfully.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, a terrifying power suddenly broke out.

"Dare to hurt my lion lord, I want you to die!"

The coachman who rushed for the nine lions broke out, and the power of the whole body was brilliant, obviously it was the appearance of an ordinary crop man, but it exuded a sword intent that only a peerless swordsman has.

He took a sword from nowhere, sounded its sheath, and directly carried the sword towards Xiangfeng.

This sword, wrapped in powerful and unparalleled sword intent, countless array blessings, dazzling, as if it has taken away all the light, so sharp that even the void trembles, it is the all-out blow of the powerhouse of the array realm.

Although Xiang Feng turned his back to him, he felt the killing intent, and couldn't help but wrinkle his brows.

Just as he was about to deal with it, suddenly a brilliant sword light came towards him, directly passing over him and colliding with the sword light behind him.

"It's the girl!"

Xiangfeng had a familiar feeling in his mind, and immediately turned his head to look.

I saw blood and rain in the sky, and the coachman with peerless sword intent looked down in disbelief, looked at the mouth of his heart that had become empty, his eyes showed an incredible color, and then he died of anger, fell from the sky, and smashed the ground.

And in the position where he originally stood, he had become a girl with a sword, wearing a light blue robe blowing in the wind, endless leisure and flowing, overlooking the clear stream, calmly.

Killing a sword king of the Array Realm with a sword was only like doing a trivial thing to her, returning the sword into the sheath, and then turned around and walked to Shi Chen, half-kneeling and respectfully saying, "Lin Ruyin has seen the master." "

It turned out to be another follower!

The onlookers showed shock, but they did not expect that such a powerful girl swordsman was also a follower of Shi Chen.

Some people's brains have broken out in cold sweat, and this short moment just now is too shocking. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The first divine son of Beiling Beast Mountain and the nine lions were trampled on two heads by the same generation of the white jade god and elephant tribe divine son.

The powerful Array Realm swordsman was pierced by a sword from a girl who looked to be only about twenty.

No matter where they are, the stunning performance of Xiangfeng and Lin Ruyin is enough to shake the audience and become everyone's attention.

But at this time, they all stood respectfully and humbly in front of Shi Chen.

The Chaotic Body had not made a move since its arrival, but at this moment, the prestige in everyone's hearts had risen to an unparalleled level.

Previously, there were still some people who did not believe that Shi Chen could really kill a pure-blood fox with one punch.

But at this moment, they couldn't help but believe something.

Even the two followers of the Chaos Body were domineering to such an extent, one can imagine how powerful the Chaos Body Buddha-figure should be.

"Boom! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! ......"

At this moment, the void exploded one after another, and Nangong Xue, Xi Bo, Long Yuanjiang, and Xiong Qingshan arrived one after another, and also came to Shi Chen for the first time and saluted him respectfully.


A white jade chariot came from the sky, and Mu Jiuhuang walked out of it, his black hair was like a cloud, and he had nine phoenix hairpins inserted on it, wearing a splendid river and mountain jade robe, as holy as a divine lotus.

Nine years have not been seen, she is more captivating than when she was in the Void Heaven Realm, like a Guanghan fairy in the dust, her eyes are deep, and her skin has a crystal luster circulating, as if Zhong Tiandi was born of spiritual energy, gathering the beauty of the world.

She stepped on the void like this, and every step turned into a lotus flower under the jade foot, and the lotus came to Shi Chen step by step, bowed her head and said softly: "Maid Mu Jiuhuang, I have seen the master." "

When everyone saw this scene, their hearts were even more shocked to the extreme, what is pomp and circumstance, this is pomp and circumstance.

Peerless beauties, girl swordsmen, pure-blooded beings, and primeval relics are all gathered under their command, and only chaotic bodies have such pomp under the whole world.



At this time, there was also a sound on the Heavenly Emperor chariot, and the little red bird Suzaku and the hairball Zhu Wei flew out, one left and one right landing on Shi Chen's two shoulders, his eyes dripping and turning, as if curious about what happened.

"This little red bird, such a pure fire spirit qi, could it be Suzaku, one of the legendary four divine beasts?"

"That little beast like a hairy monkey actually has three heads and six arms, how is it very similar to the legendary Taikoo royal family Zhu Wei?"

There was a lot of discussion in the crowd, and the eyesight recognized the identity of the little red bird and the hairball, which made the audience explode.


What a demon!

