Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 39

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 39

Inheritance of the Ancient Holy Monastery?

Shi Chen raised his eyebrows, and he was no stranger to this.

In the original work, Shi Huang gave this place to Shi Yi, and Shi Yi also obtained many treasures in the Ancient Holy Courtyard, including the Supreme Treasure Art Heaven Replenishing Technique.

But these benefits were completely insignificant in Shi Chen's opinion.

No matter how strong the Heaven Replenishing Technique is, it can still be stronger than "Calm the Chaos Technique", "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong", and the Thunder Emperor Treasure Technique?

In contrast, Shi Huang's proposal to send him to the secret land of Shi Country to ensure his supply of various resources made him more impressed.

He broke through to the Blood Moving Realm with the foundation of one hundred and eight heavenly veins, which already required massive resources.

Coupled with the cultivation of the Chaos Sutra, only a drop of blood can contain 100,000 jin of power, and the resources required are even more astronomical.

Even if he became a disciple of the Holy Academy, it would not have been possible for the Ancient Holy Academy to provide him with so many resources in the first place.

So how to choose, it is already self-evident.

"I want to enter the Stone Country to cultivate secretly."

Shi Chen said firmly.

The Renhuang nodded, did not force it, and said directly: "In this case, I will take you into the secret land of the Stone Kingdom now." "

To some extent, he also hoped that Shi Chen would choose to cultivate in the secret land of Shi Country.

Because in this way, Shi Chen completely belonged to the Tianjiao cultivated by Shi Guo, and did not need to be divided by the Heaven Replenishing Academy.

The secret land of Shi Country is not in the territory of Shi Country, but a vast small star field.

The concentration of spiritual energy here is at least ten times that of the outside world, and all kinds of rare treasures can be seen everywhere, and mountains and rivers are all available, just like a paradise.

Shi Chen was very satisfied with the environment here, and when he turned his palm, he took out a golden scroll and handed it to Shi Huang, "I have gained a lot in the Void Heaven Realm this time, this Imperial Dao Dragon Qi is an orthodox method of controlling dragon qi, which is suitable for His Majesty's cultivation, so I gave it to Your Majesty." "

After all, the next step is to consume the resources that Shi Guo has treasured for many years, and Shi Chen will give Shi Huang a little benefit.

Although Shi Huang, as an emperor, carries the Imperial Dao Dragon Qi, he does not have the corresponding cultivation exercises and cannot exert his true power.

With this Imperial Dao Dragon Qi, Shi Huang's combat power could be doubled in an instant.

Therefore, Shi Huang was very surprised, and laughed: "This exercise is indeed of great benefit to me, I will accept it unceremoniously, Shi Guo's resources, you can rest assured and boldly call it." "

What Shi Chen wanted was Shi Huang's words, and he immediately thanked him.

Just as the so-called short hand of others, Shi Huang gained benefits, and immediately arranged for people to go to the secret land of Shi Country, specifically responsible for assisting Shi Chen's daily cultivation.

It's just that this person sent caught Shi Chen off guard.

"Sixteen Princesses?"

Looking at the beautiful girl standing in front of him, Shi Chen couldn't help but be surprised in his heart.

He could never have imagined that the person sent by the Shi Huang to serve him was a dignified princess, which was too generous, and his own daughter was sold.

Although they are both royal daughters, the sixteenth princess and Yan Linger are completely two types, different from Yan Linger's lively and cute, but take a noble and elegant route.

However, when facing a young child like Shi Chen, the sixteenth princess could not help but show her childlike heart, and curiously circled around Shi Chen twice, "You are the chaotic body of King Wu's Mansion?" That Heavenly Emperor of the Void Heaven Realm is really you? "

Shi Chen said flatly: "The princess doesn't believe it? "

"Of course not, just a little surprised." The sixteenth princess regained her noble and quiet temperament, "Father and Emperor attach great importance to you, so I recommended myself to take care of you, as the imperial daughter of Shi Guo, I always have to do something for Shi Guo." I can't help with those big helps, and taking care of your daily life shouldn't be a problem. "

Shi Chen heard that the sixteenth princess came voluntarily, so he didn't say anything more, and directly ordered: "Then you first get me three million catties of source liquid." "


The sixteenth princess said very competently, but turned around and walked halfway and suddenly noticed that something was wrong, and turned around and said, "How many pounds do you want?" Three million catties? "

She suspected she had misheard.

She naturally knew that this kind of thing was made of fierce beast essence blood and various rare medicinal materials, which was most suitable for cultivators in the Blood Moving Realm to warm their bodies.

Although the value of the source liquid is not high, it costs three million catties at one time, which is too exaggerated.

Under normal circumstances, ten pounds of source liquid is enough to use for a long time.

"That's right, it's three million catties, don't let me repeat it in the future."

Shi Chen said with a straight face.

Seeing this, the sixteenth princess stomped her foot, "Three million catties, right!" I'll find it for you! "

She wanted to see how Shi Chen was going to consume such a huge amount of source liquid.

Two months later.

The sixteenth princess was summoned by Shi Chen again.

Looking at the lake that was originally filled with source liquid, but now it was a dry lake, the sixteenth princess was completely numb, "Those source liquids are really consumed by you." "

"Last time, I was too conservative, this time you directly took 20 million catties of source liquid."

Shi Chen sat suspended in the air like a young god, without the slightest emotion.

"Twenty million catties of source liquid..."

The sixteenth princess gasped, but this time she didn't ask more, and went straight back to prepare.

With the supply of 20 million jin of source liquid, Shi Chen could finally absorb cultivation with confidence and boldness.

At the same time, his spirit was not idle.

The four talisman bones obtained when he first entered the Void Heaven Realm were taken out by him one by one.

He wanted to take advantage of the time of retreat and cultivation to fully comprehend these rune bones and analyze the bloodline structure of the bloodline ancestors they corresponded to.

The difficulty of this is tantamount to ascending to the sky, and no one can do this in nine days and ten lands, and they will not even give birth to this idea.

Because this is so ridiculous, just like holding a chicken bone on Earth and trying to analyze the structure of ancient dinosaurs from it, it is simply impossible.

Even if it were possible, no great powerhouse would expend his energy in such a place.

Only Shi Chen, who has 'anti-heavenly understanding', will try.

Time was in a hurry, and in the blink of an eye, three years had passed, and Shi Chen had also gained a huge harvest.

[You obtained the heart and mouth bone of the golden-armored violent bear, and after countless days and nights of research, you comprehended the bloodline structure of its bloodline ancestor Taikoo Decepticon Bear, and created the "Taikoo Decepticon Bear Bloodline Cultivation Method"


[You obtained the horn bone of the black-striped Xuanxi, and after countless days and nights of research, you comprehended the bloodline structure of its bloodline ancestor Taikoo Xuanxi, and created the "Taikoo Xuanxi Bloodline Cultivation Method"


[You obtained the backbone of the Chiyan Sword Dragon Beast, and after countless days and nights of research, you comprehended the bloodline structure of its bloodline ancestor Taikoo Pterodactyl, and created the "Taikoo Pterodactyl Bloodline Cultivation Method"].

[You obtained the leg bone of the Taiyin Jade Rabbit, and after countless days and nights of research, you deduced the structure of the Taiyin Holy Body from it, creating the "Taiyin Holy Body Cultivation Method" and "Taiyin Jade Rabbit Bloodline Cultivation Method"].


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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 39

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