Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 57

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 57

Shi Chen and Shi Hao, who were hundreds of miles away, did not know about the abnormalities in the ancestral land of the Rain Clan.

Both are taking stock of their gains.

Shi Chen had obtained the almost complete Rain God Decree, and it only needed to be warmed for a period of time before the rune power on its surface could become full.

The ancient rain god, mastering the law of rain, is not comparable to the ancient demon god of the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss, at least it is also the true god of the True One Realm.

Although his dharma only contained a trace of the true soul will of the gods, it had been believed by the Rain Clan for countless years, and it could be regarded as a divine object, which could be used as a spiritual shaping object in his ninth cave heaven.

And Shi Hao also harvested a lot, and collected all the arrays of the Eight Fierce Sword Array, which is also a treasure of the Rain Clan, which is not small.

Shi Chen thought that it would be good to let Shi Hao know the formation knowledge in advance, so he gave him this set of formation plates.

"Okay, the tail has been cut off, now we can officially hurry."

Shi Chen said lightly, flipped his palm, took out the Heavenly Emperor chariot, and instantly turned into a thousand zhang size, the two sat in it, and soon disappeared without a trace.

As it progressed deeper into the wilderness, the town gradually disappeared, replaced by an endless barren scene.

There is a huge bird's nest, built on the top of the mountain, covering the entire mountain, like a huge black cloud, exuding a breathtaking atmosphere.

There was another fierce bird, with its arms spread out for hundreds of feet, covering the sky and the sun, and its black feather roots were like metal casting, shining with a terrifying light.

Xiao Budian Shi Hao was lying on the side of the chariot like this, looking at the majestic scene in the wilderness, and exclaimed from time to time.

"Brother, look quickly, that big tree turned into a mouth and swallowed a lion and tiger beast that was dozens of feet in size nearby."

This scene made Shi Hao feel very shocked, a towering tree that looked ordinary, the branches actually moved by themselves, instantly pierced the body of the lion and tiger beast, and then dragged it in front of him, turning out a big mouth and swallowing it.

Then everything returned to calm, as if nothing had happened, only red blood on the trunk of the big tree.

Shi Chen was very calm about this, and only warned Xiao Budian, "The Great Wilderness is terrible, there are all kinds of strange creatures, you have to wander alone in the future, you must be careful, otherwise you will be killed." 11 Shi Hao nodded seriously, he finally saw the outside world that his brother said, it was indeed full of danger, and it was also very novel, which made him feel excited.


Seeing two fire wolves besieging a cloud eagle protecting the cubs, Xiao Bu Dian burst out of justice, and immediately flew down, turning into two half-moon beams and slashing towards the fire wolf.

Not to be outdone, the two fire wolves tore and bit towards Shi Hao, and a bloody battle broke out.

In the end, Xiao Budian successfully killed two fire wolves, but he was also very embarrassed, and his clothes were stained with the blood of fire wolves.

Shi Chen saw that Shi Hao's strength was enough to survive in the Great Wilderness, so he simply let him bathe in the blood of the beast like this.

The strong smell of blood made the fierce beasts in the great wilderness become restless, and they all killed towards Xiao Budian, and experienced bloody battles one after another.

Only when a big demon appeared that Shi Hao could not solve, Shi Chen would strike, bombard it with one blow, and then take the tough vine, tie the corpses of these fierce beasts together, and intend to take them to the deserted village together.

Shi Hao's accumulation has reached the limit, and he only needs to go through a medicinal bath to successfully enter the Blood Moving Realm.

This was also the reason why Shi Chen was in a hurry to bring Shi Hao to the deserted village.

The Gu Dan Fang mastered by the deserted village is not small, and it can be called an amazing creation in the entire Nether, and there are also many kinds of fierce beast materials that are also needed.

In this way, Shi Hao fought bloody battles for a month, and finally arrived in front of Shicun.

"Wow! Savage, a savage is coming, go and inform the village chief! "

A child playing at the entrance of the village immediately screamed in shock when he saw Shi Hao, who was bathed in blood.

Shi Hao was very depressed, quickly wiped the blood stains on his face, and said with big innocent eyes: "I'm not a wild man, I'm a member of the Shi Clan." "

Hearing this, the children in the village quieted down, but they did not dare to approach, maintaining a vigilant distance.

Soon, the old village chief of the deserted village came out with some young and strong, and said majestically: "You said that you are a member of the Shi Clan, what is the proof?" "

"Hello village chief, we are from the Shi Country, and we found out that this place is the ancestral land of the Shi Clan, and this is our identity certificate."

Shi Chen stepped forward, said politely, and sent the certificate prepared earlier.

