Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 40

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 40

The secret land of the stone country.

Shi Chen slowly opened his eyes, and in the depths of his pupils, it seemed that a crescent moon was rising, a clear blue.

It was the vision that came after comprehending the bloodline structure of the Taiyin Holy Body and the Taiyin Jade Rabbit.

At this moment, Shi Chen once again felt the power of the chaotic body, and he could change the bloodline bone structure at will.

Now with the various bloodline structures he mastered, he could transform himself into a primeval Decepticon bear, or a primeval Xuanxi, or a primeval pterosaur, and there was no difference between him and a real pure-blooded primeval ferocious beast.

He can also change his bones and transform his body into a Taiyin Holy Body!

As long as he mastered the corresponding Eucharistic structure or bloodline structure, he could directly replicate this structure in his body.

Coupled with the fact that he has fully comprehended the primordial treasure art of these primeval ferocious beasts, it can be said that he can now transform into the purest primeval Decepticon Bear, Taikoo Xuanxi, and Taikoo Pterodactyl at any time.

Such magical powers cannot be described as invincible!

Although from the perspective of combat, it is impossible to become any bloodline structure or any physique that is not as powerful as the original Chaos Body.

But in some special situations, this magic can undoubtedly play a key role.

And this magical ability can almost be said to be exclusive to him.

Even if there were other chaotic bodies in this world, it was impossible for him to have such an 'anti-heavenly understanding', directly tracing back to the origin, obtaining one holy body structure and the bloodline structure of powerful fierce beasts.

For three years, in addition to completely comprehending the four rune bones, Shi Chen's cultivation had also been amazingly improved.

Under the continuous supply of resources, Shi Chen has now completely judged the two of them.

At his dantian, ten drops of essence blood floated quietly.

Moreover, these ten drops of essence blood have all been polished by him to a complete realm, and each drop of essence blood contains a full 100,000 jin of power.

Ten drops of essence blood add up to ten billion catties of pure physical strength!

According to ancient legends, even the purest primeval fierce beast cubs have only 100,000 catties at the limit of the Blood Moving Realm.

The limit limit of the Blood Moving Realm flesh body set by him in the Void Heaven Realm was 36 million catties, which had already shaken the entire Great Wilderness, and it was all terrifying.

If you let these people know that Shi Chen has mastered tens of billions of catties of divine power now, I am afraid that he will be directly frightened and faint.

According to the records in the Chaos Sutra, Shi Chen has now reached the standard of breaking through the Cave Heaven Realm, and every drop of essence blood in his body can be turned into a hole in the Cave Heaven, and cultivating to the Dacheng realm is the legendary Ten Cave Heaven!

But this standard is only the minimum standard to break through, and it is a small consummation for the Blood Moving Realm.

Ten drops of essence blood are far from the limit of the Chaos Body moving the Blood Realm, and for every extra drop of essence blood he polisheses, he can enter the Cave Heaven Realm with an extra mouthful of Cave Heaven.

Therefore, even if the resources required for cultivation increased geometrically, Shi Chen still did not intend to break through the Cave Heaven Realm.

Since the ancient rumored Ten Cave Heavens were the limit of the Cave Heaven Realm, as a chaotic body, he naturally wanted to break this limit.

At this moment, a small paper kite flew in from a distance.

Shi Chen's heart moved, and he immediately took the paper kite into his hand, and when he unfolded it, there was indeed a line of Juanxiu's handwriting on it.

This is a way for him to communicate with the sixteenth princess.

Whenever something happened and the sixteenth princess couldn't get out of her body for a while, she would use this paper kite to convey a message to him.

At the moment, there was only one short line on the paper kite, "King Wu's Mansion has changed, return quickly." "

Receiving such a message, Shi Chen naturally did not ignore it and immediately stood up.

Now Shi Chen's figure is completely different from when he first entered the Void Realm, and although he is still a child, he has a little more grace.

Before leaving, Shi Chen looked at the rune bones again.

Because he had studied it for three whole years, the rune power on the surface of these four rune bones had completely disappeared, and all of them had been integrated into the rune bones and became treasure materials.

He naturally would not waste such a treasure, and immediately played a few 'Alchemy Heavenly Divine Techniques'.

Soon, each of the four talisman bones was refined into a treasure by Shi Chen.

The rune bone of the golden-armored violent bear turned into a pair of golden boots, which were worn by Shi Chen on his feet, and the size was just right.

The talisman bone of the Taiyin Jade Rabbit turned into a moon-white feather coat, which was worn by Shi Chen on his body, and the stars and moons on the surface flowed, which was very extraordinary.

The bone of the Chiyan Sword Dragon turned into a fiery red long sword, the scabbard was red as blood, and the dragon shadow was faintly visible.

As for the treasure bone of the black-striped Xuanxi, it was refined into a jar by Shi Chen, named 'Refining Heaven Demon Jar', and anything that was included in it would be refined alive.

Under Shi Chen's control, the Chiyan Divine Sword and the Heaven Refining Demon Jar were both shrunk into mini versions, which were collected by him and could not be seen at all.

After making some preparations, Shi Chen left the secret land of Shi Guo and headed towards King Wu's Mansion.


This is the moment.

King Wu's Mansion, inside the courtyard of Shiling.

Shi Ling and Qin Yi's expressions were a little anxious, and they talked endlessly.

Shi Chen descended from the sky and immediately stepped forward: "Father, mother, what happened?" "

Shi Ling's eyes lit up when he saw Shi Chen, but he couldn't help but greet him, and said directly: "Big thing!" Your grandfather shot and killed a pure-blooded and gluttonous young son in the battlefield of the hundred races, and he has been known by the other party, which is a catastrophe! "

Qin Yi said, "Pure-blooded gluttony is one of the strongest primeval fierce beasts, and its strength is not under the human emperor. Although a large number of masters have been dispatched in the clan, and the human emperor has also issued a decree to send troops to assist, it does not play much role in the face of pure-blood gluttony. "

"Your mother and I have decided to personally go to the battlefield of the hundred races to find your grandfather, this time we just want to say hello to you, and we will leave soon."

Shi Ling said resolutely, after all, it was his father who was trapped, and his heart was naturally very anxious.

Qin Yi followed: "You are now successful in cultivation, you don't need us to worry about it, the only thing you can't worry about is Hao'er." Fortunately, your sixth lady was willing to help take care of it, so we sent Hao'er over. If you're okay, you can go and see, Hao'er misses you very much. "

Shi Chen was speechless when he listened, the couple didn't plan to discuss with him at all, they had already made a decision, just to inform him.

However, he also understood Shi Ling and Qin Yi's anxious mood, and immediately nodded and said, "I know, just leave it to me over there from my younger brother." "

After speaking, he flipped his palm and took out two golden scrolls, "This is the exercises and several treasure arts that I deduced for my father and mother, although the grade is not extremely top, but it is the most suitable for you, and the cultivation is very fast, you can understand it on the way." "

For Shi Chen, who possessed 'anti-heavenly understanding', deducing these exercises and treasure powers was completely effortless.

When cultivating in the secret land of Shi Guo, he casually took a moment to complete it.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 40

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