Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 67

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 67

Taikoo Divine Mountain, White Jade Divine Elephant Clan.

Xiangfeng is in retreat, and there are nine holes in the sky manifesting behind it, each of which is extremely huge, and the power of various runes on the surface is flickering, revealing amazing power.

The most strange thing is that the qi and blood in these caves are steaming, and there are giant elephants floating in them, their eyes are like divine radiance, exuding an incomparably ancient and vast momentum, suppressing heaven and earth.

The types of elephants vary widely, giant elephants are young, turn into dragon elephants, dragon elephants become blue, turn into yuan elephants, yuan elephants become strong, and turn into god elephants. It is for Dacheng.

At this moment, Xiangfeng is opening up the cave sky in accordance with the mental method in the "Divine Elephant Purgatory Gong" cave heaven chapter, although it is only the lowest level giant elephant condensed, but its power is also enough to tear the ancient royal family, and it is unmatched.

As long as you continue to cultivate and polish, you can transform the giant elephant in the cave into a dragon elephant, a yuan elephant, and even the most powerful divine elephant.

At that time, with just one cave sky, he will be able to suppress the ancient royal family, and all the cave heavens will be opened, even the ancient gods will be trampled under their feet and slaughtered.

In the past few years, Xiangfeng has been established as the divine son of the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan, and has received a nearly unlimited supply of resources, and his cultivation progress has been rapid and exponential.

And he did not live up to the huge investment of the Elephant Emperor, crushing all the contemporaries of the Taikoo Divine Mountain, and was already recognized as the first divine son of the Taigu Divine Mountain.

"Two months later, the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land will gather!"

At this moment, his eyebrows suddenly bloomed with brilliant divine light, and a hazy chaos divine seal emerged, and from it came Shi Chen's majestic voice.

Xiang Feng, who was cultivating in Dingding, suddenly opened his eyes, revealing an incomparably ecstatic look, "The master is finally out of the customs!" Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, haha, I'm coming! "

All of the nine Dongtian retracted their dantian, and at the same time, an extremely strong momentum burst out from Xiangfeng's body.

The first divine son of the Taikoo Divine Mountain, set off today.


Celestial Domain, Qingxuan Sword Sect.

After all these years of growth, Lin Ruyin has already come out of the pavilion and jade, the immortal body is soft, and the Qingxuan ancient sword that originally did not match her height can also be hung around her waist, adding to her three-point heroic aura, and it seems to remind others that she has unparalleled swordsmanship.

"Elder Gu, Elder Feng, go back! I, Lin Ruyin, already serve my master, and I can't marry your young master of the Tiangang Sect anymore, so there is no room for discussion on this matter. "

Lin Ruyin looked at the Tiangang Sect everyone in front of her, and said in an icy tone.

Elder Gu sneered, "Over the years, you have used that so-called master several times to shirk, do you really think that my Tiangang Sect is afraid of your master?" Even if he is a chaotic body and is in the Desolate Domain, he can't control the affairs of my heavenly domain. "

"That's right! This time, we have received an order from the young lord, we must bring you back, I hope you can obediently obey, otherwise..."

Elder Feng said gloomily, and the aura of an Inscription Realm powerhouse spread out from him.

"Otherwise, do you still want to use the strong?"

Lin Ruyin's eyes flashed, and she said coldly and proudly.

"Hehe, I don't dare to say it with Qiang, but I have to teach you a lesson."

Elder Feng's words fell, and he directly attacked Lin Ruyin, and the inscription pattern flashed between his raised hands, turning into a huge eagle claw and grabbing towards Lin Ruyin.

"Find death!"

Lin Ruyin still had the appearance of a promise in the Void Heaven Realm, like a cold lotus blooming on a glacier, and her jade hand flicked towards the Qingxuan Ancient Sword.

No one saw her movements clearly, only saw a cold light flickering, as if there was a sword qi volley.

The Qingxuan Ancient Sword was still in the scabbard, but Elder Feng had already spilled blood into the air, and a head rolled directly from his neck, and blood rushed wildly.


Elder Feng's body fell heavily on the ground, instantly turning into a huge pool of blood.

This scene made all the people of the Tiangang Sect frightened and stupid.

