Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 65

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 65

What the?

Inside the original passage, everyone was stunned.

Shi Hao's performance really shocked his jaw, and no one expected that Shi Hao would really succeed.

This made everyone speechless, and there was no heavenly reason, and the rune bones in this primordial passage were really obtained by people other than the Heavenly Emperor.

"The ultimate speed really made this bear child break a limit, it was too devilish."

"Three hundred times the speed of sound, the cub of the Golden-winged Roc is not so fast, where did this bear child come from?"

"Although the inferior Heavenly Emperor is far away, it is also very remarkable to be able to break the record of the Void Heaven Realm, and the name will spread throughout the Great Wilderness."

"That's right, the speed of the Heavenly Emperor is definitely countless times stronger, but he didn't break this record, but it was cheaper for this bear child."

"I don't know what the origin of this bear child is, although it is much larger than the Heavenly Emperor, it is also a miracle, comparable to the heavy pupil Shiyi, and the great desolation has reached the era of Tianjiao and ~ rising."


A group of people were talking about it, shocked by Shi Hao's record.

Although it is far from comparable to the record set by the Heavenly Emperor back then, it has a chance to be called a teenager-supreme compared to the heavy pupil Shiyi.

Shi Hao was not interested in the Chaos Stone Tablet that suddenly appeared, and only kept rubbing the rune bone in his hand, and he liked it very much, and his intuition told him that this rune bone was extraordinary, not much worse than the Foxy Treasure Bone.

Uncle Lingbi stepped forward and said, "Xiao No, I'm not wrong, you do have the strength to get the treasure bone, you can see if you want to buy this treasure bone for me, I will exchange it with Lingbi with you." "

"Don't believe him, little guy, he is a liar, and he still wanted to deceive the treasure bone of the Heavenly Emperor." Someone exposed Uncle Lingbi's details on the spot, making him angry.

A girl reminded: "Little brother, you are coming to the Void Realm for the first time, you need to leave a name so that the record can be saved." "

Everyone also thought of this stubble, and looked towards Shi Hao, wondering what name Shi Hao would have.

Shi Hao scratched his head, "Name? Is it asking for my name? My name is Shi Hao. "

"No, you don't have to leave your real name."

The girl pursed her lips and snickered, and suddenly her beautiful eyes froze, and the ghost made a god say: "You are also surnamed Shi?" "

These words reminded everyone, yes, how can this generation of Tianjiao be surnamed Shi, heavy pupil Shi Yi, the chaotic body seems to be called Shi Chen, this is another Shi Hao.

"Hanwa, you are also surnamed Shi, is it related to Shi Yi and Shi Chen?"

Uncle Hammer said jokingly.

Shi Hao said very naively: "Of course it matters, Shi Yi is my cousin, and Shi Chen is my brother." "

"What, what?"

Everyone fell down one after another, and this Shi Hao really had something to do with these two people.

Uncle Bird didn't care about Shi Hao's scolding at this time, and squeezed to the front, "Xiao Bu, what you said is true?" Chaos Body Shichen is your brother, your own brother? "

"yes." Shi Hao nodded very seriously, his big eyes clear.

Everyone was speechless, what is this called, Shi Guo's generation actually produced three young supremes, what kind of luck is this?

In the crowd, some people's eyes flickered and quietly retreated.

More people surrounded Shi Hao and asked him about Shi Chen.

Although Shi Chen had left the Void Heaven Realm for many years, he had always been discussed in the Void Heaven Realm, and everyone was concerned about his growth.

Shi Hao is not deeply involved in the world, and he has to answer questions, and in three or two sentences, many secrets were set up by everyone, causing everyone to exclaim.

Shi Chen actually killed a pure-blooded fox with one punch!

This is absolutely terrifying intelligence, which makes everyone tremble with excitement.

Shi Chen, who was only four months old that year, entered the Void Realm strongly, breaking ten records in one day, and even erected a monument in the core area, setting an eternal record.

Now that more than six years had passed, everyone had guessed that Shi Chen had definitely become more powerful.

But the secret news exposed by Shi Hao still shocked everyone.

Pure-blooded and cunning, that is the real overlord of the prince realm, and the stronger one can even be compared to the ancient emperor.

Such a terrifying existence was actually killed by Shi Chen with a punch with physical strength?

How terrifying should Shi Chen's current strength be?

Just as the crowd wanted to ask more, a large number of people came from the periphery and drove the crowd out of a passage.

Everyone saw their costumes and showed surprise, "It's someone from the Rain Clan." "

The people of the Rain Clan stepped forward, led by a young man, looking at Shi Hao with a proud face, "You are Shi Hao, right?" Dare to appear alone in the Void Realm, what a big boldness! "

Everyone in the audience felt a little strange.

The Rain Clan is Shi Yi's mother clan, this is not a secret, it stands to reason that Shi Hao should be a kinship ah, how to get saber rattling.

