Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 4

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 4

At this moment, Shi Yi was completely stunned.

What is this situation?

What about such a big thunder catastrophe?

You must know that the Nine-Heavenly Thunder Tribulation is not only a test, but also a great creation.

After the thunder calamity, his Daoji will be more solid, and his strength can be increased by at least tens of thousands of catties.

But being interrupted by the child in Qin Yi's stomach, the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation turned directly and became the creation of the unborn fetus.

Thinking of this, Shi Yi couldn't help but distort his face, gathered the qi and blood of his whole body into his eyes, launched the heavy pupil technique, and looked towards Qin Yi's stomach.

He wanted to see what kind of freak Qin Yi was pregnant with.

"Draw God with qi, form an image with God, raise your hands, the power of a giant elephant." A human body, composed of 840 million particles..."

In Qin Yi's belly, Shi Chen didn't know that Shi Yi was already mad, and he was running the Divine Elephant Prison Gong with all his strength to refine the thunder he had just absorbed.

The Nine Days Thunder Tribulation is not trivial, especially the final outbreak, which is enough to have a million thunders, which even contains the power of the origin of thunder and lightning.

Such great creations must be absorbed immediately and turned into their own divine treasures, and every point lost is a great waste.

At this moment, Shi Yi's pupil technique had already shot over, breaking through the layers of shields, wanting to peek at the carcass.

Shi Chen's body was instinctively turbulent, and the chaotic bone located at the mouth of his heart suddenly burst out with brilliant divine light, isolating the power of pupil art.

As the chaotic body became powerful, the entire heaven and earth were affected.

With the altar as the center, the power of supreme rules within a radius of a million miles transformed into countless rays of light, constantly pouring into Qin Yi's belly, making her all immersed in immortal qi, and her body exuded a mysterious and mysterious Dao rhyme.

The blood lake on the altar also seemed to be inspired, turning into blood-colored tides, surging towards Qin Yi and merging into her belly.

In a short while, all the ninety percent of the precious blood that had not yet been absorbed by Shi Yi was absorbed by Shi Chen in Qin Yi's stomach and turned into the nourishment of the chaotic body.


Shi Yi wanted to block it, but it was too late, and he attacked his heart angrily, and directly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"Oh my God! What is this out-of-phase? It's terrifying! "

"I remember that when Shi Yi was born, he only induced the spiritual energy of a thousand miles, and this child in Qin Yi's stomach was not yet born, so he could trigger the spiritual energy of a million miles?"

"The heavy pupil is already a difference that the ancient saints have, but it is less than this one percent, could it be that Qin Yi is giving birth to a Dacheng saint?"

"It's not a Dacheng saint, although this breath is mysterious and boundless, it is very weak, it is not a legend... Chaotic bodies? "

"What? The chaotic body strikes up for nine days, and the town goes down to ten places, and it is not out of the eternity, but it is countless times more cherished than the heavy pupil. "


All the old antiques of the stone tribe gathered around the human emperor, talking about it, and their faces were full of excitement.

Especially when it was guessed that Qin Yi might be pregnant with a chaotic body, even the oldest gray-clothed old man was trembling and nervous to the extreme.

The human emperor was shrouded in the divine light, unable to see his face clearly, and said solemnly: "There is such a vision before birth, it has never been heard of, even if it is not the legendary chaotic body, it is definitely a supreme holy body, and this matter must be vigilant." The vision this child evoked was so amazing that other nations and tribes would receive news and must keep him safe. "

"Your Majesty is right! Such a prodigy must not let him die before he was born, even if he fights this old bone of mine, he must also keep him. "

A white-haired old man said forcefully, greeting the approval of the crowd.

The talent is even more amazing than the heavy pupil, you can imagine how amazing the potential in the future is, such a supreme rise, for a family has endless benefits, naturally can not be snubbed.


Shi Yi returned to his mother with a pale face, and a mouthful of essence blood spewed out from his anger, causing his origin to be slightly traumatized.

Seeing this, Shi Yi's mother became even more angry, her eyes almost burst into blood, and she said loudly: "Heaven kills!" The child in Qin Yi's stomach devoured Yi'er's Heavenly Tribulation was not enough, and he also absorbed all the blood that Yi'er used for medicinal baths! That's Yi'er's creation! "

Shi Teng was naturally also angry, which was equivalent to cutting off a foundation of his son Shi Yi and had a huge impact on the future.

But he looked around, but he could only sigh helplessly, "Ninth brother, this unborn child is too amazing, it is likely to be the legendary chaotic body, and now it is the hope of the entire stone clan, even if it takes away the creation of Yi'er, what can it do?" "

The reality is that cruel.

A second ago, Shi Yi was still born with heavy pupils, the youth supreme, the hope of a family, and even the human emperor specially prepared a medicinal bath baptism for Shi Yi on the day of the heaven sacrifice ceremony.

But with the appearance of a Tianjiao who may be a chaotic body, Shi Yi was immediately beaten into the dust and abandoned by everyone, and no one would even say a word of justice for him.

The accumulation of a family is so much, only the most talented children can be given priority, which is the survival rule of the Great Wilderness for hundreds of millions of years.

Shi Yi's mother was also from a large clan, so she naturally understood the truth of this, and couldn't help but clench her fists.

Shi Yi saw that his parents couldn't stand up for him, and he was even more angry, staring viciously at Qin Yi's stomach, but he didn't dare to use the heavy pupil technique anymore.


In the months that followed, martial law was imposed throughout the Shi Kingdom.

One by one, the human emperor issued an edict, and all the hundreds of millions of troops guarding the four sides of the town were recalled to the human emperor city.

Countless princes and generals, with their armies, rushed from the fiefdom and stationed outside the Renhuang City, but they did not know what happened.

These people alone numbered tens of thousands, and the army behind them stretched for thousands of miles, and the black pressure pressed a piece, filling the earth with no end in sight.

You must know that the territory of Shi Country is vast, and the population ruled by only one prince is hundreds of millions, and there is no simple figure, so many princes and generals gather, the momentum is huge, unimaginable, like a myth.

What these people didn't know was that the inside of the Human Emperor City was even more solemn.

All the nobles, civilians, and military officials in the city gathered in front of the Shiwang Mansion, looking nervously at the closed gate.

In the void, the human emperor stood with his hands in his hands, his body wrapped in a divine light, and his expression was solemn.

For this line, both Zhenguo artifacts were taken out by him.

The dozens of old antiques of the Shi Clan all dispatched, faintly forming a large array, sealing off all the Shi Wang Mansion in this area.

Everyone was ready and waited quietly.

I don't know how long I waited like this, but a baby's cry suddenly sounded.

The next moment, the breath of infinite chaos spread, billions of rays of light fell from the sky, there was a Dao Sanskrit sound resounding in the void, and golden lotus flowers were produced on the earth.

"The heavens are full of sounds, and the earth is surging golden lotuses, this is really a vision of the chaotic body. My Stone Clan, a Chaos Body! "

The human emperor raised his head to the sky and roared the mountains and rivers.

The entire wasteland was boiling at this moment.


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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 4

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