Everyone could not have imagined that after subduing the feat of the pure-blooded Elephant Peak in the Void Heaven Realm, the Chaos Body had made an even more amazing feat and raised two primeval royal families as pets.

These are two ancient royal families, as long as they do not die halfway, they will definitely become invincible existences in the Nether in the future, and they can compete with the ancient emperor and the sect leader.

Those who were still unconvinced by Shi Chen were completely convinced at this moment, and they were extremely excited to see this scene with their own eyes.

This is the first public appearance of the Chaos Body after the Void Realm.

This time, he didn't even make a move, so he brought everyone a huge shock that was even better than the Void Heaven Realm.

This can't help but make everyone sigh, the chaotic body is worthy of being called the strongest physique in all ages, it is simply too devilish, and it will set off a big wave as soon as it appears.

Just when everyone thought that this farce was about to end under the strong suppression of the chaotic body, a sudden mutation occurred.


An unprecedented terrifying aura came from afar, getting stronger and stronger, overwhelming.

Everyone showed a look of horror, this momentum has far exceeded the scope of the array realm, then there is only one possibility left.

Thinking like this, everyone couldn't help but raise their hearts to their throats, and before they could look at it, the momentum had already come to the front.

Everyone only felt that the sky suddenly darkened, and a huge and incomparable peng volleyed into the sky, its wings spread out for thousands of miles, covering the sky, and those eyes were like two rounds of blood-colored sun, exuding amazing killing intent, firmly locking Shi Chen.

"Chaos Body, finally let the emperor find you!!"

Dapeng put away his body and turned into a burly man with an imperial crown on his head, which was none other than the Jinpeng Emperor.

Soon, one after another, powerful demon forces arrived one after another, and the momentum was full of momentum, encircling the Heavenly Emperor chariot.

The onlookers were shocked in their hearts, these demon forces were all from the Ancient God Mountain, could it be that the Chaos Body did something angry and resentful in the Ancient God Mountain?

As if in response to everyone's speculation, Jin Peng Huang said loudly:

"Although this emperor has already affirmed, I might as well ask you more."

"Did you take away the demon god inheritance in the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss, causing the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss of my Primeval Divine Mountain to dry up and collapse?"

"Did you kill all the younger generations of my Jinpeng clan and take away the formation banner of the most precious Jinpeng Great Array in my clan?"

As soon as these words came out, the audience was boiling again.

Everyone didn't expect Shi Chen to make such a big wave in the Taikoo Divine Mountain.

Taking the demon god inheritance, destroying the Taikoo God Mountain Divine Treasure, destroying the young generation of the Jinpeng Clan, and capturing the Jinpeng Clan's supreme treasure array, this is simply a falling out, no wonder many demon forces in the Taikoo Divine Mountain came to him with great momentum.

"That's right, these things are all done by me, and the formation flag of the Jinpeng Array is on me."

Shi Chen faced Jin Peng Huang's sharp eyes, and said in a flat tone, as if he was saying another trivial matter.

"Sure enough, the master did it." Xiangfeng muttered softly.

Back then, the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss collapsed, but Shi Chen never came out, and he had an estimate in his heart, which was indeed the same as he guessed.

"Good! You dare to admit that this emperor respects you for three points, and can leave you with a whole corpse. "

The killing intent of Jin Peng Huang's whole body was condensed like substance, and he did not wait to order other demon forces, and directly roared towards Shi Chen.

An ancient emperor of the demon race personally made a move!

The whole audience was boiling at this moment, and all forces retreated backwards one after another, lest they be harmed by the pond fish.

The strength of the Demon Emperor is so terrifying, if Shi Chen also has similar strength, the aftermath of the battle between these two alone may destroy the entire Sky City.

"Well, let's use you to try the exercises I just created."

Shi Chen opened his mouth faintly, and the four cave heavens behind him appeared, respectively turning into the phantoms of Xuanwu, Vermilion, White Tiger, and Green Dragon, and the four treasures were fused by a strange force, evolving into an ancient seal, pressing towards the Jin Peng Emperor.

"Ah, no!"

Jin Peng Huang felt that something was wrong, shouted madly, his voice was earth-shattering, terrified, and his qi and blood were also urged to the extreme, turning into his body.


The next moment, a huge explosion sounded, and Jin Peng Huang's body exploded directly into a blood mist under the crushing of the four divine beast seals.

A generation of demon emperors has fallen.

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 68

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