Shi Hao blinked his eyes wide and said with a smile: "You guys were sent by Brother Yi to protect me, right?" But I really don't need to, Liu Xian said to let me experience it alone. "

"What a shit mess!"

"Your brother Shi Chen killed Young Master Yi's mother, dug up one of Young Master Yi's heavy pupils, and destroyed the divine decree of my rain clan.

"We can't go to him for revenge, but it's the same to put the account on you."

The young man of the Rain Tribe led said coldly, and the group of Rain Tribe masters behind him immediately surrounded Shi Hao, their faces full of fierce and evil expressions.

When everyone around heard this, they couldn't help but be in an uproar.

This is another big news related to Chaos Body Shichen.

Shi Chen actually killed Shi Yi's mother, and also dug up one of Shi Yi's heavy pupils, and even destroyed the divine decree.

This can't help but make countless onlookers sigh that the Heavenly Emperor is the Heavenly Emperor, even outside the Void Heaven Realm, he is lawless and can do everything.

It's just that these things are too secretive and no one knows, and now that they have finally been exposed, I believe that it will soon spread throughout the entire wasteland, and the name of the Heavenly Emperor will be even louder.

Shi Hao actually knew about Shi Chen and the Rain Clan's festival, and the Rain Clan's eight-fierce sword formation was still in his hands, and he was just pretending to be stupid and stunned just now.

However, he really didn't know that Shi Chen killed Yu Yun and dug Shi Yi's heavy pupil, and his heart was extremely shaken when he heard it.

But he quickly calmed down, and said with a small face: "My brother will never kill someone for no reason, it must be that you offended him first, and you can also calculate this account on me, although it is." "

"Good! Think that if you are Shi Chen's younger brother, can you be as evil as Shi Chen? Kill him for me! "

The young man of the Rain Tribe shouted with anger on his face, and when he raised his hand, a treasure technique was struck.

The rest of the Rain Clan masters also shot one after another, and the treasure brilliance filled the entire primordial passage.

This time, the Rain Clan obviously came prepared, almost everyone took a fierce beast bone, connected into a large array, instantly trapped Shi Hao inside, wind and thunder gusts, mist flowed, faintly revealed dozens of huge gray moths, teeth and claws towards Shi Hao.

These gray moths were condensed by the formation, and their strength had already exceeded the level of the Blood Moving Realm, comparable to the Beast King of the Cave Heaven Realm.

The onlookers exclaimed one after another, they didn't expect that the Rain Clan had made such a big move in order to kill Shi Hao, and the large array composed of more than a dozen fierce beast bones was already comparable to the Zhenjiao Law Array, even if the legendary pure-blooded primeval relic cubs were probably suppressed.

Many are already showing horror.

This is a big deal.

The bear child is the real brother of that Chaotic Body Heavenly Emperor, if this is killed here, the Heavenly Emperor will not turn the heavens over?

Almost no one was optimistic that Shi Hao would be able to break free, even if he was the real brother of that Chaotic Body Shi Chen.

After all, this is equivalent to facing dozens of beast kings at the same time, and at the Beast Hunting Conference that year, Shi Yi's record of heavy pupil Shi Yi was only killing nine beast kings at once.

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In the face of such a crisis, Shi Hao also broke out with unprecedented fighting intent, all the qi and blood in his body transpired, and the power of layers of runes erupted, and before he could run the magic technique, he directly tore a gray moth apart with his bare hands, and blood splashed.

Everyone was taken aback by this scene.

This bear child actually used his physical strength to shred a gray moth that was comparable to the Cave Heaven Realm Beast King.

This is simply a demon, and the cubs of the pure-blooded primeval relics are just that.

However, what followed was the real great terror, Shi Hao completely broke out, and one dragon after another was bombarded and killed by him, like a demon god descending into the world, killing in the formation, and he was stunned.

A leap, the treasure art rushed into the sky, directly killing all the gray moths, even the fierce beast bones that made up the dragon array also appeared layers of cracks, and finally all burst open, and the powerful treasures were destroyed and ceased to exist.


Everyone was shocked by the combat power displayed by Shi Hao, which definitely reached the level of a pure-blood creature cub, and even many people felt that he could compete with Shi Yi with heavy pupils.

"Still want to run?"

After breaking the dragon array, Shi Hao's anger on his body was even stronger, seeing that everyone in the Rain Tribe wanted to run, he immediately clasped his hands, and a huge and incomparable cunning phantom appeared behind him, like a mountain, going towards everyone in the Rain Clan.


Where is the Rain Tribe such a Shi Hao's opponent, one body after another of coke appeared, all those who were swept away by the Foxy Treasure Technique, none of them were spared, and they died directly, and the screams resounded throughout the primordial passage.

The onlookers exclaimed one after another, lamenting that Shi Hao's methods were ruthless, and he was just as domineering as his brother Shi Chen back then.

"Sure enough, it's a brother, this Shi Hao has a bit of the demeanor of the Heavenly Emperor back then."

Uncle Lingbi squinted, becoming more and more optimistic about Shi Hao, not knowing what he was thinking.