The old village chief carefully checked, only then was he relieved, looked at Shi Chen, and then looked at Shi Hao, and said in amazement: "You two are small, it is really remarkable that you can cross the great wilderness, you have suffered a lot." "

"Yay! So many ferocious beast corpses? "

A naughty child went around the back and saw a large number of fierce beast corpses brought by Shi Chen.

The young and strong people of Shicun surrounded them, and they all suddenly showed shock.

Among the corpses of these fierce beasts, there are many ancient relics, and any one of them can destroy the entire deserted village.

"You killed these ferocious beasts?"

A strong man with the appearance of a leader asked incredulously.

Shi Hao said innocently: "These powerful and ferocious beasts were all killed by my brother, he is very powerful, and he even killed a god halfway." "

Kill a god?

Everyone was speechless, how this bear child lied and did not make a draft.

A little tiger girl with a snot stepped forward and lectured: "Little fellow, didn't your parents teach you to be honest?" Don't lie. "

Shi Hao glanced at Shi Chen helplessly, why didn't they believe what they said.

Shi Chen didn't explain much, only smiled slightly: "These ferocious beasts were indeed killed by me on the way here, my younger brother Shi Hao has reached the limit of his physical body, and he needs a medicinal bath to break through the Blood Moving Realm, and I hope that the village chief can help one or two." Of course, he can't use so many materials alone, and the decoction he made can make the whole village children take medicinal baths together and strengthen the foundation. "

As soon as these words came out, those young and strong couldn't help but show joy, and thanked Shi Hao one after another.

Although they live in the wilderness and are not well informed, they also know the importance of medicinal baths, which is a crucial step in laying a solid foundation.

The better the ferocious beast material used, the better the effect of the medicinal bath.

And this time, Shi Chen brought dozens of powerful fierce beasts of this level of the ancient relics, and they can definitely practice powerful soup medicine, they each have children, and they are naturally very happy to be stained with such light.

For a time, the whole village welcomed Shi Chen and Shi Hao's arrival, and they were very enthusiastic.

The village chief was also in rare spirits, instructed the villagers to dismember the fierce beast, set up the ancient ding in the village, and even took out a Danfang that had been dusted for many years at a glance, and put in various materials in order.

Shi Chen looked at Danfang and then at Guding, they were indeed very extraordinary, at least they were products of ancient times, containing ancient power.

But these were of little use to him now, and he only glanced at it and stopped paying attention, but walked step by step towards a withered willow tree in the middle of the village.

I saw that this willow tree was very large, extending countless root whiskers, rooted in the ground, absorbing the nutrients of the earth.

But it itself is very withered, and only one wicker remains emerald green.

"Brother Chen, it's just a sacrificial spirit in our deserted village, and we all call it Liu Xian."

The snotty tiger girl stepped forward and introduced Shi Chen enthusiastically, looking at Shi Chen's eyes full of small stars.

After all, Shi Chen has a handsome appearance, wearing a moon-white feather coat indifferently, and his temperament is extraordinary, even adult women will fall in love with it, let alone such a little girl.

"Willow Immortal?"

Shi Chen muttered a low sentence, his expression full of solemnity.

If you let others hear the tiger girl's words, you must laugh off your big teeth.

Since the collapse of the primeval era, there have been no immortals in heaven and earth, and even the invincible powerhouses in the upper realm can only be called supreme, called emperors, and not immortals.

And the sacrificial spirit of a small village in this great wilderness dares to name it immortal, how can it not be ridiculous.

But Shi Chen did not smile, because he knew very well that this willow tree in front of him was definitely worthy of the word willow immortal.

And at the same time that Shi Chen was observing Liu Xian, Liu Xian was also observing Shi Chen.


A cold female voice sounded in Shi Chen's mind, "Young man, you are very extraordinary, can you see my reality?" (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Shi Chen nodded slightly, and said with a solemn expression: "Being able to continue from the primeval era to the present, the strength of the predecessors is admired by the elders. "

"The Archean Era... It was a very long time ago, I don't remember exactly. I have been sleeping in this Nether for endless years, but I didn't expect to meet today... Wait, what are you going to do? "

Liu Xian was still sighing, but suddenly felt that something was wrong, and this bear child actually came close and ripped off her bark.

Shi Chen stopped moving when he heard this, and said seriously: "Senior Liu Immortal took root in my Shi Clan ancestral land, and obtained infinite creation from this land, and this can continue. As a member of the Stone Clan, it is not too much to ask Liu Immortal Senior for some rewards, right? "

"Where did the little ghost come from, it's so abominable!"

The trunk of the willow fairy qi trembled, and the only willow was constantly waving in the wind.

But she couldn't refute it, because what Shi Chen said was the truth, she really took advantage of the deserted village and completely absorbed a great vein array that was originally used to protect the deserted village.