Lin Ruyin actually killed Elder Feng with a sword, that is a strong man in the Inscription Realm, he can be a marquis in the ancient country, but he died so easily, and they didn't even see how Lin Ruyin made a move.

How terrifying should this Lin Ruyin's strength be?

"Damn, didn't the intelligence say that Lin Ruyin only has the Cave Heaven Realm? Kill across two steps, what a joke!! "

Elder Gu cursed secretly in his heart and kept retreating.

It was because they knew that Lin Ruyin only had the Cave Heaven Realm, they dared to show up swaggering, intending to use strength to take Lin Ruyin back to the Tiangang Sect, but now it was a little difficult to ride a tiger.

His cultivation was even weaker than Elder Feng, where would he dare to make another fight with Lin Ruyin.

"Get out!"

Lin Ruyin pressed her hand on the Qingxuan Ancient Sword again, her eyes full of killing intent.

"Good! Qingxuan Ancient Sword is worthy of being the supreme treasure of the Heavenly Domain, it is indeed domineering, today we recognize this loss, we will meet another day~. "

Elder Gu put down a cruel word and obediently left with a group of Tiangang Sect disciples.

In his heart, he had already decided that Lin Ruyin had such a powerful combat power by relying on the Qingxuan Ancient Sword, and after he returned, he would tell the Sect Master and the Young Sect Master about this, so that they could snatch the Qingxuan Ancient Sword as soon as possible.

After everyone in the Tiangang Sect left, the Qingxuan Ancient Sword flashed brightly, revealing a peerless palace beauty, and the red skirt danced slightly, like a burning fire lotus.

"Ruyin, are you too reckless this time? If you kill like this, the Tiangang Sect will not give up. The palace beauty looked at the corpse on the ground and said with some concern.

"The situation just now, Sister Sword Spirit also saw that after all these years, the Tiangang Sect has gradually lost patience, no matter how we deal with it, we can't fool the past anymore."

Lin Ruyin sighed softly, and quickly resumed her icy posture.

The palace beauty nodded slightly, "This is also true." Unfortunately, if you can be given a few more years to break through to the Spirit Realm, with the powerful attack and killing ability of the "Secret of Calm Chaos" and the divine power of the Qingxuan Ancient Sword, the Venerable Realm can sweep invincible. Now, it's still a little bit worse. "

"I have also discussed this matter with the sect master, and if it is a big deal, I will send me to move to the wasteland, and when my strength improves, I will return here."

Lin Ruyin said calmly.

At this moment, a brilliant divine light suddenly erupted from the center of her eyebrows, revealing a hazy chaos divine seal, and then Shi Chen's majestic voice came out: "Two months later, the forbidden land of Heaven Broken Mountain gathers!" "

Lin Ruyin's eyes lit up, and she was pleasantly surprised: "Sister Jianling, did you hear that?" The host was finally willing to contact me! "

After speaking, she suddenly returned to seriousness and solemnly bowed towards the void, "Lin Ruyin obeys the master's edict. "

The palace beauty showed a look of reminiscence, and muttered softly: "Exactly nine years have passed, I don't know how far the chaotic body has grown now. "

The road from the Heavenly Domain to the Desolate Domain was extremely long, and Lin Ruyin did not delay, immediately went to bid farewell to the Sect Master, and then took the Qingxuan Ancient Sword Path to the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land.

At the same time.

Mu Jiuhuang, Nangong Xue, Xi Bo, Long Yuanjiang, and Xiong Qingshan also received Shi Chen's transmission, and they all dropped everything and went straight to the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain.


Time flies, and two months pass in the blink of an eye.

Sky City, which had been silent for three years, became noisy again.

Great forces from all over the world have successively entered here, waiting for the opening of the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain.

Many chambers of commerce also take this opportunity to hold various auctions and exchange meetings in the city, and business is booming every day, and all kinds of rare treasures can be seen everywhere.

For the younger generation, the Forbidden Land of Heavenly Broken Mountain is a treasure land for their experience.

For the elders who come with them, this is the perfect place to buy the resources they need, and the variety of treasures is more complete than any other market.