As the information exchange center of the eight domains of the Nether Realm, what happened in the original passage quickly spread, causing a big shock.

Everyone knows that Chaos Body Shi Chen also has a younger brother, named Shi Hao, who is also a young supreme, with a cruel temperament and a thirst for killing, and he kills in the primordial passage.

At the same time, Shi Chen's various deeds were also obtained by various forces, killing Yuyun, digging up heavy pupils, destroying the divine spirit decree, and destroying pure-blood, these deeds made each force have a creepy feeling.

The speed of the growth of the chaotic body is too amazing, if it continues like this, who else can cure him?


Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, another two years passed.

Shi Guo's cultivation secret, Shi Chen slowly opened his eyes, those eyes had completely turned purple, and there were two pupils flowing in each eye, and they were amazing.

This is exactly the difference of Shenxiao Heavy Pupil Cultivation Dacheng, spanning tens of thousands of ancient years, such a talent is also very rare, destined to become the supreme, and the potential is endless.

But for Shi Chen, it was just an extra magical power, which was not surprising.

After more than two years of retreat, he can be described as having gained great and made amazing progress.

Not only did he practice the "Shenxiao Heavy Pupil Cultivation Method", but also based on the "Six Reincarnation Heavenly Skills", he deduced the more powerful "Ten Thousand Dao Reincarnation Method", which can fuse the heavens and thousands of paths into one furnace and burst out with stronger power.

To put it simply, Shi Chen can use any combination of the various magical treasure arts he currently masters, and the power of the explosion will be several times that of a single treasure art, which can be said to have turned his combat power upside down.

Such a method has surpassed the scope of the Immortal King Law, it can be called the Immortal Emperor Law, even if it is placed in the Immortal Ancient Era, it will definitely make a big wave, and the Immortal King giant will also be afraid.

At the same time, Shi Chen's cultivation has also made great progress.

On the basis of the original ten cave heavens, he opened up three whole cave heavens, respectively, with the three ancient royal families of Poor Qi, Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, and Zhu Wei as true spirits.

At this point, Shi Chen already had a full thirteen cave heavens, and if they were to be related to each other through the "Ten Thousand Dao Reincarnation Law", the power of the explosion would reach an unprecedented level.

However, these two years of retreat have also exhausted all his accumulation, and it is time to go out and see.

Thinking so, Shi Chen stood up, and as soon as his mind moved, his loose hair was neatly trimmed and scattered behind his back.

Now nine years old, he is completely like a handsome son, with sword eyebrows and starry eyes, handsome as jade, giving people a sense of transcendence under the immortals.



Two small beasts sensed Shi Chen's breath and rushed over from a distance, one of them was Xiao Zhu.

After such a long time, Xiao Zhu's body has not changed, but it is rounder and more like a hairball.

The other little beast is a small red bird, made for the primeval royal family Suzaku Nirvana, although the foundation has become stronger, but it can only be regarded as a cub, and its body is a little smaller than a hairball.

The two little beasts were very close to Shi Chen, and as soon as they came over, they pounced directly on him, each occupying one of his shoulders, rubbing his cheeks affectionately.

"You're holding back too, aren't you?"

Shi Chen pinched the two small beasts, and then moved the Dao Pattern, and his figure disappeared instantly.

The next moment, he had already appeared in a room, and in front of him a beautiful woman with a cold temperament and a beautiful appearance was meditating, it was the sixteenth princess.

As if hearing a noise, the sixteenth princess opened her eyes, and a ray of joy flashed, "Are you out of customs?" "

Shi Chen nodded, "What happened during my retreat?" "

The sixteenth princess pursed her lips and smiled, "If you want to talk about the biggest thing in the past few years, it has to be your younger brother Shi Hao, you don't know, he has a falling out outside, and now everyone is shouting and beating." "

"What's the situation?" Shi Chen was a little stunned.

The sixteenth princess did not hide it, and immediately said one fifty-one-ten:

"Two years ago, he inexplicably appeared in the Void Realm Initial Land, and as soon as he entered, he broke the initial record at an extreme speed and got a treasure bone, which is exactly the same as you."

"Later, the people of the Rain Clan knew about this and took the Treasure Dragon Array of the Town Clan to suppress him, but they didn't want to be suppressed by him in turn."

"That battle was extremely tragic, not only did the Rain Clan lose more than a dozen precious talisman bones, but most of the younger generation in the clan were also seriously injured, and their spirits were damaged, which greatly injured their foundations, which made the Rain Clan extremely annoyed."

"Shi Hao also had revenge, and then broke a record that Shi Yi had broken earlier, but somehow provoked some other big families and was hunted down and killed by many forces."

"However, his background is also really terrifying, the blood realm is invincible, no one can help him at the beginning, but he has been robbed by him repeatedly, and he has blackmailed a lot of good things."

"Now those forces are thinking of finding him out in reality and avenging the revenge of the Void Realm."

... Six....

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 65

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