Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 54

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 54

Above the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss Blood Abyss, Shi Chen slowly opened his eyes.

A wisp of essence flashed from his pupils, turning into a sword qi, instantly splitting the blood abyss into huge waves thousands of feet high.

And this was just a trace of essence that he had improved too quickly before he had time to refine.

Although the difference between the Cave Heaven Realm and the Blood Moving Realm is only one order, it is actually a world apart, and it is completely incomparable.

For example, his first drop of essence blood originally only had a divine power of 100,000 catties, but after turning into a cave in the sky, his strength was directly increased tenfold, reaching ten billion jin of divine power.

In other words, breaking through to the Cave Heaven Realm caused Shi Chen to directly skyrocket a full nine billion jin of divine power.

And after the essence blood turned into a cave heaven, it was not as simple as simply improving the strength of the flesh, but it made the qi and blood reshape and become more condensed.

If Shi Chen's qi and blood were like hairs before, now it was a steel bar, and the quality was countless times different.

Of course, this kind of purified qi and blood is limited to the ten billion jin divine power in the first cave heaven, and the power of qi and blood in the rest of the essence blood has not changed much.

Especially Shi Chen's first cave heaven, directly fused the essence origin of the Rift Sea Xuanlong Whale into it, turning it into the true spirit of the first cave heaven, which is a creation only available in the spirit realm.

It was equivalent to Shi Chen directly laying the foundation for breaking through the Spirit Realm.

In the future, continue to polish this first cave heaven until you can perfectly fuse the essence origin of the Rift Sea Xuanlong Whale with the cave sky, which can be regarded as stepping into the Spirit Realm.

To put it simply, every drop of Shi Chen's essence blood is equivalent to someone else's complete blood moving realm, which can open up the heavens, transform true spirits, and engrave inscriptions...

And he has nineteen drops of essence blood, which means that he can evolve nineteen cultivation methods, a Cave Heaven Transformation Sea Xuan Dragon Whale, a Cave Heaven Transformation Thunder Emperor, and a Cave Heaven Transformation Green Dragon...

After sorting out all the changes in the Breakthrough Cave Heaven Realm, Shi Chen observed his physique again.

This time breaking through the Cave Heaven Realm, the chaotic body has evolved again.

Around the outer layer of the nine rune bones at the mouth of the heart, twelve more rune bones bloomed with brilliant light, and the power of the surface runes flowed and joined together.

Each of these runes recorded an independent treasure art for refining qi and blood, and together they were the Cave Heaven chapter of the Chaos Sutra.

After Shi Chen observed it, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The content recorded in this "Chaos Sutra" Dongtian chapter is not to continue to enhance qi and blood, but how to polish the tens of billions of catties of qi and blood divine power already in Dongtian more refined, that is, to make the quality of qi and blood higher.

This process does not require a large amount of qi and blood treasure medicine supplementation, and 693 does not even need to consume any resources, as long as it is polished.

This is undoubtedly a great good thing for Shi Chen, who has always been plagued by insufficient resources.

It meant that as long as he could successfully open up the Cave Heaven, the next cultivation of the Cave Heaven Realm would not need to consume too many resources.

And what surprised Shi Chen the most was that according to the introduction in the Cave Heaven chapter of the Chaos Sutra, each drop of his essence blood was independent.

Even if his other essence blood had already penetrated the heavens, transformed into true spirits, and inscribed patterns, he could still condense new essence blood in the dantian.

This means that the nineteen drops of essence blood today are far from the limit of his foundation, as long as there are sufficient resources in the future, his foundation will continue to grow.

Now he is trapped by the poor resources of the Nether Realm and his low strength, and it is difficult to obtain a large amount of resources, but in the future, when he ascends to the Upper Realm and his strength is improved, he will definitely get a lot of resources to replenish.

At that time, Shi Chen clenched his fists slightly, he really wanted to see how terrifying it would be if he condensed thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions, tens of millions of drops of essence blood.

In addition to the twelve rune bones containing the Cave Heaven of the Chaos Sutra, one of his right finger bones also produced divine wonders, and the power of runes was full and contained infinite mysteries.

Normally speaking, even for a chaotic body, it is not an easy task to cultivate the primordial treasure art contained in its own talisman bone.

However, Shi Chen had a heaven-defying understanding, but there was no obstacle in this regard, and he quickly comprehended this new Chaos Treasure Art.

This technique is called - Chaos Quenching Sword Technique!

Condensing the power of chaos in the void, he turned into a chaos divine sword, each of which was comparable to the ultimate treasure.

The most important thing is that as long as there is enough chaos power, you can continuously condense the Chaos Divine Sword, and the use is inexhaustible.

Just imagine, if a person's casual blow is equivalent to detonating a superb treasure, then how terrifying his strength should be?