As an ancient pure land force, the Patching Heaven Academy naturally came to Sky City early, and as soon as it appeared, it attracted the attention of all forces in the city.

"Huh? What are these people looking at us for? Is it discrimination against outsiders? "

A young man who looked young said ghostly, it was Xiao Bu Dian Shi Hao.

A girl who was walking with him rolled her eyes and said angrily: "Sky City will only be opened before and after the opening of the Tianduan Mountain Forbidden Land, where are there any locals, everyone is from outside." "

"That's right! I see that these people should all come from Junior Brother Ben, and when they enter the Forbidden Land of Heavenly Broken Mountain, Junior Brother should not come to my side. "

Another teenager said proudly, looking like he wanted to draw a line with Shi Hao.

"Don't be like this, everyone is the same family, are you watching me being bullied by those outsiders?"

Shi Hao immediately pretended to be pitiful, and his big eyes were clear.

But the group of fellow disciples did not eat this set at all, and the girl from before hummed softly: "How did I hear that you robbed those people in the Void Heaven Realm, causing the anger of the people, and people wanted to settle accounts with you." "

"Slander! Absolutely slander! How could I be so honest about that? "

Shi Hao said with a straight face.

These words not only made several of the younger generation who were traveling with them speechless, but even the elders who brought them over frowned, a little unbearable, if this kid is honest, there will be no dishonesty in the world.

God knows what a storm the last time the selection of the Heaven Replenishing Academy caused because of Shi Hao's participation, and almost the entire trial site was demolished by Shi Hao, that is, there are a lot of elders in the academy who have opinions about him, you can imagine the big forces in the Void Heaven Realm that he offended.

"When the destination arrives, you can go down and walk around, remember not to cause trouble."

The leading elder stopped the chariot and put Shi Hao and the others down.

Although it is not a safe environment to be mixed with fish and dragons in Sky City now, the environment will be ten times worse after entering the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain, it is better to let these juniors feel it early.


Shi Hao couldn't sit still for a long time, and jumped down from the car with a jump, and the pots and cans he was carrying made a clanging sound.

"Whose bear child is this, how did he bring a bunch of pots and cans to the Heavenly Broken Mountain Forbidden Land, he should be here for an outing!"

Someone on the road discovered Shi Hao's strangeness and immediately pointed out.

"Strange! The danger in the forbidden land of Tianduan Mountain is extremely dangerous, not only there are powerful fierce beasts, but also face the sniping of other forces Tianjiao, this bear child will definitely not survive the first day when he enters. "

Some people made an assertion that Shi Hao entered Tianduan Mountain to send him to death.

Shi Hao ignored these people and only drilled towards a pile of people, wanting to see what these people were doing.

"Go and go, where are the bear children, don't squeeze..."

Two strong men blocked in front, and just wanted to reprimand Shi Hao, but found that Shi Hao's strength was simply terrifying, and easily pushed them aside.

"This kid is evil."

The two strong men looked at each other, but they were actually calmed by Shi Hao, and did not dare to ask for trouble again.

And Shi Hao also smoothly saw what was being watched by this group of people, and it was a notice that said, "Reward the head of Shi Hao, a new disciple of the Heaven Replenishing Academy, and reward a treasure bone of the ancient relic seed." "

At the same time, there is also a portrait of him on it, but after a few years, some of it does not look very similar.

Seeing this, Shi Hao quickly wiped a handful on the bottom of the pot, and then applied it to his face, making his little face dirty, and quietly withdrew.

Then he got into another pile of people, and quickly retreated ruefully, and it turned out to be another notice that wanted him, the reward made him a little moved, but the requirements were also very high, it must be alive, and it didn't matter if he lacked arms and legs.

"These people are so cruel that they target me as a child."

Shi Hao was angry, and at the same time smeared more black charcoal on his face.


At this moment, Shi Hao heard a scream, it was the senior sister who had talked to him in the car earlier.

He immediately rushed over, and sure enough, he saw that the girl from the Heaven Replenishing Academy was surrounded by a group of people, each looking bad, and the girl was already a pear blossom with rain.

"What are you going to do?"

Shi Hao stood up awe-inspiringly, blocking in front of Senior Sister, his eyes glued to a chariot in front of him.