Over the years, she has been willing to be the spirit of the deserted village to protect the deserted village, because she took away the creation of the deserted village, and she couldn't care less.

Now Shi Chen moved out of this matter to negotiate with her and let her deal with it.

"What do you want?"

Facing this rogue little ghost, Liu Xian had no moves, so he could only see what his intentions were first.

Shi Chen spread out his little hands and pretended to be the same innocent as Shi Hao: "The elders don't ask for much, they just want a little bit of the origin of the seniors." "


The willow branches of the willow fairy qi trembled, this kid is simply a lion opening his mouth, whose child is it, can you take it away quickly?

In desperation, Liu Xian could only reluctantly manipulate the only willow branch, suspended above Shi Chen's palm.

A drop of crystal clear, as if containing the mysterious dew of the endless immortal path, slipped from the branches and leaves and fell into the porcelain bottle that Shi Chen had prepared earlier.

If it was her heyday, this drop of Origin True Dew was naturally nothing, but she was very weak now, and there was not much Origin True Dew left, and she was blackmailed by Shi Chen to take a drop, and it was really painful to drop blood in her heart.

"Senior Liu Immortal is also too stingy, what can such a little Origin True Dew do? Give some more. "

Shi Chen glanced at the dew in the porcelain bottle and said with disgust.

"Get out! Not a drop left! "

Liu Xian said irritably, the branches danced wildly, and directly blasted Shi Chen out.

Vaguely, behind the willow tree turned into the shadow of a peerless beauty, dressed in white, with a frosty face and a magnificent face.

But at this time, she raised her eyebrows, with a fiery and angry expression, and she had already written Shi Chen in her heart in the small book, thinking that as long as she recovered her strength, she would have to teach Shi Chen a hard lesson.

Let him know how serious the consequences of blackmailing the Immortal King Giant of the Primeval Era are!

As for the current 530, Liu Xian was helpless to find that even if he used the origin, he might not be able to help that little ghost, how could such a creature be born in the Nether, it was too devilish, and the primeval era was gone.

The days that followed became calmer.

Receiving the large number of fierce beast corpses brought by Shi Chen, the demand for food in the deserted village suddenly decreased a lot, and the pressure of the hunting team decreased sharply.

The children and women of the village were mobilized by the village chief to break down the various fierce beasts and put their materials into categories.

The Guding at the entrance of the village had already been erected, burning wildly, and a large amount of fierce beast blood was invested in it, surging with surging qi and blood power.

And Shi Chen's side is not idle, there are many things to do.

One is to continue to cultivate the Shenxiao Heavy Pupil Cultivation Method, if he can practice Shenxiao Heavy Pupil, it will be a great improvement for him.

The other is to study the Origin True Dew extorted from Liu Immortal, this is a drop of Origin of the Immortal King giant of the Archean Era, even if it has been exhausted, the power of the Immortal Dao Law contained in it is still very amazing.

Now is the era of the last law, not to mention the lower realm, even the upper realm has long been without the fairy wizard, a drop of the origin true dew containing the law of the immortal path, you can imagine how amazing the value is.

If it spreads, those immortal families in the Upper Realm will go crazy about it.

And so two months passed.

"Village chief, the pure-blooded fox we observed earlier is afraid that it will not be able to support it, and it should die in the near future."

There were hunters in the village who prayed to the old village chief, with a hint of excitement in their eyes.

Although Shi Chen brought a lot of primeval relics this time, most of them were ordinary primeval relics.

However, Foxy is a pure-blooded Taikoo relic species, and the legend is that he is one of the nine sons of the True Dragon, one of the Ten Fierce Taikoo Dragons, and his bloodline is infinitely close to the Taikoo royal family, far from being comparable to ordinary Taikoo relics.

Because of this, the strength of this pure-blooded fox is also extremely powerful, and it is not something that the deserted village can covet.

If you put it in the past, the old village chief would have hesitated a little, but now his gaze is firm, "Although the fierce beast materials brought by Shi Chen are rich, according to the Danfang, there is still a lack of a main medicine, and the blood is just right, for the future of the children of the village, we must get this pure-blooded foxy corpse." "

Soon, the entire deserted village was mobilized, and the hunting team was all assembled, and Xiao Budian Shi Hao was also among them.

A few days ago, he showed his might in the battle with the neighboring village, and he was already recognized by the hunting team.

"Take the corpse!"

Shi Da, the leader of the hunting party, raised his arms and shouted.

"Take the corpse, yay!"

Shi Hao also shouted, his little face full of excitement.

Everyone didn't know that at the same time as they set out in a mighty way, Shi Chen also woke up from the retreat, purple lines flowing in his eyes, directly penetrating the boundless void, always paying attention to their situation.

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 57

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