Not to mention the Nether, even the Immortal Family of the Upper Realm would definitely not be able to withstand such a squander.


Shi Chen muttered lightly with satisfaction, with this Chaos Treasure Art on his side, his killing trick card will have one more, not to mention that he is invincible in the Nether, at least he also has a fight when facing the powerhouse of the Venerable Realm.

At this time, he was not in a hurry to cultivate, but observed in the abyss.

Because that ancient demon god absorbed all the resentment and killing intent in this space in order to condense the divine soul, now this space is very calm and will not bleed again.

Soon, Shi Chen found what he was looking for in the deepest part of the blood abyss, an incomparably mysterious array.

It was this great array that made that ancient demon god still full of qi and blood thousands of years after death, and the flow was endless.

If he could get this formation and engrave it on himself, wouldn't he be able to get a steady stream of qi and blood replenishment, and no longer have the trouble of losing qi and blood?

Normally, this is a near-impossible thing.

Because the true mystery of a formation will never be revealed outside, it will be observed.

Even if the top formation master obtains an unfamiliar divine array, it is difficult to obtain the mystery without thousands of years of understanding.

But it was not a problem at all for Shi Chen, who had a heaven-defying understanding.

In just one month, Shi Chen had completely comprehended the Divine Array and even deduced it to a higher level.

[You obtained a Qi and Blood God Array, and through a long period of observation, you comprehended and created the Supreme Rune Atmospheric Blood Dao Pattern. 】

This Atmospheric Blood Dao Pattern was exactly the same as the Great Shifting Dao Pattern he had obtained earlier, it belonged to a kind of inscription pattern of the highest level, pointing directly to the origin of the law.

However, Shi Chen had previously fused the Great Shifting Dao Pattern in the first cave heaven, and this atmospheric blood Dao pattern could only be left for the second cave heaven.

Thinking like this, Shi Chen did not delay, directly crossed his knees on the ground, sank his mind into the second drop of essence blood, and slowly guided him to open up the cave sky.

With the experience of opening the first cave heaven, this second cave heaven is very easy to open.

As the endless qi and blood in the blood abyss were refined by the hell oven, the opening of the second cave heaven was soon close to completion.

At this time, Shi Chen's heart suddenly moved, and he took out the Thunder Emperor Treasure Bone obtained in the Void Heaven Realm before, and directly threw it into the second cave heaven.

This is one of the ten fierce thunder emperor bones of the ancient world, and the energy contained in it is so amazing, as soon as it enters the cave sky, it immediately turns into infinite silver thunder, turning the entire cave sky into silver.

Fortunately, Shi Chen had completely mastered the Thunder Emperor Treasure Art corresponding to this talisman bone, and quickly surrendered it, completely fused with the second cave heaven, and turned into the true spirit of the second cave heaven.

At the same time, Shi Chen did not forget the atmospheric blood Dao pattern he had just obtained, and also threw himself into the second cave heaven, making the qi and blood in this cave sky boil even more.

At this point, Shi Chen already had two cave heavens.

Although this is nothing in the Cave Heaven Realm, if outsiders see his two Cave Heavens, they will definitely be frightened and faint.

I saw that the sky was blue in the first cave, and the huge sea seemed to be boundless, and a huge sea-splitting Xuanlong whale could be faintly seen swimming in it, sometimes soaring into the air, swallowing clouds and mist. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

On the surface of the cave sky, there are also large shifting patterns flickering, exuding wisps of void space law aura, as if they can fly away at any time.

The second cave sky is even more strange, the whole body is silver, the surface is surrounded by bucket-thick thunder and lightning, hidden thunder emperor phantom in the cave sky, the whole cave sky is like a country of thunder.

The surface of this cave sky is inscribed with atmospheric blood patterns, as if adding a perpetual motion machine to this cave sky, and the power of thunder is endless.

Such a burly cave sky, let alone the Nether, even those immortal families in the Upper Realm have never seen it.

"Not enough!"

Shi Chen's eyes were bright, and he did not stop cultivating, but directly began to open up the third cave heaven.

He sank his mind into the third drop of essence blood in the dantian, and at the moment of opportunity, he had a whim, and directly used this drop of essence blood as the basis to run the mental method of "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong".

This method was indeed feasible, and with the replenishment of the majestic qi and blood energy, this drop of essence blood quickly grew, and the internal layers of magma were superimposed, and a cave sky that was several times larger than the previous two cave heavens finally slowly condensed.

Even more faintly, there is a phantom shadow of a god in the cave sky, standing up to the heavens and the earth, as if suppressing the heavens and realms.

Although it was only a drop of essence blood evolved from the cave heaven, because Shi Chen's essence blood was stronger than Xiangfeng's whole body qi and blood, his third cave heaven was at least hundreds of times stronger than the cave sky condensed by Xiangfeng.

