Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 29

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 29

The doubling of strength is just one of the benefits of entering the Blood Moving Realm.

What excites Shi Chen the most is that his chaotic body has evolved.

Originally, only one forehead bone emitted divine light and refined into rune bones, and now there are ten more rune bones!

Nine of the rune bones were heart bones, which exactly covered the position of his heart.

These nine rune bones are all brilliant, and the runes that were originally dull and unviewable are now clearly visible, and the power of the runes in the nine rune bones flows around the sky, forming a small rune formation.

Shi Chen only checked it once, and immediately understood the true meaning of it

Each of these nine rune bones recorded a primordial treasure technique, all of which were breathing methods, incorporating the essence of heaven and earth into the body, constantly washing themselves, and refining the root bones.

As long as anyone obtains one of the rune bones and comprehends the primordial treasure art contained in it, they can obtain a foundation that surpasses the pure-blood divine bird and the primeval fierce beast.

And when they are combined, they just form an invincible technique that reaches the heavens and the earth—the Chaos Sutra!

The Chaos Body is the strongest physique in all eternity, with one hundred and eight Heavenly Veins at birth, and the upper limit of the power that each Heavenly Vein can contain far exceeds that of other Heavenly Physiques.

Shi Chen originally thought that it was all.

Now he realized that he was very wrong.

The opening one hundred and eight heavenly veins are just passive effects that come with the chaotic body.

The Chaos Sutra that comes with this Chaos Body Rune is the true strength of the Chaos Body.

Why are those pure-blooded divine birds and primeval fierce beasts so domineering? Not only in the powerful foundation brought by their bloodlines, but also in the primordial exercises hidden in their bloodlines.

For example, Kunpeng comes with Kunpeng Gong, True Dragon comes with True Dragon Exercise, and Immortal Phoenix comes with Fairy Phoenix Exercise....

These exercises are hidden in their bloodline, as long as they reach a certain realm, they can awaken, and the exercises that are most suitable for them in the heavens, not only can they cultivate twice as much with half the effort, but they can also exert their strongest power.

The more powerful the race, the stronger the exercises that come with its bloodline, and this is the capital for them to truly excel.

And the Chaos Body, as the strongest physique in all ages, also has exercises exclusive to the Chaos Body, which are imprinted on his rune bones.

He couldn't know before, not because he didn't have enough comprehension, but because the realm had not yet arrived.

Even now, he had only obtained the Blood Realm Shifting Technique in the Chaos Sutra.

"This is the true invincible exercise!"

After browsing the contents of the Chaos Sutra's Blood Moving Chapter, Shi Chen couldn't help but sigh in amazement.

Previously, he was still thinking that if there were no other suitable exercises when he broke through to the Blood Moving Realm, he would take "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong" as his main cultivation exercise.

After all, he has a complete "Divine Elephant Town Prison Skill", and with the strength of this dominant-level divine skill, even if it is not the first in the eternal, it can definitely be ranked.

But now he has completely cut off the idea.

Compared to the mysteries of the Chaos Sutra, the Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong is not even worth mentioning, and the two are not in the same dimension at all.

According to the cultivation method of the Chaos Sutra Blood Moving Chapter, he could finally polish a drop of essence blood to contain a hundred thousand jin of power.

And this is just the creation of the blood moving chapter, as Shi Chen's realm improves, the power in the essence blood will become stronger and stronger, and you don't need the true fairy realm to have essence blood comparable to the power of true immortal blood.

The invincible Chaos Body plus the invincible Chaos Sutra is the real invincible way!

Looking at his nine heart bones again, Shi Chen couldn't help but feel the strength of the chaotic body again.

The two hundred and six bones around the body are all rune bones, and each rune bone has a primordial treasure art recorded in it, such a physique can be said to be unprecedented in eternity, and it is terrifying to think about.

In addition to these nine heart bones, one of his skulls has also successfully evolved, with brilliant divine brilliance, and the power of golden runes on the surface is flowing, mysterious and endless.

This is another primordial treasure art called - Chaos God Seal!

Legend has it that the primeval gods each had their own mark, and the items with the mark of the gods were called divine objects and contained the will of the gods.

Mortals can communicate with the divine deity with the help of the divine object, and the divine spirit can also instantly lock the location and state of the divine object, so no one dares to covet the divine object given by the gods.

Even a small number of devout believers can also get the mark of the gods, imprinted on their bodies, and consider themselves 'servants of God' and 'messengers of God', so as to get the favor of the gods and obtain powerful divine power.

But with the collapse of the primeval era, the gods withdrew from the historical stage, and this divine seal containing the will of the gods was almost severed, which is rare in the world.

Even if some people occasionally obtain divine objects with the marks of the gods, because the gods are long gone, the power of the divine objects is greatly reduced, and they are no longer as powerful as they were in ancient times.

And Shi Chen's primordial treasure art 'Chaos God Seal' is a kind of mark similar to the exclusive God Seal of the gods, which itself has part of the chaos power and is infinitely mysterious.

With himself as a species, everything attached to the Chaos God Seal will become his private property, no matter how far apart he is, he can instantly sense its state, and he can destroy it with a single thought.

If this chaotic divine seal is imprinted on the body of a living being, it can directly imprison the soul of this living being, and it will never be able to break free, and one thought will dominate its life and death.

There is no doubt that this is an extremely domineering primordial treasure art.

If it is imprinted on the treasure tool, it is his exclusive treasure, even if it is snatched by others, it cannot be used.

If it is imprinted on the living being, it is equivalent to obtaining an absolutely loyal subordinate, and killing life and killing to seize power.

However, it is not so easy to imprint the Chaos God Seal, especially for spiritual things, you must suppress the spirituality of the other party.

In other words, if he wanted to cast the Chaos God Mark on someone, he had to ensure that the other party accepted it willingly.

Of course, this 'willingness' includes active willingness and passive willingness.

After familiarizing himself with these, Shi Chen couldn't help but become interested, and made six Chaos God Seals on the spot.

Needless to say, these six Chaos God Seals were naturally prepared for his six followers.

The Chaos God Seal contains the power of chaos, which is a supreme treasure in itself, but it is not something that can be obtained by anyone.

Coupled with the fact that the creature who was applied the Chaos God Seal could allow Shi Chen to instantly lock his position and state, it was perfect to give it to his followers.

Once something happens to a certain follower, he can instantly appear next to the other party with the help of the Great Movement Dao Pattern.

There were ancient gods, who gave the mark of the gods and ruled the world.

Today he also has a seal, and he gives followers a seal, and he transforms the gods!

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 29

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