Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 32

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 32

"Primeval Tomb? Something interesting. "

Shi Chen touched his chin and muttered.

He had long discovered that this world was not the perfect big world he had guessed before, but a fusion of many fantasy worlds.

Including this Nether Eight Domains, it has also integrated into many other fantasy worlds.

The history of this world of nature is also very different from that of the perfect world.

It also made him interested in exploring the past.

It is a pity that this is only the Nether after all, it is a place of banishment, and there are only a few records of the ancient era.

Now a primeval divine tomb suddenly appeared, which naturally made Shi Chen very interested.

Seeing this, Mu Jiuhuang's spirits lifted, and he quickly said again:

"The Ancient God Tomb is absolutely real, not the burial place of the gods, or the battlefield of the gods and demons."

"But that divine tomb has a forbidden guard, and my ancestors of the Tianlan Ancient Kingdom tried to break through several times, but they all suffered heavy losses and were not allowed to enter."

"But twenty years ago, my father discovered that the prohibition on the tomb of God was loosening, and within a few years, the tomb would open a little."

"It's just that the prohibition of the divine tomb is still there, and if the spiritual power fluctuates too much, it will still be killed by the forbidden power."

"According to my father's inference, the first opening of the Divine Tomb can only accommodate cultivators at most in the Spirit Realm and below, and those above the Spirit Realm will die."

When everyone heard this, they were even more surprised.

The Divine Tomb will open in a few years, and it can only accommodate cultivators below the Spirit Realm, which is good news for them.

After all, they have not yet grown up, and if they compete with the elder powerhouses in the Great Wilderness, they are definitely not opponents.

And if they suppressed their cultivation below the Spirit Transformation Realm, as long as they could break through to the Cave Heaven Realm before opening, they would at least have the power to fight.

A primeval tomb that may contain gods, if you think about it, you can definitely know that it contains supreme treasures.

Mu Jiuhuang continued, "As long as the Heavenly Emperor is willing to accept me as a maid, the Tianlan Ancient Kingdom is willing to offer this treasure map and fully assist the Heavenly Emperor's activities in the divine tomb. "

This treasure map of the Divine Tomb was originally the last hope of the Tianlan Ancient Kingdom.

If she didn't find a suitable owner in Beast Hunting City this time, she would have to go to that primeval divine tomb in a few years to make a final effort.

But now she has changed her mind, preferring to exchange this treasure map for Shi Chen's protection.

Shi Chen frowned and pondered, with his divine power, even if he did not have the treasure map provided by Mu Jiuhuang, he was sure to enter the Ancient God Tomb.

But Mu Jiuhuang's sincerity this time made him very satisfied, and he only asked for the position of a maid.

Thinking so, Shi Chen finally made a decision and said flatly: "Good! Then I will allow you to be the handmaid of the Emperor of Bentian, as for the treasure map, you can keep it first, and when the Ancient God Tomb is born, I will go and get it." "

"Thank you master, Mu Jiuhuang see master."

Mu Jiuhuang's nerves that had been tense finally relaxed at this moment, and he thanked him with great gratitude.

"Although you are a handmaiden, if you behave well, I will also promote you as a follower. Now you open your knowledge to the sea, and I will plant a seal of chaos in it. "

Shi Chen said lightly.

Mu Jiuhuang was even more surprised when he heard that he had the opportunity to become a follower, and without hesitation, he directly opened up the sea of knowledge.

The sea is the abode of the spirit, and it is also the most important place for a person.

Mu Jiuhuang was born with holy phoenix luck, and his knowledge of the sea was even more extraordinary.

The entire sea of knowledge was shrouded in a fairy phoenix phantom, and if it was not voluntary, any external force would be shielded out.

As she opened the Immortal Phoenix Shadow, the true appearance of Zhihai was also revealed.

In addition to her divine soul, there was also a mini holy phoenix, which was the origin qi of that holy phoenix.

At this moment, the abnormality suddenly appeared.

A force of seven curses lurking in Mu Jiuhuang's body, sensing that Mu Jiuhuang's sea defense was wide open, actually burst out in unison.

"Boom! You dare to open up the sea defense, it's really heavenly help me! "

"I can't imagine that this girl would really be stupid enough to open the sea defense and not plant a curse in vain for this emperor."

"This wisp of Saint Phoenix Origin Qi, I Yuncang Kingdom accepted it!"

"Holy Phoenix Origin Qi to you, my Ghost Spirit Kingdom only needs the divine soul of this girl."

The power of the seven curses all turned into evil ghost phantoms, and they rushed towards Mu Jiuhuang's sea of knowledge with their teeth and claws.

And Mu Jiuhuang was already frightened and pale at this time.

She never expected that there was such a vicious curse in her body.

At this time, it was completely too late to take back the Immortal Phoenix Shadow, so he could only close his eyes and wait for death.

Just when she was desperate in her heart, Shi Chen's cold snort suddenly sounded in her ears: "The two ghosts and ghosts dare to move in front of me, chaos divine seal, suppress everything!" "

Then Mu Jiuhuang saw a golden light rushing into her sea of knowledge, turning into a golden divine seal, exuding an incomparably majestic aura.


Under the light of this golden divine seal, the evil ghost phantoms turned into by the power of the seven curses were like being burned by fire, emitting a miserable scream, and then turned into wisps of black smoke and dissipated.

The golden mark did not stop there, but bloomed with a stronger divine radiance and rushed towards the seven acupuncture points in Mu Jiuhuang's body, dissolving all the curse runes imprinted on it.

All this happened in Mu Jiuhuang's body, and her body was also the deepest.

As the power of the seven curses dissolved, she only felt that her body was light, her acupoints became light and transparent, and the speed of absorbing spiritual energy was more than ten times faster than before.

That's when she understood everything.

Since the Holy Phoenix Qi Luck was taken away, her talent has plummeted, and the thirty-six Heavenly Veins that were originally born with her own have also reclosed.

She had always thought that this was the reason why the Holy Phoenix Qi was taken away, but now she knew that the Seven Kingdoms had also used other tricks and feet on her, restricting her cultivation, and had been waiting for the opportunity to seize her Holy Phoenix Origin Qi.

If she hadn't opened her sea defense in front of Shi Chen today, she would probably already be a corpse at this moment.

"Does the master already know that I carry seven curses?"

Mu Jiuhuang muttered and asked, somewhat understanding why Shi Chen didn't choose her as a follower.

Shi Chen nodded.

Part of the reason why he accepted Mu Jiuhuang happily was that after comprehending the primordial treasure art of 'Chaos God Seal', the power of the seven curses in her body was no longer a problem for him.

"The Chaos God Seal is an extension of my will, containing part of the power of chaos, which can suppress all evil."

"With this divine seal in your body, you will not invade all evil in the future."

Shi Chen faintly said another divine effect of the Chaos God Seal.

When the followers heard this, they were shocked again, the Chaos God Seal could actually suppress evil, and all evil would not invade!

Now they finally understood why Shi Chen would say that the Chaos God Seal was fundamental.

This is simply a supreme treasure.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 32

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