Even if Xiangfeng condensed ten Cave Heavens, together they were far inferior to the power of his Third Cave Heaven.

If Xiang Feng saw this scene, he would have to collapse his mentality.

At this time, Shi Chen took out another talisman bone and prepared to open the fourth cave sky.

This rune bone is the rune bone of King Xiaopeng, although the bloodline atavism of King Xiaopeng has not been completely completed, this rune bone has undergone metamorphosis, infinitely close to the level of the ancient royal family.

Even the Tianpeng Treasure Art exclusive to the Taikoo Tianpeng Clan had been bred in the rune bone.

With the successful opening of the fourth cave sky, King Xiaopeng's talisman bone was also completely transformed into essence and integrated into the cave sky, and a Tianpeng phantom shadow could be faintly seen soaring and roaring in the cave sky.

The qi and blood of the ancient demon god are indeed amazing, even if Shi Chen has opened up four cave heavens, the blood abyss is still very full, and it seems that it is only half less.

Shi Chen simply took out all the rune bones of the four divine beasts, intending to open up four more caves in one go.

If you let outsiders see this scene, you must be shocked.

The Thunder Emperor Treasure Bone, the Tianpeng Treasure Bone, and the Four Divine Beast Treasure Bones, these rune bones that were extremely good even in the Upper Realm, were actually used by Shi Chen as nourishment for the Cave Heaven at will, which was simply a violent thing.

Two years, in a hurry.

Shi Chen sat motionless cross-kneeled on the abyss, his figure had obviously increased by a few feet, his long hair was scattered, and the surface of his body exuded a bright light, as if it was made of precious jade.

But the most amazing thing was that the void behind him was enough to manifest eight holes in the sky, each of which was amazing.

In particular, the four cave heavens opened up later were fused with the four divine beast rune bones, and there was a faintly interrelated aura of each other.

And the blood abyss under him has been completely exhausted, and even the qi and blood of the entire space have been consumed by him.


Exhaling out a turbid breath, Shi Chen slowly opened his eyes, faintly excited.

This trip to the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss, the harvest was too huge, allowing him to directly reach the Eight Cave Heaven realm from moving ten drops of essence blood from the Blood Moving Realm.

Such a breakthrough speed may not be very amazing.

But you must know that these nine drops of essence blood and eight cave heavens that he condensed have exhausted the origin of a demon god!

Now that Shi Chen was confident, even if he faced a Venerable Realm powerhouse, he could burst head-on.

"After such a long time, I don't know what is going on in the outside world?"

Shi Chen stood up, straightened his clothes, and muttered softly.

He knew what he had done in the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss, not only slaughtering the younger generation of the Jinpeng Clan, but also absorbing all the qi and blood in the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss.

The Qi and Blood God Array under the Blood Abyss is about to collapse, and when the time comes, the entire Ten Thousand Demon Abyss will collapse, I am afraid that all the races of the Taikoo Divine Mountain will go crazy.

However, before Shi Chen could straighten out this, the Chaos Lord God Seal in his mind suddenly sent a strange movement, causing his face to instantly become extremely cold.

Through the Chaos Lord God Seal, scenes appeared in his mind.

This time the induction came from his younger brother Shi Hao.

Two years have passed, Shi Hao has also grown up a lot, with big eyes, white and beautiful, like a porcelain doll.

In the picture, Yuyun's figure appears frequently, and every time he is very kind, patiently playing with Shi Hao.

As the picture continues to fast-forward, the relationship between Yuyun and Shi Hao becomes more and more familiar, and finally brings Shi Hao into a secret room.

In the secret room, a wisp of rune lit up on Yu Yun's fingertips, and quickly clicked on Shi Hao's forehead.

Although Shi Hao has been cultivating, after all, he is still young, and he fainted directly.

Yuyun sneered twice, carried Shi Hao to the stone platform with one hand, and then clapped his hands.

Not far away, a shadow emerged, like a ghost, silently coming to the front, observing Shi Hao, his eyes full of cold light.

And Shi Yi watched silently from the side, without the slightest expression on his face.

"Let's do it! That Shi Chen may come back at any time, and the sooner he starts, the better. "

Yuyun said with a firm look in his eyes.

The ghostly figure nodded slightly, and his thin hand grasped a sharp blade and slammed towards Shi Hao's heart.

At this moment,

A cloud of divine light burst out from Shi Hao's body, directly shaking the ghostly figure out.

The divine light became more and more blazing, turning into a void gate.

In the shocked gazes of Yuyun and Shi Yi, Shi Chen walked out of the Void Gate step by step, his expression was indifferent, and he said in an icy tone that did not contain a trace of emotion:

"Who dares to dig my brother's supreme bone?"

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 54

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