Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 42

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 42

Inside the Chamber.

Shi Chen released the Chaos Lord God Seal in his mind, and his thoughts instantly shifted hundreds of millions of miles away.

The one who sent him the message was none other than the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan's descendant Xiangfeng.

At this time, Xiangfeng was also in a secret room, and a divine seal appeared on his forehead, exuding a golden light, faintly forming an illusory golden figure.

This was the first time that Xiangfeng had used the Chaos Divine Seal to transmit a message, and he couldn't help but be a little nervous, and said respectfully: "Master, in a month, my clan will hold an intra-clan competition, and the father and emperor want to invite the master to come to watch the ceremony, and there is a great opportunity to offer." "

After a pause, Xiang Feng said again: "As for what this opportunity is, the father emperor did not tell you. "

The other side.

Shi Chen also frowned slightly when he received Xiangfeng's message, and he was very dissatisfied with the unclear intentions of the emperor.

But as one of the strongest people in the Taikoo Divine Mountain, the chance he said should be extraordinary.

Now Shi Chen urgently lacked a lot of resources to help him refine the eleventh drop of essence blood.

After all, Shi Guo's resources have been consumed too much by him in the past three years, and it is naturally better to get resources from outside.

Thinking like this, Shi Chen immediately transmitted the voice with a divine thought: "I already know that I will visit the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan in a month. "

Anyway, he has a large shifting pattern, as long as the specific location is determined, even if it is hundreds of millions of miles, it can come in an instant.

And the Chaos God Seal is the best positioning, and it is only a thought to come and go to the Ancient God Mountain.

Even if the opportunity mentioned by the White Jade God Elephant Emperor was useless to him, there was no loss for him.

Xiangfeng was very excited when he heard Shi Chen's transmission, and immediately informed the White Jade God Xianghuang about this matter, and instructed in every possible way to greet Shi Chen with the greatest etiquette, and must not be snubbed in the slightest.

This caution and caution, the angry white jade god elephant emperor rolled his eyes, this kid is not so concerned about his own father.

I'm afraid it's not a fake son!


Time flies, and a month passes in the blink of an eye.

Shi Chen did not bury his head in cultivation this month, but dropped everything to play with Shi Hao.

Xiao Budian's understanding is extremely strong, even the breathing method taught by Shi Chen can be quickly mastered, and he consciously practices it three times a day in the morning, noon, and evening.

This breathing method was created by Shi Chen himself, named "Primitive Breathing Method", and has no other use, that is, simply solidifying the essence and quenching the root bone, so that the foundation of the body becomes better.

Xiao Budian was born supreme, his foundation was already extremely strong, and he had previously drunk the source of strength and life, and the depth of his foundation had surpassed that of the cubs of pure-blooded primeval fierce beasts.

Now after cultivating the "Primitive Breathing Method" taught by Shi Chen, the foundation has become more and more stable, and he has not entered the Blood Moving Realm, and there are already tens of thousands of catties of strength in his flesh and blood, which is comparable to an ordinary Blood Moving Realm Great Demon.

According to Shi Chen's estimate, if Xiao Budian in this life embarks on the path of cultivation, he will definitely be able to break the limit of 100,000 catties in the Blood Moving Realm.

"Shi Hao, my brother is going to the Taikoo Divine Mountain, you should be careful at home. Remember my previous words, don't go near the courtyard of Liuniang's house. In addition, I will teach you to practice your breathing method diligently. "

Shi Chen patiently instructed Shi Hao.

Seeing this, Ah Wei next to him couldn't help but cover his snicker, only to feel that Shi Chen was obviously the same size as Shi Hao, but he was like a little adult.

"I know, I will wait at home for my brother to come back, when my brother can pass on my treasure art, I will also learn the treasure art!"

Xiao Shi Hao waved his small hand, and his big eyes were very bright, like two gems.

"Don't worry, as long as you practice the Primordial Breathing Method to the Xiaocheng realm, I will pass on your powerful treasure technique!"

Shi Chen said with a smile, and turned to Ah Wei for a few words, and then left with peace of mind.


At the same time.

Taikoo Divine Mountain, within the white jade god elephant clan.

As one of the overlord forces of the Taikoo Divine Mountain, the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan is very large and has many branches.

At this moment, the clan elders and young generations of these branches all gathered at the main peak, and everyone had excitement on their faces.

Because today is the day of the triennial intra-clan competition of the White Jade God and Elephant Clan.

And the White Jade God Elephant Emperor has publicly announced that no matter who wins the big competition in the clan, he will be established as the divine son of this generation.

This is absolutely extraordinary.

The so-called son of God, as the name suggests, is an outstanding disciple who is cultivated as a 'god'.

This deity did not refer to the primeval gods, but to the honorific title of the powerhouse of the Divine Fire Realm above the Venerable Realm.

The Nether Eight Domains are suppressed by the Great Dao, and the Venerable Realm is already the limit, and only a few people have been able to break this limit for thousands of years, ignite the divine fire in the Nether, and achieve the divine position.

And the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan, as a pure-blooded race with deep roots, has an ancient array in the clan leading to the Upper Realm, and according to tradition, if there is a 'Divine Son' level Tianjiao with amazing potential, there is a chance to send it to the Upper Realm for cultivation.

You can imagine what a great creation this is.

No matter who can become the Son of God, they can get the full support of the clan, unlimited supply of resources, and have the opportunity to go to the upper realm in the future, and the future is far from comparable to that in the lower realm.

Because of this, in the past three years, the elders of all major clans have worked hard to cultivate their own young generation, hoping to win the championship of this clan competition.

"The Elephant Emperor's means are really clever, and with just a little trick, he made the elders of the major clans give up pursuing the responsibility of Xiang Feng."

At the southeast seat, a burly man said coldly.

"This divine son position should have belonged to Xiangfeng, and the Elephant Emperor can take it out for public campaign, which is already a concession, those old guys are naturally not good to be aggressive again, after all, the strength of the Elephant Emperor is there."

A beautiful woman next to her said with a smile.

"So what if Xiangfeng wins the championship? Isn't this concession the same as not giving in? The burly man obviously had insight into the Elephant Emperor's mind.

"The clan elders are not fools, you can see through the mind of the elephant emperor, how can they not see through? Naturally, there are already ways to deal with it. "

"In this big competition within the clan, the upper age limit is ten years higher than before, which means that the possibility of Xiangfeng winning the championship is directly extinguished."

"After all, although the Xiangfeng bloodline is pure, it is too young, and he just broke through to the Cave Heaven Realm half a year ago and opened a Cave Heaven."

"And the younger generation of disciples who participated in the big competition within the clan this time, there are many disciples who have opened more than six caves, and even a few have broken through to the Spirit Realm."

"The same white jade god elephant bloodline, even if the bloodline of Xiangfeng is purer, it is absolutely impossible to defeat the masters of the same clan in the Spirit Realm with a cave realm."

"If Xiangfeng can also win the championship in this case, then everyone can only pinch their noses and admit it."

The beautiful woman still had a smile on her face, because her child was one of the favorites to win this clan competition, and she had broken through to the Spirit Realm with the foundation of the Eight Cave Heaven two years ago.

If her child can become the Son of God, then she will inevitably rise with the tide and greatly improve her status.

The burly man was first shocked when he heard this, and immediately laughed: "Good! The clan elders really thought ahead. This time, the elephant emperor is going to lift a stone and shoot himself in the foot, and he will definitely spit out the position of the son of God. "

"But he can't blame anyone else, if he wants to blame only his stupid son, who actually recognized a young child of a human race as the master."

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 42

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