Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 37

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 37

Tianlan Huang didn't expect Mu Jiuhuang to have such a high evaluation of Shi Chen, and he couldn't help but be surprised, and then he was relieved:

"If it is true as you say, then it is also a blessing in disguise."

As a father, he naturally didn't want Mu Jiuhuang to be someone else's maid.

Now this is perhaps the best outcome.

At this time, Mu Jiuhuang thought of something, and when he told the Tianlan Emperor about the seven curses planted on his body.

"What? Is there even such a thing? No wonder those people retreated so crisply back then, it was really a wolf ambition!! "

Tianlan Huang was furious, and couldn't help but rejoice, "Fortunately, Young Master Chen's divine power is amazing, otherwise these seven curses in his body will always be a scourge." "

Mu Jiuhuang nodded slightly, and said proudly: "With the mark given by the master, it is impossible for such ghost means to hurt me anymore." "

That being said.

After leaving the main hall of the palace, Mu Jiuhuang immediately returned to the cultivation secret room and concentrated on cultivation.

This time, the power of the seven curses was removed, which certainly eliminated her hidden crisis, but it also alarmed the emperors of the Seven Kingdoms such as the Ghost Spirit Country.

Perhaps these countries will attack the Tianlan Kingdom in advance.

So she has to seize all the time to become stronger.


Celestial Domain, Qingxuan Sword Sect.

As soon as Lin Ruyin returned, she was called to the council hall.

"Ruyin, you are really fighting this time, we let you be a follower, I didn't expect you to be able to worship under the Chaos Body."

As soon as she saw Lin Ruyin, the beautiful woman sitting in the main seat spoke very enthusiastically.

"Ruyin has seen the Sect Master, the Great Elder, and the Second Elder..."

Lin Ruyin held the Qingxuan Ancient Sword and very obediently greeted the elders one by one.

Although the Qingxuan Sword Sect has a long history and a great reputation in its ancestors, it is now a small sect, and the number of elders and disciples combined is less than a hundred.

Lin Ruyin was an orphan since she was a child, and she was picked up by the sect master and raised back to the sect, it can be said that the Qingxuan Sword Sect is her home, and the sect master and elders are her family.

The Great Elder was a kind old man, stroking his beard and smiling, "You are now a follower of the Chaos Body of that Stone Country, and with this name, presumably the Gang Sect did not dare to persecute too much that day." "

At the mention of the three words 'Tiangang Sect', the faces of all the elders who were originally smiling became ugly.

The second elder said angrily, "This Tiangang Sect is really deceiving people. I think that in the era of the emperors, my Qingxuan Sword Sect was so brilliant, suppressing the Heavenly Domain, sweeping the Liuhe, and the Great Sect of the Ancient Kingdom all submitted, and now even a small Tiangang Sect dared to deceive the door. "

When all the elders heard this, they couldn't help but sigh.

It's not the same now!

The current Qingxuan Sword Sect has long declined, and its majesty is no longer there, not to mention that it controls the entire Heavenly Domain, and it doesn't even have the strength to control the Frontier Country.

Although the Tiangang Sect is not as good as the flourishing Qingxuan Sword Sect, it is also a big sect, and there are Venerable Realm powerhouses sitting in town, which is definitely not something that the current Qingxuan Sword Sect can provoke.

The beautiful woman sitting in the main seat said slowly: "I know the conspiracy of the Gang Sect that day, marrying Ruyin is just a superficial excuse, the real purpose is to recognize Ruyin's Qingxuan Ancient Sword." This sword is the inheritance sword of my Qingxuan Sword Sect, and it definitely cannot fall into the hands of the Tiangang Sect. "

"I heard that the generation of the Tiangang Sect also produced a Tianjiao, with the Tiangang hegemonic body, and the future achievements will be above the Venerable Realm, I am afraid that I will not easily give up the Qingxuan Ancient Sword."

The Great Elder sighed worriedly.

Lin Ruyin said, "What about the Tiangang Overlord Body? It cannot be the opponent of the master. Rest assured, elders, I am now a follower of my master, and he will definitely protect me. "

"Although the chaotic body is strong, it also needs time to grow, and the sect side can only delay as much as possible, and in the end it depends on you."

The beautiful woman said seriously, she couldn't bear to put this weight on Lin Ruyin.

But she can't help it, strength is respected in the wilderness.

The Tiangang Sect is a great sect, juxtaposed with the ancient country, and if it wants to overwhelm people, the Qingxuan Sword Sect has no way at all.

"Thank you, Sect Master. If there was nothing else, Ruyin went down to cultivate. "

Lin Ruyin bowed again, and after receiving instructions from the beautiful woman, she turned and left.

The great enemy of the Tiangang Sect was ahead, and she did not have time to relax, and immediately came to a mountain peak.


With a soft sound, the Qingxuan ancient sword unsheathed itself, and the spiritual light circulated on the sword, and it turned into a graceful beauty, wearing a fiery red palace costume, blooming like a red lotus, and the style was peerless.

This beauty is not inferior to Mu Jiuhuang, who is like the goddess of the Nine Heavens, and has three points more grace and noble temperament than Mu Jiuhuang.

"Sister Jianling, why did you come out?"

Lin Ruyin said with some surprise, obviously it was not the first time to see the true face of the sword spirit.

"You obtained the Chaos God Seal before, and you were very emotional, but what top-level exercises did you obtain?"

The palace beauty said elegantly, the corners of the dress danced slightly, as if a flame burned, which set off her otherworldliness.

Lin Ruyin hesitated for a moment and said truthfully: "The master taught me a sword technique. "

"Sword technique?" The palace beauty's eyes lit up, and she said busily: "You can take a look now." "

Lin Ruyin accidentally dripped essence blood on the Qingxuan Ancient Sword when she was seven years old, and thus met the palace beauty.

In the past five years, she has been cultivating the supreme sword art "Xuantian Sword Technique" under the teaching of the palace beauty, so the foundation of kendo is very solid.

Although "Ping Chaos Recipe" is very mysterious, it is not a problem for Lin Ruyin to imitate a 'shape'.

I saw her folding willow into a sword, luck dantian, and in an instant, the momentum of the whole person changed, as if a peerless swordsman stood on the top of the mountain.


As soon as the sword came out, the emerald green sword light streaked through like a shooting star, destroying and decaying all the way, and actually cut a crack hundreds of feet long on the opposite mountain.

Rao was prepared by Lin Ruyin, and was also taken aback by this amazing power.

And the palace beauty was already trembling all over, and her expression was extremely excited, "It's it!" I remembered it, the Ping Chaos Technique, this is the famous "Ping Chaos Technique" in the primeval era, one of the three major sword techniques of the Taikoo Era. Incredibly, that chaotic body actually passed on such a terrifying sword technique to you! "

Lin Ruyin said: "This sword technique is indeed called "Calm Chaos Technique", but I only got one form, only this sword. "

The palace beauty shook her head, "Ruyin, you don't understand what a terrifying sword technique this is, even the immortals of the Immortal Domain and the gods of the Divine Domain are afraid of it. "

"With this sword alone, you can practice to Dacheng, and it is enough to curse immortals, slaughter gods, and push the upper realm!"

"Becoming a follower of that chaotic body should be the greatest opportunity in your life."

"There are all sentient beings in the world, and there is no one in ten thousand who can win the favor of the chaotic body."

"Such an opportunity is hard to find, hard to find!!"

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 37

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