Those who surrounded the girl were the guards of this chariot.

This chariot is very strange, the whole body is made of divine gold, and the nine terrifying ferocious beasts pulling the cart are all torn beasts, and even the coachman is a Terran powerhouse in the formation realm.

The curtain of the chariot is made of precious jade, and it is vaguely visible that there is a golden lion inside, although it is not old, but its eyes are fierce and full of anger.

Seeing Shi Hao blocking the way, the golden lion roared in dissatisfaction.

The coachman outside immediately shouted: "This girl offended my lion lord, I just let her slap her mouth ten times, which is already forgiveness." If the lion takes the initiative to get angry, she will be killed. "

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience was shocked.

This coachman is obviously a strong man in the formation realm, and he can be crowned king in the ancient country, but he is willing to be a servant of a lion, how big should this lion be?

The female disciple of the Heaven Replenishing Academy cried, "I, I don't dare anymore. "

Shi Hao frowned, thinking about how to solve it, but the golden lion in the chariot roared impatiently.

The coachman changed color slightly, and said coldly: "It's night, the lion is angry and wants to eat this girl." "

"We are from the Patching Heaven Academy, are you going to be enemies of the Patching Heaven Academy?"

Shi Hao had no choice but to show the signboard of the Heaven Filling Academy.

"Patching Heaven Academy? Could it be that you are the bear child of the Void Realm, Shi Hao, the younger brother of the Chaos Body Shi Chen? "

The golden lion in the chariot suddenly showed an interested look, and actually spat out words.

The words startled a thousand waves, and in an instant, all eyes converged on Shi Hao's body, and many people showed a burning color.

Now Sky City is full of notices of wanted Shi Hao, if you can win Shi Hao, you can at least receive a reward of six or seven families, even if the big forces have to be moved.


Countless powerful light flew in, it was a big force, and as soon as they appeared, they glared angrily at Shi Hao. Good) Violent novels, on the Feilu Novel Network! )

"Shi Hao! Do you remember what you did to my clan in the Void Heaven Realm before, daring to destroy the treasure of my clan's town clan, and today you will pay the price. "

An old man said imposingly.

"Shi Hao! You destroyed the young master of my family in the Void Heaven Realm, and cut off the young lord Daoji, this is a great sin, and it must be washed with your blood today. "

Another middle-aged man spoke.

Everyone around the audience fell one after another, this bear child really did all the evil things, destroyed the treasure of the town clan, cut off the lord Daoji, no wonder these big forces want him, it is simply a feud against the sky.

There were also big forces that recognized the origin of the golden lion, and bowed slightly: "Your Excellency is the divine son of the generation of Beiling Beast Mountain, right?" This kid has a big feud with my clan, can it be handed over to my clan to deal with. "

As soon as these words came out, the onlookers were even more shocked.

Beiling Beast Mountain, this is a transcendent force in the wasteland, which can compete with the Taikoo Divine Mountain, among which there are several demon clan forces that are ancient and terrifying, to the point that it is difficult to trace back.

The golden lion hummed, "You guys are casual, I'm only interested in his brother Shi Chen." "


As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience gasped in unison.

Chaos Body Shichen!

This is a taboo name, spread throughout the eight domains, everyone knows it.

The record he set in the Void Heaven Realm nine years ago was considered by countless people to be broken by no one after eternal years, and it was the first pride of the Eight Domains of the True Nether.

No one expected that this golden lion's tone was so loud that he wanted to challenge the chaotic body.

"Good pregnancy!"

Those big forces who wanted to find Shi Hao to settle accounts saw that the golden lion had no intention of interfering, and they all showed joy.

"Shi Hao, you shouldn't have come to this Sky City. Today, this is your burial place. "

A strong man of a big force stepped out, his whole body was full of purple light, and the power of the formation was circulating, and he had reached the formation realm.

The rest of the big forces were not to be outdone, and one by one the powerhouses of the formation realm stepped out and surrounded Shi Hao.

Just as these people were about to make a move, an indifferent, domineering, and endless coercive voice suddenly came from the void:

"Who wants to do anything to my brother?"

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 67

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