Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 30

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 30

"Lin Ruyin stepped forward!"

After Shi Chen made the six Chaos God Seals, he first set his eyes on Lin Ruyin.

Because Lin Ruyin was the first follower he accepted.

"What's the matter with the master?"

Lin Ruyin walked carefully in front of Shi Chen, and could clearly feel the Qingxuan Ancient Sword in her arms trembling slightly.

Shi Chen ignored the sword spirit in the ancient sword and said majestically: "You are the first follower I accepted, now I ask you again, are you willing to sincerely follow me and fight with me to the end of my life?" "

Lin Ruyin was slightly stunned, and immediately said without hesitation: "Lin Ruyin is willing to follow her master all her life and never give up." "

"For this reason, I am sealed by your gods, and thou shalt restrain divine souls and do not resist."

Shi Chen spoke again, and the Emperor Shadow raised a finger and pointed towards Lin Ruyin's eyebrows.

I saw a golden light gushing out from the fingertips, turning into a brilliant small seal, making people unable to see the body.

Lin Ruyin followed Shi Chen's words, did not dare to struggle in the slightest, only felt that her eyebrows seemed to be pricked by needles, and then a warm breath wrapped her whole person, comfortable to the extreme.

"I, I feel like there's something in my head."

Lin Ruyin touched her eyebrows, there was nothing abnormal, but she had a strange feeling.

"I have planted the Chaos God Mark in your sea of knowledge, and you try to visualize it."

Shi Chen further guided.

Lin Ruyin sank her heart according to the words, and really 'saw' in her gray sea of knowledge, there was an extra golden mark, she tried to see clearly, but because the divine light was too strong, she could not see the specific appearance of the mark.

At this moment, a blazing light emanated from the imprint and shot straight towards Lin Ruyin's 'consciousness'.

Lin Ruyin only felt that her brain swelled, and countless mysterious and obscure words flashed in front of her eyes, and it was an incomparably mysterious and powerful sword technique, called "Calm Chaos Technique".

Lin Ruyin only took a cursory glance and couldn't help but feel an extremely shocked emotion.

This sword technique was actually countless times more powerful than the Xuantian Sword Technique taught to her by the sword spirit in the Qingxuan Ancient Sword.

But she remembered that when the Qingxuan Ancient Sword Spirit taught her swordsmanship, she said that the Xuantian Sword Technique did not belong to this realm, it could be the first sword in the eight domains, as long as she practiced Dacheng, she would be invincible and invincible.

I don't know how Qingxuan Jianling will feel in her heart when she knows the "Secret to Calm Chaos" she just obtained.

However, she also realized that the "Secret of Calm Chaos" she obtained was not complete, only the chapter that she could cultivate in her current realm.

The complete "Secret of Calm Chaos" seems to be hidden in the golden mark in her mind, which can be obtained when her realm improves.

This couldn't help but make her feel the strength of Shi Chen again in her heart, just casually giving her some benefits, and going against the sky to such a point.

"Thank you Master for the peerless power."

Lin Ruyin opened her eyes and said with great gratitude.

In the eyes of Nangong Xue, Xi Bo and others, Lin Ruyin just closed her eyes and pondered for a while, and a golden mark appeared at the center of her eyebrows, giving people a feeling of supreme majesty and dignity.

After Lin Ruyin opened her eyes, the golden mark disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

Shi Chen saw that everyone was puzzled, so he explained to them:

"In the primeval era, the gods ruled the earth, gave the gods a mark to devout believers, received the divine messengers, and administered the world on their behalf."

"My Chaos God Seal is exactly the imitation of the God Seal, granted to Er and so on, containing part of the power of Chaos."

"Because my cultivation is still shallow, the power of chaos in the imprint is very thin."

"After my cultivation improves, the power of chaos in the imprint will also increase, which is of infinite use."

"As for the peerless magical powers that Lin Ruyin said, they are just some of the benefits I gave incidentally, and you need to understand them with all your heart after you go back."

After hearing these words, Nangong Xue, Xiong Qingshan, and the others all widened their eyes in shock.

The golden divine seal given by Shi Chen was comparable to the mark of the gods given by the primeval gods?

What a shocking power is this?

Or rather, this is beyond the scope of magical powers, but real - divine magic!

Although Shi Chen said that the peerless magical power attached to the golden mark was just a casual benefit.

But just by looking at Lin Ruyin's excited look, he knew that this so-called benefit was definitely extraordinary.

This couldn't help but make everyone show a strong look of expectation.

Shi Chen didn't talk nonsense, raised the palm of the emperor's phantom, and five golden marks shot out at the same time, merging into the sea of knowledge of Nangong Xue and the others.

Their Chaos Divine Seal is the same, but the peerless divine powers attached to them are different.

What gave Xiong Qingshan was the "King Kong Not Thanos Body" that he comprehended from the golden armored violent bear talisman bone.

What gave him was the "Alchemy Divine Art" that he comprehended from the black-veined Xuanxi Rune Rune Bone.

What gave Long Yuanjiang was the "Chiyan Sword Dao" that he comprehended from the Chiyan Sword Dragon Beast Rune Bone.

What gave Nangong Xue was the "Taiyin Moon Stepping Technique" that he comprehended from the Taiyin Jade Rabbit Rune Bone.

As for the most powerful elephant peak.

Originally, Shi Chen planned to major in "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong" and give Xiangfeng a castrated version.

But because he obtained the "Chaos Sutra", which was far stronger than "Shenxiang Zhen Prison Gong", he could no longer look at "Shenxiang Zhen Prison Gong", so he simply gave Xiangfeng the genuine version.

The true supreme is by no means alone, there will be peerless generals under his command, there is no need to do everything personally, Xiangfeng is a great general he intends to cultivate.

Not to mention that after granting the Chaos Mark, Xiangfeng was his absolutely loyal subordinate, and the stronger the strength, the greater the benefit to him.

Of course, like the "Secret of Calm Chaos", Xiangfeng can only get the content of "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong" from the divine seal that is comparable to his cultivation realm.

This is to prevent the worst.

Once Lin Ruyin and Xiangfeng died unexpectedly, Shi Chen could directly withdraw the Chaos God Seal or destroy the Chaos God Seal, so as not to leak these two supreme techniques.

As Shi Chen expected, Xiong Qingshan and the others, who had obtained the Chaos Mark, all showed the same excitement as Lin Ruyin, and bowed to him one after another.

Especially Xiangfeng, who really got the "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong" he dreamed of, although it was only the initial chapter, it still made him look up to the sky with excitement, and he couldn't wait to roar: "I'm invincible!" "

Shi Chen only smiled slightly, casually removed the shield of the spirit card of the Beast Hunting City, and commanded the black-clothed guard to drive the chariot back.

The Chaos God Seal is one of his hole cards, and naturally it will not be easily exposed to outsiders.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 30

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